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Chasing Lights
Chasing Lights
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Pop!, 30 Aug 2014
This review is from: Chasing Lights (Audio CD)
Back in October of 2008, Fascination (the label responsible for the Pop Icons Girls Aloud) unleashed "Chasing Lights" from the then upcoming new girl band. And in hindsight, seven years down the line, the album remains one of my favourite pop albums.
Here's my track by track opinions of each song off the album...
'If This Is Love' - the debut single that did well for the girls, but definitely not the strongest song on the album
'Up' - one of the Sats most memorable songs and a great slice of pop.
'Keep Her' - Sassy, catchy, filled with girl power; great song
'Issues' - the 3rd single and probably the catchiest song off the album
'Lies' - single material. Features some of Frankie's best vocals and an overall fantastic song.
'Work' - in my opinion the Saturdays best song they've made, as close to perfect as they come.
'Chasing Lights' - truly great song - although i prefer the acoustic version which features all the girls having a solo, but none the less probably the second best song on the album. Again another missed single.
'Set Me Off' - another could-have-been single. Great harmonies, great lyrics.
'Fall' - my least favourite. Though a lot of fans love this song, to me its just seemed to age badly. Hearing it now, 7 years later, it sounds like a b-side.
'Vulnerable' - Not outstanding but not bad, this song still rests as 'track 10' for me - just a good pop song, nothing special!
'Why Me Why Now' - what a way to end the album. a definite fan fave that's full of old vibes and catchy lyrics!

Overall a well deserved 5 stars. An album that's full of single material. What more could you ask for on a debut?

Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits
Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Doing Teams Sats Proud!, 25 Aug 2014
So The Saturdays, arguably one of the most underrated pop acts of our time, release their greatest hits, and as a fan who has been there from the very beginning, to see them this far down their career really makes me feel proud to be part of Team Sats. This album has all 18 of the girls singles and, say what you like, you can't deny that some of these tracks really are an integral part of British pop music. Here's my track by track review of each song...

"What About Us" - To this day i still don't know why this is their best selling track, yes its a good song but by no means is this their best track. However i do have to say that the last 30 seconds or so of this song fill me with euphoria each time i hear it. Sean Paul really fits in well with this track, i give it a 7/10

"Higher" - This is the song most people regard as The Saturdays best song, and i have to agree. Although for me its not THE best single, its definitely up there. From this song the wider public learnt each of the girls names through Flo Rida's verse, and the song in general is just completely pop. Also for me, this song probably has one of the best opening lines to a song; 'I'm doing nothing' - love it! - 9/10

"Ego" - This is another pop classic, one of their best selling songs and the chorus is probably one of their catchiest yet. From one of the most underrated pop albums ever 'Wordshaker', this song, along with the first 2 tracks on here, is what The Saturdays are going to be remembered by. = 10/10

"All Fired Up" - Produced by the powerhouse that gave us pretty much all of Girls Aloud's tracks, Xenomania really work their magic on this song; so catchy, so dance-able, so everything- a real gem. = 10/10.

"What Are You Waiting For" - Now this song just baffles me. At the time of writing this the song has had a peak of #38 in the charts which is a complete and utter crime - i just don't understand why so many people hate this song! Yes it uses a lot of auto tune and yes the girls lack individual identity in it, but to me i just think its brilliant. I understand that this is a pretty generic song but its not meant to be game changing- its just meant to be a good dance song. I truly love this song and its probably my 3rd favourite Saturdays song, a well deserved 10 out of 10.

"Up" - Their second single and another absolute classic. Annoyingly catchy but undeniably good, this song also gets a 10/10 for me.

"Forever Is Over" - Although this song nearly got to number one, i feel like this song is where it all started to go wrong for the Sats - they became a mismanaged mess after this song which is why i feel they haven't reached their full success. A good song at the time but after a few years just sounds a bit naff now. 5/10

"Issues" - Rejected from radio at first after they thought 'slap' sounded like 'stab', but after a radio mix that tweaked a few lyrics and gave a bit more oomph to the song, its another catchy classic. Also, Una's middle 8 in this song is one of her best performances vocally. a solid 8/10 for me.

"Disco Love" - thankfully this song was adored by a lot of radio stations, this is one of the girls latest hits and rightfully makes its mark in the girls discography. Although this video is a bit cringe i liked the idea of what they were trying to do with it, again an 8/10.

"Notorious" - With one of the best dance beats, and probably the girls best lyrics, this song really is one of my favourites - well done girls - 10/10 well and truly.

"Missing You" - I don't know why i just really am not a fan of this song. My least favourite song from the girls - although a lot of fans and the wider public like this song, it just doesn't do it for me. Also Frankies voice is butchered at the beginning of this song - was going to give is a 3 out of 10 but i'll be a bit generous with it, 4/10.

"Work" - My. Favourite. Song. i love it. i just love it. Its so good, so catchy, so powerful and so so so criminally underrated. Thankfully the girls know this is a fan favourite so they don't just forget about it. Not even just my favourite Saturdays song, this is one of my favourite songs of all time, cant get enough of it. 100/10.

"Not Giving Up" - It seems to be a trend that the best Saturdays songs chart awfully, but this song is my 2nd favourite. Accompanied by probably the best video the girls have made, this one is a proper dance floor number. so good. so blooming good. 10/10.

"30 Days" - An oddball in the girls discography as it came so soon after "On Your Radar" but so far away from "Living For The Weekend", but none the less a great club track. With great lyrics that i think the girls can actually relate to. This one also has a great video and all the girls look stunning in it. another 10/10.

"808" - Is the second new song on the album after 'WAYWF' and, although its a bit generic, i still like it. it has a bit of an anthemic feel to it and i really love Rochelle's slight rap verse after the first chorus. A good, solid track - 8/10.

"Gentleman" - Such a love/hate relationship with this song. Half of me loves it and half of me hates it. the first 2 and a half minutes are great but the rap section towards the end of the song is just a bit unnecessary and a bit cheesy to be honest. I still think this song was such a random song for the girls to release after the success of 'What About Us', but i do respect them for actually being bold with releasing this song as the follow up single. Despite my love/hate relationship, this song has one of the best lyrics ever; "he already had the milk so why would he go buy the cow" Been debating on what to give this song, but i'm going to settle with 7/10.

"If This Is Love" - The debut single. Loads of fans love this song but to me its just a bit average. Not much to say on this song but a respectable 6/10 for me.

"Walking Through The Desert" the last new song on here and wow, its such a good song. Such a different direction for the girl and again this one is really anthemic - i hope this is a direction the girls with delve deeper into on their next album. 9/10.

"My Heart Takes Over" - Sigh - again a brilliant song that was underrated. Probably the girls best vocal harmonies on the chorus and such a powerful ballad. i hope the girls respect this song as much as the fans do - 10/10.

"Just Cant Get Enough" - The girls first cover and, although its not amazing, its a fun, bouncy song that is a great way to close the album. Also one of their best selling songs. just a catchy little pop song, andi give it a 8/10.

So there we have it, The Saturdays thus far. At the time of writing this the girls have stated they have a new album coming out later in the year, and with Frankie taking part in this years Strictly i really hope they get some good promotion and success from her appearing on the show. Nearly 8 years down the line and i know the end of the group is probably in sight by now, but i really do hope these girls go on for quite a few more years as i do love them.

Thanks for the music Sats.

Kiss Me Once [VINYL]
Kiss Me Once [VINYL]
Price: £26.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Kiss Me Once - A Classic For Kylie!, 19 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Kiss Me Once [VINYL] (Vinyl)
Considering this is Kylie's 12th outing, you'd think her songs would start to get a bit redundant - however this album is the complete opposite - this album really feels like a throwback to so many eras of Kylie, but yet sounds so current.

"Into The Blue" is a great lead single and very euphoric, very much an 'All The Lovers' 2.0 i think, though not the best on the album, i feel like this song will work perfectly when she performs it on tour. "Million Miles" for me sounds very much like "Get Outta My Way", but in a good way, great beat, love the vocals on it - great song! "I Was Gonna Cancel" reaaaally sounds like a throwback to way back when, sounds like it could easily been part of 'Enjoy Yourself' or 'Rhythm of Love'; a modern day 80's Kylie tune. With "Sexy Love" i read somewhere that it sounds like a cross between 'Wow' and 'Love At First Sight' and this person couldn't have been more right, so happy, so bouncy and would work great as a summer single. Now we move on to "Sexercise", probably the most talked about song on the album thus far, at first it seems a bit lukewarm, it doesn't really go anywhere, but as the video for the song got released this morning, the song really is running in pole position as the song of the album for me - the video really brings the song to life and makes me just wanna grind on that fitness ball! Been stuck in my head all day and this song too could have easily have been part of 'Body Language'. "Feels So Good" is a cover song (I know, who knew?!),and to me it reminds me a bit of 'Everything Is Beautiful' from Kylie's previous album. We then have "If Only" which i really love. The music to the song is so powerful and i feel again with this song, on tour it would work perfectly. this song is definitely up there with the favourites on this album. Next we have "Les Sex" which again sounds like part of 'Body Language', very quirky beats (which makes it work perfectly as a typical Kylie song) and odd lyrics ("if loves a drug, we're higher than stiletto's") but nonetheless a definite stand out, i think this would work great as a tour opener. We then have the title track, "Kiss Me Once", after a few listens, once you really get to know the song, it's amazing - Kylie herself said that the song is starting to sound great live and i really think it will, so euphoric and a great track to title the album with - a real gem for the album. We then have the only real filler on the album, "Beautiful", i really hope i get to like this song in time, but after a few listens its so bland and forgettable. I really do not understand why this song is so overly auto-tuned, just when you get to the real soothing moments in the song its killed by these robots trying to tell me i'm so beautiful - i think this is the real reason i don't like the song, if it was performed acoustically, i feel like i'd love it, but the album really could have done without the song. The final track on the standard edition of the album is "Fine" which is a good song, but not really anything compared to some of the other songs on the here. The 80's sample used in this song works, and i feel it could have been used more to make the song a bit better, but overall with this song, it just feels a bit 'meh' to end on, same with 'Beautiful', i hope this song grows on me. The first of the two bonus tracks on the album is "Mr. President" which is a complete oddball, it doesn't really fit in with the album and i think it's real home is 2007's 'X', a good song but just doesn't belong on this album for me. The final song is "Sleeping With The Enemy" which i feel is a really nice way to end the album - its soothing, perfectly produced & probably the only song on the album where (as far as i can tell) no auto-tune is used, feels like it could've been on 'Kylie Minogue' - 'Sleeping With The Enemy' is definitely the right vibe to end the album with.

Overall a great album, though not up there with 2010's 'Aphrodite' it's probably one of Kylie's best ever efforts - i cannot wait for some more songs from this new era of Kylie!

P.s - future singles have to be 'Sexy Love', 'I Was Gonna Cancel' or 'Kiss Me Once' - i'd loveeeee for 'If Only' to be released but i doubt it will, oh well, here's hoping! Thanks for the music Kylie.

Britney Jean
Britney Jean
Offered by davehopetrading
Price: £6.89

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good album but definitely not her best, 10 Dec 2013
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This review is from: Britney Jean (Audio CD)
Firstly, i want to say that i do like this album, the good songs on here outweigh the not so good ones for me, but i can understand where a lot of critics are coming from. The album is too messy and too weak for such a well established artist to release. As it is Brit's 8th album, the album does fail to reach her already very high standard which is a shame. but i can't help but feel her move from Jive to RCA played a role in the albums fate. i just hope she does at least make another great album and end on a high, rather than retire now as she has already stated that she might do.

The opening track is "Alien" and this song is very much 'alright', definitely not a standout on the album, but i do understand where the producers where trying to go with this song (trying to make it eerie, fresh or mysterious), but i just feel that Britney's vocals just don't suit the song. - 5/10
Next is "Work Bitch" which i feel is a fantastic song., Otto Knows and Sebastian Ingrosso all played a role in making this song and the end result is truly brilliant. So fresh, so now and the producers really took into account Britney's vocals on this song as she sounds great on it. - 10/10
We swiftly move onto "Perfume" (which is quite oddly placed i feel as it is stuck between 2 massive dance tracks, but oh well), its the 2nd single to be lifted from the album, and its really nice to see Brit release a ballad as she hasn't in a while, Sia helped create the song and Brit does do the song justice, i just feel that this song could have been sung by Rihanna or Katy Perry; theres nothing 'special' about this song that makes it truly Britney. (I do still like the song though!) - 7/10
Okay, so next is probably the most talked about song on the album, "It Should Be Easy". Many people hate the song as the main girls vocals are way, waaaaay to over autotuned, but i really like the song. i can understand that the song is quite generic in terms of todays dance music, but theres just something about the song that i really like, and is actually one of my favourites on the album. - 9/10.
We then have "Tik Tik Boom", which i don't have much to say other than its a good song (nothing special) and it amuses the teenage boy inside of me as it does sound like she's saying 'dick' over and over again. anyway i give this song 7/10.
Then we have "Body Ache" and "Til Its Gone". both are massive club songs and a really great to dance to. i can imagine the latter being a single at some point. both songs get 8/10 from me.
Track 8 is probably my favourite song off the album at the moment, "Passenger" (which is co-written by Katy Perry) is a great track with great lyrics and i can imagine hearing this song on the radio in the summertime being a big hit. really feel good and refreshing, however sadly probably the last great song on the album - solid 10/10.
So...this is where the album starts to fail for me. "Chillin With You" is a very, very basic song with some of the simplest lyrics i've heard in a while. This song would just about pass as B-Side material. but the annoying thing about this song is that it gets stuck in my head, and not in a good way. not a fan of this one - 2/10.
We then have "Don't cry", "Brightest Morning Star" and "Hold On Tight" - all of which are not bad songs by any means, they are just very mediocre for Britney. they're forgettable and not that catchy, and its a shame. they all get a very even 4/5/10 for me. The last new song on the album is "Now That I've Found You" which is again nothing special at all. an 'alright' song - 5/10.

As i said, i do like the album in general, i just feel that it's a bit of a let down considering other albums like "Femme Fetale", "Circus" or the epic "Blackout".

Let's just hope she does do another album at some point, and that she goes back to the good old Britney we loved.

Overall a 7/10 from me.

Doctor Sleep (Shining Book 2)
Doctor Sleep (Shining Book 2)
by Stephen King
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £7.00

5.0 out of 5 stars " out for those Winnebagos and Bounders, you never know who might be inside... or what...", 3 Nov 2013
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when i first started to read this book i wasnt sure if i was going to like it- i was comparing it to much to its proceeder (naturally), and just didnt think it would live up to its name. boy was i wrong!
around page 120 is when i started to really get my teeth into this novel, the story was brilliant, very smart and it had feeling to it that made it even better.
The suspense was great, i couldnt put it down at times (cliche i know but deal with it) and it was overall just fantastic!
You cant really compare it to the shinning as they are very much 2 seperate novels, but thats not a bad thing - it allows you to enjoy both novels equally.
great, great novel, cant wait to see what comes next from the King!

Living For The Weekend
Living For The Weekend
Price: £7.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars bad lyrics, great songs; overall a good album, 16 Oct 2013
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This review is from: Living For The Weekend (Audio CD)
As the title suggests, this album (for me) took 4 or 5 listens before i could get my head around the album. sonically, the album is a large progression from their last offering "On Your Radar" and the album shows a few hints of a more r&b vibe with tracks such as 'Lease My Love' and 'The Problem With Love'.

The Album opens with the girls first No.1 hit 'What About Us', and the new brand new songs don't start until track 4 which is the warming 'Leave A Light On' this song makes me happy not only by the way it sounds, but also by the lyrics that it has; they are actual lyrics that the girls can relate to rather than their usual 'you did me wrong, screw you!' nature of their previous tracks(don't get me wrong, these moments are features in songs like Lease My Love and You Don't Have the Right) but as i was trying to say, a real theme shown in this album that adds to the girls progression is the fact that, lyrically, the songs have meaning for the girls; 'Somebody Else's Life and Anywhere With You are other songs that fit into this.

A downfall with this album though is that some of the lyrics are just so terrible, here's a few examples...
' when your BlackBerry's cut off and you're tryna live without it, only times ten'
'...these bloody heels are killing me, but they're the best'

I'd take the classic 'i hope you choke on some really hot coffee' any day over these lyrics!

but really, its easy to get over this downfall as most of the track are just down right pop genius! 'Not Giving Up' and 'Disco Love' are some of the girls best offering to date.

My main concern with the album is that i don't think its going to chart well, these girls are very much a single-based band and their albums tend to fade away very quickly without much success, which worries me about the girls future. Hopefully the girls management understands this and give them a few more years before they let them go, but let's just hope for the best with this album, its currently #6 midweek, but theres still 4 days of sales left to go so go get buying this album, its actually pretty good!

Price: £0.79

5.0 out of 5 stars top b-side!, 3 Sep 2013
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This review is from: History (MP3 Download)
this is one of my favourite b-sides by girls aloud, beautiful ballad, cheryls vocals are amazing and overall a great track to add to the GA back catalogue!

SAMRICK - Apple iPod Touch 5 5G & The New iPod Touch 5th Generation - Transparent Screen Protector/Film/Foil (3 Layer Technology) & Microfibre Cloth - (Pack of 3)
SAMRICK - Apple iPod Touch 5 5G & The New iPod Touch 5th Generation - Transparent Screen Protector/Film/Foil (3 Layer Technology) & Microfibre Cloth - (Pack of 3)
Offered by Aero Communication Ltd
Price: £1.19

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great, 3 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
perfect, what else can i say, they fit, only problem is a bit tricky to apply and air bubbles are hella annoying, but yeh, stops me from ruining my ipod so all good!

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.73

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Masterpiece, 3 Sep 2013
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This review is from: Music (Audio CD)
amazing album, another classic to add to the collection!! fav songs have to be i deserve it, impressive instant & what it feels like for a girl - queen madge!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4)
by J.K. Rowling
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Review on product not the story!, 12 April 2013
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So i know this sounds crazy, but im one of the few people in the uk that hasnt read harry potter yet!
Cant wait to enter the magical world of hogwarts, if the movies are anything to go by these books are gonna be a treat!!
product was delivered well before expected date, decent condition, i mean what can i expect for a used £1.59 book? so all thats left now is to get my teeth well and truly into these books!!!

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