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Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400 mg for Brain and Heart +75% Omega-3 644 EPA 336 DHA - Orderless, Burpless, Improved Absorption - 180 Softgels
Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400 mg for Brain and Heart +75% Omega-3 644 EPA 336 DHA - Orderless, Burpless, Improved Absorption - 180 Softgels
Offered by Life & Food Amz Uk
Price: £28.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Need more concerntration minus ucky fish burps, then get these with the one of the highest concerntrations of fish oil Omega 3., 7 May 2015
I absolutely love these Omega supplements, I feel in this day and age of stressful working conditions; we all need a bit of help with brain and concentration and these Omega 3's are known to help directly with these. Inside I was actually pleasantly surprised at how small the softgels were; my normal supplements even with softgels are still double the size of these. They are approximately 1.6cm long and not at all scary like I was expecting.
Im used to taking tablets with my health problems etc, but I tend to stay away from alot of supplements as;

1) They are way too big and uncomfortable for me to swallow and I endup feeling them sliding down my gullet slowly and uncomfortably for the next hour...okay it feels like an hour.
2) They usually smell and taste foul... so before I received these I was having a few doubts whether I was going to be able to take these happily.

But I needn't have worried as you can see they are a good size to take 2 a day with food. Not too big or small just ideal to feel you are getting enough fish oil for your body without paying the earth.
The easy to swallow gelatin capsules are bovine gelatin so I apologize to vegetarians but these are to help maximize fatty-acid absorption and prevent fish burps that tends to happen when taking fish oil supplements.Also to make sure it doesnt dissolve too fast through the stomach and to most importantly prevents those awful sicky fish burps....ucky!
I found they go down easily with no after burps or after-taste. I had no side effects whatsoever and cant wait to feel some improvement from the many health benefits.

I haven't been taking these long enough (5 days) to tell you about any major improvements; but I will update you as soon as I know or feel anything. Just to let you know Gadget Girls brain is not bluetoothed to a brain test machine (they may not find anything anyway lol) to tell you if its giving me more concentration...but I feel a little more alert I think so as Im not taking anything else so I put it down to these.

Whether your a student studying for exams right now or someone in charge of an office you still need to keep alert. So if you find yourself struggling with concentration, memory etc give these supplements a go. They been so successful with many other reviewers and I hope I will be another one.
Plus of course anyone needing to improve on their health, I would highly recommend these supplements, they are affordable and extremely well tested to the highest standards.

* I was kindly sent these for an honest review, my views and opinions are my own.

Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse
Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse
Price: £2.32

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, fast paced, zombie action-fest, 6 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Yay another great zombie read. This was the 2nd book I've read from Mr Ryan and it was another heart stopping read from page one. Nick creates fantastic believable characters introducing Harrison a big burly Christian man and 2 brothers Jed and Mitch who are on the run fighting for survival from humans infected with the jaws virus. With a clever addition in that the dead not only turn into flesh eating zombies, but can hunt their prey successfully too.

What makes this book more unique is that it centers around a helicopter crash and the rescue of its occupants. When Harrison and the brothers discover Clive Walker and his daughter Millie alive with a dead pilot, things are definitely not what they seem.
But as with any zombie apocalypse it's not just the zombies that you need to fear; with a brilliant parallel twist running through the plot with Jed; who after 10 yrs in one of the toughest prisons is seeking revenge on his brother Mitch, keeping us all gripped.
I grew to really like Mitch and Harrigan's character's but felt I wanted more from Millie.
This brilliant fast paced creative action-fest is delivered in dramatic detail and plenty of gore to keep every zombieholic happy. Offering clear vision to whats going on so you can almost smell that rotten flesh. This was so fast paced I found myself holding my breath a few times.The ending is just fantastic and didn't see it coming, loved it.
A Die Trying 2 would be fab, but its also a great stand alone read too.

Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller: book 1
Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller: book 1
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Realistic and close to home makes this very scary; brilliant read!, 9 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wow just finished the last page of this book and did I say Wow. I've been reading my favorite genre of zombie books like forever...which I'm still obsessed with by the way...but it's a refreshing change to read an alternative type of horror genre. After reading Slow Burn 1 and 2 I loved Bobby's comical but detailed gory way of writing.

This new series however is a huge change but directed in another direction. We have all heard about the reality of the Ebola outbreak last year which hit Africa and really touched home to us all, when both the US and the UK had Ebola patients suffering from it making this outbreak very real and quite frightening. A huge reality check that it could actually happen to any of us if our governments don't put protection in place right now....rant over!

Situated in Denver, Stepmum and Dad Heidi and Paul haven't heard from their son Austin whose been out teaching street kids in a small town in Africa. What they don't know he has been stranded in Kapchorwa as a small outbreak of Ebola breaks out and has stopped to help his friends...which isn't going to end well is it? Austin is your ordinary boy next door who is accidentally in the wrong place at the wrong time as he witnesses horrific suffering and also has to make a huge life choice as he watches his friends fall sick from from this deadly new strain of airborne Ebola.

Bobby has created a complete opposite character from the kind Austin in Najid Almasi whose has vengeful plans for the world using the latest Ebola outbreak, he literally lights a fuse using his loyal army of Jihadists and simply sits back and easy is that!

Bobby has written this simple plot and we are swept along in this seriously realistic fast paced read, wondering just whats going to happen next. What leader doesn't want to get his hands on Germ Warfare and what better germ than the deadliest of all.

Bobby...bows are officially a...genius!

This could be today's actual headlines and the reality makes things so much more frightening. Love this book and just rushed off to Amazon and downloaded Ebola K 2 and it's 05.10am and I've just got to keep reading lol....sooo sleepy but NEED to read on....!

Remember this first book is excuses!

*I was kindly sent a copy by the author for this review.

Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code
Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars James Bond meets futuristic dark arts technology, 8 Mar. 2015
Im a huge fan of Mr Massa's books each one so different to the next; a sign of a brilliant writer that has so many great ideas. So I couldn't wait to read Occult Assassin the start of a fab new series when it appeared in my inbox.
I have to say Mr Massa's books are unique to anything I have read; I love the powerful combination of science fiction, horror and murder mystery; especially with this new Occult Assassin series.
I'm loving the main character and hero Delta Force operator Mark Talon who is immediately likable and very realistic. We see him ready to settle down and planning a future with his beautiful fiance, but that was never going to happen was she is sadistically murdered for what secrets she had uncovered as a journalist. I'm so disappointed she was killed off as I really liked her...sigh!
Of course Talon goes on a revenge mission to uncover why and who and we are all right behind him in yet another brilliant, unputdownable fast paced read. Mr Massa has cleverly combined technology and the occult; so the only way to fight these murderous cult members is to become an occult assassin himself. Its James Bond meets futuristic dark arts technology.
I hate spoilers so you really NEED to read the book to find out more. These edge of seat action scenes are horrific and gruesomely realistic as William's powerful text puts you right there next to Talon; where you can feel his grief and deep loss and you know he's not going to stop till he's delivered his own justified revenge. Its so different to anything else you may have read just go buy it...honestly.
Yet another excellent, well written, brilliant idea for a book and I cant wait to read book 2 Occult Assassin Apocalypse Soldier. I would highly recommend too; reading the prequel to this new series Occult Assassin Ice God for a brief introduction to Mark Talon.
But Damnation Code is a complete read in itself and I cant wait to see what Talon is upto in book 2 Apocalypse soldier.

*I was kindly sent a copy for this review.

Devoured (The Hunger Book 1)
Devoured (The Hunger Book 1)
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Unputdownable, fastpaced monster mash!, 8 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was the first book Ive read from Jason Brant and it wont be my last. I had downloaded this for free quite awhile ago but only just got round to reading it. What a fantastic fast paced read, I was hooked and completely sucked into this fast paced storyline from the very first page...why on earth...hadn't I read this earlier...doh!
If you love your zombie dystonian horror and gore you so need to read this next as its quite different to your normal zombie-esk reads. These monsters are a horrific combination of zombies and vampires similar to those of the Blade trilogy with larger bodies and more grotesque features making these creatures almost impossible to fight and so much more terrifying.
What's great about this book is that most of us can relate to or know someone like Lance who is in a really bad place, with a nagging wife, not enough money and is feeling quite down. Jason has made us as the reader really feel for this guy as he's so realistic and completely believable. I was almost shouting at the screen when I discovered more about his scheming more spoilers here...grrr.

Its been brilliantly written and I was completely sucked into this storyline and I absolutely loved watching Lance develop naturally throughout the book from this downtrodden guy to a more confident ass-kicking hero which is so convincing. Part of the reason for this new found confidence was Cassie who saved his butt from not just the night and day-walkers but the Militia (its not just monsters to be scared of out there).
She is a likable, cocky young woman who is confident and strong not scared to kick ass when needed. Girl power at its best...yesss! We watch Lances confidence grow as the two of them fight together to get to the national safety point and of course this isn't going to go easy or is it even going to be safe?

I found myself speeding through this book unable to put it down; another 6am finish on this lol! Loved it and I cant wait to read book 2.

Go grab this you've no excuse as its FREE as I type for kindles.

Time of Death Book 2: Asylum (A Zombie Novel)
Time of Death Book 2: Asylum (A Zombie Novel)

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant all action zombie read with added intrigue., 30 Jan. 2015
The Rossi's have only just escaped Sanibel and find themselves back to life on a boat. More deaths more very close shaves as they continue to fight for their lives Daphne included...phewey....thank goodness.

We get to meet some new fab characters. Striker a tough cop who helps them get to safety or is it....? The Asylum is a large group of survivors who are living together, run by creepy Mack the self promoted president of US who Emma discovers has the basement off limits. Yeah it'd drive me nuts too but curiosity killed the cat an maybe the best idea to leave it alone but....hey it wouldn't be an exciting, scary e-read if you weren't yelling at the screen....don't do it.

I love this book as Shana isn't scared to kill off popular characters...loving the shock value; she has alot of new characters that stand well by themselves making it so realistic as we are swept along on a compelling and intriguing read too. Why do only some parts of the Asylum have electric, why are the men separated to work during the day.

Those of you that love Walking dead will find this on a similar line to Woodbury or The terminus you know something is wrong but don't know what...yet...!

I'm also gutted Em and Jake are at loggerheads as he is working with the other guys; so hopefully book three brings them back together...I'm gagging for book 3 now with a brilliant cliffhanger; what have Em and Meg have stumbled across and have they been rumbled too; is Jasper friend or many questions...I cant wait!

I would highly recommend reading book 1 Induction first so you can appreciate Asylum so much better and you would get to know the characters more deeply too.
Keep up the fab writing Shana..Im hooked!

*I was kindly sent a copy for this review by the author.

Time of Death Book 1: Induction (A Zombie Novel)
Time of Death Book 1: Induction (A Zombie Novel)

5.0 out of 5 stars Fab compelling zombie read with girl power., 30 Jan. 2015
One of my all time favorite authors Mark Tufo recommended this book and wrote a great forward to Book 1 Induction; Shana's very first book and of course he was absolutely right.

The difference with this read is you finally have a female main character that is a kick ass, dog loving student nurse after my own heart with a great sense of humor. Emma Rossi is a brilliant well defined character who is definitely the female version of Mike Talbot from Zombie Fallout (those of you that are zombie-aholics will not need anymore explanation). Like Mike in ZF I found myself laughing out loud with her witty wisecracks and fab sense of humor; but also feeling the fear and sorrow in others, its the sign of a great writer to make you feel so many emotions. You can tell Shana's own medical knowledge as she allows Emma to show her medical expertise throughout. Emma is so realistic and reminds me of me when I was nurse training with their jokes with certain patients.

Daphne the Yorkie is another fab character...yes a dog can have character...before you all yell at me...sheesh! Shana has named the dog after her own pet dog at home; which of course I love but I have been living in fear of her being eaten alive...every time I turn the page... Shana...what you doing to me eeep!

My only niggle was I found Jake to be the weaker, more annoying character so I hope we get to see him step up more in book 2.
So what starts as a familiar day as a student nurse; turns into a apocalyptic chaos with Emma and Jake her husband fighting for their survival. If zombies ar'nt enough they have a hurricane to worry about too.

We get to see them reunite with other members of the Rossi family and also have to act on horrific acts to stay alive which would have been unthinkable the day before. Its a fast paced convincing, realistic gory read you simply cannot put down to the end. They found sanctuary on Sanibel Island where they all finally found safety and could relax without fear; but it only takes 1 person to change everything!

I'm just about to start book 2 as I just cant stop reading, I need to know what happens next...right now!

*I was kindly sent a copy for this review by the author.

Children of the After: Revelation (Book 2): A post-apocalyptic thriller
Children of the After: Revelation (Book 2): A post-apocalyptic thriller
Price: £1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent realistic kids point of view apocalyptic read!, 29 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Despite being a teen read I actually enjoyed this more than the first book and I whisked through this read in under 3 hours thoroughly enjoying the unexpected twists and turns although like other reviewers I wish it were longer.

The story has really grown on me and is so intriguing. Its been written with such a realistic child's point of view which will really appeal to the kids out there. I would say its definitely a teen read but some adults may still enjoy it like me as Jeremy has created a good balance between teen and adult reads.

I'm loving the realistic character development of the three kids; especially Will who is having to grow up fast. The author is clearly a parent as his nailed the different reactions from the kids and how they deal with things slightly differently according to age.

Tammy is a fab new character and not only is she great for girl power; the author is making a valid point that just because someone is different it doesn't mean they are bad...showing humans can be cruel with things they don't understand....high five Mr Laszlo.

What makes this read slightly different from other alien reads is the fact they are dealing with a variety of aliens not just the one; plus you don't know if its an alien standing next to you.....

The gore and horror is toned down quite a bit as a teen read; but the excellent storyline makes up for this. I hope Mr Laszlo will turn to more adult novels as I personally prefer more horror and gore but I love his writing style. I did however chose to download these books already knowing it was YA.

Overall another compelling, engaging read and I cant wait for book 3.

Children of the After: Awakening (book 1)
Children of the After: Awakening (book 1)
Price: £0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced, compelling unique read!, 29 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I dont often read Young adult books but there was something about the blurb that caught my imagination and attention and the book was FREE what had I to lose.

I read this book in one sitting as its in between a novel and novella and I simply couldn't put it down. Its perfect for the teens but some adults may enjoy this too. I loved the 3 separate characters of the kids and showing so clearly the different ages. Its well written and has brilliant character development as the kids have to to start fending for themselves. We watch them grow as scared children to becoming pretty sensible when needed even the youngest Will whose 14 year old sister Sam has taken to her "Mum" role perfectly and Jack is the brilliant older brother we all want to have.

I love the extremely close bond they have between them and Jeremy most certainly has experience with kids to write with such detailed and childhood understanding. The childlike terminology brings this book together and kids will love this read....all wanting to be Jack Im sure.

Locked in their homes vault by their Dad for safety, running out of food they have to leave before they starve; and to their shock discover utter devastation; their home and city destroyed but who is following them; who is the older man on a horse and the even stranger monkey-like beings?

I would have loved for this to have been much longer as I prefer novels and getting completely immersed into a read. I finished this compelling read within 2-3 hours and went onto buy the second immediately as simply NEED to know what happens next as it ends on a sort of cliffhanger.

A good start to this series and Im now off to download book this space!

Children of the After: EVOLUTION (Book 3): An End of the World Adventure
Children of the After: EVOLUTION (Book 3): An End of the World Adventure
Price: £1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Another fab installment!, 29 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Being a complete apocalypse junkie I powered through Evolution book 3 after enjoying the other 2 so much; but annoyingly didn't find it as compelling as the first two in the series. But Im sure this is just a slight slow down maybe ready for book 4? I understand you cant keep up the fast pace or it could get too samely.
Saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 kids practicing their new superpowers and I'm really loving little Will's brilliantly developing character. Its wonderful not just to see him thinking for himself but thinking out things too.

Just to say Im well above the age group of this series...eeep...young at heart though...but still enjoyed this read and will be reading book 4 ASAP.

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