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Pat Travers
Pat Travers
Price: 8.40

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very good debut album, 2 Nov 2005
This review is from: Pat Travers (Audio CD)
The first thing to note about this release is that although web sites describe this release as 'Original recording remastered' I can see nowhere in the packaging that claims any remastering has been done. This is just as well, as to my ears, several of the tracks are pitched too high, as if the original tapes have just been transferred to digital format with no remastering at all. This is a great pity as, in my opinion, this is one of Pat Travers' finest albums and it deserves to be put out in a truly remastered format.
Track by track
Stop And Smile - a good, solid, slow rocker with fine restrained guitar work and a raunchy vocal.
Feelin' Right - Travers again contributes restrained rock guitar and vocals, some nice tempo changes contribute to make this an enjoyable track.
Magnolia - a surprisingly mature ballad indicates that this isn't just a mindless rock band, very tasteful.
Makes No Difference - closing track of side one of the original LP, and what a way to close ! Heavy rock without pretty-boy posing, great live and excellent in the studio.
Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) - a lighter hearted track with good guitar work and a catchy chorus - lots of fun.
Mabellene - a Chuck Berry song that Travers does well. Another light hearted track, enjoyable none the less.
Hot Rod Lincoln - another similar in style to the previous track, but possibly doesn't work so well. Pat tells us a fun story in a song but it seems a bit lightweight compared to the other tracks on this album.
As My Life Flies - wrongly named 'As My Fire Flies' for some reason, but this is back to top notch PT and some more changes of tempo show the bands ability well.
Medley (Pts 1 & 2) - another guitar based song with several tempo changes.
A good majestic end to the album.
To sum up, some of his best work with a couple of potential light weights (without knowing the reason for selection, I won't be more negative) but overall a very fine album and particularly good as a debut. Roy Dyke and Peter 'Mars' Cowling are an excellent rhythm unit and provide a good foundation for PT to work on. If your hi-fi has a graphic equaliser to take out some of the treble bias, or you have your own remastering software on a PC to fix the tone, this will give some great entertainment. Even without, there is enough top notch rock on this CD to make it worth buying. As well as remastering, they could have found some bonus material to give extra value for money as it's a bit short for a modern CD, but it's great to get this album on CD - recommended. The music is 4.5, the presentation is 3.5.

Dig It
Dig It
Offered by groove_temple
Price: 19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars DigItal delight, 21 Oct 2005
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dig It (Audio CD)
The first thing you will notice about this re-release is the exquisite packaging. The outer cover art from the original LP release has been reproduced with a 'gloss/matt' effect that looks great. The booklet, which is a set part of these re-releases is well produced and includes interesting information on the music on the discs and some good photo's. Trying to describe any electronic music is very difficult, especially when like me, you don't have a battery of synthesisers to work out what sound the artist might have used, so my descriptions below can only give a listeners impression of the sounds I'm hearing. Klaus Schulze makes this all the harder as he continually produces new sounds that don't appear to have any traditional instrument as their basis.
Track by track
Death Of An Analogue - an understated piece which rolls along at a slow tempo with a background bass drum overlaid with a synthesised string effect, a surprisingly effective vocoder highlight, percussion (synthesised ?) and other keyboard fills add to the effect. Very understated but hypnotic in it's insistent progress.
Weird Caravan - a bass and drum loop provide the foundation for KS to overlay various keyboard melodies creating an almost tango dance feeling. A nice sound and very catchy.
The Looper Isn't A Hooker - opening brooding bass synthesiser with a percussion overlay gives way to one of KS's signature sequencer creations (using percussion sounds in this instance). Several melodies are weaved in and out and there is so much going on, but in a precisely orchestrated manner that you need to listen on headphones to get a complete grasp of how good this piece is. One of my all time favourite electronic music pieces.
Synthasy - a longer piece that starts in a slow atmospheric mood. After about 9 minutes there is a change of tempo and we begin another almost hypnotic sequencer piece that captures you in its spell. As is often the case with KS, while the sequence gently mutates he adds various embellishments that keep you alert. Another good piece.
Esoteric Goody - this is the first bonus of this re-issue. KS's manager, Klaus Dieter Mueller admits in the accompanying booklet that assigning an appropriate title to this piece was difficult. To be honest, many people who don't have a wide experience of electronic music may not consider this to be music at all. This isn't background music, you need to focus on it and let yourself relax in the atmosphere it creates. I found it stimulated images of storms on a moon of one of the outer planets or a blizzard in the Antarctic. This track could have been named after one of Saturn's moons and I think it would have fitted very well, but perhaps Klaus wanted you to find your own images ? The sound reproduction, as with all of this disc, is crystal clear.
Linzer Stahlsinfonie DVD - the second bonus is 62 minutes of the ORF (Austrian TV) recording of KS live in Linz. KS fans will be aware of this special concert that KS performed in 1980, some may even have heard a fan tape of the Austrian radio broadcast and enjoyed the performance, but to see it beautifully reproduced with the computer generated art from the show and see KS and Tommy Betzler (percussion) performing the piece is a very enjoyable experience. Some people have indicated that there is a sound/video synchronization problem but I was unable to detect any trace - Tommy's percussion beat seemed to be spot on. In my opinion, this is a very special bonus and I'm grateful to KS and KDM for releasing it for the fans to enjoy.
Even in it's original form, I believe 'Dig It' was one of KS's best albums - in this revised format with the booklet and bonus recordings it is an excellent package at a fair price. KS fans would be foolish not to upgrade and electronic music fans would almost certainly enjoy the music captured here even if they're not KS devotees.
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Close to the Edge
Close to the Edge
Price: 7.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars Close to perfection, 26 May 2004
This review is from: Close to the Edge (Audio CD)
It's hard to add to the reviews already posted, this is a work of genius which is probably unsurpassed in the area of 'Progressive Rock'. The three tracks from the original LP sound crystal clear and are a delight to listen to. The real interest in this version for those who already own a CD of the album is in the bonus tracks.
The two short tracks from the single are OK, but may have been less jarring if they'd been placed at the end of the CD. The two alternative versions of 'And You And I' and 'Siberian Khatru' are fascinating as they show the pieces nearly finished but sufficiently different from the final versions to warrant repeated (enjoyable) listening.
As for the packaging - the version I have is a digi-pack with a booklet enclosed, which has 'photo's and notes on the album as well as the lyrics.
If you aren't a Yes fan and are looking for one of their albums to buy, I'd recommend this above all others. If you are a fan and already own the original, I suggest that this improved version is worth the reasonable price being charged.
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Live at the LA Forum / Love & Peace Festival
Live at the LA Forum / Love & Peace Festival

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great Experience, 19 May 2004
This is a very good recording of the Experience at their best. Jimi sounds relaxed and ready to enjoy himself. Noel and Mitch provide the platform for him to build on and their contribution is often shamefully overlooked. Listen beyond Jimi and appreciate their skills as well. A good mix of tracks includes many of the 'favourites', the LA show is a real pleasure to listen to and I think you'll go back to it time and again.
The bonus disc containing Jimi's last concert sounds to me like it may be a slightly cleaned up copy of the audience tape available on the bootleg 'The Wink Of An Eye' - it's not a soundboard source and you shouldn't expect hi-fi sound. The sound quality varies however and some tracks do sound quite reasonable. In my opinion, it does show that Jimi never really found an adequate replacement for Noel Redding. An historical recording for completists only.

Revolution: The Making of "The Beatles - White Album" (The Vinyl Frontier)
Revolution: The Making of "The Beatles - White Album" (The Vinyl Frontier)
by David Quantick
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars For Beatles fans only, 14 May 2004
Despite not owning the album in question, I have grown up with it being referred to as one of the best albums of all time, so I wanted to find out more about it and the band that created it.
I suspect that your appreciation of this book will vary depending on your perception of the Beatles. The author comes across as very much a fan, expecting the readers to be similarly enthusiastic and aware of the contents of every album they have released. He seems unduly derisory of other musicians of the period and in places over estimates the musical skills of the Beatles - this seems to be a problem with books by fans as I've come across it elsewhere.
If you can ignore these defects (Beatles fans may not even accept that they are) then what you get is a well structured observation of the times (globally and within the band) that led up to the recording of the White Album, which I found very interesting as it's easy to forget (if you are old enough in the first place) the social context in which albums were released. You also get an insight into the inspiration and recording of each track as well as notes on songs that didn't make the final cut. This element made me decide not to go and buy the album as it made it clear that the members were struggling to work together. I'll stick with Revolver and the 'Red' and 'Blue' albums that I have already.
I can't vouch for the accuracy of 'facts' as I'm not a fan - other reviewers may be better placed to comment, but if you are keen on the Beatles, this should generally be a nice read. Non-converts may be better off looking for other, more neutral books on the band.
This book is part of a series and I'd recommend the books on Hendrix's 'Are You Experienced' and Led Zeppelin's 'IV' or 'Four Symbols' as being slightly better than this one.

The Bootleg Box Set Vol.2
The Bootleg Box Set Vol.2

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bootleg Box 2 - seconds out !, 21 April 2004
Once again, these recordings are based on the lowest generation tapesavailable, remastered by skilled fans and then further enhanced by TD'sJerome Froese on their equipment. As with most TD recordings, the use of agood set of headphones will enable you to hear things that you mayotherwise miss on speakers and you can turn up the volume withoutupsetting the neighbours.
This box presents an interesting progression from the free improvisationof Nottingham 76 (listen to the bass sequences on headphones and look outfor the British National Anthem and a Beatles song in tracks 2 and 3) tothe generally pre-arranged compositions of the 81 and 83 shows. Nottinghamis a very enjoyable show and worthy of it's selection for release.
Washington 77 sounds great, but could have done with more bass in myopinion - thankfully the radio comments have been indexed so that you canskip them once you've heard them once. If you own 'Encore', then some ofthis will be familiar, but this is the uncut original stuff with more thatdidn't make the final release. Very interesting.
Hamburg 78 captures the tour with Steve Joliffe contributing 'vocals'.These two tracks have some great bass lines, with Edgar's guitar andSteve's wind instruments providing plenty of interest. I persionallyprefer the first night in Berlin for musical content, but this is the bestsounding recording available so far for this tour.
By the 1981 Newcastle show, the music was pretty much the same each showand the compositions here will have familiar elements for those owning'Exit' and 'Force Majeure' - the opening of disc two is one of myfavourite pieces of TD live music and this show needs to be playedLOUD.
The 1983 set is a short presentation of excerpts from 'Logos' and 'Poland'with some nice additions and bridges. Running at only 35 minutes, it's apity they didn't think to add some value by adding another short recording(we know that several exist). Another enjoyable piece.
In all, another pretty good set, but perhaps not quite as essential asBB1, but certainly worth the money if you like the TD albums of thisperiod.

Prague (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)
Prague (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)
by Vladimir Soukup
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Near perfect Prague, 25 Mar 2004
This book was recommended by a colleague who visits relatives in Prague. The maps and suggested walks are particularly good as it's easier to locate where you are on a 3D view than an ordinary map. I found that it helped us to maximise our visit by enabling us to plan in advance what we could see each day. Three days was not enough, even with the guide to help us though. It also points out things that they don't tell you in travel brochures - some places are closed November to March which was disappointing.
Like any living city, things change, so the book may be out of date in certain aspects. The Spanish synagogue is now open to visitors for example and there is a joint ticket covering the Jewish history museum sites - very interesting and moving.
The main improvement IMO would be to beef up the restaurant list - only 2 listings in the Castle district is poor when there are several other excellent (and cheaper) ones. Also, those that are listed (Eg 'Palffy Palac' or 'Nebozizek') do not get an adequate description of just how good they are. You will not starve in Prague and you won't need to resort to fast food chains if you use the existing listings - but there are more that merit inclusion.
To summarise, a very good guide book that will help you make the most of your visit - but scan the internet for additional information on restaurants and airport transport.

The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1
The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1

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5.0 out of 5 stars At last, some classic shows for the average TD fan, 6 Oct 2003
Unless you are a member of a CD trading community, TD's live improvisations of the 70's have been just a happy memory. Now, at long last, and after many years of requests, they have finally consented to releasing in remastered format some of the better bootleg recordings that have been sent to them by their fans.
Given the quality of tape recorder available to fans at that time, you'd have to be pretty harsh not to find the sound quality of these recordings outstanding. The set doesn't tell you that Jerome Froese has remastered them on TD's hardware, but the results in my opinion are excellent.
The performances are also of an equally impressive standard, from the 'Phaedra' like Sheffield show in 1974 through to Berlin in '76. The RAH show is rightly considered a classic, with the first set alone developing over 68 minutes of disc 1. Croydon 75 and Bilbao 76 are also excellent shows that contain references to what eventually got released as 'Ricochet'. All display the genius of three composers working in harmony to create music that varies from gentle pastoral passages to pounding sequencer rhythms.
The art work is quirky, but adds to the impression of 70's bootleg LP art work, and the leaflet could have been slightly more informative in the space allowed. I suspect the idea was to keep it cheap to reduce the retail price of the set as much as possible.
There are also many other excellent quality recordings of brilliant shows in the fan community that deserve official release to the wider public - roll on Bootleg Box 2 !
If you only buy one CD set this year, at less than 30 for seven discs, this is the one I would go for.

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