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Blood Death Ivory
Blood Death Ivory
Price: 11.10

3.0 out of 5 stars Solid 2nd album that drifts off track a bit., 14 Mar 2010
This review is from: Blood Death Ivory (Audio CD)
I'll get the important message out of the way first. If you liked the in-your-face attitude, heavy noise and clear, shouting rasping vocals of AS's first full-length Krankhaus, you'll probably be disappointed in this CD. Most of it has more in common with the more introspective, chilled tracks on Krankhaus like Juicy. The best track on this CD hands down is Skinny Little B*tch. That track alone is so good that it's almost worth buying the whole CD just to hear that track properly through a decent hi-fi instead of a PC speaker. But a lot of the rest is experimental to the point of annoying, with any political or social commentary (something the band are damn good at) mostly lost under a bevy of vocal distortions and special effects.

Honestly, I think this CD is a different type of music altogether to Krankhaus, and that's why though it's good, I don't like it much. Krankhaus is electronic punk, blending the 'f**k you' aggression and politics of someone like Atari Teenage Riot with the danceability of acts like VNV Nation or Combichrist. That's what I like out of industrial. I like a lot of attitude and songs I can get down to. BDI is more goth and more 'electronica'. It comes on like NIN's more recent efforts. Which I thought were bland and overhyped. Same here.

Like I say, it has it's moments, and they are so great I would recommend any AS fans pick it up for them, but it left me feeling ultimately bored and unsatisfied.

An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity
An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity
Offered by QUOSA
Price: 10.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars Buy right now if you're clever, avoid if you're stupid..., 9 Oct 2009
Nothingface are an excellent heavy-rock/metal band. They aren't a nu-metal act, their sound has more to do with Prong or Helmet than anything flat but catchy like Korn or Limp Bizkit. I'm not saying people who like those bands won't like Nothingface, but they're a bit more deep and smart than the average straight metal/nu-metal/metalcore act. Once you get into it, it's a great feel the band have, but it's not instant...aside from the odd song, Nothingface are a band you've got to give time to grow on you.

As to the 'clever/stupid' comment, I've heard an awful lot of people who don't understand internal dialogue, roleplay, metaphor or anything deeper than 'emo' or 'metal' in lyrics that think Nothingface are hate-filled homophobes with a ton of bodies in their basements. Not true. A lot of this has come out of the lyrical content of songs like 'Grinning'. Grinning lyrically flips between a man being beaten and refusing to give up despite his physical inferiority to his attackers, and the mentality of the attacker. It's a violent song both lyrically and musically...but it's also a really smart dissection of a situation quite a lot of people including myself have been in and probably hope to never go through (again?)...if that sounds like it'd make you feel ill or uncomfortable, you really need to not listen to Nothingface. Matt Holt does NOT hold back, and is a very clever but extremely graphic and acerbic lyricist. He's the Bill Hicks or Doug Stanhope of Metal lyricists, he effortlessly switches between characters and mentalities and satirises all the horror and disgust of modern society. Hell, if you don't like Grinning on this CD, you're going to HATE The Same Solution on the later Violence which basically has Holt put him in the mentality of having finally snapped and gone out to kill everyone who screwed him in anyway. And not in a stupid, cartoony fashion...more like American Psycho style.

Anyway with the 'if you don't like dark, menacing lyrics that are highly intelligent but extremely graphic' warning out the way, anyone who's still here should BUY THIS DAMN CD. Varied vocal stylings running from almost mellow ballad-esque crooning right up to a full on Unsane-esque gargle, and more riffs than you could shake a very large stick at. Yeah, the band sound very 90s now...but it WAS the 90s lol. Best tracks are Villains and The Sick for my money...although there isn't a rubbish track or any filler here.

I definitely firmly recommend this band to anybody into Therapy? Prong or Helmet. You will love this CD.

Doomsday Machine
Doomsday Machine

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2.0 out of 5 stars Boring sludgy pop-metal mess. Shocking given previous CDs, 13 Feb 2006
This review is from: Doomsday Machine (Audio CD)
Let me get something straight before I lay in to this heap of garbage. I loved Arch Enemy before Doomsday Machine hit. If they pull another Wages of Sin out of their hat after it, I'll probably love them again. But I HATE Doomsday Machine.
Gone are the rapidly trading double leads, gone is the adrenaline-coated rush of speed that came with earlier CDs, and in it's place is a mid-pace, over-simplified exercise in Metal by numbers. It's disturbing that a band with such a pedigree (I mean come on, members of Carcass, Carnage and Witchery here! What GIVES!)should decide to bow down to genre stereotypes this late in their career. I'd rather listen to Trivium than the Doomsday Machine, and that's saying something, as I can only really deal with two minutes of Trivium before taking a claw hammer to my eardrums.
There's really only one reason to own this CD, and that's the track Nemesis, which is pure old-school Arch Enemy, and almost enough to justify the asking price, but the rest of the CD is completely faceless, and above all else, plain dull.
I never thought I'd say it, but Arch Enemy have become boring, and if the wave of 14 yr old kids in Bullet for my Valentine shirts they were playing to last time I saw them play live is anything to go by, they won't be changing back up for a long time. It's a damn shame. Back to my At The Gates CDs.
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Breaking the Fourth Wall
Breaking the Fourth Wall
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars That this band are no longer with us is shameful., 13 Feb 2006
Beecher were one of the few bands you could truly refer to as original. Their music was, if forced into a genre, hardcore, but tagging it as such does it a huge disservice. Ed Godby's vocals could be angelic, enraged and at times so utterly alien it's hard to believe that it was a human throat making the noise. The music that backed him up could both make you feel calm and relaxed and take your face off in the same minute. So it was with some sadness I found Beecher had split up. Sorrow turned into a hefty dose of anger when I realised that they'd split up over problems with the industry as much as anything else.
It's a shame that the industry and the current record-buying public don't reward originality, and don't have the balls to cast their net further afield than LostProphet's copy-merchants and Dr Dre wannabes, as if they did, maybe bands like Beecher would have some security and wouldn't have to bounce round indies until eventually splitting up out of exhaustion.
This is the sound of a band on top of their game, reinventing what it is to be a metal or hardcore band. The startling and constantly changing soundscape of guitars, programming and jackhammer drums, crossed with Godby's unmistakeable vocal style have for my money never been topped, even by giants like DEP or Converge.
I urge you to buy this. If you've found your way this far and haven't heard Beecher, you owe it to yourself.

0:12 Revolution In Just Listening
0:12 Revolution In Just Listening
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: 11.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars An overlooked classic., 18 Mar 2005
I don't know why Coalesce have never really got any recognition for it, but they were one of the first bands to be classified as Noisecore, and highly influential in the genre's development. They aren't really the kind of band you could 'sort of like' given their confrontational rythmic approach, so I suppose people who've got into more accessible areas of hardcore either haven't discovered the lost gems that are the Coalesce back catalogue, or they haven't really managed to get their head round them.
Either way, this final record was a fitting swansong for the incendiary band, a CD that is simultaneously crushingly heavy and extremely catchy due to the huge almost stoner riffs underpinning the entire affair. Songs like 'Counting Murders...' combine a clever, satirical lyrical approach with simple but highly effective riffs in a way that makes the songs irresistible. To be honest, this CD is so good that I don't even have to be in any particular mood to listen to it.
It won't be for the more timid of rockers, granted, as despite it's catchiness, this CD is heavy than a cubic mile of cement, but if you like the heaviness, give it a try. It'll treat you good :).

Dead End [DVD] [2003]
Dead End [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Ray Wise
Price: 10.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars For once, someone turns in something truly creepy..., 18 Mar 2005
This review is from: Dead End [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
I'm not going to go into great detail about the plot of this movie, as it twists and turns so many times that explaining too much of it would spoil the effect of the film. Suffice to say an average family find themselves stuck on a seemingly never ending road, being stalked by what they initially think is another driver.
What makes this film so refreshing is this:
A: The film is actually tense, suspenseful and chilling. I'm more or less desensitized to gore and violence (there is some in this movie and it is unpleasant so the squeamish might want to take a raincheck) but nobody can resist a movie if it genuinely gets under your skin. For me, this was a movie that at times I wanted to turn off or pause, it's that suffocatingly tense. If you swing the other way and violence scares you, not tension, this movie would still probably work, as some unnervingly nasty things go on as the movie progresses.
B: It makes perfect sense. Sounds obvious, but a lot of horror movies, especially high profile ones like Hide and Seek, just don't add up when you think about them. It's all well and good writing a plot that twists all over the shop, but if it doesn't tie back up at the end, people will come out feeling cheated. This movie stops that from happening, with a tight, clever story arc and some killer twists.
To sum up, this is a movie that without a large budget, or with the exception of the fabulous Ray Wise, an A list cast, ramps the chill factor up to eleven and twists so much you won't know whether you're coming or going, yet reins it all back in for an ending that makes perfect sense and gives you a proper denouement to the tale instead of a botched Scooby Doo ending. They don't make 'em like this as much as they should.

Reek of Putrefaction
Reek of Putrefaction
Price: 9.71

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4.0 out of 5 stars Some people just have no stamina..., 17 Mar 2005
This review is from: Reek of Putrefaction (Audio CD)
I am more than a little tired of people complaining about 'bad production' on early extreme metal records. Beside from being genre defining moments what do these records have in common: Darkthrone: A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Napalm Death: Scum and Converge: Petitioning the Empty Sky. As if you hadn't guessed, incredibly cheap punk-rock DIY production...but the music is sound. Reek of Putrefaction is exactly the same, and just as seminal. Consider the fact that this came out in 1988 when Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne defined 'Metal'(I use the term loosely in the case of the Crue) as far as the record industry was concerned. This production was all Carcass could manage to get! And they did damn good with it anyway. Sorry it doesn't sound like Heartwork (fantastic CD btw!) but that came out 5 years later in a much kinder environment.
Anyhoo, lecture aside, this is a true death-grind monster. For a moment ignore the bizarre production and just listen, and you can hear so much going on despite the constraints of the recording. Musically, this is just as complex as their later works, and lyrically the band's bizarre (more damning listeners might want to change that to sick and warped) med-student sense of humour comes shining through. The riffs are mighty, the technicality is superb and the punk-rock Discharge style production gives an impressive bite despite what anyone else may say.
This incarnation of Carcass is a totally different beast to later reiterations such as Heartwork, but this record still makes an excellent companion to the later material. You'll either love it or hate it, but the same magic that makes Heartwork so brilliant still breathes beneath it's sludgy 80s punk sound, and Reek of Putrefaction is a CD I can see taking pride of place among my other death metal records. Even if you eventually lose interest, you could do far far worse in the metal arena very easily (and with CDs that had much more money thrown at them), and I think honestly if you take the time with this CD and don't instantly dismiss it on account of it's sludge-ridden production job as many have, then it'll repay you in spades. So come on, don't waste your hard-earned readies on some brainless US flavour of the week 'alternative rock' bandwagon jumper (Creed anyone...shudder), buy this and rock like never before.

King Of New York [DVD] [1991]
King Of New York [DVD] [1991]
Dvd ~ Christopher Walken
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: 7.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Underrated crime masterpiece..., 10 Mar 2005
I love this film, it never gets old. It's blend of grim urban landscapes, clever intelligent plot and visceral action puts it miles ahead of almost any other crime movie you care to name, and it can stand with it's head held high as a classic on a par with the greats of the late 80s thru 90s gangster movie era, like Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Heat and Pulp Fiction.
It's been overlooked somewhat in the face of such high profile company, but to be honest, this and Reservoir Dogs are the ones I keep coming back to. The characters are richly drawn and morally ambiguous in a fashion that makes it far more realistic than other crime films, as the cops are just as crooked as the gangsters, if not more, and you find yourself rooting for Walken and Fishburne throughout, as main cop Caruso is a nasty vile character despite being on 'the right side of the law'. Speaking of which the acting from the three leads is absolutely fantastic. Walken and Caruso are as charismatic and mesmerising as ever, but it's the young Fishburne (previous to this, he had had few leads in movies) who amazes as the hip young drug dealer, and almost steals Walken's show.
But make no mistake, it is Walken's show. His presence in this movie is riveting, and he manages to make the psychotic Frank believable as a man trying to do right somehow through his twisted system of morals. You don't want to sympathise with him but somehow Walken makes you, and this is the movie's greatest achievement, like Reservoir Dogs after it, you want the 'Bad guys' to win or at least get out alive.
As a movie, it's absolutely essential viewing for anyone with an interest in this kind of film, and a damn good view for anyone else too. To be honest this is one of my favourite films of all time, and it very much snuck up on me. An underground classic.
As to the DVD, if you like extras as much as the movie itself, this is not a great DVD on account of the complete lack of anything except the movie and the menu system, but it is cheap, and it is a brilliant film, so I would still recommend it despite the lack of extras.
On a final note, the people who say this movie is violent are right. This is not for the weak of stomach as it is visceral and bloody, even in comparison to Reservoir Dogs. As far as violence goes this is probably one of the most graphic and dark crime films I've seen. So if you hate film violence, it'll probably not be for you.
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Filth Pig
Filth Pig
Price: 7.91

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4.0 out of 5 stars More reasons to slap Kerrang! with a giant tuna..., 4 Mar 2005
This review is from: Filth Pig (Audio CD)
Music critics suck. Especially in the case of Ministry. If you listened to the popular press, Ministry apparently only made two records worth listening to, Psalm 69 and Houses of the Mole. They even drop into the depths of total fallacy claiming aforementioned Houses of the Mole was a 'final comeback'. Rubbish. Lies and trickery, I tells thee! Filth Pig is globally reviled by casual onlookers, but as this section of reviews shows, most of us Ministry hardcore love it. It isn't as fast or heavy as Psalm 69 (and heaven forbid, may not be accessible to Limp Bizkit fans, god save us all...) but it's consistently more interesting, less incoherent and if truth be told, a lot more musical than previous efforts. It isn't my fave Ministry CD, but then neithers Psalm 69, my fave's probably Animositisomina or The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, both of which I recommend over this or Psalm 69. I tend to view this as on a par with Psalm 69, and if you actually got into that CD as opposed to 'heard a bit, I'm told it's their best' then you'll probably like this as it makes a great partner to the manic Psalm. So, buy this, and tell Kerrang! where to stick it. As if you haven't already. If you don't have Psalm 69 get that as well. Another case of ludicrous expectancy of another slab of the same music resulting in a fine record being overlooked.
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Chud [DVD] [1984] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Chud [DVD] [1984] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ John Heard

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good for a lazy afternoon/morning..., 26 Feb 2005
CHUD is a solid, fun movie, with a lot of things to recommend it. In terms of how the movie feels, although it's generally known as a horror movie there's very little scary about it so it falls into the 'sci-fi thriller' category along with Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Predator and the like. While those films are suitable for kids, aside from Predator anyhoo, CHUD is definitely not (of course the R rating and the fact that CHUD stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers probably tipped you off) and the admittedly few and far between instances of violence or gore are quite grim, so keep this one out of reach of the littlies, but otherwise this is a fun B Movie thriller that everyone will enjoy. The acting is solid throughout, and it's surprising given the time the movie was made (during the 80s slasher boom when most of the characters in movies got bumped off before they had a chance to speak let alone develop) but the writers have taken genuine pains to create characters who you actually care about and believe in. This movie reminded me of the kind of daft Sci-Fi I used to watch back in the 80s when I was a kid, so it instantly got accepted into my heart just for that, and it really is the kind of movie anybody should be able to watch, horror fan or not. The only things that stopped CHUD from getting 5 stars were that it seemed to end abruptly, and at times the movie didn't seem to know whether it was trying to be funny or frightening. Also the sound transfer on the DVD is a little haphazard, resulting in some of the script getting lost in the hubbub. Mind you, this is an old movie and one that's only just been reissued so the print had probably deteriorated a fair bit.
If you like CHUD and feel you'd want to check out similar stuff, try these: Return of the Living Dead(1 and 2, not 3), Repo Man, Humanoids from the Deep.

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