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Triangle [Blu-ray]
Triangle [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Melissa George
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars goes to show that sometimes true gems certainly do go unnoticed, 24 Jan 2011
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This review is from: Triangle [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
what a great piece of filmaking, not so far removed from something that chris nolan would bring to screen in terms of the intricacy and years of development and mind bending cleverness, surely i dont overstate by much, if at all

this would certainly make my dream night of sitting in front of the big screen tv with some popcorn with friends for a thoroughly time loop themed night

a trio of films would follow, a PRIMER to begin with, followed by a TRIANGLE, and then a dash of TIMECRIMES for good measure

thank god this film was made and that there are others like it

brilliant, a film that scales well with its audience, meaning, if you want to watch it in an unnatached way you can, and its a good little thriller, but if you are someone who wants to invest a little bit of intelligent involvement in it, then you will be richly rewarded with the subtle symbols, clues, and red herrings and can find different theories to indulge the film theorist in you

one of my favourite films for sure!

Bonded By Blood [DVD]
Bonded By Blood [DVD]
Dvd ~ Terry Stone

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3.0 out of 5 stars the poor mans rise of the foot soldier, 14 Dec 2010
This review is from: Bonded By Blood [DVD] (DVD)
will keep this short and sweet, or should that be bitter!

this is half the film that ROTFS was, blatant role miscasting, should have swapped some of the actors into other characters for a better fit

for me this is the worst essex boys affiliated film so far, and i have an avid interest in the background, read the books and seen all the films, i love these types of films and expected to really like it, i am no film snob, as i even really enjoy some danny dyer performances and his films as proof ;-)

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FoneM8 - Sim Card Cutter For iPhone 4, iPad, includes 2 sim adaptors
FoneM8 - Sim Card Cutter For iPhone 4, iPad, includes 2 sim adaptors
Offered by FoneM8store
Price: £2.95

5.0 out of 5 stars superb and one click simple conversion, 16 Aug 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
i had thought this may be something that wouldnt quite work, a bit of a bodge

but all fears were alleviated upon using it to cut my PAYG vodafone sim down to micro sim for my iphone 4.

it was literally one nice firm press down, akin to stapling a ruck of papers. and it was done with a satisfying click as it punched out the sim, it was a perfect, clean cut job and it was prepared in that instant for immediate insertion in the iphone.

does what it says on the tin, and is a much better way than using hands free with a sharp kitchen implement.

Unlocked Wireless Modem Huawei E585
Unlocked Wireless Modem Huawei E585

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5.0 out of 5 stars superb, one touch now, so much easier than previous model, 6 Aug 2010
fantastic bit of kit

so much easier to use than the previous model. this is literally one touch power on and then it connects to what is available, suffice to say you need to setup the relevant details from its inbuilt web interface, but is so much easier to use and to read thanks to the detail text screen as opposed to coloured icons this time round, shows you live update of that sessions usage.

highy recommended for its portability, can now be charged off a usb port and used simultaneously also

very configurable interface for security and other pertinent settings, having owned the previous version, i would buy this solely for the new features even if i was getting along ok with the previous model.

seel your old one and get this, you can pick these up for under £40!

chalk and cheese.
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Belkin Powerline 1Gbps/1000Mbps Adapters for Hi-speed Gaming on PS3/X-Box 360 & HD Movie Streaming (F5D4076uk)
Belkin Powerline 1Gbps/1000Mbps Adapters for Hi-speed Gaming on PS3/X-Box 360 & HD Movie Streaming (F5D4076uk)

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1.0 out of 5 stars avoid. even the place i bought from on return admitted they were flakey, 30 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
awful things. just avoid. even with all the firmware updates. and days and days of chasing your tail trying all the different settings, thinking you have now fathomed it. bought 3 pairs of these and they seemed to get more unstable the more i added, contrary to the guff

they drop connection at will and change speed like the wind, very unstable.

when i returned them all, the engineers that inspect them to ensure they are faulty, even they commented that were not upto much

one of the pairs i had also got very hot to the touch.

i am now happily living with higher performance, via on paper, lesser spec devolo 200mbps units, couldnt be happier.

just to add, this was when i was living in a new build all on the same ring mains.

Belkin Transparent Clear TPU Grip Vue Case Cover Sleeve for iPad 1 (1st Generation)
Belkin Transparent Clear TPU Grip Vue Case Cover Sleeve for iPad 1 (1st Generation)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality and a superb fit and finish, 24 July 2010
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i was very hesitant to plump for a 'typical' see through silicone type case for my new shiny ipad and have to admit i actually bough this as an interim item, as my ipad was due and my leather case was on a long preorder which kept getting delayed (not via amazon) so bought this so i could get the ipad soon as it was opened into something protective

but now my leather case has arrived, the interim product has just become the keeper and is fantastic

it keeps the unit nice and slim, its fits like a glove, with no sag or loose areas, very tight and sharp looking

its extremely clear so the design isnt hidden, the port cutouts and raised buttons over the volume and sleep switch are responsive and well shaped and placed, there is no stick or need to press more than without, it gives a circa 2mm lip raised above the screen level all the way around so even if you lay it down on facing down, creen wont contact surface

lovely texture, a dichotomy to say this, but its a fairly glossy finish but has grip and slight friction (in a very good way) with your hands, which means it increases gripability over it being naked, i am impressed with the material, its my first TPU product, i believe its called TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is a high quality and not some creasable cheap silicone (which, again, means it doesnt pickup dust particles and lint) like a sticky silicone

highly recommended for protection, fit, design and quality of build!

Xxion Value GOLD 10 metre 3.5mm Stereo Jack Headphone / iPod / MP3 Extension Audio Lead / Cable for PC, Mac, MP3, IPod, PC Speakers etc.,
Xxion Value GOLD 10 metre 3.5mm Stereo Jack Headphone / iPod / MP3 Extension Audio Lead / Cable for PC, Mac, MP3, IPod, PC Speakers etc.,
Offered by ConneXxions
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars fine for the job, 14 Mar 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
no problem with the actual cable, extended my infra red extender cable by the required 10m, the photo shown for this item, depicts the cable as being a thin 'one core'/'single barrel' sheathing, which i was particularly after so as to be able to squeeze it into an existing, already full to the brim length of trunking, the actual item i received was 'two core'/'twin barrel' making the cable circumference bigger than expected and harder to work with, picky i know, but seeing as i purposely paid more for this than another that showed twin barrel i was a bit disapointed. other than that, cable is perfect and does its job.

my seller was ConneXxions FYI.

Transcend TS16GSSD25-S 16GB 2.5 Inch Internal SSDSLC (IDE)
Transcend TS16GSSD25-S 16GB 2.5 Inch Internal SSDSLC (IDE)
Price: £117.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars nice quality niche drive for its IDE class, 25 Jan 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
nice quality drive, useful for adding the finishing touch to that old, but cherished laptop/tablet (HP TC1100 in this case) that you are clinging onto

admittedly expensive for the storage capacity being bought compared to desktop or even laptop magnetic hard drives, but anyone looking at a drive like this, probably, like me, were just after housing a non-bloated operating system only with the added benfits an SSD brings in an older system with IDE interface only

read and write operations are limited by its own interface (IDE) compared with all the newer sata models, but you will see a small improvement in responsiveness and speed in the majority of tasks, certainly my win7 boot was quicker and has definitely made a noticeable improvement to heat and battery longevity despite naysayers claiming that SSD doesnt actually have battery benefits, well it does here and its not placebo.

this SLC version i am sure will beat the overall performance of the cheaper MLC models, so bare that in mind when you see a larger capacity for the same price or cheaper, remember that MLC can be a disapointment in practise, especially in IDE/PATA where a drive like this has minimal gains anyway - so max out and go SLC for a more reliable and satisfying purchase if you are limited by needing IDE in the first place

two physical things to make mention of, this drive was a fair bit thinner in its height | than the magnetic drive it replaced, so in order to avoid strain on the pins when fitted, i secured a piece of cardboard to its belly cut to size to make it the right height so as to match the previous drive.

also, be careful to avoid inserting the drive upside down, sounds obvious i know, but when the jumper is removed from the two pin set to one side of the SSD drive, it all blends into one in terms of looking down at the jumper/data pins and it will fry your IDE controller and the drive itself, made more confusing by the fact that in my tablet the drive i replaced was upside down in its orientation anyway, so if i had replaced like for like i would have had problems.

Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream

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5.0 out of 5 stars go on then, another 5 star, 8 Jan 2010
This review is from: Siamese Dream (Audio CD)
i have owned this album since december 1993, when as a teenager in my penultimate year of high school, the whole 'grunge' thing was underway - i bought the cassette from grey & pinks record store on a trip to town after school - i remember the first time i had to listen to the whole album from start to finish, bizarrely, was on the way to participate in an indoor tennis tournament (ughh), was being driven there by my father, it was raining all the way and dark - the album was so new, fresh and awe inspiring - the track which gave me goosebumps at that time and still does to this day (listening to it right now on cd) is the majestical track called 'Disarm' - truly beautiful - as others have said, the album has no weak links and is a tour de force throughout - very high caliber material indeed

strangely i dont think this album has aged quite as much as some of the other big names from that time, the pumpkins style, certainly on this album transcends eras which are normally easily defineable

a great range of styles from more melodic through to heavy agressive riffs should find its feet with most audiences

thank god i was the right age to stumble upon this gem and still have it to refer to this day

Audio Engine 5-  Active Speaker System for iPod & MP3 Players - White
Audio Engine 5- Active Speaker System for iPod & MP3 Players - White

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3.0 out of 5 stars great great sound quality but flawed, 21 Oct 2009
these are superb sounding speakers, with nice build quality inside and out.

in the budget that these are you most likely wont get a better sounding pair

i have the glossy white, and these match my white intel imac down to the ground

however, there is one issue which has plagued me from day one = the auto sleep feature.

now in my opinion they have marred a top quality product and placed it squarely in the realm of gimmikery with this feature

i will pass comment on how this feature affects me...

the audio feed will, without exception goto sleep (turn off) after 10 minutes, now i dont know if its supposed to be ten minutes of inactivity (ie, no audio feed being recognized) but on mine, they do it without fail, even if i am half way through an album

not only does the music go off, it does it with a loud and annoying burst of static noise as it cuts out, enough to give you a start whilst listening to a more relaxed musical choice.

then in order to resume your listening, you have to crank up either the source volume or the volume on the speakers themselves (depends how you have them set up) to a very loud increment so that the active sleep circuitry re-engages, of course at this point after 5-10 seconds, they come back on full throttle very loud, again, enough to give you or your household/neighbours a start this time.

therein lies my one and only bugbear with these speakers, i have emailed audioengine support numerous times and of course, whilst they are helpful and courteous, always provide a long list of other things that may be at fault in the chain, and then proceed to say if you are in the continental united states (which they are, and i am not) then they allude to being able to help some more.

i must say, myself, i am headphone audiophile, and have very decent cables, and source connected up, so what they mention to check is very basic for me, but may prove helpful to others.

at the very least they should have made the sleep feature defeatable, apparently it isnt an option to remove this feature even if i was willing to open them up and do low level things like desoldering - its built in and there to stay.

so basically i am landed with a lovely looking, great sounding (when they are on) pair of speakers which have an ever present annoying trait

my advise would be if you dont mind what i mention above, then i would heartily recommend them for their compact form factor and bang for buck SQ

although had i known before hand that the auto sleep feature would engage even with an audio feed loud and clear, i would not have purchased them
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