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Driving Test Success All Tests 2007/2008 Edition (PC/DVD ROM)
Driving Test Success All Tests 2007/2008 Edition (PC/DVD ROM)
Offered by J & S Media
Price: £1.51

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just like the real thing, 29 Oct 2007
I shall keep this simple. I started using this at the beginning of the month, took my test at the end and passed easily.

50/50 in the multiple choice
62/75 in the hazard perception

I didn't use anything else. If you sit the official style tests of both kinds the its exactly like the real thing. The multiple choice questions are especially identical to the ones in the official test.

Haven't looked at the things that should help with the practical exam yet but no doubt they'll be equally as helpful.

The only negative I found is that I couldn't read the highway code on my computer screen, not sure why, it was just really blurry. I didn't actually need it so I didn't really mind.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 10, 2008 10:29 AM GMT

Belkin Surge Master 8-Way Tel/Fax/Modem Protection with 4m Cable
Belkin Surge Master 8-Way Tel/Fax/Modem Protection with 4m Cable
Price: £18.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars ALMOST perfect power., 27 Feb 2004
This thing is great, 8 Sockets, indication Lights, phone/Modem protection and even a cable tidy thing! But the on/off switch is just so easy to flick by accident. One day I cicked it unknowingly and my whole room turned off. Wasn't happy. So now I've taped it down so it won't happen again.
Overall, technically fabulous but needs a different power switch.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 28, 2011 8:10 AM BST

Adaptec XHub7+  7 Port USB 2.0 Hub
Adaptec XHub7+ 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does a great job...and looks pretty doing it., 27 Feb 2004
With the ever increasing amount of computer devices that make use of USB technology I have now ended up with a lot more devices than the ports on my computer can accommodate. I was thinking about getting a USB 2.0 PCI card but as I don't actually have very many USB 2.0 devices I didn't see the point. Instead I opted to go for a USB 2.0 hub (as I have USB 2.0 ports on my computer) and so rather than having many devices competing for bandwidth I now have enough bandwidth to just share to all my devices so they can all run at optimum speed simultaneously, from 1 port on my computer.
Set-up - Easy. Installed very simply and the software that comes with it helps to show exactly whats connected and where. It even helps you control your USB devices which aren't even connected to the hub. I think the hardest part was deciding which picture I wanted to put in the front of it!
Image - One sexy little beast. It has certainly helped tidy up all the cables on my desk. The picture frame really helps make it look like more than just a box. Some people might prefer blue LEDs but thats just one of those things.
Performance - Spot on. Recognises new devices instantly and so the only thing you have to wait for is windows to install the drivers. If something isn't working the LEDs provide you with a quick visual way of finding out what's going on.
All in all, I really can't complain. Its a good looking little hub that does exactly what is asked of it. Who could ask for more? Definate thumbs up from me.
My only problem now is do I get a 4-port of another 7-port version to stack onto it? Decisions decisions...

Johnny English [DVD] [2003]
Johnny English [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Rowan Atkinson
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.74

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not bad, but painfull., 8 Jan 2004
This review is from: Johnny English [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
When this film first came out I really wanted to go see it but I never had the time to go to the cinema. Looking back I'm quite pleased.
As a film its not really all that bad. The characters are good and the movie flows well. However it just comes across as being painfully average. The jokes are predictable and so is the storyline.
That said I'm sure it would be a great film to watch with a few mates round when you're all feeling a bit silly.

Everything to Everyone [IMPORT]
Everything to Everyone [IMPORT]
Price: £3.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly their best yet, 8 Jan 2004
Now I may be a relitively new Barenaked Ladies fan having only followed them for a couple of years but unfortunately for me they aren't really a band that people talk about much when you're only ickle. Since first hearing more songs than just One Week and Its All Been Done, I was hooked and made it my point to get every album I had missed up to that point. When I found out that they had released a new album I new I had to have it. Confident of the Ladies talent I bought the CD without hearing the tracks.
The CD arrived this morning and, wow. I really do believe this could be their best album to date. I just can't fault it. It has a good selection of mellow songs with more sounding tunes like Another Postcard making it a great listen. Really though, you've gotta give them credit for writing a great song...about chimpanzees. 14 tracks of CLASS!
That brings me onto the DVD, something I had actually forgotten about until it arrived in my hand. For any fan with a DVD player...IT ROCKS! For any fan without a DVD player...GET ONE!
A great album by a great band and despite being rather pricey in comparison to most albums its easily worth it.

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