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Bayonetta (PS3)
Bayonetta (PS3)
Offered by PROGAMES
Price: £15.91

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5.0 out of 5 stars A demon dog about to use an angel as a chew toy. Think this is crazy? It's not even the second level yet., 2 April 2010
This review is from: Bayonetta (PS3) (Video Game)
In Bayonetta, the following chapters promise and provide even more over-the-top sights and action than you could reasonably expect from one game. From moon powered wall-walking, to a level that takes place entirely on a missile; this game by Platinum Games is both a masterpiece in showing off and an in-depth effort.

While those who aren't too skilled at action games can get away with spamming the seemingly overpowered sword attacks and dodging when they can, the more experienced will be glad to know that there's as much reason to play as they have time to do so. With dozens of unlockable new weapons, attacks, abilities and costume changes (each costing a hefty amount of Halos; the in game currency), it's gonna be a while before you can claim full completion of this title. And that's not even mentioning the difficulty of the Trophies; the irritation of not catching one of those crows for the 15th time in a row; or going back to old levels to improve your rank... Most games of this type have bronze awards handed out at the end of the level for a better than average performance, and reserving gold or platinum for a top quality player on a good day. Bayonetta gives out these rewards at the end of every battle; starting from stone (rock-bottom you might say) to pure platinum (getting nothing less than a platinum the whole way through). The number of times that caught me out on a run...

There are a few areas of concern in what is otherwise a fantastic game. In levels of the game that involve altered gravity, falling or tumbling airplanes, a few glitches have been known to occur and unfairly cause death; and there is also a few graphical problems caused in cut-scenes by having Bayonetta wear an alternate outfit in them; it appears only her initial clothes are fully programmed into them, so you get her hat moving into other characters heads and so on. The combat can also get repetitive quickly if you don't earn enough for new abilities often or if you don't experiment a little. Overall, Bayonetta is a great game that will provide hours of fun for anyone ready and willing to get over a steep learning curve and isn't too picky about plot details (the real story isn't picked up for a few chapters).
86% This has been a Nathan Holder review.

Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 Earphones
Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 Earphones

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4.0 out of 5 stars sound earphones, if not a little twisted, 14 Sept. 2009
i bought these earphones after having a good experience with ultimate ears with my last set of earphones. higher quality than ipod headphones yet about the same price. these ones are just as good, and i love the fact that each earphone is colour coded, which is much easier to identify in dim light than if it has a small R written on the side. Also, this set of earphones comes with an thin plastic "zippo style" carry case which is ideal, as it keeps you 'phones free from dirt and grime, whilst keeping them in a small and compact form.

the only thing i don't like about this product is the fact that when you follow the instructions for putting the 'phones in the case, you end up twisting the wire into a spiral which permanently twists the cable. my wire is looking vaguely similar to a coiled phone cable and i am constantly using the weight of my mp3 player to stretch the cable back straight so as to lessen the extent to which it is coiled.

other than that relatively minor inconvenience, good product, would purchase again.

SkipDr Classic (Manual)
SkipDr Classic (Manual)
Price: £19.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars good but not perfect, 30 Jan. 2009
i bought this so that i could make second hand ps1 games work, but when i used the skip doctor, it put this pattern on it as the rubber scratches the top surface away across the whole disc. although this reduced the scratching, this ruined the discs as now they are worth next to nothing.

this is great if you have your favourite disc that you use all the time and it broke, and you can't replace it for some reason, as it will help fix it, but you can't use this to service discs as if you use it to get rid of some dust then it will take the top layer of your disc with it.
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Proporta 3 in 1 Stylus (Palm Zire 72 Series)
Proporta 3 in 1 Stylus (Palm Zire 72 Series)

5.0 out of 5 stars My Cool! 3-in-1 Stylus for Palm Zire 72 x3, 4 Jan. 2009
The exact brand of this product it 'My Cool! 3-in-1 Stylus' with 'high quality', 'pda', and 'PALM-Z72-STY-3-BP' written on the cover.

Please note, there are actually three of the stylus'.

The 3-in-1 Stylus pack comes in a resealable plastic container, which is generalized for other stylus' so the fit is not perfect.

The basic shape of the stylus is perfect and even has an indenting ring at the bottom of it positioned exactly where the catch is built into the Zire 72.

the tip of the stylus is clear plastic, and is very smooth on the tip. it unscrews to reveal the reset pin. the reset pin can be unscrewed and as it is attached to the pen, both parts will come out together, i guess this is so that if the pen is finished on one, and the stylus is ruined or damaged on another, then you can make a good one, on the other hand, you could take the pen out when it finishes and have a very light stylus. i must add that i see little point in the reset pin, other than storing it there for other devices, as the only reset button on the Zire 72 can be pressed with the normal stylus.

the back is just plain black plastic which pulls off to reveal a black ball point pen. the cap is fitted securely and should not be accidentally removed.

based on other stylus' i have seen floating around for this device, and their prices compared to the £3.48 total of this device, i would say this is your best option.

If you are unclear as to anything i have mentioned here, or would like to see for yourself, i have posted 4 images with captions and notes, etc...
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Creative ZEN 32GB MP3 Player
Creative ZEN 32GB MP3 Player

5.0 out of 5 stars Recommend to all !!!, 14 Sept. 2008
Good Points:-

Very good battery life,

Simple, user friendly interface,

It is compatible with almost all players, i use windows media player,

Sync upon connection is optionable, i personally have lots of music, and like manually selecting my music,

Video converter is amazing, it converts most formats, and deletes the converted file from your computer when you have installed it to you player,

SD car expansion is brilliant, because it means i can put all my audio-books on an SD and it won't blend with my library,

the screen is a brilliant size for watching videos,

Internal Mic :)

Bad Points:-

will scratch easilly if you do not have a case,

I have found that sometimes when i unlock, the screen is completely white and this can only be fixed by either locking again, waiting until the screen goes blank and then quickly unlocking it again, or by turning it off and back on again, also the screen will put itself to 100% brightness, but the same solution works,

Unless you have a laptop (which i luckily do) then the sync cable is too short, but this is the most common cable available,

sometimes when I'm on all tracks i can't scroll up any further than the middle of 'F',

No games :(


this is by far the best player i have ever had, the 32GB memory is enough for anyone, the delete function, is simple and works as you would expect, searching for things comes up with a qwerty keyboard to type in keywords, headphones are excellent, they only point i can think that is bad with it other than the faults with blank screens etc. (which i will overlook as the player is so brilliant) is that there are no games, and that doesn't even matter.

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