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Birth Reborn: What Childbirth Should Be
Birth Reborn: What Childbirth Should Be
by Michel Odent
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Book EVER, 22 April 2008
My mother was/is a Doula for nearly forty years, she has met Michel Odent and spent time a his clinic in Pithiviers. She applies all she has learnt from him to the births she attends and when women come to her with their third or fourth birth you must conclude that the application of Michel Odents practices is needed. .My wife (we are a lesbian couple) is a midwife here in Holland and also applies as much of his philosophy as she possible can and with 55% of her practices birth now at home and natural producing happy and clam babies and mothers with nearly zero incidence of post natal depression I suggest that you draw your own common sense conclusion. I am a physiologist and his views on birth hormones are so right.
He is a wonderful doctor who realised that all the medical interventions, technology and gadgets in birth caused as many problems as they solved, in fact look at the mother and baby mortality figures if you doubt his. Maeria, a country with the highest levels of medical `help' are 21st in the mortality tables, countries like Holland with a more natural approach are 3rd. He did this from good old fashioned observation and NOT by looking at what machines told him. He is in touch with the heart of women and that is a refreshing change in a basically misogynistic profession. He gave women back the right to do what they do naturally: give birth to their babies privately without a stream of strangers with medical credentials leering at your vagina, naturally, fully alert, filled with their mother's NATURAL hormones to bond them, following what nature and instinct tell them to do.

Women know how to give birth, it is NOT a medical event, it is part of a woman's natural state of being. The myth of medicine is that it saves lives when in fact for low and medium risk births medical intervention will increase the risk to your life and you and your baby's well being. This book will open your eyes not just to the gross presumption of doctors during labour and birth but to many other things.

Please read this book, demand and exert your rights, but most all learn for yourself and enjoy giving birth, it is amazing. Good luck.

Premaxx Baby- Bag Sling Dark
Premaxx Baby- Bag Sling Dark

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great baby Sling, 16 April 2008
I love baby slings and had tried a great many over the years of looking after babies, both our own and other people's. I think I have tried around eight different slings but this one is the best to date, it is so good I went and bought a second one as it pays to have a spare for when you need to throw one in the wash. I love all the little pockets and compartments it has and that they are positioned in such a away so that when they are full of junk they do not interfere with baby at all. They are also well placed for access when you are fully loaded up. The buckles are big and easy to adjust even with the weight of baby inside. The sides are just the right height, they are high enough to be safe and easy enough to move for when baby wants to attach you your breast to nurse. The Fabric choice that Premaxx have made is good, it's tough yet comfortable even when baby's skin is up against it. One sling I tried the fabric dye actually rubbed off onto baby's skin and caused an allergic rash, no such issues with the Premaxx. I have already bought one for my sister who is due have her first baby in a few weeks so I think that is as good as a recommendation gets !
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Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump with 125ml/4oz Breast Milk Container
Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump with 125ml/4oz Breast Milk Container

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4.0 out of 5 stars Philips AVENT ISIS Breast Pump, 9 April 2008
I used this pump when I started off inducing lactation when we adopted our first son. I worked for Philips in Eindhoven at the time so they very kindly gave me my first pump. I had no problems with, when you are inducing pumps can get some very heavy use and it stood up to use very well. It provided good suction and yet could be very controllable with some practice so that I found I could eventually work it up to the tolerance of my nipples. One observation I would make is that I have (what I think are) modestly sized nipples but I could imagine if you (like my sister) have larger nipples then it may not be a comfortable fit. The pump finally gave out after some five months of use when the broke but I went straight out and bought myself a replacement so you can see I was happy enough with it. It is easy to break down to clean, it air dries very well and can tolerate being knocked about inside various travel bags. Extra bottle for it are easy to come by here in Holland.

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