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The Bends
The Bends
Offered by Bridge Media UK
Price: £5.91

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Hard rocking and sorrowfully emotional, 21 July 2005
This review is from: The Bends (Audio CD)
Many other people have already gone into detail about the album but I will jsut point out a few highlights. The song "The bends" has an excellent chorus, supported by heavy guitars and Thom Yorke's mystical voice. A great song on it self, never mind the rest of the album.
"Just" was the album's msot commenly known single by most people. This is probaly the heaviest song in the album, yet it dosen't feel over the top. An influencial song that has great guitar work.
"Black Star" is another one that has a great chorus, with yet again an excellent support from guitars. Suprisingly, the wailing of Thom Yorke makes it stand out.
And my personal favourite "Street Spirit; Fade out" is a stunner. With it's cathedral like beginning and errie and mystifiying chorus, this is the album's highlight. This is my favourite radiohead song ever (with karma police) and beautifully finishes off the album.
Although I feel that "The Bends" is no where near as good as "Ok Computer" because it lacks the emotion and compassion that "Ok Computer" offers, this is still a must have for any music fan.

OK Computer
OK Computer
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Depressing, yet mystical make this a beautiful album, 21 July 2005
This review is from: OK Computer (Audio CD)
On channel four's greatest ever albums, this topped it at number one, beating the likes of Pink floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", the Beatles "Srgnt. Pepper" and Rem's "Automatic for the People". For an album to beat classic albums like them it needs to be something special. And in my view this definetly does.
It was always going to be ahrd for Radiohead to beat their earlier accomplishment in "The bends" and many people said that they couldn't. While the bends was a concotaton of powerful riffs and yet subtle lyrics, "OK Computer" is a completely different formula.
The album firstly starts off with the heavy yet relaxing intro "Airbag" this leads onto the immense "Paranoid Android", a song that blends with tiself between a heavy rock ballad and a beautiful, and disturbing melody. This song is definetly one of their greatest songs. After "Subterranean homesick alien", a heavily guitar based song, we are led to "Exit Music". The intro may not appeal to many people because it is just so depressing and slow, yet the song by it's climax is a mixture of crashing guitars, erriey lyrics and an extremely strong sense of emotion. "Let Down" suprisingly is a happier, more subtle song which beautifully rolls on by, leaving us to the album's main track "Karma Police". This song although quite simple is absolutely stunning. the initial guitar intro easy gets your foot tapping. Then comes the heavy bass beat and the mystical voice of Thom Yorke, who's voice makes this song the classic it is. Throughout the song, you feel great compassion and sorrow from his voice. An absolutely magnificint song!
Next comes the strange and ghostly "Fitter Happier which is the only track that I would skip. The next two songs "Electioneering" and "Climbing up the Walls" are heavier songs that strangley blend seamlesly into another. Both are excellent tracks but they are just the opening for "No Suprises". This may be Radiohead's most well known single and it is unsuprising to find out. A great intro and easy-to-sing-along lyrics promotes great emotion and provokes dilema. After the relaxing, and mysterious "No Suprises" you are led onto "Lucky". This, again, is quite heavy and possibly the most happy song on the album. It portaits survival and looking back on teh past. It also may show you how relieved and satisfied with life Thom Yorke is. And lastly the finale! "Tourist" is a slow, and moving song that illustrates prejudice, confusion and insanity. A good, subtle track with effective guitars and again, Thom Yorke's ever-influential voice.
Some people may feel that this album is too slow or it dosen't include any effective-single material. You tend to find (like Pink floyd's "Darkside of the Moon") that brillaint albums don't always have stand-out single tracks. i feel that this album is simply a masterclass. This album sounds absolutely great if your feeliong down becasue you can relte to all the songs (except fitter happier, because you would have to be a robot complaining about modern society). I cannot stress it enough; this is a great album with real depressing morals and just pure emotional energy.
After listening to this all the way through, you do feel drained and yet relieved at the same time. ALthough nto to everyone's taste, I feel without doubt that this is the darkest and best album ever recorded.

Champions: Return To Arms (PS2)
Champions: Return To Arms (PS2)

12 of 18 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Balder's Gate's Twin (again), 21 July 2005
Although Champions of Norrath - return to arms has a different title it is almost an exact replica of Snowblind's earlier projects Balder's gate I and II, and champions of norrath.
the game mostly consists of(like it's predecesers)hacking/slashing/bashing/looting. When I first kicked up the game, i did not realise that the game was developed by the guys behind balders gate but after five minutes into the game the evidence is clear. Nearly matching controls, identical enemies, and just exactly the same game engine from their earlier games.
But the game does have small but apparant differences. Character selection ahs been improved with new titles apart from your mage, fighter and bowman. You know get necromancers, shamans, and barbarians. This introduction brings a slight variation in gameplay that does seem to last throughout the whole game.
the gameplay itself is rather mixed to be called great. Enemies are generally too easy, while the bosses sometimes give the impresssion of being impossible. Also items have a random appearance rate. one level you could have an axe that completley clears the floor with enemies while you may not find another stronger weapon for three or four levels. this can be quite frustrating.
While the games predecesers had always had a poor story, this one takes it one step too far. You are told to retrieve 12 shards so that you can prevent/ensure that the dark lord can come back into reign. but the game actually dosen't say why you would want to. And while the game is not one long seamless story (as it is broken into many different levels) you begin to find a frustrating level of repitition.
Apart from the game's obvious flaws, if you like your hack 'n' slashing than this game will entertain you upto a certain level. I admit the graphics are good, and the depth of the game is acceptable but you do contiunely feel that you ahve bought balder's gate all over again


4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply life-changing, 7 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Lateralus (Audio CD)
a simply amazing album! Although loud with mashing guitars and hammering drums this album cannot fall into the categories of heavy metal or heavy rock. it is completely isloated as it is so different from any other kind of music.
the album first introduces us to the amazing The Grudge, with it's excellent intro and amazing chorus. the great intro starts with drums and slowly all the other instruments crash into the album producing an amaxing chorus. this is the best track in the album, only to the commercial song Schism.
Schism is a impressive mix of mystical lyrics, disturbing morals and just pure emotional. with the hammering drums in the background and beautiful guitar play the song seems to keep a mellow and sorrow sound with you easily humming along to the words.
the album then leads us onto the duo of parabol and parabola. essentially the same song except that parabol seems much more heartfelt and relaxing which without pause crashes into the raw, heavy parabola.
this album (like radiohead's ok computer) is an album that there are no apparant singles, yet the high quality of songwriting is throughout the album. you have to listen to the album from start to end to really apprieciate this amazing recording. the emotion throughout the album is tremendous and you feel proud that you own such a ground-breaking album.

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