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Behringer RV600 Reverb Machine Effects Pedal
Behringer RV600 Reverb Machine Effects Pedal
Price: £32.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars £30? Really?, 25 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Guitarists either love or hate Behringer's pedals. There is no doubt the RV600 is not perfect - But that price tag is very tempting.

I toyed with the idea of buying one for ages because the other pedals were too pricey - I just wanted tasteful reverb to add to my guitar sound. The reality of the RV600 is that you can have your cake and eat it, but it takes effort and for convenience you may want to pay top whack for a flashy pedal. I decided to save myself £120 and find ways around the flaws.

First off is the issue of noise. Some guitarists claim the RV600 alters the tone of your guitar. When using the mono output on the pedal, there is a tiny electric hum and a small depletion in the bass frequency of your instrument even when the unit is switched off. In fact on first listen the sound is disappointing. However, I managed to remedy this by plugging my guitar into input `A' and trailing the out-jack from output `B' - This got rid of all the buzz with no side-effects and the reverb sounded full & vibrant - Curiously the manual advises to use output `A' which must be a writing error. Secondly, I wired the pedal into the send/return on my Marshall - That cured any tone problems - With send and return you can mix the RV600 sound up and down using your amp settings. Because your guitar is plugged directly into your amp, you don't lose any of your tone and you can have as much reverb as you like. In any case once you switch to output B you need a discerning ear to locate an issue with tone.

There are a few niggles - The flickering blue light is very bright and can obscure the settings in a dark room. The plastic build is a common whinge, but as long as you don't jump up and down on it you should be OK - It's not like you need to click reverb on and off very often - Having said that, the on/off footswitch is just a tiny bit hesitant. The tone control doesn't seem to alter the sound, but it hardly matters. The pedal is best used with a 9V power pack. Batteries won't last very long.

Beyond that, the RV600 sounds quite charming. The space setting has a lovely shimmering tone, the spring modes are authentic and the echo effect has a great `infinite setting' for wacky experiments. Cave, hall and room pretty much do what you would expect. I have made some rather splendid noises with this gadget saved myself a lot of cash - But I had to persevere. Try before you buy and don't expect the earth for £30. This isn't the best pedal in the world but for a guitarist on a budget the RV600 is a godsend.
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Piranha DD [DVD] [2012]
Piranha DD [DVD] [2012]
Dvd ~ Danielle Panabaker
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £1.49

1.0 out of 5 stars Mercifully short, 28 Jan. 2013
This review is from: Piranha DD [DVD] [2012] (DVD)
Watch Piranha 3DD they said - It's got gore and topless shots. They weren't joking. The sight of David Hasselhoff's man boobs flapping around in slow motion is still haunting my mind even now.

The film is 79 minutes long. Feels like 20 minutes were eaten up by blatantly extended end credits. It's padded out with far too many slow motion shots. Don't be fooled by claims that Gary Busey and Christopher Lloyd are in this film - They have 5 minutes of screen time each. Gore is tamer than the first film. The plot is beyond predictable. The climactic 'bloodbath' is boring with clumsy pacing. Piranha 3DD has cash-in written all over it.

As sequels go, this is worse than Jaws: The Revenge. It's not even funny - It's a rip off.

In summary, if you find yourself digging Piranha 3DD out of a bargain bin thinking 'The first one was a lot of fun...' - DON'T. Step away from the DVDs and go back to the cup-a-soups. Don't say you weren't warned.


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5.0 out of 5 stars The greatest French-Canadian progressive cyberpunk space-rock metal album you've never heard, 28 Jan. 2013
This review is from: Nothingface (Audio CD)
A lot of people will tell you Voivod's best album is Dimension Hatross. Whilst DH is a fine record, Nothingface is my favourite Voivod album. With this release, Voivod strayed from the punk and metal of earlier works and became truly unique.

I found Nothingface after reading a glowing review in 1989. At the time, Voivod were headlining above little-known US bands Soundgarden and Faith No More. Whilst Voivod's contemporaries were breaking down barriers between musical genres, Voivod had a different proposition - They didn't need to be different, they simply WERE different. The computer generated album cover on Nothingface perfectly complements the sound of a band who fuse science-fiction, art and experimental rock music.

The late Denis D'amour's guitar parts are wonderful creations. He favours synthetic scales & diminished 5th chords, giving the music a mathematical machine-like precision. Tremolo and echo effects are used to convey the vastness of the cosmos. Although Nothingface is less guitar-heavy than previous albums, the bass thunders along to fill out the bottom end - It's my favourite bass sound on any record - Crunchy and distorted without dominating the music. The drums feature plenty of double kick beats, nifty fills and jagged time changes. The vocals are French accented with imaginative lyrics. It's hard to think of a vocalist like Snake. Oh and there's accordions too - Against all odds it sounds splendid.

Suffice to say, Voivod have created a unique little universe in their music. If you want to hear four perfectly matched musicians who never stray from their artistic vision, you will find much to enjoy here.

Sudafed 15ml Blocked Nose Spray
Sudafed 15ml Blocked Nose Spray
Offered by O.T.C. Healthcare
Price: £3.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars Marvellous, 17 Dec. 2012
Five minutes after using this product my nose was completely unblocked and remained that way for several hours. Forget Olbas Oil, Strepsils, Lemsip or anything else you can think of - They can all sod right off.

This stuff is truly mighty. The undisputed king of decongestants.

Prometheus [DVD] [2012]
Prometheus [DVD] [2012]
Dvd ~ Noomi Rapace
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £2.79

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3.0 out of 5 stars Looks great, sounds huge. Has equally massive plot holes, 17 Oct. 2012
This review is from: Prometheus [DVD] [2012] (DVD)
Prometheus looks fantastic and sounds wonderful. Your expectations will soar when the film opens with magnificent landscapes, perfect cinematography and epic music. You also witness finely crafted homages to Kubrick and an effective introduction to the character of David played nicely by Michael Fassbender.

Unfortunately, once the character development commences, the cracks show and you worry that like Ripley on the Sulaco, the Alien franchise may have a fifth wheel. Some of the characters contradict themselves to such an extent it's like watching Nick Griffin wearing a turban. I don't need to catalogue inconsistencies in the actions of the characters - They are well documented online. Additionally, Guy Pearce is unconvincing as a pensioner. But then you see a big sparkly spaceship float past your face in 3D and you forget about it for a bit.

Ridley Scott has attempted to distance Prometheus from Alien. He stated that Prometheus is not a prequel - Some would say with good reason. Alien is a damn fine film and comparisons could only be damaging. Unfortunately for Scott, but happily for the rest of us, Prometheus is crammed with references to the 1979 classic that are impossible to ignore. The various creatures that stalk the crew have been rescued from HR Giger's blueprint designs for Alien and it is hard to divorce nostalgia from the experience. The engineers are hulking great albinos, curiously reminiscent of Jason Statham - They are unveiled in the first scene which removes a lot of tension from the film - But eventually you see a zombie astronaut torched with a flamethrower and crushed under tractor wheels and that's entertaining. There is also a valiant attempt to usurp John Hurt's chestburster with graphic DIY surgery. Moreover, when David walks around inside a giant holographic space-map, Prometheus really is quite stunning.

In truth, the problem with Prometheus is not Ridley Scott's direction - the man has created a visual masterpiece. Unfortunately the casting and script let the film down and the production team should be prevented from tampering with Ridley Scott from now on - I wanted to love this film. I even watched it twice in the vain hope I'd missed something on first viewing. However - Unlike Bladerunner, I don't think Prometheus will be unearthed as an underrated classic. It's not dreadful by any means - It's just flawed. The elaborate decorations on the world's most delicious birthday cake are indeed made of bird poo. They don't taste great, but by the gods they look amazing.
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Heavy Metal [DVD] [1999]
Heavy Metal [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Richard Romanus
Price: £4.70

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nostalgia aplenty., 8 Sept. 2012
This review is from: Heavy Metal [DVD] [1999] (DVD)
Nostalgia influenced my opinion of this item, but the majority of likely buyers will have seen it years ago. All they will want to know is - Is it as good as we remember?

The premise is wonderfully simple - It's an animated feature film based on the adult-themed US comic of the same name. We are treated to a series of short sci-fi stories featuring aliens, zombies and voluptuous women. The animation is bold and colourful and there's usually a twist in the tale. The soundtrack switches between tasteful orchestration and old school metal by the likes of Black Sabbath and Nazareth. Unsurprisingly the film was popular with stoners on it's original release. It is equally unsurprising to find Dan O'Bannon on the writing credits (the man behind Alien, Return of the Living Dead and erm... Lifeforce). The late John Candy lends his voice to a few characters.

Much of the animation is dated - If you are someone in their teens or twenties you probably won't `get it' and why should you? However if you recall seeing this film back in the eighties, the visual style feels oddly comforting - It's like digging out your dusty old vinyl albums. And by crikey they put a lot of effort into animation back in the day - There's no CGI jiggery pokery going on here.

I got a bit immersed in this film. It may be the stuff of adolescent fantasy but if you saw it when it came out you will probably enjoy a trip down memory lane. The story `Taarna' features a warrior maiden riding a dragon high above rotoscoped alien landscapes accompanied by a sweeping string orchestra. There are plenty of DVD extras - Mostly interviews, but we are given access to a rough cut of the missing story `Neverwhere Land' which ended up on the cutting room floor.

A tantalizing remake of this film has been on the cards since 2008. Names connected with the project include David Fincher, James Cameron, Jack Black and Robert Rodriguez - If the film ever comes to fruition, men in their thirties and forties will spontaneously combust with excitement. For now we will have to make do with this release, but even with political incorrectness and old school production it's still quite loveable.

Creepozoids [DVD]
Creepozoids [DVD]
Dvd ~ Linnea Quigley

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2.0 out of 5 stars Oh dear, 1 Aug. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Creepozoids [DVD] (DVD)
It pains me to admit I bought this film - It was 1p and Linnea Quigley does a nude scene. However, not even the fine Miss Quigley can save this cinematic train wreck.

The story is set in 1998, six years after a nuclear war and people have invented laser guns. Soldiers take shelter from acid rain in an abandoned science laboratory. Soon they are wrestling with rubber rats, a man in a rubbish alien costume and a small plastic baby with vampire teeth.

The plot has more holes than a polo mint factory - It's never fully explained where the monsters came from or why anything happens. The characters blindly follow each other into the ventilation shafts to become lunch for mutant beasties. They argue over who gets to go next.

It's painfully obvious the director ran out of material - The ending is stuffed to the gills with blatant padding. Even with a short running time of 72 minutes, you will look at your watch. The end fight scene between the token survivor and the rubbish monster seems to go on forever - Most of it features prolonged shots of a man standing in an empty warehouse. I found myself shouting GET ON WITH IT! at the telly.

I have a strange fondness for bad films - 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' or 'For Y'ur Height Only' can be entertaining, but Creepozoids is just plain bad - You will want it to end. Don't do it to yourself...

...and yet curiously I can't give this pile of dog manure a 1/5 rating. Turns out the DVD is loaded with B-movie trailers and the extras menu is a bit like those Grindhouse compilations from a few years back - You get trailers for 'Turkey Shoot', 'Dead Kids' & 'Man from Deep River' to name but a few. There's enough to keep you busy for half an hour or so. The catalogue number for this edition of Creepozoids is HG9010 if you are interested - So it gets one more point for extras.

But it's still bloody awful. To see Miss Quigley in her prime, find a copy of 'Return of the Living Dead' or 'Night of the Demons'.

The Objective [DVD]
The Objective [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jonas Ball
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £3.40

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3.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant idea. Watchable enough., 25 April 2012
This review is from: The Objective [DVD] (DVD)
'The Objective' is an intriguing premise. On paper it's a cracking little yarn about soldiers fighting a supernatural enemy, whilst lost in the deserts of Afghanistan. The plot is conceptually masterful. In a recent conversation with a friend, I was forced to reluctantly tell the whole tale, spoilers and all - Such was the fascination of my companion to know what happened next. The Objective wouldn't be out of place as a short story on the Twilight Zone.

Director and script writer Daniel Myrick was half of the directing partnership behind the Blair Witch Project and many of the dramatic strategies used in Blair Witch are revisited here. Whilst The Objective avoids the hand-held camera technique of Blair Witch, it does incorporate first person viewpoints through night vision cameras to similar effect.

Your enjoyment of the film may depend on how you feel about the low budget production value. From the outset the film feels like it was made for TV. Quite why the budget was low is anyone's guess, but stylistic tone does occasionally interfere with suspension of disbelief. Whilst Blair Witch received as much negative criticism as positive, it managed to convey gritty realism effectively in several iconic scenes. Conversely The Objective visually suffers for it's humble budget and you do wonder how the film would run with more professional sheen.

Without providing spoilers, there are effectively creepy moments. I found the acting to be solid for a low budget film. Once you get your teeth stuck into the story, you may find yourself hooked. If you are stuck for something to do on a lazy weekend this is a fairly watchable film, even if the concept is better than the execution. This DVD is pretty good value for money at the time of writing. Those who favour style over substance may become distracted by the use of dramatic tension opposed to special effects. However - With a little perseverance the film becomes enjoyable and you will probably watch until the end just to see what happens.

Survival Of The Dead [DVD]
Survival Of The Dead [DVD]
Dvd ~ Alan Van Sprang
Price: £2.79

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2.0 out of 5 stars The dead may have survived, but they couldn't resuscitate the franchise., 17 April 2012
This review is from: Survival Of The Dead [DVD] (DVD)
Last week I found 'Survival of the Dead' in a bargain bin at Morrisons for two quid. I reasoned it had to be worth two quid. After all - It's directed by George A Romero, the man behind 'Night of the Living Dead'! So what if he hasn't been churning out classics lately? TWO QUID! How bad could it be?

Quite bad as it turns out.

I'm a big fan of Romero's classics. I even own a copy of the much lamented 'Land of the Dead' and I love Creepshow to bits, so I had every reason to be biased. But this was too rubbish, even for me.

Survival of the Dead is a sort of prequel, documenting the early stages of the zombie outbreak. The film is initially interesting. It rambles along at an acceptable pace and could pass for a decent made-for-TV series. There are some intentionally funny moments such as the zombie who has his head turned into a cigarette lighter.

Sadly, the film gradually sags under the weight of it's own flaws. Romero consistently uses American actors to play Irish people, even when they can't do the accent and the casting is pretty terrible. There is no reason why any of the characters needed to be Irish - It's all a bit daft. Additionally, there are several pointless references to the character of Tomboy being a lesbian. It's a piece of character development that goes absolutely nowhere and includes one cringeworthy scene where Tomboy masturbates in front of her colleagues. It's not so much erotic, as embarrassing and nonsensical.

Certain zombies are unintentionally hilarious, such as the undead postman who endlessly posts the same letter and the zombie girl who rides a horse. Suspension of disbelief is destroyed by stupid characters doing dumb things. Why on earth would any sane adult hug a flesh eating zombie? The victims are so easily bitten by the undead, they might as well cover themselves in gravy and stick big apples in their respective gobs.

Rather than end his film with the traditional fight for survival against a massive zombie horde, Romero finishes the movie with confused social commentary and pseudo soap opera. I can see why George would want to do something different, but this just doesn't work. The film fizzles out with nonsense about zombies dueling with pistols in the moonlight and horses being eaten alive - It doesn't make much sense. What happened to the carnage and the screaming? The ending is a disappointment.

I love Romero to bits and I really wanted to like this film, but Survival of the Dead just didn't do it for me. Bit of a shame.

Mower Liberation Front
Mower Liberation Front

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4.0 out of 5 stars Humble beginnings for Lawnmower Deth, 12 Feb. 2012
This review is from: Mower Liberation Front (Vinyl)
I am a proud owner of this extremely rare item. The record is a split release featuring different bands on either side -

Side A contains Lawnmower Deth - 'Mower Liberation Front'.
Side B contains Metal Duck - 'Quack 'Em All'.

It's horribly produced but that only adds to the album's DIY charm. The artwork on the cover is lovingly crafted.

Whilst Lawnmower Deth would go onto better things such as the exceptional 'Ooh Crikey.. It's Lawnmower Deth!', this record is a snapshot of the beginnings of the UK thrash scene. For one brief moment, bands such as Xentrix, Onslaught and Acid Reign would convince us the next Metallica was in our midst.

Of course, Lawnmower Deth had no such pretensions. But it's fun hearing them hammer out badly recorded songs like 'Drink To Be Sick', 'Watch Out Grandma Here Comes a Lawnmower' and 'I Got The Clap & My Knob Fell Off' (which could be my favourite song title of all time). Metal Duck's offering is less humorous, but I admit 'Cheese Puff Death Squad' is a guilty pleasure, much to the annoyance of my long suffering wife.

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