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The Go-Betweens
The Go-Betweens
by David Nichols
Edition: Paperback
Price: 17.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dressed in a white shirt, with my hair combed straight..., 12 Nov 2006
This review is from: The Go-Betweens (Paperback)
I loved this book. Opinion, however, is divided among Go Betweens devotees on this subject. I have spoken to quite a few people who have said they couldn't stand it, and yes, it does have it's flaws. It leans a little too heavily to Grant McLennan's solo career, post Go B's, neglecting Robert Forster's work a little, and in general, it seems like some of the information garnered about the band members came from people who were not too fond of them...

However, we can't complain. The fact that a book about such a criminally ignored band exists at all is wonderful! There are some lovely anecdotes about the adolescent Forster's unusual behaviour, and wonderful rambling interviews with McLennan. In general, having this much information about such a mysterious band contained in the one book is great. The photos, too, are superb; a young, Beatle-haired Forster fastening Lindy Morrison's bracelet for her is probably the sweetest.

If you are a Go Betweens fan, you really should just buy it. Whether you enjoy it or not, it's worth having. A book for devotees to devour.

Danger in the Past
Danger in the Past
Offered by raisagirl772
Price: 24.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars the forgotten chap in black, 14 Oct 2006
This review is from: Danger in the Past (Audio CD)
Robert Forster is best known as the tall one from the Go-Betweens, rather than for his solo work, and this may not even count for much as so many folk are still unaware that the Go-Betweens ever existed.

Robert Forster should really be more famous.From the Go-Betweens late 70s beginnings to the sad end of the band's career following the tragic death of Grant Mclennan in May 2006, Forster was a tall, dark, charismatic presence. He can pose like the best of him, raise an eyebrow like nobody else, he dresses like a debonair old dandy. You have to wonder why people don't say his name is the same breath as the use to mention a certain Steven Patrick Morrissey, but why the Go-Betweens never entered public consciousness on any grand scale will just have to remain a mystery.

Danger in the Past was the first solo record Forster made, in 1990, after the break-up of the band the previous year, and it was the first real chance for him to showcase his own songwriting on such a large scale.

This is a beautiful record. No Go-Betweens fan should be without it. I was a little waty, myself, being a true Go B's devotee, that it would be a bit tedious, a bit of a growing-old record, but listening to it quickly puts any fears aside.

It isn't the Go Betweens in any way. It's rather a wistful, soft collection of songs. At times forceful, but in general, it's the slowness, the intimacy and above all, the grace of the whole affair that draws you in.

Danger in the past, the title track, is a dark, thrilling little song, with all of Forster's grand knack for the melancholic and dramatic. Baby Stones, the album's lead-off single is a gorgeous, wry song where Forster plays the cuckolded narrator. Is this What You Call Change and I've Been Looking for Somebody are both beautiful songs, the former being a song of sadness and anger at events in the past, the latter a delicately hopeful ballad.

The only fault I'd pick with this record is that though the delicate, country style that Forster has grown into is lovely, you do find yourself pining for the preening, nervy, film noir star Forster of the mid 80s....but it is a beautiful, wise melodic collection of songs to live with...a good choice for fans of Leonard Cohen, Richard Hawley, and of course, the go betweens....lovely!

Offered by rbmbooks
Price: 26.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars bad bleach, sweet songs, 11 Jun 2006
This review is from: Tallulah (Audio CD)
not the absolute disaster a lot of folk would have you believe, but it takes a couple of listens. but then again, the go betweens take a couple of listens full stop before you really appreciate them. right here and cut it out are definitely not among the best go-b's tunes, but they're balanced out with the naive loveliness of bye bye pride and the arch, sexy little numbers like spirit of the vampyre and you tell me....summery, fresh, lovely and, as it always is with the go betweens, these songs swoon and shimmer into your head and just won't leave. the only really unforgivable thing is robert forster's nasty bleach job on the sleeve, but that horror can be cancelled out by concentrating on a picture of him in his usual isabella rossallini glory if that makes you feel any better.

Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express
Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express

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5.0 out of 5 stars a diamond indeed, 29 May 2006
god, even just buy it for robert forster's "twin layers of lightning"...subtle, yet dramatic piano and shimmery guitar and forster sounding out of tune, very australian and damn sexy all over the top.

and the wrong road...with a line like "when the rain hit the roof like the sound of a finished kss, like a lip lifted from a lip..." (a legendary line from the late, great romantic grant mclennan) nobody does love, romance and the wonder of light, everyday magic and unspeakable things like the go betweens. the only way you'll find this dull is if you don't give it time. let it grow and it'll do strange things to you.

Candleland +3non Lp
Candleland +3non Lp

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5.0 out of 5 stars soft, quiet, magical, 21 Jan 2006
This review is from: Candleland +3non Lp (Audio CD)
Just one of the loveliest sets of songs i've heard. I found this in a junk shop on my hols in manchester, and being a big bunnymen lover, I decided to give it a go. I adore the bunnies, but this is nothing like them. It's delicate, quiet little baby steps, somehow majestic. Ian McCulloch's voice is so beautiful, really aches with restrained passion. He sounds weary, but he sounds like he's in love with the songs, and liz Fraser's backing vocals are just magic. Ethereal, gorgeous, buy buy buy!

Price: 6.28

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4.0 out of 5 stars a very spesh little album, 6 Jan 2006
This review is from: Siberia (Audio CD)
I did think it would be a disappointment...really, but it's not! Having been raised on the bunnymen and not being alive for their first four masterpieces, this is the first one of their lps I've bought in the year it was actually released. It's a grower, but it doesn't take too long to grow, which is nice. 'Stormy Weather' is a jangly little thing, but Mcculloch's fag-roughened vocal gives it a sweet, elegiac feel. One great track is 'scissors in the sand', really surprisingly forceful, and thank god Mac let Will turn his amp back on, his guitars are just great - spiky, crystalline, as good as a lot of stuff on crocodiles or heaven up here. If you've seen them play any of these tracks live, you'll know they are very impressive when put up against the likes of all that jazz and show of strength. An album to grow to love. The last track is as touching as anything. It smacks of liverpool and great scouse spirit.

Porcupine (Expanded & Remastered)
Porcupine (Expanded & Remastered)
Price: 6.88

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4.0 out of 5 stars freezing cold!, 6 Jan 2006
Never has there been an album whose title or cover were more appropriate...porcupine is by far the most difficult, claustrophobic bunnymen lp to listen to, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. It doesn't have the obvious emotional ache or talking heads-esque rhythms of heaven up here, it's just very bunnymen, inspired by nobody else. It seems a bit frosty at first, creeping on too quietly,, but once you've let it into your head it stays there. The icy little rhythms are class and mac's vocals are subtler than they've been before, but they really get under the skin. Of course the back of love is here and thats just rockin' so no more needs to be said on that. Glacial, spiky, precarious and aching with restraint that makes the occasional outburst all the more!
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Ocean Rain
Ocean Rain
Price: 5.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars the bunnymen's most beautiful, 17 Aug 2005
This review is from: Ocean Rain (Audio CD)
so different to the youthful, rocking crocodiles and porcupine, but beautiful in its own unique way. the imagery of skies, seas and ships is so powerful and pagan, it's like a dream and mc culloch sounds sexier than ever. includes the lovely killing moon, but its the final track, ocean rain that'll give you the shivers...reminds me of rain lashing the windoes at night--dark and romantic.

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