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Prisoner of War (PS2)
Prisoner of War (PS2)
Offered by multimedia-online
Price: 23.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant game one of the best games onthe ps2, 19 Jun 2014
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Prisoner of War (PS2) (Video Game)
I had this game a couple of times wen i had my playstation 2 and i have to say to this day i still think about it and laugh at the times when i would make every moment to escape even in broad daylight with the guards shouting halt prisoner get down frm there or i will fire and would laugh when they caught me or when i was escaping and the guards relized i was making a break for it and would do a campwide search when i didnt show up for roll call this game is so much fun but you have to think and scout the area to find the best route of escape you have to do the basic stuff in this game help this prisoner get this part for that prisoner escape only to be caught and sent to another camp including the world famous colditiz castle which where the game becomes impossibly hard as every route or room u go in has a friggin guard luckily i found cheats enemies cant see or hear u which they just stand there or freak out because the cant see u so its easy to slip by u need the cheats for colditz as its how i got past that level i never completed prisoner of war but i had such a wonderful time playing it the first two levels are easy then u get sent to colditz and it makes escape impossible just like if u were real pow sent to colditz or stalag luft which to me makes the game that much better the commandants make me laugh when you have to sneak into their office i got caught by the stalag one wen i crossed the room same time as he was strolling about i got ah the american what a pleasant suprise and it came up busted also the nurse is like the female death wen u die or are captured she stands over u by saying maybe its wise to provoke z guards the game punishes you for failure but its so much fun my final advice buy this game now

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox 360)
Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox 360)
Price: 24.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars good but not a great game, 27 May 2014
I have to say I had been waiting for this game to come out since hearing there would be a new wolfenstein game on the horizon so I had to pre order it straight away. and after having just completed it the other day I have to say I really enjoyed the ride but felt that they could of done a bit better in one or two places.

but still had loads of fun killing Nazis in an alternate timeline which I always love time travel based or alternate reality sort of games. graphically the game looks really really good bit dated id say last few days of ps2 shooters it can be a bit hard at first to figure out what you have to do and if you are like me had the game on casual setting to begin with can be quite challenging if your in a room full of Nazi soliders shouting abuse insults in german and trying to kill you at the same time a couple of times I would go into a large area and the enemy would run around across catwalks to the nearest mounted chain gun while his friends came down the steps or around a post and would shoot me dead so after the 4th level I had to change to the can I play daddy setting which is really funny looking because you see bj blastovitce dressed as baby with a dummy in his mouth lol so could helped but snort in laugher at seeing that.

but once I changed the setting it was quite a ride the game as you can tell puts you in a world where its 1960 and tells what if the Nazis had won and taken over the world you wake up a few years later to find you have been in a mental asylum for the last 7 years and a beautiful nurse is careing for you who you fall in love with later on with some love scenes to put it mildly as I can thrown in.

you start the game in a plane and you are hunting general deatheshead from the last game I think wolfenstein 2009 and you are captured have to make a decision on who to sae doesn't matter who you choose it plays the same which is one gripe I had but I will get to that in a moment and then the game jumps to you in a mental hospital with a piece of shrapnel embedded in your skull and the world has changed the Nazis rule with an iron fist and the world is now Nazi occupied and you join the restistance to fight the Nazis.

the game is really good but I couldn't help thinking maybe they should of done this bit better or added a couple more levels if you choose to save Fergus giving you a different set of missions and then going back to the main story giving you a different path I chose to save wyatt and he was okay but at one time blamed bj blascovitce for not saving Fergus and for my character causing all these events so that's one the other and I don't understand why Bethesda chose to do this but the game has a patch which must be installed before you can play the game get into the story it takes ages to install about an hour then you get asked to change discs to disc two of 4 and when you get to certain parts in the game you have to change discs 2 to 3 to 4 and also you have to accept the parental code certificate aswell otherwise you cant play it but putting that aside its a great game to get into just wish it wasn't on four discs and had that stupid installation in the beginning.

I had the occupied edition which came with a humourus book of britain under Nazi Germany rule which I got aluagh at 4 postcards of the Nazis landing on the moon and 3 others you do go to the moon on one mission a moonbase which is awesome gives you the feel of james bond moonraker lol with the laser guns. the game has got a lot of violence and couple of love scenes in it which might be unsuitable for young children its mostly violent not really violent but head being blown off Nazis being blown to bits sort of violent but its fun while it lasted.

the ending I wasn't so keen on I felt that the ending of wolfenstein the new order was average predictable so I did think well they could of done something different other than guy sacrifices himself to save the girl he loves and his friends so that is something besthesda could of changed and done a different path if you choose to save Fergus. or wyatt but this game was also developed by a Swedish game company so I will let that one slide I hope to see many more good great shooters from machine gun games.

it is still a game worth buying maybe renting first as its a game unless you want to try it on higher difficulties is a game you play and move onto something else. I liked the occupied edition although I did put the book in wrong so had to fiddle with it for 20 minutes to get the game out lol but once I got past that and the boring installation I have to warn you about that you will find it boring sitting there waiting for it to install part of it is to do with the game and you get a new dashboard.

which on my xbox 360 only takes up 30mb on a 250mb console I really really enjoyed this game its fun has a good story a love lost relationship and lots of Nazi killing fun definate play or rent
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Castlevania - Lords of Shadow (Xbox 360)
Castlevania - Lords of Shadow (Xbox 360)
Offered by S6 entertainment
Price: 8.95

3.0 out of 5 stars Great game ignore what ign say about this game, 27 April 2014
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
So i was searching through my local game store looking for a good shooter and after not finding any to peak my interest decided to get an adventure game i have never played castlevania even when i had the old sega master system or nintendo gameboy games i think one game you have to save a princess and fight against evil foes villians so i got this game and have to say this game looks amazing its a hack slash assassins creed sort of game you use combo attacks and fight winged beasts demons huge titan enemies that you have to string combo attacks to defeat them patrick stewart voices your friend mentor which is a nice suprise and robert carlyle is inthis aswell the camera is a bit annoying wen you are fighting baddies scaling walls ledges etc but wen is the camera in a game ever gd ign gave this game 7.5 good saying its dull not castlevania what are they blind or just plain stupid just because they have to praise cod call of duty as the lord master of games excuse me but the last castlevania game was 20 years ago and gameing technology has advanced alot since then this game was designed to be adventure explore castles forests fight evil multiplayer would not work inthis game and sorry cod fans but call of duty isnt the centre of gaming universe ign you dont know what your talking abt castlevania is so much fun my advice is ignore ign and buy this game now

The Vampire Diaries - Season 5 [DVD]
The Vampire Diaries - Season 5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Nina Dobrev
Price: 19.25

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3.0 out of 5 stars What have the cw done to the vampire diaries, 21 April 2014
I have loved the vampire diaries since season one it may not live upto the greatness of buffy the vampire slayer or angel but it was still great to watch and nina dobrev is really hot so now we come to season 5 and well all i can say about this season is what the hell has gone wrong the first two seasons brilliant and with katherine showing up killing anyone who got in her way and trying to wipe out elena trying to win stefan back stefan trying to be like angel and damon trying to be in love with elena and bad at times i could go through the first 4 seasons but id be here all night lol so to sum up seasons one and two brilliant i sort of liked season 3 with stefan going bad and klaus trying to make hybrids tyler breaking his sire to klaus and trying to kill him klauses whole family showing up with ester the original mother witch which i found her storyline boring and alaric having a darkside it was gd and caroline playing the damsel vampire and bonnie dnt know what she did in 3 it was watchable then season 4 elena becoming a vampire which is where the series has gone wrong it would of happened eventually but alot of people hate season 4 it was okay but the cracks curse of season 4 has hit and nt for the better so which brings me finally to season 5 and ive totally given up watching it its gone to hell literally evil silas who locks up stefan katherine human and because shes over 500 years old as a vampire now that shes human shes dying her daughter nadia turning up then dying katherines spirit jumping into elena to survive vampire experiments enzo who i want to punch inthe face cant stand him and damon trying to be bad again because he lost elena oh and dnt get me started on elena wah wah i killed someone wah im bad im a horrible person hello your a vampire you kill and drink peoples blood elena is starting to get on my nerves i heard there will be a season 6 but sadly i wont be buying it or season 5 as its confusing dull and has no life in it best to get seasons 1 2 and 3 dnt bother with 4 or 5

Medal of Honor Warfighter (Xbox 360)
Medal of Honor Warfighter (Xbox 360)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: 3.41

3.0 out of 5 stars Buggy and not fun to play, 18 April 2014
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
I bought this game after enjoying completing the first moh so decided to try warfighter sadly the fun dissapears a few missions in the game wont let me pass the shore leave level end where u have to use a sniper rifle to take out rpg guys you have to shoot the ones the game chooses and even then the rpg terrorists wont die i shot one 5 times and he still stood then when the game let me do it correctly i had to kill two more rpg guys on a hotel roof same thing happened game wouldnt let me kill the rpg enemy and they destroy your helicopter everytime also early on inthe game you have to target a building with a enemy sniper in for airstrike game wouldnt register the command also it asked me to install stupid hd pack then told me i had the wrong disc in luckily i took traded the game into game and got enough on my points card to get gears of war 3 please dont buy or play this game you will not be able to pass the shore leave level as the game wont let you pass it im a massive fan of medal of honor but this one rising sun and european assault are pants rubbish avoid

Game of Thrones (Xbox 360)
Game of Thrones (Xbox 360)
Offered by AMS Trading UK
Price: 33.75

1.0 out of 5 stars bad just really really awful should be named garbage of thrones an insult to the series, 12 April 2014
i was very skepitcal of trying this game and after watching the review on youtube for this thought to myself surely this game although yes its an rpg style game it cant be that bad how wrong i was wen i bought this game.

it is by far the worst rpg game i have ever played and takes so long before you actually get into the combat which is by the way atrocious you play two brothers in this game and get a choice of which character you want to be there is only two characters you can play as inthis game one guy that looks and trys so much to be like darth sidous from star wars and the other a guard yes a guard looking sort of character.

you then before you even start the game have to pick strengths and weaknesses which you have to pick at least 3 only i didnt know that as i couldnt figure out how to play this game you dont get a tutorial like most rpg games and once i had finally figured out with the help of a friend how you do the strengths weakness part you than have to sit through alot of dialogue before you start playing.

i was bored when the game did actually start oh and then you have to execute your brother but i was so bored i just kept picking the enough talk just kill him already parts of the story.

so then after doing that i got control of the character and went into a courtyard to supposedly train your men how to fight and then this is where i gave up onthe game completly you have to pick 3 abilitles yes same as weaknesses and strenghs but get this you cant use them until they charge up i was like what the hell ive had enough of this game and turned it off and put fable 3 on which was much much better.

the game unfortunately doesnt not live up to the series and i figured with the success of the game of thrones series they would release a game based onthe books and films but i have to ask the question why do developers torture us by bringing out a really shoddy awful game if this game had been done in the same style of the lord of the rings hack and slash game this game would of maybe stood a chance but unfortunately it falls into rubbish garbage and downright awful and has c.e.x complete entertainment exchange written all over it avoid like the plague and buy fable series or any other rpg game other than this nonsense trype
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Power Rangers Samurai - Volume 4 - The Ultimate Duel [DVD]
Power Rangers Samurai - Volume 4 - The Ultimate Duel [DVD]
Dvd ~ Alex Heartman
Price: 4.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars didnt work, 16 Aug 2013
bought this a few days after it came out was really looking forward to watching it as i have gotten to love watching power rangers samura sadly didnt get to watch this as wen i popped it in my dvd player it refused to load took it back to hmv and got a second one same thing it didnt load its a real shame as i was hoping to watch this volume see how it all ends this series has gotten a alot of critism saying it isnt as good as previous series its pretty good i say but my advice is unless u get a copy that will work its not worth buying as mine did not load but im still going to watch the series as its currently being shown on channel 5 the cards are great tho just shame abt the dvd maybe it was coz i got it from hmv i dont know but just a friendly warning to anyone thinking of getting this volume its good but some copys do not load at all thanks for reading hope this helped great series tho

Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo 3DS)
Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo 3DS)
Offered by Shop4World
Price: 12.63

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4.0 out of 5 stars good game, 27 Dec 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
id been wanting to play this game for a while now after hearing that capcom were releasing a resi game onthe nintendo 3ds i decided i wud get this wen i got my 3ds im happy to say that im glad i got the chance the play this game as its amazing it plays a lil cross between resident evil 4 and dead space but mostly resident evil 4 it more plays like i didnt like resident evil 5 which alot of people said the same thing im glad to say this game is nothing like resident evil 5 and if u are a fan of the series of havent played this buy it its brilliant its set on an abandoned cruise ship which is kind of waht lured me to this game as i like these sorta games i.e dead space and u have to find your partner chris who has gone missing theres betrayel action and adventure all rolled into one with this game i was a bit dissapointed that this game did not feature zombies i know capcom did this with dead aim if anyones played that that games set on a cruise ship so it would of been nice if they had put zombies in this one but i can see that they wanted to go with a different path with this game but setting some of the negativiity aside i had alot of fun with this game i did get lost a few times and did die because of it wen being chased by characters like rachel u will see who i mean wen u play this the idea is to keep away from her and shoot her wenever u can i did have this probelm as i thought where have i got to go and wud run into her and a load of enemies which led to my death so theres that but the game handles pretty well and plays really well like if u were playing resident evil 4 or 5 the weapons are good too some u have to find some are locked in rooms and u have get a pass card to open them but the weapons are great like shotguns magnum u do have to upgrade weapons aswell but i couldnt figure out how u do that u get other things like grenades aswell. there are puzzles but they mostly are hack this circuit panel open this door sorta thing which can be tricky but all in all its a great game my biggest gripe with this game and i feel i have to get this out of the way is the swimming i didnt like the swimming very much inthis game because its arkward to swimm its same as tomb raider legend or underworld and there are some chapters which require you to swim for 200 metres through corriders and bulkheads without taking a breath there are pools where u can surface but i found myself at one point swimming for ages thinking jills going to die any second because she is going to run out of oxygen and drown and the screen does go grey wen shes abt to drown but thats my only bug bear gripe with this game that and some of the bosses take alot of hits before they go down but other than that this game rocks its one of the best i played so far on the 3ds and i love resident evil i always have i played them all you arent always on the ship at times throughout the game you get to play other levels and flashback levels with the dreaded hunters i hate hunters they are by far the worst enemies u can come across in resident evil so it can be tough at time because sometimes you will be in an area with abt 20 hunters very lil ammo and u have to get to a lift but hunters are blocking your way so it can be frustrating wen u die by the hands of a hunter but you get to play as parker chris and two other guys aswell the two guys u play as inthe snow level the banter between them is hilarious even wen you are shooting hordes of enemies and the other guys like i need more power the generators shut down and ure like er im a lil busy right now so its funny in places and u get to explore the whole ship aswell which is what i love abt these games because u can go to places like the bridge and engine room so its really good i didnt know that there are 3 queen ships so it came as a shock to me and the 3rd is sunken but you dont get to explore that one until the end of the game one other thing i will mention u have to scan rooms also which can be handy because it will earn u herbs and ammo and also if u scan enemies aswell or fallen foes u can get items that way so i thought that was cool but all in all conclusion this game is worth buying dfeinately and has an amazing great story to it buy it now lol

Piranha DD [DVD] [2012]
Piranha DD [DVD] [2012]
Dvd ~ Danielle Panabaker
Price: 2.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars god awful, 4 Sep 2012
This review is from: Piranha DD [DVD] [2012] (DVD)
this came out yesterday and seen as i missed this one at the cinema and watched thed brilliant first piranha 3d with kelly brook in i decided to get this one and see what it was like its now safe to say im glad i didnt see this at the cinema as the piranha dd is soooooooooooooooo bad its not even good its just plain rubbish the plot this time around is set at an adventure water park with lots of hot girls running around topless waiting for the hungry piranhas to munch on and funnily enough the water park is not far from where the first piranha massacre occured and now that site is a ghost town abandoned after watching this i wondered why on earth this ever got made danielle panabaker is good in this and she plays her part well and ving rhames from the first film makes a welcome return as the local deputy who has now lost his legs from having them chewed off inthe first film has decided to visit the water park only for it all to start all over again sum parts of this i found funny and i honestly tried to like this film but ended up saying to myself in my mind this film is going striaght to c.e.x complet entertainment exchange which was a shame because i felt they could of at least spent more money on this film if they had this film wuda done alot better and wud have at least or probably rivaled the first piranha 3d but sadly it fell short and this film is short i cudnt believe it because it ended so quickly i looked at the clock on my dvd player and it got to 105 or 107 minutes and it was over i was like what the hell is that it and the ending well i can see they are going to make another rubbish sequel which in gods name i hope they dont but with films like this these days they will pump out another one hoping it will do better than the last but will be even worse david hasslehoff the hoff is also in this and usually wen he makes a cameo in a film i usually find him funny and the guys a legend in my view and such a great and fun actor but in this he is just irritating and annoying and theres a scene where this lil kid comes up to him asking for a plaster and hes like kid here an autograph have u heard of me do u know who i am sorta thing so the kid says no i just want a plaster and the hoff is like kid ure anoying me scram go away at first then wen the killing starts he is like oh i will go save the kid who i just told to leave me alone only for the kid to have his head completly bitten off at the end lol i did actually laugh at that point also wen katrina bowdens character who i actually like katrina bowden shes a really great and very hot actress hehehe theres a part where shes bitten by one of the piranha only to spawn loads of lil ones which i found a bit weird but kinda funny so there are part of this that are good but not enough to warrent a rewatch it wasnt enough for me to want to watch this again the first one i absoulutly loved but this one sucked big time and i hope and pray they dont make another but if they do i wont be watching it hope this helped and have a great summer everyone

Jurassic Shark [DVD]
Jurassic Shark [DVD]
Dvd ~ Emanuelle Carriere
Price: 4.82

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1.0 out of 5 stars just wen you thought it was afe to watch shark movies again this came out, 13 July 2012
This review is from: Jurassic Shark [DVD] (DVD)
i have to say i have seen alot and i mean alot of shark movies including the jaws films and one or two i have to say were questionable and some were downright bad and i have to say this one adds to the list of worst shark movies ever its so bad its not even funny sharktopus was bad and cheesy to a point but at leastthat one was alot better than this this one is just plain bad and has cash entertainment exchange written all over it which is where my copy of this movie has now ended up its not even worth 7 i think thats a bit steep to charge 7 for a movie thats not even that good id say its worth a couple of quid 3 quid just to be generous but thats being too nice the film basically starts like this an oil company has been doing some illegal drilling and has released this prehistoric shark that lived millions of years ago yada yada yada into a lake and basically starts munching on anyone who dares go into the water theres a couple of scenes in this movie where u get scantley clad bikini girls walking around and the first two go into the water and have a brief long water splash before they both dissapear under the water and u dont see them get eaten then fast forward to a band of thieves led by this tough talking no nonsense woman who was involved in a art robbery and because they were going to the drop point the shark got inthe way and the painting ends up at the bottom of the lake and so shows 3 girls and a guy land onthe island one of the girls to do a research project whereas the other two just wanna party and then two of them get eaten u can guess what happens next they run into the thieves get kidnapped and forced to get the painting back only for the only two remaining girls to survive and the ending dont get me started on the ending ripping off phiranna 3d much the ending i have to say was predicable and i said to myself of course there is another one before the credits rolled so to some things up i did not like this film it was just plain rubbish and my copy is now in cash entertainment exchange if another shark movie comes out unless its bait 3d with phoebe tonkin who is one of my favourite actresses in it unless shes in it then i shall avoid the next shark movie to come out definately one to avoid than ks for reading hope u all have a good summer

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