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Swades - We, The People [2004] [DVD]
Swades - We, The People [2004] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Shah Rukh Khan

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great movie portrayl of India village life, 3 Mar. 2005
'Swades: We the People' has been critically eclaimed to be just as good as 'Lagaan.'. It is certainly a nice movie of 2005 but not as good as blockbuster 'Lagaan.' The movie stars A-List Bollywood heart throb, ShahRukh Khan (great performance as always) and newcomer actress, Gayatri Joshi. ShahRukh Khan plays Mohan, a hardworking NASA scientist, living in the U.S. He is just at the peak of his career and has a very successful NASA project in the pipeline. Memories come back to him of his elderly guardian, KaveriAmma, who is a typical symbol of motherhood, who raised him as a child. Mohan is filled with guilt, as to how he left her in India in an elderly institute, just for him to come to the U.S. A great idea of realism is shown here as to how Mohan, influenced by modern, western ideas, left his guardian in a home. Thus, he flees to India in search of his aunt. After a long, adventurous journey, he stumbles upon KaveriAmma in a rundown, rural village, who is being cared for by Geeta (Gayatri Joshi), a reserved female schoolteacher of the village, and her child brother (Chikoo). Gayatri has a very simple role, which she portrays elegantly, and she shows herself to be a very sophisticated actress. A mature film such as this really suits her. Mohan becomes taken by the village, experiencing his roots and highlighting the problems the village and its people are facing. He uses his intelligence, scientific aptitude, Western ideas, empathy and love of people to improve the village. He is later torn between two decisions at the crossroads: whether to return to the U.S, where he has lived for several years and has a very successful job or whether to reside in India with his loving aunt and his new friends of the village. Which one will he choose? Watch the film to find out! The film is a very social and moving one about people and relations, which realistically deals with problems Indian society faces:- the oppressive caste system, child labour, and other overly religious bindings, which keep a country from moving forward. The movie also highlights how Indians who are living in the Western world should not forget their heritage, traditions and values, i.e, how Mohan did. Overall, this is a nice movie, with a simple plot; at times the film does become tiresome and dull, lacking appeal and interest but it does require patience. Locations and scenery bring the movie to life and the song sequences are very good, with "Yeh Tara Woh Tara" being one of the best. Buy this movie now to experience this great, meaningful, moving motion picture!

Veer Zaara [DVD]
Veer Zaara [DVD]
Dvd ~ Shahrukh Khan
Offered by RANGERS..
Price: £7.21

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3.0 out of 5 stars 3 Great Actors In A Nice Dramatic Tale, 17 Feb. 2005
This review is from: Veer Zaara [DVD] (DVD)
VeerZaara has been tipped to be a recent Bollywood blockbuster. The mystifying, intriguing epic-like movie circulates around Veer (Shah Rukh Khan), an Indian squadron leader who is passionate about his work of saving people in India. On the other hand, there is Zaara (Preity Zinta), a traditional, family orientated Muslim girl who is living in Pakistan. She is due for an arranged marriage shortly. Zaara pays a meaningful trip to India to deliver her grandmother's ashes, and fate and destiny, leads both Veer and Zaara to meet. The tale thereafter becomes predictable, as both soon become friends, subsequently lovers, whilst in India. Veer shows Zaara his home land of India, taking her on trips and adventure, and Zaara experiences life and enjoyment as she has never done so before. Both Veer and Zaara typically fall in love but reality soon hits them. Can they both survive their dangerous love? Is Zaara destined to return to Pakistan and attend her forced arranged marriage expected by her family? Will the star-crossed lovers be able to survive prejudices, betrayals and heartbreaks that they are soon to experience??? The film features three main A-list Bollywood actors, thus the acting is nowhere near disappointing. Preity Zinta's acting as a young Muslim woman is excellent. She shines as a brilliant actress throughout, whilst Shah Rukh Khan plays a very good role, but he's played similar roles before, so there's nothing spectacular on his part. Not to forget Rani Mukerjee, who plays a heroic role, showing some very good acting skills. There are some good issues raised during the film: female empowerment, love conquering all, two different cultures uniting, prejudice, and arranged marriage among others. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half, however, I became less interested as the film evolves. This is because it is very predictable, and it failed to attract me. The storyline is simple and it is one that has been played out in various ways in Bollywood films in the past. Hence, I feel there is no edge and therefore it wasn't as outstanding and fantastic, as I expected. Overall, this movie is very optimistic, dramatic and an overall nice family film to watch. Buy it now and add it to your Bollywood collection!

Angel [CD 2]
Angel [CD 2]
Offered by stevecaptainkirk
Price: £8.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Poppy song.. Something different was needed as single no 2., 31 Oct. 2004
This review is from: Angel [CD 2] (Audio CD)
The 2nd single taken from the Corrs' latest album is 'Angel,' a personal track from the Corrs. This is very much a catchy, energetic, melodic track, where Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim pay respect to their late mother, cherishing and celebrating her life. It's a nice, party song, with a thoughtful meaning, and the lyrics reflect this. The 'pop' music, at times seems over-produced, and you can tell that their 'What Can I Do' and 'Runaway' days are fully over. The song is very similar to 'Even If' and poppy tracks on 'In Blue' such as 'Give It All Up' and 'No More Cry.' As always, Andrea's vocals are top-notch, and her sisters provide their harmonic, synthesising, backing vocals. I do like the touch of Irish music, which shows that they still appreciate their Irish roots. However, for me, this choice of single did not seem the best, and it had no impact on me whatsoever. First of all, it came out after 'Summer Sunshine,' another pop induced, catchy tune, which was along the same lines of 'Breathless,' and The Corrs really needed something different, a change of direction to create their presence. The moody, wintry, inspirational, indie track "Hideaway" would have been a very good choice of single, showing a totally different side of The Corrs. Many other songs from 'Borrowed Heaven' could have been selected, in particular another track, which is dedicated to their mother, 'Goodbye.' This song is truly inspirational, where the lyrics, musical arrangement, vocals and production are most spectacular. It's the best song on the album and is an amazing standout. You can simply feel the passion running through you, that is expressed in the lyrics, and Andrea's vocals, when listening to this song. Luckily, this 'Angel' CD contains an acoustic version of 'Goodbye' (you can't get this anywhere else) so I would strongly suggest that you go out and buy this CD single immediately! This would have made a much greater 2nd single, where the Corrs could have regained their powerful stardom status.

French Kisses
French Kisses
Price: £8.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Track !, 11 Oct. 2004
This review is from: French Kisses (Audio CD)
"French Kisses" is an excellent urban flavoured track from stylish, pop newcomer Jentina. She's released a track before, which flopped, but this track should have definitely been released instead! When hearing 'French Kisses,' you can sense it has the Cathy Dennis trademark there, with its original music style, similar to the screeching violin, dance sounds of "Toxic" and "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex," other of Cathy Dennis's creations. When the song begins, it has quite a unique, alluring sound and the song then explodes into a catchy, high-produced chorus, with a heavy beat and distorted violin sounds. Overall, the sound of the song is funky, energetic and fast, with a mystifying, Middle Eastern vibe. The rap towards the end of the tune adds an ounce of urban, RnB flavour, which sounds cool but they could have chosen a better rap artist, someone like Estelle. The lyrics are very catchy, nothing complicated so they're quite memorable and they're typically about love and lust. Jentina's got a good average voice, and her stylish individuality, and her voice complement the song. I thought this track might get to #1 or close. Nonetheless, it's a wicked track! Dance tracks such as these would work for Jentina and I think she could be able to sing ballads quite well also. This is one of the best tracks I've heard recently and I insist that you go and buy the single now!

Borrowed Heaven
Borrowed Heaven
Price: £2.92

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Corrs Return With This Amazing, Heartfelt, Touching CD!, 1 Sept. 2004
This review is from: Borrowed Heaven (Audio CD)
The Corrs thankfully return after 4 years of absence; the music scene wasn't the same without them! "Borrowed Heaven," their latest offering encompasses upbeat, calm, indie wonders, which are great hearing on late insomniac hours or cold, wintry nights. The album is quite the Part II of "In Blue," where many of the sounds bounce off one another. "Borrowed Heaven" sounds different to earlier successes such as the fantastic "Talk On Corners," as the sparkle & charm of tracks like "Runaway," "What Can I Do," don't exist as much. Nevertheless, the tracks on "BH" have been produced with such detail, as the music & vocals are of fantastic quality. Outstanding tracks that echo from the CD are: "Hideaway", "Goodbye", "Borrowed Heaven", "Long Night", "Baby Be Brave." As always, Andrea's voice sounds breathtakingly beautiful; the musical arrangements are classy & the sisters' vocals are exceptional. Overall, the album makes great listening & is a must for all Corrs fans! Dido fans may like this also! Listening to the album, it starts off very optimistic, happy & summery and then turns quite dark, cool & atmospheric with the next tracks..
(1)Summer Sunshine-(7/10)Summery, jingly, song which is uplifting. The chorus is hypnotically catchy but the overall aura is "Breathless," hence nothing new. It has sweet lyrics: the need of someone who keeps you warm during winter; winter as a season & also as the darkness in your life.
(2)Angel-(7/10)A catchy, folk-rocky, poppy track along the lines of Track1 & also "No More Cry" on "In Blue."
(3)Hideaway-(10/10)Best song on the album: extremely reflective. It's something different from the Corrs; it's not typically about romantic love. Quite rocky, sensual & indie sounding. It begins with a dark, cold, an almost lonely atmospheric feeling. Andrea's voice is great, also the vocals of the sisters. The build up to the chorus is fantastic, with extremely inspiring lyrics: "Don't hideaway, cos' I know you got what it takes, I believe, you can be what you wanna be."
(4)Long Night-(9/10) A haunting, classy, cold, romantic ballad with a touch of feistiness. An impressive song about emotions running high & love. The instrumental interludes are absolutely mesmerizing; the theme of love is intertwined in a cold, bitter atmosphere with warm, fiery vocals from Andrea. The music grows step by step; builds up a climax & then explodes into a fiery classical, orchestral anthem!
(5)Goodbye-(10/10) A sensual, natural, dreamy track. The music is calm & relaxed but very touching; like "Angel" the subject is heartbreaking: saying goodbye to a dead loved one & questioning whether you'll meet them again. Distorted vocals create a dream/heaven like feeling. The song always brings a tear to my eye, especially towards the climatic build up towards the end where Andrea powerfully asks "why-ay-ay-ay-ii" & also the mind-blowing violin solo. Fantastic.
(6) Time Enough For Tears- (6/10) This slow track has spectacular jazzy, passionate music, great for budding romantics! Nice to listen to during a candle lit dinner!! It's a classy, cosmopolitan, jazzy ballad but nothing like "Runaway." Andrea's voice sounds very different on this, as she has never done a song like this before. It's nice but doesn't feel like Corrs material.
(7) Humdrum-(7/10) A modern, indie song beginning with scratches of hip-hop growing into a funky Irish instrumental solo. It tells an every-day life of a married woman - "Baby's crying louder than me..." The chorus is catchy & it's nice the way the Celtic folk sound tangles within some funky, modern music.
(8) Even If-(7/10) This poppy, cutesy track is about finding true love. "As I grew up I was terrified of darkness, now you're around I've no reason to be frightened..." It is very cheerful & praises how special your lover is.
(9)Borrowed Heaven-(10/10) A great, calm, chilled out track which is extremely positive & is about the reality of life. "All, body, all skin & bone... borrowed," emphasizing how no one lives forever; hence necessities are borrowed for a time period. Towards the end, the South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo provide some vocals which sound brilliant, totally slotting into place within this realistic, representative calm listening track.
(10) Confidence For Quiet-(7/10) Another indie, rocky track. To me, this track doesn't stand out & I can't always remember it. A great, energy filled chorus though.
(11) Baby Be Brave-(9/10) Typical Corrs sound, alluring, haunting & touching - both melody & lyrics. It tells about a life lived pretending to be someone else & fearing of having the weaknesses discovered. Musically, it has a very sad, cold, depressed tone like "Hideaway," which totally brings out emotion. Sharon does another perfect violin solo.
(12) Silver Strand-(7/10) An instrumental theme closing the collection of dozen songs. It's not as emotional or capturing as "Rebel Heart" on "In Blue." Nevertheless, it's moody & uplifting, & the Irish music is just great. This album is great to listen to over & over again & is a real grower. It's really brightened up these rainy, cloudy summer days! I wish "Hideaway" or 'Goodbye' was released first; both are just wonderful & heart rendering. "Borrowed Heaven" was the long-awaited album from The Corrs & well worth it! "In Blue" fans will love this, as it's very much similar! It's brilliant, so go ahead & add it to your collection! Go & buy it now! Don't miss out!

Kal Ho Naa Ho [DVD]
Kal Ho Naa Ho [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jaya Bachchan
Offered by Elitevilla
Price: £12.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nice but Too Predictable!, 13 Aug. 2004
This review is from: Kal Ho Naa Ho [DVD] (DVD)
There hasn't been many major Bollywood blockbusters about recently, which have captured attention, but 'Kal Ho Na Ho' has been overrated. The story begins with classy, cosmopolitan, materialistic shots of New York, where the film is set, indicating that it's a big budget picture and that it isn't a pure, stereotypical romantic Bollywood tale. Preity Zinta, who is great in her role, initially plays an antisocial, catty bookworm, called Naina who is trying very hard to hold her family together. Her grandmother, who is Punjabi and is glued to old, traditional values but later realises that this can cause problems, hence changing her ways (isn't that similar to Amitabh Bachan's role in Khabie Khushie?). She is constantly bickering with Naina's Christian mother, Catherine, played by Jaya Bachan. Jaya Bachan plays a quite passive, wooden role as Naina's mother, which fails to match up her to her warm, motherly 'Khabie Khushie' standards. Naina has two younger siblings who get caught in the crossfire. The girl sibling who is adopted faces vicious alienation from old-fashioned grandmother, who refuses to treat the girl as her granddaughter. Naina, therefore tries to keep her dysfunctional family under control. Her only relief is going to her MBA class with her Gujarati friend Rohit (Saif Ali Khan). He plays is a convincing, randy Manhattan bachelor, who is loyal to his best friend, Naina. Saif Ali Khan's acting is top-class, and I feel it is his witty, comedic acting that really shines throughout the whole movie, at times stealing Preity and Sharukh's thunder. The notion of being gay is brought up in this movie, which is a first for a Bollywood movie, and is handled in comical gags between Shahrukh and Saif, who keep getting caught in intimate and compromising situations. There is also a screenshot in the movie of two men; a couple holding hands, another reflection of reality in today's world. I love the way Karan Johar gives a realistic and modern feel to his movies, which he's done with Khabie Khushie and Kuch Kuch... After days of struggling to hold the family unity, which is beginning to break down, Naina and Catherine pray for an 'angel' to help them. How predictable, one appears in the form of Amman aka, Mr Sharukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan, is good in his role, although frankly there isn't hardly anything here he hasn't done before. What is even more predictable, Amman, quite like 'The Taming Of The Shrew' has the challenge of taking on a stubborn, insecure, moody Naina out of her shell and shows her how to enjoy her life. He also charms the family off their troubles. Naina is oblivious to the fact that Amman is ill and is actually in New York for medical treatment. To make matters worse, Rohit (Saif) is infatuated with Naina, while Amman is trying to play matchmaker between them. However, Naina has the hots for Amman, after warming to him. Due to this, Naina makes a transition from her earlier moody character into an upbeat and bubbly girl filled with attitude. The plot moves from here on to an even more predictable yet teary (and quite soppy) climax, which you will find out after watching! Overall, the movie is very predictable, and cannot top the quality of blockbusters such as Khabhie Khushie Khabie Gham and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The overall storyline is weak but the movie makes great viewing. There is great realism in the movie for the modern world, for instance, mixed religion family, as Catherine is Christian, while her mother in law is Sikh. Great screen shot modern locations and excellent sing-a-long songs and musical performances. A-List Bollywood actors, great acting from Preity, Sharukh and Saif, Saif's wacky comedy, and great, melodramatic songs strengthen this movie, making it an appealing flick to watch!! Buy and watch this now, as it will make you laugh and keep you entertained!

Oops!... I Did It Again
Oops!... I Did It Again
Price: £1.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars Britney Spears, at her BEST!, 25 July 2004
This review is from: Oops!... I Did It Again (Audio CD)
I had this CD in my stereo for almost 2 years, as it's so infectious and addictive and it's Britney's best album to date. "In The Zone" can never top this absolute gem!! "Oops.. I Did It Again" is very much an album filled with sweetness, uptempo hits that are summery, partyish, feisty and filled with funk, RnB attitude. The major themes arising from this album are very much about growing up, teenage life, teen angst and some of the tracks: "Lucky," "What U See, Is What U Get," "Stronger," "Girl In The Mirror," "Can't Make You Love Me" are very comforting and self motivating. The feisty, edgey, attitude tracks on here, "Oops," "Stronger," "What You See," "Can't Make U Love Me," "Satisfaction," "Don't Go Knockin" are great to listen to when you're in a bad mood, as they really relax you and get you singing along in a hurry! I love the way you can relate to many of these wonderful tracks!! With this album, each song has been produced amazingly well with accuracy, quality and intricacy, so you won't find any fillers here. Her debut album, 'Baby One More Time' was released just over a year before 'Oops I Did It Again' was unleashed, and had already managed to shift a whopping 20 million copies worldwide!! That says it all! The album commences with 'Oops!...I Did It Again' (10/10). This one's vivacious with Britney's brilliant esque, and old skool charms; it peaked at No.1 in the UK. The choruses and verses are likeable and the overall song has traits of 'Baby One More Time.' The Titanic bridge, halfway through the song is a bit annoying though! Nevertheless, a great, classic, playful track about an untrustworthy lover who isn't ready for commitment. Track 2 is Stronger (10/10*). This dark, energetic, fierce pop track is one of Britney's best; it features her trademark funky, catchy beats and brilliant, metallic vocals. Max Martin does this track justice & the chorus, lyrics and music arrangement are powerful and mind blowing. The overall essence to the song: "..i'm stronger than yesterday, now it's nutin butta my way, my loneliness ain't killing me know more" is great and inspirational. Don't Go Knockin' On My Door (9/10) is Track 3. This is a funky, R'n'B geared slick track with Britney's slice of feistiness and funk. This one is about telling that person: "don't go knockin' on my door, gotta stay away for sure." Great bouncy, (Destiny's Child, Bills, Bills, Bills) sounds and funky lyrics. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (8/10) is Track 4. Britney adds feisty ingredients of pop and RnB to the Rolling Stone's original wonder. Her vocals are great and the song has been produced well. Track 5 is Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know (7/10). A dreamy, sweet, uplifting, romantic ballad, which has been produced by Shania Twain's husband, Mutt Lange (Breathless, The Corrs). Great warm lyrics and Brit's vocals are smooth, as if they're honey coated. Track 6 is What U See (Is What U Get) (10/10*). This wild, beastie stomper is another classic Britney-esque pop tune with the trademark beats and traditional metallic vocals. The beats are heavy and the essence, "if you try to change me, you'll be looking for trouble," is inspirational. The song is infectious and you'll be singing along to this one in a matter of a few listens. The album continues with Lucky (10/10); Track 7. A sweet, uptempo pop tune with Britney's famous musical constituents. It's about a famous actress, who has it all but "cries in her lonely heart." Great vocals, lyrics, meaning and very contagious and memorable! Love this one! Track 8 is One Kiss From You (8/10). This is a lazy, bouncy summers' pop song, which is very relaxing and cute. It's quite like a funkier version of From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart. Where Are You Now (9.5/10) is Track 9, about romanticising over an old lover and wondering where are they, what have they found, etc. This is a beautiful, calm, sweetheart, breakthrough ballad that really showcases Britney's full vocal range. Can't Make You Love Me (10/10) is Track 10. Britney gets back on track, doing what she does best with this infectious pop gem. Produced by pop wizard Max Martin, it features melodic beats and a great vocal arrangement in which Britney sings about life as the superstar and that she can't make someone love her. If you listen carefully, it's very much in the style of "You Drive Me Crazy, stop remix". When Your Eyes Say It (7/10) is Track 11. This is a cute and mellow, mid-tempo pop ballad about a loved-up Britney! A romantic track, with great violin and orchestral background music. The string arrangement is brilliant. Girl In The Mirror (8.5/10) is Track 12. This is another mid-tempo pop gem about how Britney sees a distressed girl in the mirror - before realising it's her. Love the cute lyrics, which bring teenage angst to mind. Dear Diary (6.5/10) is Track 13. This is the shortest song on the album where Britney sings about a teenage crush. A sweet, lullaby sounding song. The song was co-written by Brit and they're not the best songwriting lyrics ever but it's a great, first attempt from Britney! Britney's second album Oops!...I Did It Again is a must for Britney fans; fans of pop and RnB. Oops!...I Did It Again is the the biggest selling album of the 21st Century and rightly deserves so, purely because it's amazing! I hope you buy and enjoy it!!

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant "Bad" Album From King Of Pop, Michael!, 21 July 2004
This review is from: Invincible (Audio CD)
This was Michael Jackson's long awaited studio album since a very long time. I, as a major fan was ecstatic to get my hands on it! However after listening, Michael seems to have traversed into the same direction as other previous, established "pop" artists, by changing his direction to mainstream RnB, leaving behind his roots. Trademark producer, Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins applies his ever-same formulaic production on many songs on the album, where each song has a similar vibe. Michael's famous, unique voice is still the same & he still shows us how it's done! The album has a mixture of RnB stompers and sweet, heartfelt ballads. There are some great songs on here, which make buying this album worthwhile and Michael Jackson does prove that he's still got his extraordinary and fantastic musical talent. I think this is an album that fans are going to love and cherish. Buy it now!!!!
The best, standout tracks on the album in my opinion are:
(*)Threatened (*)Invincible (*)Don't Walk Away (*)Whatever Happens
1)Unbreakable- (8/10) This bouncy, RnB track opens the album quite well. It's fierce and feisty, bringing back some memories of old Michael. Nice track!
2)Heartbreaker-(7/10) A thumping, energetic RnB flavoured song, with a very catchy chorus. The beats and computer sounds do reduce the quality of this song.
3)Invincible-(10/10) Great RnB geared track, which would have been guaranteed a no 1 if released! This has been produced well. The lyrics, chorus and vocals are great. It's extremely catchy and very gritty, with a bit of old Michael on here.
4)Break Of Dawn-(8/10)A smooth, slow, jazzy song. Nice chorus and great vocals.
5)Heaven Can Wait-(7/10) A slow, romantic ballad, which sounds a bit plain and boring; however, a sweet, cute chorus with backing vocals. It's nice to hear in the early hours of the morning or during insomniac hours.
6)You Rock My World-(8.5/10) The #2 single, which I think you have probably heard! Great, catchy, explosive track.
7)Butterflies-(7/10) Another bland ballad here...
8)Speechless-(8/10) Harmonic and sweet. One of the best ballads on the album. Lovely and honey filled vocals from Michael during the catchy chorus. A sweet, nice song to listen to.
9)2000 Watts-(5/10) This track is basically fuelled with heavy RnB beats, sounding like an old manufactured pop track, with robotic voice overs.. Nothing special here.
10)You Are My Life-(8/10) A sweet track, praising the one you love. Slow and flowing like the sea, Michael's vocals are sweet and perfect. A wonderfully smooth chorus, which sounds beautiful. Love this one!
11)Privacy-(9/10) This song is great, as it sounds if it encompasses Michael's feisty old hits such as 'Bad' and 'Leave Me Alone.' The chorus: "I need my privacy, get away from me," is feisty and funky and along with the music, this will truly remind you of the olden Michael days.
12)Don't Walk Away-(10/10) Powerful and out-of-this-world vocals from Michael, as well as charming, heart-warming lyrics about making your lover stay makes this album the best, memorable ballad on the album, leaving tingles down your spine. The music sounds very calm and passive, adding to the atmosphere. Michael's vocals sound very similar to Tracy Chapman's.
13)Cry-(8/10) Great inspirational, upbeat ballad with nice backing vocals.
14)The Lost Children-(7/10) A lovely, warm, thoughtful message behind this song, dedicated to children who are missing. Very poignant! I don't really listen to this one much.
15)Whatever Happens-(10/10) A slick track with a Western sounding opening, and theme throughout the song. Very funky and flowing. Love Michael's sexy vocals, as well as the smooth, RnBish music. Love the chorus: "whatever happens, don't let go off my hand." A great track on the album.
16)Threatened-(10/10)A grand, scary sounding opening introduces this feisty, funky, blasting track filled with attitude. The music is very rocky, with computer sounding vocals, which really spice the tune up. Great motivational and inspirational lyrics here that your enemy: "should be threatened.." Love playing this song at top-sound from my stereo.

Someone Like Me / Right Now 2004 [CD 1]
Someone Like Me / Right Now 2004 [CD 1]
Price: £1.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Last Goodbye from Atomic Kitten, 1 Jun. 2004
Atomic Kitten has split, and the girls have gone down their separate ways. Jenny hopes to be a dance, Holly Valance style singer, while Liz plans on becoming the UK's answer to Delta Goodrem and Natasha wants time with her family. Their infectious pop tunes, See Ya, Right Now, I Want Your Love, Eternal Flame, and their sweet, sensual uptempo ballads, It's Ok, Whole Again, You Are, Love Doesn't Have To Hurt will not be forgotten!!
This last CD single is comprised of a slick remix of Right Now, the funky, fiesty, party anthem which first propelled the girls into pop scene. Something Like Me is a very calm, slow, mellow ballad, which sounds quite emotional. It's very sweet and shows how the girls have matured over their 4 to 5 year career. This song shows how the girls have finished on a high note, and that it would be nice to have seen more mature sounding songs like this from the girls. Atomic Kitten were a great girl band who gave us great pop anthems and cute ballads, and will not be forgotten!

Christina Milian
Christina Milian
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Funky and Fresh!, 28 Feb. 2004
This review is from: Christina Milian (Audio CD)
Christina Milian was a bubbly RnB singer with attitude! She bursted onto the scene with the infectious tracks: "AM to PM" and "When You Look At Me" and also dueted with Romeo or Harvey (can't remember which one!) on an rnb track. She is now dropped from her record label and presents MTV. This album is a mixture of pop and RnB, where Christina borrows some elements from Britney and other pop artists. Her harmonious vocals sound much like Aaliyah, Mya, Brandy and other talented black songtresses, therefore Christina fails to spark out as a unique singer, especially on her bland ballads.. However, this is a great album for pop and rnb fans.. Christina undoubtedly shows how great she is when singing the hard hitting, urban RnB tracks!
1. Get Away - feat. Ja Rule-(8/10) An excellent track with great mature vocals from Christina. She sounds quite grown up on here. Very slow but funky track sounding similar to other Ja Rule collaborations. Ja Rule spoils the track.. He raps in the identical style in which he does in his other collaborations.. This would have sounded much better without his input!
2. AM to PM-(10/10) The cool poppy RnB dance-track about dancing all night long! Great lyrics, chorus, rhythm and beats.
3. When You Look At Me- (10/10) Bouncy RnB track with a funky beat and an extremely catchy chorus. Excellent lyrics about how "looks can be deceiving."
4. Spending Time - feat. Charli 'Chuck' Baltimore- (7/10) Sounds like a sultry, toned down version of "Gangsta Lovin" by Eve and Alicia Keys.. This RnB ballad is quite bland..
5. It Hurts When....-(7/10) A filler RnB track which is quite bland. Christina fails to spark any attention here..
6. You Make Me Laugh-(10/10) This RnB track has the attitude of Brandy's "What About Us" and the fiestiness of Britney. Vocals, lyrics and music production sound great; the chorus "YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!" sounds great!
7. A Girl Like Me - feat. Jermaine Dupri-(10/10) A great sultry RnB track sounding very much like Mariah Carey. The chorus is good and vocals from Christina sound mature. A slow but funky rhythm with strong beats.
8. Twitch-(7/10) Funky RnB track with a bit of "Try Again" by Aaliyah.. There's also hints of Mya here.. Bit bland and boring.
9. Until I Get Over You-(10/10) This cold, heartwarming ballad is a nice one 2 listen to on a cold, winter day. Music production is great with the intense violins and harps. Christina's vocals are also great filled with pure emotion. HearSay's "Show Me The Way 2 Ur Love" springs to mind..
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed-(7/10) This sugar coated garage track sounds a bit like "Sweet Like Chocolate" by Shanks and Bigfoot. Lyrics and vocals here are a bit weak and this track fails to spark out as strong.
11. Got To Have You-(10/10) This fierce RnB track unites techno special effects, classical music and heavy RnB beats to produce an RnB wonder. Lyrics and vocals are great, and the chorus is very catchy.
12. Thank You-(7/10) Harmonious ballad with great lyrics. Sounds quite like a typical filler RnB ballad. Not that special.
13. Your Last Call-(7/10) This RnB track is another throbbing tune with attitude. Special effects are used again to make this fiesty and fierce. Bit boring to listen to..

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