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The Event [DVD]
The Event [DVD]
Dvd ~ Blair Underwood
Price: £10.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very addictive series, 15 April 2011
This review is from: The Event [DVD] (DVD)
From the very first moment i saw "The Event" it was very gripping and addictive.

The event is about 97 people, strangers, held prisoners at mount Inostranka in Alaska since 1944. At that time an airplane of unknown origin crashed at Brooks Range Mountain in Alaska and the survivors were imprisoned. Although they look like ordinary people they certainly are not. Since their capture they seems to have aged very little, and investigating their DNA revealed a variance from humand DNA by slightly less than 1%.

When the current president is about to held a pressconference to reveal the release of the prisoners a sabotage attempt happens that nearly crashed an airplane into the pressconference an thereby stopping the release of the prisoners.

Just before the plane crash an event occurs that portal the airplane far away to a remote desert. The whole event postponed the release of the prisoners, and questions began to arise: Who were the prisoners, why are they here, where did they come from, were they responsible for the portal? Or more overall: what is their agenda?

The series is very well written with lot of action, lot of mysteries and with many political agendas.

Star Wars: Legacy - Storms v. 7
Star Wars: Legacy - Storms v. 7
by Jan Duursema
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars The struggle for power, 15 April 2011
This the seventh comic book in the Star Wars Legacy series is called "Storms".

It has three stories "Fight Another Day", "Renegade" and "Storms".

In "Fight Another Day" the Calamaries are attacked on their homeplanet Dac by the imperial troopers. This is an unusual underwater drama that includes some monsterfighting. The story is nice but strange, and does not as such has anything to do with the whole Legacy story.

The second story, "Renegade", is very actionpacked and very exciting, where the two allies "Gar Stazi" and "Roan Fel" are fighting together against a whole imperial fleet while fighting each other on the political front. A very good story, that in my eyes is the main story in this comic book.

In the third story "Storms" we follow Cade Skywalker after he crashed on a planet in the Kiffex system. While finding himselves on this remote planet, the story also follow the Sithlord Wyyrlok's attempt to keep Darth Krayt's death a secret. The Cade story really goes nowhere while the Krayt story has a little exciting fighting.

The graphics in this comic book is fine, but only the story "Renegade" and the Krayt part of the "Storms" story are worth to mention.

All in all an average comic book that could do more on the cohesiveness side of the story to bind the whole Legacy series better together.

Star Wars Legacy v.8 Tatooine
Star Wars Legacy v.8 Tatooine
by Jan Duursema
Edition: Paperback

2.0 out of 5 stars A job as a pirate, 15 April 2011
This the eighth comic book in the series Star Wars Legacy is called "Tatooine".

It has two stories. The main story "Tatooine" and the short story "Rogue's End".

In "Tatooine" Cade Skywalker, the son of Kol Skywalker, spend his time pirating imperial shipments and blaming the pirateorganization "Black Sun" for the attacks. Flying to Tatooine for repairments, Cade is closely chased by the Empire and "Black Sun" for the cons he has made. The story is a bit boring, though some action now and then and the usual many substories save it from not being a disaster.

The second story "Rogue's End" is about the madalorian "Hondo Karr" that finds out that the madalorians were betrayed by their own "Yaga Auchs" to the imperials. Decided to reveal the traitor, "Karr" disguise himselves as an imperial trooper to get offplanet. This is a nice little story but nothing special.

So all in all, although the graphics in this comic book is fine, the stories are nothing special. If you like the "Legacy" series, but do not necessarily need the full series, this is one of those you can omit. The only thing revealed is that Cade is chased by "Black Sun" and that "Hondo Karr" is chasing "Yaga Auchs".

Although this number eight in the series is a bit dissapointing don't stop reading the series, because it catch up again in number nine which i can recommend.

Star Wars Legacy Monster Vol 9
Star Wars Legacy Monster Vol 9
by Jan Duursema
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.94

4.0 out of 5 stars The Legacy continues..., 15 April 2011
The Star Wars Legacy is a great comic book series, and volume nine "Monster" is no exception.

This comic book has two stories, "Divided Loyalties" and "Monster".

In the first short story "Divided Loyalties" the Empire tries to weakening the alliance between Admiral Gar Stazi, Emperor Roan Fel and the jedi by trying to assassinate Gar Stazi using a traitor. This story is very exciting, but ended much too abruptly.

In the main story "Monster" the Sith Darth Maladi has developed a new bioweapon from the remains of the sabotaged Ossus Project on the planet Wayland (that Cade Skywalkers father Kol Skywalker was in charge of, trying to use the biological components of the beaten Yuuzhan Vong to restore the life of the ravaged planets from the war). In the power struggle within the Sith ranks, Darth Maladi lure Cade Skywalker to Wayland to test the bioweapon on him before releasing it to the Siths to kill Darth Wyyrlok before he gets to strong to take over from Lord Krayt. The story also reveals why the Ossus Project went wrong. "Monster" is story very well written and gets a bit complicated with all the substories to follow (this is a good thing), but this just shows that the story is not running out of material even though this is the ninth comic book in the series.

The graphic is very well done and clearly above avarage with good details and color.

The rating would have been one star higher had "Divided Loyalties" been using a few more pages to end the story more elegantly.

Star Wars: Refugees v. 1: Invasion
Star Wars: Refugees v. 1: Invasion
by Tom Taylor
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.59

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4.0 out of 5 stars An exciting history has begun..., 15 April 2011
The amount of comic books from Dark horse about Star Wars is fabulous. And with Star Wars Invasion a new exciting series has begun. This first comic book in the series is called refugees.

And what a story. Readers of other Star Wars stories may already have read about the invasion from the Yuuzhan Vong, fx in the Star Wars series "Legacy", where we learn that the descendant to Luke skywalker, Kol Skywalker, later on try to repair all the damaged planets from the Yuuzhan Vong war. In Star Wars Invasion we can now read about this war that precedes the stories in Legacy.

This is a good and exciting story, full of action. The drawings are fine, about average, but with the increasing higher and higher standard in the comic book market I think that some of the drawings lacks a little detail, especially the faces, and some nuances in color. This is absolutely a minor issue and I rate the comic book as a whole four stars, and would have been giving the last star as well, had the drawings being perfect.

That said, this is absolutely a comic book that i would recommend, and I'm as excited as anyone how the story will continue.

Stargate SG-1: Roswell
Stargate SG-1: Roswell
by Sonny Whitelaw
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £5.60

4.0 out of 5 stars Good action, 14 April 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After what should have been an ordinary mission, sg1 are attacked by Ori believers and must run.

While escaping through the stargate sg1 are furthermore attacked by three Ori Priors shooting bright beams into the event horizon of the wormhole. While not much immediate damage is done, the beams have more long term consequences. Consequences that sg1 must travel back in time to correct. But time travel is never an easy thing.

This book is exciting, very well written and full of action. It's one of those books where you just must read one page more. Compared to all the other Stargate books I have read, this book is in the better half.

Using time travel in science fiction is always a risk. Are there any loose ends, is it all correctly set up and do the story not just use time travel as an escapegoat? But there are no problems here. The authors do it well.

There seems to be a little overall problem with the time travel in the Stargate series as a whole whether the stories should use a one dimensional timeline where actions in the past have directly influence on today, or if it should use the quantum mechanic multiverse theory. The Stargate series seems to do a little of both witch is also the case for this book. The authors circumvent it elegantly though by stating that you never know if your actions in the past will change the future significantly, or if all possibilities are just playing out in each their universe.

This story takes place in the series where Atlantis has been discovered. The story includes Mitchell and Vala in a fine way though I find the descriptions of Vala a bit off compared to the movie series. She is too perfect. That said it's nothing serious and the authors manage all the fine details in a perfect manner.

Greater Than the Sum (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Greater Than the Sum (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
by Christopher L. Bennett
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £5.41

3.0 out of 5 stars An average book, 25 April 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having read the reviews I bought this book hoping that this was yet another great Borg story. Being a bit of a technical freak when it comes to science fiction I just love the stories where mankind struggle against a greater enemy. Where mankind's survival is at stake and where the evolving of technology will decide the outcome.

This book have it all. An unknown entity with a great transport technology, the struggle how to communicate with it, the excitement if the Borg or mankind will be there first and obtain the technology and ending with the big finale war. And this time the Borg are more aggressive than ever. Having said that, I only find the book kind of average.

Having seen almost all the Star Trek - Next Generation episodes, I find the characterization of Pichard a bit off. True, Pichard has always been a bit of a workaholic, and not good with feelings and love, but a characterization where he totally lack any understanding of the subject seems wrong.

Pichard spend a lot of time in the beginning of the book finding not just a fine crew, but exactly the right persons for the job. It's a bit tiresome with all the names he considers, and again not quite how he use to act in the episodes. Having doubt about taking the only person that has actually met the entity with him also seems quite stupid. Off course she is too important to stay behind and if not Pichard will take her I'm sure Star Fleet command will demand him to do so.

It's important to know that you should only read this book if you have also read/seen the last double episode of Voyager "Endgame", and read "Before Dishonor".

The author also writes that he has also based his story on the books "Homecoming", "The father shore", "Death in the winter", "Resistance" and many more, but I don't find that as important as having read the books above.

Also, "Greater than the sum" continues in the sequel of three books "Star Trek - Destiny": "Gods of night", "Mere mortals" and "Lost souls".

One thing I have always pondered about in the struggles against the Borg is that they easily adapt to beaming weapons but not particle weapons (because of the kinetic energy). If that's the case why not just use particle weapons against them? Sure, in some cases they have been near the warp coil or something, but that not always being the case they should indeed use particle weapons more. Also, they could protect the warp coil a bit more against particle weapons so they can be use more often. Also why not use particle weapons when in spaceship to spaceship battle. Well Christopher L. B. does not write about that, but he ponders a little about how the Borg are able to adapt so easily to almost everything. That I find refreshing. One thing is that they can share information quickly, but how do they implement the technology in almost no time. Well, he concludes nothing, but I like the question that should indeed be asked more often.

All in all, the book have a good story and is very describing but just not when it comes to the battles that are almost over before they even begins.

Section 31: Shadow Bk. 4 (Star Trek: Voyager)
Section 31: Shadow Bk. 4 (Star Trek: Voyager)
by Dean Wesley Smith
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Another fine book in the Star Trek universe, 4 Sept. 2005
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a section 31 book, taken place onboad Star Trek Voyager. Section 31 is a secret organization within the Starfleet that doesn't feel the need to follow Starfleet roules and regulations.
You dont need to know anything about section 31 before reading the book.
The story takes us to a place where two starsystems are about to collide. When observing the collision Voyager finds a pre-warp ship trying to flee from one of the starsystems and from the collision. Voyager itself gets in trouble when it gets serious computer malfunctions while trying to help the other ship. While Seven seems to be a target to someone or something, Janeway learns about Section 31. Could they be behind all this and if so, why are they targeting Voyager? Or is this somehow all related to the finding of the pre-warp ship? The time is running out for the crew of Voyager while trying to solve the mystery. The stars are just about to collide.
This is a very exciting story, and if you like Voyager, you will just love this story.

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