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Balega Hidden Comfort -
Balega Hidden Comfort -
Offered by Northern Runner
Price: £11.00

5.0 out of 5 stars So comfortable., 11 Sept. 2014
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This review is from: Balega Hidden Comfort - (Misc.)
Was looking for a sock and saw DC Rainmaker (respected blogging triathlete) uses them - he says "No questions, these socks…forever. So soft, just love them. I’ve never had blisters with them. Ever." So I ordered them on the strength of his words and agree totally, only thing I'd add is that the cushioning is lovely for troublesome feet like mine (morton's neuroma etc). They are also very easy to slip on.

Kephalonia - Ithaca anavasi
Kephalonia - Ithaca anavasi
by Anavasi
Edition: Map
Price: £7.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent map, as usual from Anavasi., 9 Sept. 2014
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This review is from: Kephalonia - Ithaca anavasi (Map)
This review is largely for the Ithaca map. I was looking for an Ithaca map. Initially I assumed that the Ithaca bit of this would be a small inset but in fact it occupies the reverse of the sheet in much larger scale. In fact I could distinguish the individual villa I stayed in.

I visited a large number of the road and trail accessible beaches, went for evening runs and hired a motor boat for a day. in all respects the map was very accurate and more than adequate.

One problem was that unpaved roads can vary considerably from smoothish gravel to very rough. The latter can happen in the space of a season or even a bad storm so it is hard for the map to be accurate for those roads. I also encountered a 2 or 3 that had been partly or completely concreted or tarred compared to the map (2013 edition). So a bit of local common sense is required on the ground and be prepared to back out before getting too far down a bad road!

Features such as churches and monasteries are clearly marked and are very useful landmarks.

The plastic it is printed on is very durable and withstood wind, beaches, seawater spray on the boat etc.

As an aside I discovered I could download from the Anavasi website a Garmin "custom map" version for a few pounds for my Oregon handheld which proved accurate and useful.

Duracell CEF23 Traveller Battery Charger with USB Outlet/ Car Adapter and UK and EU Mains Plug
Duracell CEF23 Traveller Battery Charger with USB Outlet/ Car Adapter and UK and EU Mains Plug
Offered by Looknstyle
Price: £9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Quite simply a good charger., 9 Sept. 2014
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Previous one died after a few years. However it is a great charger so didn't hesitate to replace it with the same model. Charges up to 4 AAs or AAAs, any number at a time (i.e. don't have to be in pairs). Individual charging lights turn green as each cell reaches full charge. Being able to swap out the plug for the euro one is useful. However as a travel charger it is quite bulky. The ability double up as a USB device wall charger, or a backup phone charger (charges device from fully charged AAs) makes it versatile. I had some batteries I was ready to ditch because they wouldn't charge effectively in an old charger but this brought them back to life.

JMT 1Piece Multifunctional Bobber Floating Handheld Stick Floaty Grib W/ Wrist Strap for Gopro Hero 2 3 Camera
JMT 1Piece Multifunctional Bobber Floating Handheld Stick Floaty Grib W/ Wrist Strap for Gopro Hero 2 3 Camera
Offered by AMA Store -- Ship from Singapore
Price: £1.88

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1.0 out of 5 stars leaked!, 31 Aug. 2014
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Nice concept but leaked around the join (near the tripod mount end) on day one of my holiday. Will be returning it. Had to suck salty sea water out using my mouth after every swim otherwise it would begin to sink. I chose this one because of the positive reviews so I guess I was unlucky.

Garmin NiMH Rechargeable Battery for Oregon 600 Series
Garmin NiMH Rechargeable Battery for Oregon 600 Series
Price: £19.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Expensive and poor charging, 7 Aug. 2014
I'd agree with other reviewers who state the issue is really to do with the Oregon's charging circuits and not necessarily with the batteries. A good charger that charges and conditions cells individually (like my Duracell CEF23) is well worth it and you'll get good life from them.

For backup, when you really do want to charge via USB, I keep a little rectangle of stiff but thin plastic (cut from the packaging you find on many products or strawberry cartons etc.) I place this over the little black button inside the battery compartment, insert my non-garmin rechargeables of similar rating and hey presto, the system is notified that a rechargeable battery pack is in use and you can charge them via USB. Be careful not to insert regular batteries with this arrangement and supply USB power! I'm sure you could also tape together the batteries including such a but of plastic. Probably safer in terms of above.

I've heard it argued that the unit's charging circuits are fine tuned to the official battery pack and you risk damage with this hack but I just can't see it.

This way you can charge these batteries in-situ on the road when you only have a phone charger or a car cigarette lighter charger available and it is better than nothing.

Motohuma the Firehead
Motohuma the Firehead
Price: £3.68

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not your typical childhood in Africa novel, 1 Aug. 2014
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Motohuma starts like the typical autobiographical account of childhood in Rhodesia with all the staples - chongololos, tokoloshes, flame lillies, sadza, running round barefoot, spending more time with faithful servant (who smells of lifeboy soap) than with parents etc. But it is more than a name-dropping exercise since it is woven into a fascinatingly rich description. This, I think, is not just appealling to nostalgic ex-rhodies. In fact it reminded me in an odd way of a novel from the other side of the world (The Cure for Death by Lightning)

But there is an air of mystery and the story evolves and shakes off the autobiographical feel. When you let go of the factual side and let yourself get drawn into the less believable aspects of the fiction it is still intruiging and a great read. I feel that after jumping continent then eventually coming back home everything just ties up impossibly neatly, considering the disfunctional life of Motohuma. Surely the crocodiles are still waiting in the night?

Ultra Swim Shampoo Replenishing Moisturizer 207 ml
Ultra Swim Shampoo Replenishing Moisturizer 207 ml
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Works brilliantly for me, 1 Aug. 2014
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Without chlorine removal shampoo my hair, despite being short, gets that kind of dry-sticky-straw-waxy hard to describe feel after swimming twice a week. I've tried a few solutions and, while everyone's hair is different, Ultra Swim is by far the best for me.

Incidentally I used to use something called "Aloe Rid" clarifying shampoo in the States (it apparenlty clarifies your hair enough to pass hair based drug testing!).

When I found that hard to find (maybe high demand for some reason) I came across Ultra Swim and it worked brilliantly. I've found it harder to source inexpensively in UK so I tried Pool Mate which was promising initially but soon ineffective.

Boots sells some sun, swim and gym junk that claims to remove chlorine - it is absolutely useless.

Now I'm back to ultraswim (buying bulk 3 or 6 at a time reduces cost) and it just feels so silky and nice and my hair is back to normal. I find I can do without the matching conditioner. The shampoo is quite runny but I find that means a little goes far on my short hair so I don't actually mind the cost.

Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 + 1,5 UVEX Ladies black UVEX
Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 + 1,5 UVEX Ladies black UVEX
Offered by BillyTheTree Jewelry & Watches
Price: £34.95

5.0 out of 5 stars I can see, I can see!, 30 July 2014
The description as all but useless! First of all these are bifocal readers. The patches at the bottom of the lenses, visible in the photos, are the +1.5 strength reading lenses. The rest of the lenses are normal. Second they are not ladies, they are unisex. Look them up on the Tifosi website for details. Third, not sure why they say UVEX - I thought UVEX was a different brand altogether.

For a couple of years I've been religiously attaching my Garmin to my bike before going for a ride when in reality my presbyopia meant it was of limited use other than logging my activities. When hiking I've had to put on my readers every time I wanted to consult my handheld gps or map. And when running, my Garmin wristwatch has suffered the same fate as my bike gps, only worse since my wrist would be waving about when trying to read it.

After thinking surely someone has a solution and typing a few thing in google I hit upon Tifosi's range of bifocal sunglasses. There are several bifocal models to choose from and the dimensions are helpfully described on their site.

The smoke lens seems well suited to all round use. They are light enough OK for cloudy conditions too. Polaroids are useless when it comes to reading electronic screens so don't dismiss them because they are not polarised. They are very light and close fitting and seem to be good quality. They come in a nice hard case with a good soft pouch/cleaning lens.

On my bike the magnifying bit is so perfectly placed that when I glance down it seems miraculous that my gps is in perfect focus! Even when dropped on the bars, I can see well. Then when looking up the transition is seamless.

Running is slightly trickier because you get used to glancing down to see the ground immediately in front of you and that can be a bit blurry because of the magnification. But being able to glance at my wrist to see the time/pace/distance etc in perfect focus is again amazing. Unlike the bike I find you need to be more conscious to not tilt your head down but to glance down through the bottom part of the lens.

For every day outdoor wear, you are aware of the dividing line at the bottom of your vision but you quickly ignore it. I'm looking forward to hiking and being able to read map/gps etc without fumbling for glasses.

They have transformed my outdoor activities. I wish I knew about these before. I suspect other people (golfers etc) would find them useful.

I saved a little buying direct from billythetree in the US (in theory I should have been liable for £5 or so VAT but wasn't stung for it) Ordering via Amazon would probably be more convenient.

Swimovate Pool Mate Anti-Chlorine Swimmers Shampoo
Swimovate Pool Mate Anti-Chlorine Swimmers Shampoo
Offered by Sports Factory Shop
Price: £9.94

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK, but not as good as Ultraswim for me, 25 July 2014
Everyone's hair is different so my experience may not be the same as others. My hair is short and I swim twice a week. When my supply of Ultraswim ran low I tried this as an alternative. At first I thought it was rubbish but my hair adjusted after a few washes and I found it OK. Not as good as Ultraswim but given that it is British it was easier and cheaper to get hold of I was OK with the compromise and have been using it for 15 months or so.

I love the smell of coconut too so it is a winner in that respect.

But my hair has been getting more unmanageble over the last few months. But it has been hard to wash, getting straw like and feeling almost waxy or squeaky and hard to tame. I was blaming it on my barber doing something funny! However, thinking about it now, this is what it used be like years ago before I got onto swimming shampoos.

Last week I lost the last half of my current bottle of Pool Mate all over my swim bag (the 3rd leak in the last year due to the abyssmal lid design that pops open with very little pressure).

On the plus side my swim bag now smells nice even after repeated washing!

So I went back to my remaining bottle of Ultraswim and the moment I used it my hair felt silky and manageable again. Ultraswim used to have a UK distributer but not any more as far as I can tell so it is hard to track down and prices are high. But I think it is worth it. With my short hair it lasts a long time. Ultraswim has a conditioner too but I've never found the need for it.

It is a shame because I really wanted to like the local pool mate shampoo.

Popular Loom Bands Kit for Gift
Popular Loom Bands Kit for Gift
Offered by i-Bargain Store Ltd
Price: £2.94

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1.0 out of 5 stars Cheap tat, 10 July 2014
Ordered (at least what is pictured for that product) and I got this instead (again, what is pictured)

This is cheapest of the cheap tat. I know it is cheap and you get what you pay for but it doesn't even belong in a pound shop's bargain bin. Makes me sad that there are asian factories churning out this rubbish that after 5 minutes breaks and ends up in landful.

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