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Warpath (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Warpath (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
by David Mack
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Hope disappointed, 4 July 2006
When the Gamma Quadrant Series ended and the excillent DS9 storyline 'concluded' with Unity, Pocket Books began a three book series called the 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine'.

Worlds of Deep Space Nine was a small series which was very enjoyable and promised much for future books, and when I saw that 'Warpath' was to be the follow-up, I awaited eagerly for its release.

I was very disappointed when I finally received and read it.

I am very much a Star Trek fan, so I wanted to give this book a real go, unfortunately, I found that the book was split in two:- the action of Taranatar (and finding out why he's done what he's done) and the 'visions' of Kira Nerys.

The 'visions' are very much what you expect from DS9, but I thought went on a bit too long... but considering the nature of the 'visions', I expect there was a good reason for this.

But then there's Taranatar:- the action was just too... drawn out. The writer went into too much description and just dragged it out. It appeared to me that the writer had thought up a great storyline, but just didn't know how to put it into a full book format, so dragged out this side of the story for way too long.

The book is not up to the usual excellent DS9 standard. Still good, just not good enough for Star Trek.

After the Fall (Star Trek: New Frontier)
After the Fall (Star Trek: New Frontier)
by Peter David
Edition: Hardcover

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2.0 out of 5 stars Teacher's phrase "Can do better", 31 Mar. 2006
Last year, when I saw that Peter David was releasing "After The Fall", and thereby continuing an excellent story with excellent characters, I eagerly awaited the books release.
Throughout the previous books, I have enjoyed the chacacters and their natural evolutions through-out the various books, as well as their interactions (most especially that of Kebron and Calhoun) with other people.
When I was given the book for my birthday in February, I quickly began to read the book... and found myself very disappointed.
While I understand that the publisher wanted New Frontier to 'catch up' with the other titles from TNG, DS9 and Voyager, the changes that have been made are just... too much.
Peter David has attempted to keep with the style of characters, the changes that have been made just don't work:-
Shelby is now an Admiral - even though she's been a Captain for less than 4 years.
Kebron is now the Excalibur's chief security officer and ship's councilor - position which conflict in their natures.
Soleta is suddenly working for the Romulans - apparently after having been kicked out of StarFleet.
Calhoun's dead son - Xyon - is amazingly back from the dead.
And I can certainly go on... but one of the worst things... between this book and the last been (a 3 year period in the Star Trek timeline) there has been a war between the UFP and a race called Selelvions - this war was never been mentioned in any of the other books from TNG, DS9 or Voyager.
Don't get me wrong, I think Peter David is an excellent writer and I have enjoyed tremendously the New Frontier stories... up till now.
I'm sorry to say (very sorry indeed, because I have enjoyed ST:NF) that because of the many changes - way too many in my opinion - I won't be continuing with the books of New Frontier.

Force Heretic #01: Remnant (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order)
Force Heretic #01: Remnant (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order)
by Sean Williams
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £5.15

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4.0 out of 5 stars Force Herectic #1: Remnant, 15 Aug. 2005
This is an excellent read for those who are following the New Jedi Order storyline.
Overall, it is telling the story of how the people of the galaxy begin fighting back against the Yuuzhan Vong. The New Republic is no more... and has been replaced by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances (which is commonly being called the Galactic Alliance, a mis-naming in my opinion as it is the Galactic Federation).
The story is fundamentally split into 2. Luke Skywalker takes a team in search of a 'living planet' called Zonoma Sekot - a great way of connecting to a previous book (Rogue Planet) - and Princess Leia takes a team to bring more worlds into the Galactic Federation.
The search for Zonoma Seka is very well played out, mainly taking place in the Imperial Remnant - so we get to see the Empire fighting the Vong. Excellent!!! It was so great seeing Admiral Pellion again.
Han & Leia's story is a plodder. The sub-plot involving Tahiri is obvious and poorly handled in my opinion... creating a half Jedi, half Vong being just didn't work for me. So much for the Force encompassing all things, I thought. And the way Jaina Solo just gives in when asked to accompany her parents on this mission... that was a complete divergence from the way her character has been portrayed in the previous books. And Jagged Fel showing his emotions so opening... again just not how Fel has been shown in the past.
Overall... an excellent story. The plot lines are brillent. But the character handling is poor - it was like the writer decided "I want those people for their names, but I'll forget all about their previous character development".

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