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Thomar 604100 Car Dehumidifier ThoMar AirDry Set
Thomar 604100 Car Dehumidifier ThoMar AirDry Set
Price: £15.24

4.0 out of 5 stars Certainly helped the back window in my car, 21 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought a couple of these about a year ago. The rear window on my car kept getting 'misted up' in cold weather and the demister was struggling to remove it.

When I looked closer I found that the inside of the glass was covered in water droplets so no wonder the rear demister couldn't do much. Although my car didn't seem particularly damp, I clearly needed something to dry out the air around the back window.

The AirDry is very simple to use, you just put it shiny side down close to where you want the air dried out. It will absorb the moisture in the air for as long as it can (typically a couple of months in my car). Eventually it will get 'full' and you need to put is somewhere warm and dry (I use the airing cupboard) for a couple of weeks to dry out. Some reviews say they dry out in a as little as a day but I haven't tested that. As there are two, I always keep one in the cupboard so that it is ready for use when the other stops working.

My main issue is that everything is in German. However, the manufacturer does provide English instructions which can be found at . I hope Amazon do not remove the link but if they do then search for airdry. Click on the Union Flag Symbol at the top left of the page and choose 'AirDry Twin Pack' from the left hand panel. The website also has some useful suggestions on suitable applications for the AirDry.

I have just bought some more of these because one of them split when I took it out of the car. If you are interested, they have a sort of brown clay inside. Although this meant I had to get the vacuum cleaner out (which meant losing a star), I still think they are worth it.

White Kidney Bean Extract 5000 mg Capsules, Weight loss Carb blocker (120 Capsules)
White Kidney Bean Extract 5000 mg Capsules, Weight loss Carb blocker (120 Capsules)
Offered by Live Well Health Management
Price: £8.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars I still don't know how much difference these make, 11 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are a lot of products around that claim to be 'Carb Blockers'. From what limited investigated I have done in this matter they are all based on White Kidney Bean extract. This in turn was based on tests that suggested that White Kidney Bean would help weight loss by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates.

I am pretty sure that in this context they are referring to what I call 'starchy' carbohydrates (eg bread, potato, etc) rather than 'sugary' carbohydrates (ie pretty much anything with sugar in it; eg chocolate, sweets, etc.)

I have been trying them for a while and maybe they make a difference, I am really not sure but then my diet tends to include a lot of sweet things.

What I do know is that if you are going to have any chance of these things working for you, you should take them about 20min before a meal and not with it.

Also, this was the cheapest I could find the White Kidney bean extract on Amazon so if you want to see if White Kidney Bean extract works for you, these are a good way to find out.

Chasing Shadows [DVD] [2014]
Chasing Shadows [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Reece Shearsmith
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you like House and Sherlock, you will probably enjoy this, 9 Nov 2014
This review is from: Chasing Shadows [DVD] [2014] (DVD)
I recorded Chasing Shadows without knowing anything about it other than
it was a 4 part police/crime drama. Now that I have watched it, I am
really disappointed that they only made 4 episodes. In fact, it is
actually two, 2 part stories although there are, as always, some sub
plots running underneath throughout the whole thing.

It all centres around a Detective who specialises in multiple murder
cases. To say he is socially inept, is an understatement. It is never
stated but he comes across as what I would imagine is borderline
autistic. Nothing like as bad as Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man but getting
that way. However, this condition gives him the free reign he needs to
be completely focused on solving the crimes and seeing patterns that
others miss.

The series starts with him being moved from more conventional policing
to a missing person's department where he meets Ruth his (very) long
suffering partner. Before long, they are on their first case and she
discovers just how eccentric he is but he gets results.

For the first episode, it kept reminding me of 'House' but I know a lot
of reviews have used 'Sherlock' as a comparison. It isn't really either
but it has a bit of both. There is definitely a slightly humorous
undercurrent although the crimes are still treated with the seriousness
they deserve.

What it definitely is, is something a bit different to the usual crime
drama. Personally, I found it much more enjoyable that Broadchruch.

I really hope they make another series.

Foscam FI9826W 960P HD IP Camera - x3 Optical Zoom, Micro SD Recording, Night Vision - Black
Foscam FI9826W 960P HD IP Camera - x3 Optical Zoom, Micro SD Recording, Night Vision - Black
Price: £119.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good value for money, 7 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have bought a few different Foscam cameras over the last 9 months. Until now, they have all been the 960P Outdoor cameras but I wanted something to use inside the house that wouldn't be too conspicuous.

To get started you will need to plug in an ethernet cable between the camera and your router. Foscam provide a utility that will search for your camera and allow you to connect to it with a browser. I would recommend you start with Internet Explorer as I experienced a few 'oddities' with Chrome. Once you have established a connection the WiFi can be configured. When that has been done the cable can be unplugged although in my case, I had to switch the camera off and back on again to get it to connect using WiFi.

Overall, I think this is a great bit of kit for the money. The 960P picture quality is good and the low light performance (without using the IR LEDs) is excellent. Even in a dimly lit room, you will get enough detail to make out facial features at 10m. If you want to use it in complete darkness then you will need to turn on the IR LEDs and this will give an acceptable picture up to about 10m. A word of advice. The latest firmware update has an option for 'Enhanced Night Vision Definition'. Whilst this does improve the picture quality in low light, it only works effectively on objects that are not moving. Anything that moves will be blurry so I would recommend leaving it turned off.

There are the usual controls for brightness, colour, contrast, hue and sharpness. You can also select framerates and resolution although I always use 960P (1280x960) which is equivalent to 1.2 megapixel ( if you count 'mega' as 1 million). Personally, I find that a framerate of 10fps is enough for any activity in our house but I think it goes up as high as 25fps.

I put a 32GB Micro SD Card in mine and that allows me to record about 12 days of 960P footage at 10FPS using the built in motion detection to trigger it. This corresponds to about 5600 events of about 10sec each. The built in recording software automatically deletes the oldest footage to make room for new recordings as necessary. This means you can just plug the camera in, set it up and forget about it until you want to check on something.

I used a Samsung 32GB Evo MicroSDHC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 Memory Card (available on Amazon). There are probably many others that will work but I opted for a reasonably quick one with a good reputation.

The horizontal rotation must be about 300 degrees which means you can almost rotate the camera to look behind itself. The vertical movement is also pretty good, allowing the camera it look at the ceiling above it should you wish to (assuming the camera is mounted as shown in the photo). This may however prove to be a limitation if you decide to mount the camera on a wall close to the ground.

Wifi reception seems fine although I haven't tested it through a couple of brick walls yet. As with all the Foscams, it doesn't support the 5GHz Wifi band only the more popular (and more congested) 2.4GHz but that is fairly typical for most WiFi cameras.

As other reviewers have stated, the audio is not very good but ok if you wanted to say, hear if a child is crying.

If you don't need the optical Zoom feature then the Foscam FI9831W is a very similar specification to the FI9826W but without the zoom and £30 cheaper.

Overall though, I really can't fault this camera for the price.

4printer Black Laser Toner Cartridge Compatible With HP CE278A 78A (2100 Page Yield)
4printer Black Laser Toner Cartridge Compatible With HP CE278A 78A (2100 Page Yield)
Offered by 4printer
Price: £10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Prints are a little lighter than before but it works, 31 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The original HP toner cartridge in my HP LaserJet M1536dnf MFP finally ran out and I needed to replace it.

As it is still early days, this review is 'Work in progress' and I will update either when the cartridge runs out or I encounter a problem with it.

I'm afraid that I have always been very suspicious of compatible/refilled toner cartridges. There always seem to be a lot of different names available and usually the reviews are fairly negative. However, I couldn't ignore the fact that most of these compatible cartridges are a quarter of the price of a HP original so I decided to give one a go. I admit that I chose this one pretty much at random.

Anyway, when it arrived, it was packaged in a very similar way to a HP original which I found reassuring. It also had the 'pull cord' thing that you have to pull out before inserting a new cartridge so I pulled the cord, removed the plastic protection around the chip & popped it in my printer.

The printer immediately started initialising and recognised that it wasn't original HP but continued with the initialisation and was ready for use after about 10 seconds. I started by printing some of the built in reports and that all went fine.

I noticed that the printer was reporting an expected print capability of 1600 pages. Not 2100 as I would have hoped but still enough to make it worth the reduced price. Apparently HP use the first 20% of the cartridge to estimate the number of remaining pages so that figure will should get more accurate as I print more.

Next I tried printing a 10 page document that I had also printed out a week ago using the old cartridge. When the two printouts were placed side by side, you could see that the printout from new cartridge was a bit lighter but still acceptable. I adjusted the print density option on my printer to darken the text and reprinted the document. This improved the result to the point that it is difficult to see any difference between the output from the original verses the new cartridge.

So far, I have printed about 30 pages with the new cartridge and it is still working ok so it looks like I have saved myself £30. I will be keeping a close eye on the expected number of remaining pages to see if changes significantly with use.

My initial results are very encouraging so I would recommend this cartridge as a low cost alternative to a HP original.

UPDATE : 26 Nov 2014. Ok the cartridge has now been in use for 1 month and it has printed over 300 pages so far. According to the supplies status info on the printer, it still has 90% left. On that basis, the cartridge should be good for a total of over 3000 pages. I'll update again when I need to replace it.

Philips SHP1800/00 Indoor Corded TV Headphones - Black
Philips SHP1800/00 Indoor Corded TV Headphones - Black
Price: £13.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for general purpose TV viewing, 29 Oct 2014
I often like to watch TV at night after my wife has gone to bed. Our lounge is directly underneath our bedroom so sound from the TV will disturb Mrs E if I turn it up the volume too high. These headphones are an excellent compromise.

I have also bought some for my 85 year old mother. Her hearing is starting to go and these allow her to watch the TV at a volume that suits her without annoying anyone else in the room. Obviously this feature depends on whether you have a TV that shuts off the main speakers when you plug in headphones. If you do then you won't be able to do this.

I realise that having something with a wire is a bit out of fashion these days but it does have advantages such no setup, interference or batteries to worry about.

The sound quality is ok for TV. Bass and really high frequencies are a little weak but that really is only to be expected for something like this. These headphones are really designed for watching anything with a lot of dialogue, I wouldn't recommend them for something like a high powered action movie as too many of the audio effects will probably be lost. Similarly, they are not best suited to music either although will probably be fine if you are not an audiophile.

Apart from this, the headphones are very light. You can easily wear them for hours, even in hot weather with no sweaty ears. The headband is adjustable so you get them into just the right position. Glasses are no problem either.

They also have a in-line volume control so you can change the sound level without reaching for the remote. The cable is something like 6m which is almost certainly going to be enough for any normal sized room. The jack plug is a 'standard' 3.5mm so they will fit the average MP3 player, laptop or tablet. A 6.3mm adaptor is also supplied in case you want to plug them into to something like a HiFi or AV system.

The foam pads keep some sound out but if you turn the volume down, you can still have a conversation with someone or hear the doorbell.

Overall, I think these are excellent value for money provided you are not expecting true high fidelity sound.

MiniSun Ceiling Fan Remote Control Complete Kit - 3 Speed Settings & Light Control
MiniSun Ceiling Fan Remote Control Complete Kit - 3 Speed Settings & Light Control
Offered by The Light Factory
Price: £29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Can also be used on Litecraft Ceiling Fans, 24 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Apologies in advance for those users who are not interested in Litecraft lights but I felt it might still be helpful to those who are.

I recently bought a flat which had two Litecraft Ceiling fans fitted. Unfortunately, there was only one remote control and the lights/fans are useless without it.

After spending several days fruitlessly searching the web for a new Litecraft remote control, I found this kit.

I wasn't actually after the kit, just the remote control as it looked identical to the one I already have. £30 seemed quite a lot just for a remote control, especially as I didn't know if it was even going to work but it was still a lot cheaper than two new light fittings.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that not only does it look the same as the Litecraft remote but it also works the same. Problem solved and for just under £30 including delivery (which incidentally was very quick).

I'm happy.

BW® Big Bargain 48 LED Illuminator Light Lamp CCTV IR Infrared Night Vision Security Camera
BW® Big Bargain 48 LED Illuminator Light Lamp CCTV IR Infrared Night Vision Security Camera
Offered by mixed-gadgets
Price: £9.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Size really doesn't matter, 24 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this to replace a 140 LED IR Floodlight which had cost £30 and failed after a week.

I have to say that I am both surprised and impressed. My surprise was at how small it is; somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. I was impressed by how bright it is and how wide the the light spreads.

Now some people may need a more powerful focussed beam in order to illuminate something 30m away. If that is your requirement then look elsewhere. However, if you are trying to illuminate an area up to about 10-15m then this is an excellent buy. I think the 20m quoted in the description is a bit ambitious.

I am using mine with a CCTV camera. Although the camera already has IR LEDs built in, I needed some extra light to get a better picture and this little marvel really does the trick and for less that £10. It seems just as bright as the 140 LED device I had used previously and it looks much better up on the house wall. For this price, I can buy another two of these for the same money as the old unreliable 140 LED floodlight and get a much brighter and wider light spread but I don't think I will need to. One seems to be enough.

The cable is about 45cm long so you will struggle to get a usable length once you have passed it through a house wall so I used a junction box on the outside of the house.

You will have to provide your own power supply. I am using a 12V, 1A power supply but I guess anything above 0.5A (500mA) will be ok, provided it is 12V. The end connector is a barrel type and seems to be pretty much standard for all of these 12V devices but I don't know whether it is 2.1 or 2.5mm. It also uses a centre positive configuration.

As other reviewers have said, there may be an issue with the seal where the wire enters the body of the device. I couldn't see any evidence of this but to be on the safe side I enclosed the entry point with self amalgamating tape as I didn;t have any sealant to hand.

It is early days but I am very pleased with this light. Hopefully it will last much longer than my old IR floodlight but if there are any problems I will update this review.

All About That Bass (Workout Remix)
All About That Bass (Workout Remix)
Price: £0.79

4.0 out of 5 stars Good apart from the abrupt ending, 23 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have liked the original of this song since I first heard it on the radio. However, I felt the original is a little short and had a look through the remixed versions. This one adds about a minute to the running time. I think they have also increased the tempo a little but I haven't actually checked it.

A lot of remixes (especially the club ones) tend to add a lot of special effects and changes which I think actually degrade the original. This one doesn't have too much of that and overall I think it is a good complement to the original.

My only complaint is that it seems to just stop suddenly at the end. On reflection, I decided that this was probably because it had been taken from non-stop album and the new track was blended into the end of this one. Why they couldn't have just faded it out like they used to in the 'old days' I don't know.

Foscam 6952848664804 Wireless Outdoor IP Network Camera 1280 x 720 Pixels Night Mode 50 m Silver
Foscam 6952848664804 Wireless Outdoor IP Network Camera 1280 x 720 Pixels Night Mode 50 m Silver
Offered by HAMSWAN
Price: £104.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Not as bad as the other reviewers say, 23 Sep 2014
I'm not sure what the part number is in the advert's title but this is actually a Foscam FI9805W. If you search the Amazon website, you will find the FI9805W advertised for sale and with much more favourable reviews than appear here.

I have bought a few of these now and they are not perfect but they are pretty good for the money. If you want to see my long review, search for FI9805E which is the non-WiFi version of this camera. I have also used three of the FI9805W WiFi models and I have found the the WiFi to be pretty good. Mine are going through a couple of brick walls and about 15m to get to my router and I have never had any connection problems. In all other respects, the FI9805W and FI9805E are identical. Mine have been running for over 4 months continuously without any issues (not even a reboot).

One reviewer says that the night vision range is 30m and Foscam couldn't tell them were the 50m figure comes from. Well, if you check out the Foscam UK website & look at the specification for the FI1905W, it clearly states 50m. The US website shows it as 30m. I don't really use the night vision features on this camera but when I have tried it, I would be more inclined to go with 30m rather than 50m.

Also, the maximum resolution on this camera is 1280 x 960 & not 1280 x 720 as shown in the advert.

Overall, if this is your first 'foray' into the world of wireless IP cameras, this is a very good place to start without spending a fortune. Just be careful you buy the FI9805 and not the FI8905. The latter, has much lower resolution and significantly inferior picture quality.

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