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Platignum No5 Studio Red Fountain Pen & Ball Point Gift Set - Blue Ink
Platignum No5 Studio Red Fountain Pen & Ball Point Gift Set - Blue Ink
Offered by PANDY
Price: 12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't be put off by the price - this is a very very underrated pen..., 21 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a collector and user of fountain pens, I came across the Platignum Studio over on the Fountain Pen Network, where it had been very enthusiastically received, so, to see what all the fuss was about, I pressed the 1-click bar, and two days later, the red Platignum Studio No 5 has just arrived.
And I am pleasantly surprised.
The pen came with a matching ballpoint (don't use them, but this set was 3 cheaper than the pen alone), and a very classy little presentation box with the Platignum logo. Like the pen, it looks quite classy for the money paid - I normally ditch any box, but this is nice enough to store the pen in on my desk.
Okay...enough about the packaging, now for the pen...
Firstly, it's an all metal fountain pen, not plastic a la Pilot 78g and others around the same price point, and the finish, in a very nice red, is first class, I particularly like the subtle branding signature just beneath the cap .
It is substantial without being heavy, like so many Chinese pens I have, and, as a writer who doesn't like writing with a posted pen (the cap placed on the end of the barrel whilst writing), this pen is in fact perfectly balanced with the cap snapped into place. I could use it posted, which is saying something.
The clip is springy, is in a mattish black, and Platignum have made it taper into a pen nib shape at the end, which is quite nice.
The cap is pull off/push on, and closes with a comforting click, which bodes well for it's airtightness.
The section (where you hold the pen) is made of black rubber, which is quite pleasing to hold, and sits well.
I've read a few reviews that pan the Platignum, because it uses proprietary cartridges, doesn't come with a converter, and only a Monteverde Mini converter will fit, the normal international converters being a no no.
Take it from me that's not the case.
I've just scrabbled around in my box of spares and the second converter out fitted perfectly - I also understand that Waterman cartridges and converters fit too, so don't be put off, the spares are out there.
The nib (it's medium or nothing) has a well defined feed in what looks like hard plastic or nylon, and it is stainless steel with absolutely no decoration or marking on it.
And for 9.99 it's a little beauty!
It lays down a lovely wet line with absolutely no feedback from the page, and that includes using it on cheap supermarket notebook paper. I really am surprised at how nicely it writes, and how well it suits my writing style.
Try as I might, I just can't find fault with it.
In the same post this morning came a TWSBI 580, costing 41, and this nib puts the TWSBI to shame.
The 580 gives me feedback as I write (you can hear and feel it moving across the paper), whereas the Studio simply glides over it.
So there it is...9.99 for a very very underrated pen indeed.
It's bright without being garish, metal without being heavy, classy enough to use in meetings, and writes like a pen costing twenty times more. This will be a workhorse pen for me from now on.
I tested the Studio with Diamine Umber ink, Rohrer and Klingner Cassia, and Mont Blanc Blue Black and there was no feathering on bleed through with any of them.
Paper used? Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, Tesco wirebound 60gsm project book and Viking Direct 100gsm copy paper.
Less than ten pounds for a pen that will last years? Believe me, it's worth lots more than that.
A lovely, classy looking pen, buy it with confidence.
I hope this helped.

Calligraphy Ink - 6 x  30ml Assorted Colours - by Winsor & Newton
Calligraphy Ink - 6 x 30ml Assorted Colours - by Winsor & Newton
Offered by bargainartistshop
Price: 21.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Check this ink out with the seller before you use this ink in your fountain pen!, 18 Sep 2013
= Durability:1.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Hi everyone, just a heads up for all you fountain pen users out there who are (always) on the lookout for different inks to try.
To be scrupulously fair to this product, the one star awarded has nothing to do with the standard of the ink advertised, it' simply because Amazon don't allow a straightforward comment on a product without having to award it a grade.

Winsor and Newton make some of the best art supplies in the world, and that should be a red flag. Although the packaging on these inks says they are suitable for use in FP's, there are two types of W&N inks, one type shellac based, which makes it more like paint than ink, and the other is good old fashioned, and perfectly safe, water based.
I understand that W&N inks with a BLUE top are suitable for fountain and dip pens, but the ink bottles with RED tops are shellac based and these inks are for DIP PENS OR BRUSHES ONLY and will be great for you if you are a calligrapher or pen artist, but if you put these inks in a fountain pen, the shellac base will eventually dry out (especially if you ink a pen up and forget about it), and once shellac dries on your pens internals, it will prove almost impossible to remove.
That said, they are bright bold colours, and it will be well worth making sure you are getting the right ink from the seller before you hit that 1-click button.
Hope this helped.

Reminiscences of a Rebel
Reminiscences of a Rebel
Price: 0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great eyewitness account of the American Civli War - and a possible UFO sighting to boot!, 18 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Written by a Confederate infantryman who volunteered for his local regiment at the outset of the Civil War, Dunaway provides a no holds barred account of the life and privations of an infantryman fighting alongside friends and acquaintances from the same school, university and townships of his County.
As only an eyewitness and protagonist can describe it, skirmishes, ambushes, and battles are described graphically and have left us with a real historical document that captures the time forever.
And the UFO?
His description of a night guard picket on the banks of the Rappahannock River, and having his attention diverted by a colleague to a glowing green orb glide slowly upstream against the current is, out of the blue, a rare find for someone interested in High Strangeness.
He then describes watching the glowing disk shaped object rise out of the water and 'float away just above the water until it went around the bend ahead'. Super stuff.
From the first days of the Civil War, to 'the day they sold out Dixie' this little book is a priceless story of ordinary men in battle - often, as happened to Dunaway, coming across friends from the same county, now on different sides of the fighting.
This is all that is good in the Kindle platform - this book is offered as a no cost download, and at that, it really is worth taking the twenty or so seconds it takes to download.
A real gem of a book for the military historian
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Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker Fresh Bread in Minutes
Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker Fresh Bread in Minutes
Offered by Anything 4 Home
Price: 49.99

35 of 38 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars We no longer buy 'Big Name Bread' - this machine is all we need..., 18 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Right off the bat, I'm going to let you know that the star review I've given the RH breadmaker is purely subjective, based on how we feel about the purchase, and how the machine performs on a daily basis. A little further down the review I'll explain what I mean by that in a bit more detail.
Okay - on to the review of the big white beast.
I've left this review for a good few months until I'd had chance to use it regularly and I could put together a review that could help you in your choice, rather than the one that might have happened had I written it after plopping my first loaf out onto the worksurface with the halo effect that always has on a review.
Firstly, it's a fairly compact piece of kit, taking up roughly a foot high/foot long/foot wide area of your worksurface, and comes with a good eighteen inches of mains cord.
The lid lifts up at 90deg, so you will need to allow for that if you plan tucking it under your overhead wall units. Inside you find the bread tin (teflon coated for ease of cleaning), the bread paddle that clicks into place, and the outer heating ring that heats the mix and raises the loaf (more about that in a minute).
I write for a living, and I have to say that the manual that comes with this breadmaker is a real revelation. Written by someone with not only a dry sense of humour, but also a real knowledge of how to get the best from your new purchase, it's written as though he/she is talking to you directly, helping you all the way - it's a joy to work with.
Now for the bread making part...
You have the choice of three loaf sizes and three types of crust, but the manual gives you lots of different recipes to try, from fruit bread all the way through to pizza bases (we also don't buy store bought pizza now, this suffices).
You also have the choice of using a shop bought bread/yeast mix (I highly recommend Wrights Oat and Linseed from M**r8sns or the Farmhouse Rye mix from A**di), but there are so many to choose from....or... if you want to start off as you mean to carry on, and make your own bread from scratch, all you need to do is follow the instructions to the letter to get really nice home made bread - (see tips at the end).
Am I happy with this breadmaker? Yes, but with one or two reservations.
I should have said I'm happy with making bread now with a machine, but whether I should have chosen another model?
Again, you need to know that this was a price based buy, As the concept of home breadmaking was new to us, I didn't fancy paying 149`+ for an electric worksurface ornament if we decided we didn't like it, which made the Russell Hobbs the machine of choice, as it comes in at under 60 here on Amazon.
But with a cheaper price comes one or two drawbacks.
Firstly, no one tells you how pernickety bread can be - the amount of water and yeast added must be spot on (so a set of electric scales will eventually end up a given in any breadmakers arsenal).
We had one disappointment until we did a little research and realised that a) measurements need to be right b) adding some boiling water to the bread tin for 15 mins before baking really helped the bread to rise and c) don't be afraid to open the lid after the first five minutes to prise the dough off the sides of the tin.
Making your own bread from the recipes provided will give a good risen loaf from the RH 18036 - but it's here I wonder whether I should have spent more money.
In our machine, the top crust never browns over like you see in a bakers window, the sides do, but not the top - the crust is solid enough, and holds its shape, but doesn't have the brown crispiness that I expected.
I don't know whether this is a fault of the machine I've bought, or the model design (I suspect it is, as the more expensive ones have two heater elements, not one), or it's something we do during the process. It doesn't spoil the taste, it's purely an aesthetic thing, the sides are a lovely golden crust, but the top is gently crunchy and anaemic looking.
But if you read other reviews, lots of owners don't seem to have the crust issue.
Also, when I use a bread mix, for some reason one side (the right side) always seems to rise less, giving a gentle slope to the loaf. Again, it's hard to tell if this is a bread mix issue, a machine issue, or a me issue, but whatever, the bread is always gorgeous to eat, it just doesn't look as pleasing as I want it to.
All in all would I recommend this breadmaker to you?
If you are a newcomer to making your own bread and are on a budget, I recommend it wholeheartedly, but if money isn't an object, have a look at the Panasonic, which has good reviews elsewhere.
We won't go back to supermarket bread, I don't know why but home made bread always seems more healthy somehow, and we are amazed at how little bread we now actually consume compared to the days of 'sliced whites' and 'Thick Sliced Wholemeal'.
Every kitchen needs one, and at this price, every kitchen could have one.
Sorry to have banged on a bit...I'll get my coat.
Hope this helped.
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Atlantis Rising 97 - January/February 2013 (Atlantis Rising Magazine)
Atlantis Rising 97 - January/February 2013 (Atlantis Rising Magazine)
Price: 1.91

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5.0 out of 5 stars Always worth buying!, 18 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have to admit, I'm hooked on High Strangeness of any description, and Atlantis Rising fulfills my addiction perfectly. Every two months, I download the latest copy for less than the price of a coffee, and that gives me lots of 'read on the commute to work' time. It's a well supported publication, that regularly features articles and essays from faces well known to you if you frequent the Discovery Channel et al.
Well worth the money - there are never fewer than 92 pages in each issue, plus it also contains a bimonthly breakdown of all the latest DVD and CD releases that deal with everything from UFO's to Crop Circles to Forgotten History.
Try it, but prepared to be hooked!

XMI X-Mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker for iPhone/iPad/iPod/MP3 Player/Laptop - Black
XMI X-Mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker for iPhone/iPad/iPod/MP3 Player/Laptop - Black
Price: 11.15

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars It's good for what it does - but I'll buy stereo speakers next time..., 18 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this speaker for my wife to add a bit of power to her ipad mini, and to be honest it's quite a powerful piece of kit for it's size. Bass and Trebles are well defined, and the output, although not a room filler, is adequate for everyday listening.
It comes with a USB connector (which charges the internal battery) and a standard headphone jack that pops into the socket on whichever device you are using. There is also a second, ultra short lead tucked into the base of the speaker if you need to save deskspace.
The on off switch powers up a blue neon LED on the base of the speakers, and, because the base is lifted off any surface by three small feet, this ensures a cheeky blue glow shows out from underneath, which tells you when it's switched on.
It's definitely been devised as a laptop device, as you only have a foot of speaker lead to play with, but that's adequate for most scenarios.
The internal rechargeable battery has an extremely long charge life (although this will diminish with each charge put into it), and on two occasions I've forgotten to switch it off, and have left it on for 48hrs+ without it winding down.
It's quite good value for what it can do, but please don't make the mistake I did when I first set it up.
I charged the battery as required, but when I came to try it on my desktop Mac, the sound was poor in the extreme, until I went back to the Amazon image and realized I had to twist the beast open and flip back the top to get the sound I'd paid for. Once I'd done that, it bounced around the table. Yes I know, don't say it, no need to embarrass me even more!
Would I recommend them to you?
Wholeheartedly yes if you are happy to sit there and listen to mono sound all day, but when I first showed it to the family I got the "doesn't it split into two speakers like my friends does?" question, and then the "Mono? Whats' that" put down.
There's no hiding place when you've bought the wrong piece of kit.
If you're happy with mono output, these are perfect, but I know to my cost that there are near identically priced stereo equivalents here on Amazon that you might like to research before pressing the 1-click button for this one.
Hope this helped!

Rohrer & Klingner *since 1892* Fountain Pen Ink - Iron/Gall Nut Ink "Scabiosa" - indelible 50ml
Rohrer & Klingner *since 1892* Fountain Pen Ink - Iron/Gall Nut Ink "Scabiosa" - indelible 50ml
Offered by Seitz-Kreuznach, Versandhandel
Price: 5.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Yes - this ink is as gorgeous as they say it is!, 17 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have and use the following inks....Diamine, MontBlanc, Herbin, Private Reserve, Pelikan, Monteverde, Waterman, Visconti and Sailor... but no Rohrer and Klingner.
I know they are well thought of in the two most important fountain pen forums, and voted head and shoulders above all their offerings are their two nut gall inks Salix and Scabiosa.
With Scabiosa appearing to be a beautiful dark purple colour in all the swatches I'd seen, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and send for a bottle. It was delivered, perfectely packed, from the German seller within five days of ordering, which I thought was exceptional service.
The ink itself doesn't disappoint in any way. It comes in a 50ml glass bottle and is an Iron Gall ink (the original type of ink that was made for nearly 1000 years from tree and plant products, before the more modern water and dye based inks of today) and has been specially formulated to work well in fountain pens.
It is a beautiful dusky purple in colour, not as deep as Diamine Damson, but deeper than Herbins Poussiere de Lune. I predominantly use fine nibbed pens, with the occasional medium and Scabiosa shades very nicely with my F nibs, and really rather beautifully with my wetter M nibs.
I am currently using it through a Monteverde Intima with an F nib, and a lovely big beast of a Jinhao 159 with the wettest M nib out there. Neither pen shows any nib creep or bleed through on the papers I have used so far. It dries quickly and, being iron gall, is extremely water resistant.
The colour is simply perfect and even lends itself to business use.
Pens dipped but not inked were a Muji M nib, a Pilot Traveller F nib, and a Nemosine Singularity clear demonstrator f nib - all of these pens showed the ink off exceptionally well.
Paper used? Nu 120gsm cream notebooks, a Leuchturm 1917 journal and Viking Direct 100gsm copier paper.
As you can probably tell, I am very happy with this inks colour and properties - and I recommend it to everyone.
My only regret? Not ordering more R&K from this Amazon seller and filling the box up...but I'll be back!

Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink - Violet 62.5ml
Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink - Violet 62.5ml
Offered by Europens
Price: 6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another all time classic purple ink!, 12 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As you may have seen from my other reviews, I use Blue Black inks for my business correspondence but love the wilder shades of ink such as purple, green or orange in my journals and notebooks.
Pelikan Purple is a really engaging ink. It shades beautifully through a medium nib, and dries the same colour as it goes on to the paper. I have experienced no nib creep or clogging, it always starts straight out of the cap, and is liked by every pen I've used it on.
It's at its best on high grade papers which show off its shading, but that said, it doesn't feather on cheaper copy paper and shows no bleedthrough on the reverse of the page.
Definitely one of the darker, richer shades of purple out there (it vies with Diamine Imperial Purple for that title), but it will shade differently through fine and medium nibs.
But I don't understand how a German ink is virtually double the price to buy in over in Germany than it is here on Amazon. Strange.
Pens used with this ink? Wality Clear Eyedropper f nib, Cavendish m nib,
Papers? Nu Elite 120gsm notebook and Viking Direct 80gsm copy paper.
And did I mention the bottle? There's something about the shape that shouts nineteen fifties. Lovely.
Hope this helped.

PASSION!  How to Do What You LOVE For a Living & Wake Up The WORLD With Your Work
PASSION! How to Do What You LOVE For a Living & Wake Up The WORLD With Your Work
Price: 0.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars I trust only three internet marketers to give me good, unbiased advice and guidance. Ian is one of them.., 12 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Internet marketing is the new Wild West - welcome to a world where snake oil salesmen try to sell you rehashed rubbish that someone else wrote four years ago and is no longer relevant. Where you will become submerged in the paralysis of analysis as you try to find a way forward, and where there are only three or four genuine people who have the grace to interact with you honestly, openly and best of all, motivationally.
Ian Hollander is one of those three or four.
As a ghostwriter for several IM "guru's" (they love to call themselves that) I was exposed first hand to the cowboy tactics used to part new marketers from their hard earned money.
To come across Ian was a revelation - all you will ever get from him is calm, honest, passionate advice from someone who can make words dance, and show you how you can change your life for the better, simply by applying the principles he lays out in this very engaging book.
His writing style is quirky and engaging, and he talks to you from the page as though he has known you personally for years.
It's chock full of guidance and inspiration, it costs less than a cup of coffee, and it could change your life for the better.
Hit the buy button, you won't regret it.
Hope this helped.

Waterman Bottled Ink (50ml) - Tender Purple
Waterman Bottled Ink (50ml) - Tender Purple
Price: 6.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the All Time Classic Purple Inks, 12 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a writer, I use Blue Black predominantly for all my business commication, and I have a large collection of different B/B's, but for everyday 'at my desk writing' I have a real fondness for wild coloured inks, that really light up the pages of a journal or notebook.
And purple is probably my favourite colour for that.
Waterman Tender Purple is a classic.
It comes packaged in Watermans signature faceted ink bottle, that allows you to tilt the bottle on a writing surface safely, allowing you fill your pen once the bottle is less than half full.
It's a well behaved ink that has never clogged one of my pens, and I've never experienced nib creep with it. It shades very well through a medium nib (I don't use broad nibs so can't comment on that), and even shows up nicely through my fine nibs... Bleedthrough onto the reverse side of the page is virtually non existent, as is feathering on cheap paper, it's a real old fashioned workhorse of an ink.
There may be other slightly more vibrant purples (see my other reviews), but this ink is 'bombproof' and, unlike other more expensive inks, dries the same colour as it goes onto the page.
It's purple colour will change from pen to pen, and nib to nib, but it will always be pleasing to the eye.
Pens used? Nemosine Singularity f nib, Picasso 146 m nib, Senator f nib and a Pilot Traveller f nib.
Paper: Nu elite 120gsm cream.

Hope this helped.

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