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The Blood Crows (Eagles of the Empire 12): Cato & Macro: Book 12
The Blood Crows (Eagles of the Empire 12): Cato & Macro: Book 12
Price: £3.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars scarrow storms ahead, 23 Nov. 2013
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A great book where scarrow personalises characters from history and takes a reader to the brutality of war. The overview of the battle, the fear of the forlorn hope and the pinpoint detail of personal fear of imminent death but once again Cato and macro hold out and pull through. A great gripping unputdownable read!!

Total War Rome II (PC DVD)
Total War Rome II (PC DVD)

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2.0 out of 5 stars I was warned..., 7 Sept. 2013
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I have been warned several times by all manner of people that preordering a game is no longer a good option. Once a developer has your money you no longer have control of the game right... And after SimCity was released I vowed never to preorder a game again...
Well Rome 2 was just too appealing, and as an avid TW player I need the next in the series! The trailers looked awesome and with a pc over the recommended settings I thought the game would run great.
The game came and as soon as it was installed I thought welcome to the real world...
As it didnt start.
However bear with me I am not posting a bad review because of this, I managed to get it going by playing around with the script files and CA have released a patch which should fix my problem.
The game though is a massive disappointment. I will run through its flaws and then its good points if you are somewhat optimistic.

-1 year per turn. Since when was 1 year per turn even close to realistic? No different seasons, and stupid amounts of time to move armies, recruit, build and grow your characters. It takes a ship a whole year to move across the British channel. How stupid is this, it completely restricts your ability to do anything at any fast pace, and the campaign map although not huge, feels bigger than all of earth because of the masses of time it takes to simply move around. Units also dont suffer attrition when they should because of the change of season, and as soon as you have a general starting to look like an alright commander or politician he dies because you only had say 15 turns with him. The cities although they look cool are so big that in one instance it took my army half its movement points to move around it, that's half a year. Honestly CA you could have at least given us an option.
-Battle speed. The battles play at 200 miles an hour, it feels as if I should be playing on slow motion. It now feels so arcadey that I think I have almost given up and will autoresolve from now on! This also removes any form of tactical gameplay you can have as the computer is addicted to speed.
-Battle AI. This is similar to speed and linked but I think sufficiently different to become another problem. The reason the battles play out so fast is the AI just charges all its men forward in a suicide attack. All you need to do is wait or charge back and you will win. Another thing is that when the men get to you they are already exhausted so break easily and thus the battle is shortened. I think so far my longest battle is 6 minutes! The navy AI is even worse, the AI for your own troops as well. When your ship starts to sink and your men are boarding another ship they dont all try to board the other ship to survive, everyone jumps into the water! (I must however say that I have never liked the naval combat because it was too slow but now it is miles to fast and so bugged that there is no realisticity or fun to be had.
-Campaign AI. The campaign AI is positively and utterly stupid. It never comes out of its town if you have an army in its province raiding etc. and the only open battles I have fought are from it sallying out from a siege as a necessity. It also never accepts anything, even trade agreements, and also due to the mass of time it takes to move across the map you cannot travel far and wide for diplomatic purposes you can just trade with neighbors. The campaign AI is also suicidal as it sends single units to attack whole armies,WHY?
-Characters. Since when could a character have only 3 traits? Shogun 2. WHY? Rome 1 had an awesome traits system where your character built a character and had loads of different traits due to the moves you made them do. However Rome 2 your character has 3 traits. WHAT! It just makes the game feel extremely cold and impersonal, not to mention the fact that the characters die before they can fight their second battle! All the characters now feel dispensable and you feel no connection to anyone whether they are a great general, politician or leader.
-Streamlining. The streamlining of the UI has made the game confusing and frustrating. You simply cant find information in a tab you need to mouse over this and that and hold it there. WHY CA, why cant I have a tab which tells me everything that effects public order. Not to mention the TW encyclopedia, this lazy piece of crap makes the game even colder. You look at your unit to see that every celtic tribe has access to it, its just a repeat of fall of the samurai! They have given unique units to around 6 of the factions. The encyclopedia also has minimal info, its like they couldnt be bothered telling you something about the unit or building.
The new building system also feels crappy as you dont learn anything about them due to the TW encyclopedia and there is no clear place which shows you all the building progression.
-Graphics. I can run NTW on medium and it looks better than R2TW on high. What else do I need to say other than the units look awful. Honestly I have never seen a woad tattoo on a Briton which is smudged, or a chain mail look like its a whole piece of armor. And also why are their no red haired people in the celtic tribes, mostly brown haired, is this accurate? And why do the Eastern factions have soldier with white skin? Soldiers also go through each other and bunch up to a ridiculous degree.

So that's it really, the only good new bit is the line of site (which cant be used due to stupid AI charging forward and ending the battle in 2 mins).


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