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Konnect - New Xbox 360 VGA Component Audio Cable & 2RCA & 1 Year Warranty
Konnect - New Xbox 360 VGA Component Audio Cable & 2RCA & 1 Year Warranty
Offered by A Brilliant Planet
Price: 3.33

5.0 out of 5 stars Good item, does the job perfectly., 9 Jan 2012
Item works fine, does exactly what it says on the tin, no ghosting or quality issues. The phono leads are a touch on the short side, but you can easily extend them - I've got mine going into a 3 channel audio splitter which then goes to my stereo. This has basically enabled me to have XBox, and with it on demand TV services, Lovefilm etc, without the need for a TV, which saves me space, money and duplication of kit, and all for a few quid (a lot cheaper than the official Microsoft cable). Well chuffed.

Price: 6.15

4.0 out of 5 stars Too Good, 11 Feb 2008
This review is from: Warriorz (Audio CD)
I'm not a harcore MOP fan, I havn't followed them from the start, I'm not from Brookyln, I'm not even all about gangsta rap. This album is brilliant. From the first tune with it's snapping beats and Teflons brutal interjection, right to the grimy, bumping old school flavoured last track, this album is just sick. The album goes from Welcome to Brownsville, one of the heaviest into's you've heard in your life, to the gritty, soulful Everyday, with brilliant vocals provided courtesy of Project G&B. Ante Up I don't even need to speak about: everyone has heard it, and it is a harcore anthem only rivalled by Mr Bumpy Knucks. Face Off is one of the definate highlights of the album, a hugely insightful and emotional outburst by Billy Danze that cuts through the bravado of the rest of the tune and drags you right to where he is. It's an explanation, not an excuse, and it's a single verse that everybody should hear. Warrioz, a pure street anthem, will get you snapping your neck like Busta Rhymes only wishes he could... Old Timerz is a true homage to the old school, from heads who clearly miss when life was less brutal, more optimistic, and when they could chill and have fun. My only problem with this album is that it's overlong, but listening to it right now I couldn't tell you what tunes should be cut. People will listen to this album and dismiss it as brutality: an endorsment of drugs and violence... but I think tracks like Face Off serve to prove that people arn't statistics or characatures, and show why people have the need to vent this and get it off their chest - I generally listen to left leaning socially conscious hip hop but am no less comfortable listening to this. At the end of the day it's a mix of entertainment and social commentary that equates to an audio version of City Of God. Most importantly, thanks to Premo et al there isn't a track on this that won't have you bumping your head from your yard to the job. It'll make you buy bigger speakers.

The Path To Relief
The Path To Relief
Price: 6.43

3.0 out of 5 stars Nice..., 22 Jan 2007
This review is from: The Path To Relief (Audio CD)
for those who don't know, Median is a member of the North Carolina super-posse The Justus Leage (probably best known for the Little Brother, who are responsible in my opinion one of the best hip hop records ever made). This EP's hot... Median has a nice flow and delivery, nothing sounds forced, and he just effortlessly glides along 9th Wonders beautiful, soulful, bass heavy tracks. I think this is just a beginning for Median, and I think he has plenty more time to hone is style and really mature as an MC, plus develop a coherent LP rather than an EP.... but for what it is this records grade, definately worth buying if you're into the more soulful end of hip hop (think Kanye, J Dilla et all). Watch Justus League's constant stream of albums, mixtapes and EP's... hip hops hardest working right now...

Eminem Presents The Re-Up
Eminem Presents The Re-Up
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 5.18

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1.0 out of 5 stars One half decent track (out of 22), 3 Jan 2007
That's pretty weak... same souless, heartless, dull beats end endless gangsta lyrics, devoid of any real worldplay, flow, skill and most of all fun. Theres a good beat on Stat Quo - Get Low, though he ain't really an outstanding mc. Eminem should stay in retirement and take his cronies with him. If you want Eminem get Infinite, Slimshady LP or Encore, if you want 50 cop the mixtapes, if you want Obi Trice cop the albums, don't waste your time on this...

ah ski mask way's alright still....

Boiling Point: Road To Hell (PC DVD)
Boiling Point: Road To Hell (PC DVD)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Underated, 19 Jun 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I think that people judge this game too harshly. Although the graphics are weak and there are plenty of problems (including bad audio, bugs, and overly temprementel factions), this game is a lot of fun and is very in depth. I have only been playing for a couple of days admittedly, but once I figured out what I was supposed to be doing, got out of the town and started doing some missions I started to really enjoy it, and I'm lookin foward to playing it when I get back. the main problem for me is the glitchyness whilst trying to zoom in/aim your weapons. can be very problematic, and lead to dying lots and lots during combat. get used to quick saving a lot

Return Of The Mack
Return Of The Mack
Offered by MMT-UK
Price: 6.75

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3.0 out of 5 stars New Jack brit, 8 May 2006
This review is from: Return Of The Mack (Audio CD)
I bought this when drunk and sitting at my computer listening to the title track (yeah i know its pretty sad that i was drunk on my one sitting at my computer!). anyhoo, more importantly...

I dunno I expected this to be the same kind of passionate and grimy british funk that the title track brings along, but far too much of the album just sounds like cheesy new jack swing. Mark Morrison is obviously a talent, his voice really reminds me of that bloke that sang for Cameo (i'm not a big funk man, dont know the geezers name), and some of his lyrics are tight, but the album was just on some really cheesy new-jack boyz-to men-ish that I'm not really feeling it.... still, if that's your scene, he does it better than most...

ps. the title track really is heavy!

From Me To U
From Me To U
Price: 7.85

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2.0 out of 5 stars Nice beats, weak mc, 16 Mar 2006
This review is from: From Me To U (Audio CD)
I'm not sure what the hype is about... although this album has some good tracks (Down and One Day I smile being among my favourites), it is often over produced and at points sounds ridiculously cheesy. as for Juelz himself, he has no personality, his rhymes are basic and flawed, there is no intellectual depth, he rhymes the same words and sentences over and over again, and he doesn't even have a particularily distinctive voice to set him apart from the rest. The guest spots arn't too hot, and it's just hard to take it seriously as an album... Although he's done more and developed nowdays with back liked cooked crack, this album just doesn't cut it... theres no skill or talent, nothing that stands out, he could've just been any man picked up off the street with a mic slapped in his hand.... weak

The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2)
The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2)

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3.0 out of 5 stars yeah.., 7 Mar 2006
The game is brilliant for a few days, after that it goes significantly downhill (eg. after you've completed it). It's short, it strays from the storyline of the film far too much, it has some very annoying levels, and what you can do with it is really limited after a very short amount of time... i bought it, completed it on easy within 4 days and havn't picked it up since... thinking of selling it actually... it's a good fun game, and bits of it are very exciting (rescueing morpheus from teh agents for example, u know, the bit where your in a helicopter with a big machine gun!), but u might aswell just rent it

Black (PS2)
Black (PS2)
Offered by Digitalville UK
Price: 10.03

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3.0 out of 5 stars A little overated, 6 Mar 2006
This review is from: Black (PS2) (Video Game)
I bought this game about a week ago, and although it has some very good aspects to it it is no what it was made out to be. The graphics are sweet as, but the gameplays just a little clumsy and repetitive, and the narrative really doesn't deserve the live action video footage that they include to try and make the thing more cinematic. The weapons look and sound brilliant, and the AI is good, but you just move through the levels with a seemingly endless amount of enemy's running into your bullets, and it all seems a little pointless. The whole "fully destroyable environment" and all that is fantasy tbh, u can blow up barrels and boxes like in most fps games, and u can shoot certain walls and bell towers, but on the whole its fairly superficial... still, your bullets seem to go through a concrete wall more easily than through the enemy soldiers. There a blokes with body armour that come at you that after being shot in the head with a shotgun at point blank range, will get up again...
The weapons system is similar to Halo - you can keep two weapons at a time in your inventory, which you can swap for weapons you find on the ground or on corpses, and up to nine grenade. Weapons include a 9mm pistol, a Spas-12 combat shotgun, an Uzi, an M16 and various other assault rifles, and a sniper rifle (with a frustrating zoom mechanism). I know I am mainly highlighting the bad points, and I don't want to make out that this is a bad game - I'm just suffering from the inevitable dissapointed when a game gets hyped up far too much!
I think the games worth buying, but it's best u ain't expecting the world from it tbh.

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