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Deus Ex - Complete Edition (PC DVD)
Deus Ex - Complete Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by EEE-Shop
Price: 7.30

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3.0 out of 5 stars 5 star game. 3 stars for technical issues and no auto-save glitch., 23 Jan 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well let me say this original Deus Ex is a 5 star game. In fact it is second only to Half Life 2 for PC-DVD which wins on the fact it has aged better- the graphics atmosphere, exploration and the physics engine is what sets it apart.

So why only 3 stars? Well there is a glitch within the first game which means the "auto-save" doesn't work. Between sections/levels a screen says "saving". But when you die; unless you have manually saved you have to start the entire game from the beginning!

No joke- I checked the save list and only my manual saves (where you have to pause the game- select save- and return to game) work.

There is no quick save function "usually F5" so you have to keep exiting the game to save (<angry face>) which takes you out of the atmosphere of the game.

Regardless I have learnt my lesson and one YouTube video showed a gamers reaction when he realised the save glitch too which almost resulted in a broken laptop.

I've googled this save glitch on both YouTube and whilst gamers say "there is no auto-save" there clearly is- it just doesn't work properly.
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The Bourne Legacy [DVD]
The Bourne Legacy [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jeremy Renner
Offered by Champion Toys
Price: 4.59

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1.0 out of 5 stars Oh dear. Why did I waste good money on this? Rubbish., 7 Dec 2012
This review is from: The Bourne Legacy [DVD] (DVD)

Ok no doubt you are checking out this release because it is riding on the coat tails of the......not like it matters......excellent Matt Damon/Paul Greengrass Bourne trilogy.

It doesn't matter because what I just watched has absolutely nothing to do with the Bourne Identity trilogy in any way, shape or form.

Where do I- where can I- start?

I was bought this DVD because I own the Bourne trilogy- and to complete my collection I agreed for someone to get this film for me. Big mistake.

"The Bourne Legacy" reminds me of a notorious legendary 1980's Chinese cinema film director called Godfrey Ho. He often took an unfinished/unreleased conspiracy film about stolen formulas that turned people into psychopathic ninjas and cut and spliced the film with unauthorised useage of other film makers releases/un-official sequels to make "original" releases.

I wouldn't be surprised if "The Bourne Legacy" was Godfrey Hos comeback release as it has all his hallmarks.

The film now stars Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye from The Avengers-Assemble) as a secret agent who takes genetic enhancing pills to undertake challenges that push the limits of human endurance- hence a montage in the first 40 minutes of him surviving in the Alaska wilderness without food, weapons or shelter- against the elements and a pack of hungry wolves (yes really).

Awkwardly spliced into the film is footage from the last Bourne film (Bourne Ultimatum- 2007) with an embarressing attempt to sow that last release and this one together (i.e. scenes of past characters from the 2007 film on phones edited to look like they were calling Edward Norton's character in Legacy- 2012).

The "Bourne" Legacy features a new character by the name of Aaron Cross. What is his relation to Matt Damon's Jason Bourne character or events from the previous films............none.
There is a flashback scene to the London Waterloo Station assassination of a Guardian Newspaper reporter from Ultimatum (2007). This is now widely reported within the continued (current) events of Legacy (2012) despite a 5 year gap between fim releases.
Edward Norton's character is assigned to deal with the loose ends- but no further mention of Jason Bourne's character or significance is made.
The shift of attention is made to a never before mentioned character of Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross. Why this is- would be a minor spoiler- but a daft and far fetched one at that that takes a full hour to establish (or shoehorn whichever you prefer).

I won't go into anymore detail about the plot- because quite frankly- there isn't one. I have to say it really did remind me of those cheap "cut and splice" Chinese cinema releases of taking a superior releases and splicing in some espionage plot about stolen formulas- genetic altering pills that supposedly enhance human potential via kung fu.

Sadly as the film is Directed by a first time Director- screenplay writer Tony Gilroy- the film lacks the action, fight choreography, scale or suspense by Doug Liman (Bourne Identity) or Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremecy/Ultimatum) and instead we get a sub-par release that doesn't scrape the surface of those releases.
So action highlights such as car chases through moscow (Supremecy) or that rollercoaster ride of a car chase through New York City (Ultimatum) are absent here.

Instead we get a sub-par and unstatisfying "showdown" set in Bangkok that is no-where near the level of the Morrocon rooftop chase and excellent fight sequences of Ultimatum. A film that at one point threatened to take the crown of James Bond as the superior spy thriller series in between 2002-2007

In conclusion it is unacceptable that a film like "Legacy" could ever released in 2012. Whilst I was willing to accept a 4th film with Matt Damon as the lead- this film is an awkward attempt to make money via incompetent film making on a smaller scale than previous film attempts.
In a year where Skyfall (James Bond) has reclaimed the crown of the spy thriller from Bourne series in 2012 we need another Bounre Ulitmatum and not Bourne's equivalent of the sub par Sean Connery's un-official bond film (Never Say Never Again- 1983) or worst still- any Godfrey Ho film from the 1980s.

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Universal Soldier Day Of Reckoning [DVD]
Universal Soldier Day Of Reckoning [DVD]
Dvd ~ Scott Adkins
Price: 1.25

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1.0 out of 5 stars Cheaply made- straight to bargain bin rubbish. Don't expect Universal Soldier- Regeneration either., 6 Dec 2012
Judging by the DVD cover artwork I expect many of Van Damme's action fans are going to be duped out- into paying full price- for this soon to be bargain bin release.
Despite appearing to show Van Damme and Ludgren brandishing an AK-47- an explosive jungle setting. However there are neither jungle's nor explosions- literally there are none.

In 2009 John Hyams- the son of film Director Peter Hyams* (*who did Timecop and Sudden Death both with Van Damme, End of Days- with Schwarzenegger, 2010: the year we make contact(the well recieved 1985 sequel to classic 2001-A Space Odessey) decided to make a Universal Soldier-3 film with his famous father and a certain Jean Claude Van Damme.

That film became Universal Soldier- Regeneration. The film had a shoestring budget of only $15 Million (compared to $60-$100 Million) but with excellent cinematography, editing and crisp production values- due to Peter Hyams producing- it was evident who the real talent was. Costs were kept down by limited screen time with Van Damme and Lundgren only appearing in the last 15 minutes. The main star was Andrei Arlovski (who?- Ok he's an MMA fighter if you're into that).
Regardless it was a solid entry in the series and- in my opinion second only to the original UniSol film from 1992.
Regeneration recieved mixed reviews gaining 5.2/10 on IMDB and 3.5/5 on Amazon. Many pointed out the obvious such as the low budget and gritty film style- whilst others applauded the extreme and often brutal mixed martial arts violence (after years of 12a- PG-13 rated action releases) and against the clock tension being set in Chernobyl* (*or at least a semi decent representation- BUT no official establishing shots of the famous fairground wheel- near the doomed reactor).
Perhaps the biggest criticism was continuity issues. In the original 1992 film (Directed by Roland Emmerich- Stargate- Independence Day- Godzilla) it was established Van Damme's Luc Deveraux character had found his humanity- and even developed a sense of humour (hence the legendary Bar fight- popcorn scene).
Well since discovering a cynical world view and his openess about his real-life struggle with depression earnt him mainstream award recognition for his semi-autobiographical 2008 JCVD film- every performance since has channeled this.

So when it was announced a 4th film was on the cards and that Van Damme had scored a slot in the Expendables 2- I looked forward to an inflated film budget- bigger action set pieces and maybe a late cinema release.
Instead we get Universal Soldier- "day of reckoning" which is utter tripe.
Peter Hyams was not involved in the films production- only John Hyams.

The film is rubbish. Despite a budget of $11.5 Million- the film "stars" Scott Atkins (sigh- another MMA fighter- again) it is a generic American location shoot (so- no sets- no science fiction elements- no cooling chambers- no UniSol factory showdowns)- instead we get the stereotypical highlights of- motel, highways, strip clubs* (*ok I'll forgive that one), cabin reclusive, mafia run warehouse, sporting goods shop. The majority of the films budget is taken up by "body horror" elements, nudity and a pick up truck chase scene.
The film is very bizarre including a scene whereby Lundgren takes a group of UniSols to a back-street- make-shift brothel. Here we see a borderline msygonistic scenes of rape, a gunfight between Lundgren/Arlovski and (as the other reviewer pointed out) an epileptic seizure inducing strobing effect I haven't seen since Japanese Seizure Robots.
This snuff scene soon dissipates- and is drawn out into a very, very slow 1 hour and 50 minutes of snail crawling boredom. As the film had neither the budget or resources to be "action" instead it is a pretentious Mystery identity thriller- as Atkins embarressing attempts at "acting" send you to sleep. Of course because of this Atkins resorts to hitting and shooting people in an attempt to find out who he is- which is daft.
Also the complete removal of all references to the military or the fact Atkin's character was not a soldier or not been in a conflict zone was mind boggling. How can he be a UniSol? Why make a clone of a generic blue collar worker whose family was murdered by UniSols- for a reason that is never mentioned (well it is- but the payoff is daft and not military related).
Why couldn't they have used part of that 1 hour and 50 minutes to show- establish that Atkins had some form of military-effecient killer training? (even a picture of him in uniform or old service medals).

In conclusion UniSol4- some people have said it is the best action film of 2012. Yes I'll admit there are some flinching violent scenes- but these make up only 37 minutes in an otherwise 1 hour and 50 minutes long film. And remember as its a low budget straight to video release the "action" is on a small scale- and as said before there isn't a single explosion in the film.

Get the original Universal Soldier from 1992- definately check out Universal Soldier- Regeneration but as for Universal Soldier- Day of reckoning its purely a rental- that you'll end up watching in two halves due to boredom and slow moving lag and pacing- waiting for those fleeting moments.
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Cyborg R.A.T 3 - 3500DPI Gaming Mouse (PC)
Cyborg R.A.T 3 - 3500DPI Gaming Mouse (PC)
Offered by Accessory-Shop
Price: 38.50

1.0 out of 5 stars Windows XP 32bit users or owners of low end old PC/graphics cards beware! Will not work properly., 1 Nov 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
First off let me say at face value- the RAT 3 is the lowest priced gaming mouse I could find in any shop- be it high street retailers or online- and is actually cheaper if bought new. So if you want the best value mouse look no further.

BUT. When it comes to owners of PC's that are old or have outdated/defunct graphics cards or olders versions of Windows double check your specification- because this mouse will not work on your PC.

I haven't upgraded my PC since late 2006 early 2007 and (don't laugh) I still run Windows XP service pack 2- 32bit- and only have a GeForce 7600 GT (overclocked).

So I can only play first person shooters like Half Life 2, Call of Duty 4 (modern warfare) and Fallout 3 etc.

Initially my RAT mouse didn't move. I removed the sticky label from the optical laser- installed the recommended software and even turned the DPI (dots per inch) down.

But my games were too jerky and this caused serious game and memory lag. I tried every combination in an attempt to justify my purchase- but alas- I realised as a PC "noob" that I'd bought a gaming mouse onyl suited for higher end PC's.

The good news is the retailer refunded my money in full- due to being mis-sold the item. However if purchasing online be cautious as you maybe out of pocket.

Good luck.

The Expendables 2 [DVD]
The Expendables 2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sylvester Stallone
Price: 5.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Yet again misses the mark, 31 Aug 2012
This review is from: The Expendables 2 [DVD] (DVD)
I want to quote a professional film reviewer who said "The Expendables 2 reminds me of all the action films these former actions stars of the past have starred in.......its a shame they weren't the good ones".

The above observation is spot on.
The first Expendables film should have learnt its lesson- too many Cooks spoil the broth- a thousand spoons when we only want a knife etc.
We had far too much screen time for secondary characters like Jason Statham, Eric Roberts- when all we wanted was Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, Ludgren, Li along with absent faces Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steve Seagal doing what they do best- punching, kicking, shooting and generally blowing stuff up.

The first movie was critised for having no plot. And before anyone disputes action not having plots etc, just look at Stallone (Rambo, Rocky, Demolition Man), Scharzenegger (PREDATOR, TERMINATOR 2, TOTAL RECALL, TRUE LIES), Van Damme (Universal Soldier, Double Impact, Hard Target), Chuck Norris (Delta Force 1 & 2).

Ok with the exception of Norris who in my opinion is the "Troy McClure of B-grade Martial Arts/action films" all have demonstrated they can be in good, excellent or classic films.

When I first watched Expendables 2 it started off well- Director Simon West who Directed the Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay-esque 1997 film Con Air- directs the explosive opening scene which isn't that impressive but contains some crowd pleasing gore and OTT violence that condenses the first films climax in the first 10 minutes.
However once the novelty wears off- its padding time and its here we see West's uninspired globe trotting (courtesy of his experience with the live action Tomb Raider film) and some equally uninspired shoot-outs where as usual the bad guy's can't shoot straight even at close range and with automatic weapons.

Who is the "bad guy"? None other than a scene stealing Jean Claude Van Damme. I had hoped that he would be working for Bruce Willis's character and Arnold Schwarzenegger- after all those latter two were both corrupt agents who backed a dirty ex-CIA agent (Eric Roberts) in the first movie.

But alas no- instead Schwarzenegger and Willis (in the worst plot twist since Ludgren rejoined the Expendables despite trying to kill them in the first movie) are the "good guys" although they are in the movie fleetingly.

Throughout the movie I kept going to the toilet (usually a sign of boredom). It wasn't until the film's "climax" that I started to enjoy it again- but only because Van Damme was back stealing every camera shot.
I think he's the only time I have seen the cinema cheer for a villian!

I can see why people gave this film 3 or 4 stars- it is a fun piece of escapism with some modern film gloss and a few risable action scenes notably due to the opening scene. But for the vast majority of the film-the script, non existent plot, padding scenes and some unfunny attempts at self aware humour just doesn't work.

I forgot about this film literally the day after I saw it and felt hollow inside. It was the same hollow feeling as the first movie and I also realised it was the same mistake too.

Too much Statham, Ludgren, Crews* (*who?) and filler cast.

Not enough Van Damme, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and Ludgren.
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Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt - Expansion Pack (PC CD)
Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt - Expansion Pack (PC CD)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievably bad- poor level design- dodgy game mechanics, 12 Aug 2012
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When ALIENS VS PREDATOR 2 the PC Game came out in 2002- it was an instant classic that truly captured everything we loved about both the ALIENS and PREDATOR franchises.
On top of that its expert use of game mechanics, physiques, graphics, iconic ALIENS/PREDATOR weaponry, vehicles,locations and interesting skins and class characters from the Colonial Marines, Corporates (off world Marines playable during multiplayer), ALIENS (including the Dog Alien 3, Predatorian (juvenile Queens and royal guard), Drones and PREDATOR classes (stealth, heavy duty or heavily armed).

If you don't own the original ALIENS VS PREDATOR 2 for the PC- by all means buy it- as it is the best ALIENS VS PREDATOR product and far superior to the dreadful live action films of the same name released after.

So popular was the game that Fox Interactive put into plan an expansion pack to capitalise on the games popularity. Unfortunately the game's staff and original makers "Monolith" had moved onto bigger fish- namely programming the ambitious James Bond license "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way" first person shooter.

So the original game's code was shopped out to a Hungarian studio "Third Law Games" who did the bizarre KISS (yes the band KISS) Psycho Circus game- to expand on the original games mythology.
Primal Hunt is a prequel to the events in AVP2.

At first glance it appears to be fine- the first human mission shows the Corporates point of view and we get a "prettied up" Dunya (sporting a sensual Easter European accent) thick cut fringe and swaggerng hips that do fan service justice. The graphics are crisp (for their time)- there is plenty of action in the first level and we get to use and deploy sentry guns (ala ALIENS- Special Edition).

However things start going to pot when I realise how bad the level design is. Cliffs, narrow branches (during human levels), sheer drops whilst facing off hoards of aliens that attack in groups of 5's.
The usefulness of the "F6" Quicksave and "F9" quick load buttons soon become apparent.

The Predalien (ALIEN/PREDATOR hybrid) levels are the worst for many reasons. For one the first mission is your begin as a Facehugger and you need to impregnate a PREDATOR. What the mission briefing doesn't tell you is that it has to be the "correct" PREDATOR. That and the fact that the PREDATORS in the temple have a 99% Plasma hit rate if you take the "wrong turn". Finding well hidden escape vents during the maze is purely about luck and dying many times.
The second level (as a Chestburster) was even worse. I couldn't get past the level until I realised you had to jump onto a previous irrelevant "door button" (there were hundreds in AVP2 that are of no use to the ALIEN) but in this expansion pack one of these buttons is a "platform" to jump into an above vent you can't see. Had it not been for a YouTube video I would've been forever lost getting killed by security with Pulse Rifles.
It weird level design like this that gets you killed if you don't know where you're going first time. As soon as you're spotted you're dead and there is no hiding or stealth in this game (frowns).

The PREDATOR missions are similiar. Platform jumping is purely about luck and knowing what is or isn't meant to be jumped on.

In conclusion get AVP2 for PC. If you have a morbid curiosity you could purchase this expansion pack but bare in mind its rare purely because ti was so awfully received by fans due to said shoddy level design and impossible jumps that are a burden to all three species.
I'd also like to mention that the game is very short, doesn't have the epic feel of AVP2 nor does it have the "power loader armour" and said level design and random respawning of ALIENS out of no-where is both cheap and amateurish.
If you're happy searching walkthroughs have a go but bare in mind without them you'll be hitting your PC table (and F9 key) in frustration. A lot.

Prometheus [DVD] [2012]
Prometheus [DVD] [2012]
Dvd ~ Noomi Rapace
Offered by FILMNIGHT
Price: 4.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars In space. No-one can hear you yawn, 3 Jun 2012
This review is from: Prometheus [DVD] [2012] (DVD)
Ok I'll get straight to the point.

The ALIENS series (and I say ALIENS because that distinct blue logo represents not only the best film in the series- but no other film has influenced so many video games and comic book adaptations than James Cameron's 1986 masterpiece of film-making, design and direction "ALIENS").

Anyways as I was saying the ALIEN films are one of the few releases where I am willing to pay extortionate Cinema ticket prices (9) to (begrudgingly) sit through 40 minutes of adverts, in a freezing cold, noisy air-conditioned room full of strangers- unable to pause the film- to get a preview of a film I expect to be equal to or better than ALIENS or even the 1979 film ALIEN.

Whilst the sequels have had varying levels of success (I actually like Alien Vs Predator 2005 and even had the time of day for ALIENS VS PREDATOR 2- 2008) ultimately I am disappointed.

Fast forward to 2012 and I am meant to be excited that the Director of the original 1979 ALIEN film is making a sequel- ALIEN 5.
Now I refused to buy into this whole "prequel" tag nonsense- Ridley Scott's film is released AFTER ALIEN 3 (1992) and ALIEN Resurrection (1997) so therefore its a sequel in cinema release terms therefore should be better.
Anyways I am not excited in the slightest- because Ridley Scott hasn't made a memorable film since Blade Runner- and don't remind me of his forgettable historically inaccurate film Gladiator- not interested.

So now after reading a cinema brochure its turns out I am no longer booking tickets to ALIEN 5 by Ridley Scott but an original sci-fi adventure that seeks to find out the origins of man-kind.
Ok so I am about to watch a variation of Chariots of the Gods/Ancient Astronaut conspiracy theory- how original never seen that done in sci-fi before (note sarcasm).

When the film begins I realise I have walked into the wrong film. I appear to watching Star Trek 2 with an upbeat trumpet and brooding orchestra soundtrack pulling on my heart strings. I see a fake looking, pale skin CGI martian that looks like one of the "dark seekers" from the 2008 Will Smith film "I am Legend".
The film title appears "Prometheus".

Ok to keep this review short yes the film is set in the ALIEN universe we do see the Weyland company logo on character uniforms to remind us we are watching a sci-fi horror- despite the film looking like J J Abraham's recent Star Trek re-boots with sterile looking CGI spaceships, Charlize Theron's sexy but dominating Star Trek baddie in a skin tight cotton uniform they borrowed from the Next Generation with an embarrassing faux Shakesphere performance theatrics. To further confuse you Michael Fastbender's camp looking and effeminate speaking android side-kick is reminiscent of Star Trek Generations "Data" than Ian Holm's menacing company robot from ALIEN.
Also it appears that the Space Jockey ship from ALIEN has been hi-jacked by a member of The Borg. You know those pale skinned, leather wearing humanoids that.........wait is he meant to be the "Space Jockey" from the first ALIEN movie? You're kidding? We're meant to believe that a 20 foot- elephantine skeleton that was "growing out if its chair" (as John Hurt said in ALIEN 1979) is a 9 foot tall humanoid wearing a mask like Baine from BATMAN walking around?
Also with the end speech- I was expecting "space- the final frontier these are voyages of......."

That is just a tip of the iceberg- the rest of the film is a pure shambles. There is zero tension, no suspense, no shocks, nothing original in any of the creature design* (*don't get excited the film is barren for 90% of the time), the set design could've been done with CGI or scale modelling- instead Ridley blew most of the budget on a full scale multi-million pound soundstage- did you see the giant head in the trailer- I hope you like it!
As a result due to his overblown budget/film making techniques he couldn't afford some animotronic "ALIENS" so instead were treated to only a few scenes of creatures and they are poorly designed and rarely feature.

Anyone expecting a film remotely linked to ALIEN in terms of iconic imagery, characters, dialogue, sci-fi design is in for a major shock. Ridley Scott has done a film that could've been made for a 1/3rd of the budget by either Paul W S Anderson (Event Horizon) or even 1/4 by the Strauss Brothers (ALIENS VS PREDATOR- REQUIEM).

Of course because Prometheus is Directed from Ridley Scott (he Directed ALIEN 1979) the fact he's allowed this abomination to be made means he's immune from criticism from fans- who in the last 12 Months since Prometheus was announced have shifted from ALIENS to ALIEN fans (nothing to do with cashing in on a recent sci-fi bandwagon).

Me personally the roof of the bandwagon was on fire mid way through watching the film and I jumped off the second the film ended. I was lucky enough to narrowly escape a stampede of people who were exiting the cinema like it was on fire.

Outside I felt pure anger and vowed never to sit through another ALIEN sequel ever again. Right now Prometheus has an 8.3 rating on IMDB which is beyond me as most online reviews have been negative to mixed.

Whilst ALIENS will always be a classic (after a 30 day detox) series I may throw away my ALIEN DVD because I'll never be able to watch it again without that sick feeling of watching that tainted mess that was Prometheus.
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Fallout 3 (PC)
Fallout 3 (PC)

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars I've fallen out with Fallout 3, 16 Jan 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Fallout 3 (PC) (Video Game)
Ok I know this game is over 3 years old (released October 2008) but here is my review of the game Fallout 3.

Upon initial viewing; Fallout 3 appears to be a First Person Shooter (abrreviated as FPS) set in a post apocalyptic future. You have a standard first person view and a third person over the shoulder view where the camera can rotate to give you a full view of your character and the world you're in.

In truth looks can be deceptive as Fallout 3 is actually a Role Playing Game and not an FPS. During combat is when you notice this. As you walk you'll hear a gunshot (and more likely take sustained health damage) before walking and seeing an enemy "pop up"- literally. At first i thought this was a graphical glitch; but no your enemies you can't see can actually can fire from a great distance long before you can see them (even if they're out in the open).
When attempting to fire your weapon manually you're often required to use a VAT targeting system where you select specific body parts in freeze frame time; and then hit fire- in Matrix style bullet time your attacks will greatly increase (or greatly miss). As your character is stuck in this view during combat it is quite regular to die as you have no control- and can only hope your attacks are effective.
Whilst the makers claim you can manually fire your gun like a FPS- usually in this mode it's like your guns have a bent barrels. Even at point blank range your bullets "miss" targets and bullets fly everywhere; sometimes not registering as hitting the enemy!

The description of Fallout 3 is that it is an open sandbox world- and is non-linear. This isn't true; as you walk around the post apocolyptic wasteland you'll notice that collapsed buildings block multiple areas of the map- meaning you follow a very linear path (unless it is open and barren countryside). This are filled with annoying Mutants who can take just as much health damage as you and are blessed with a longer range- 100% hit ratio. Unless you are stocked up on heavy weapons, ammunition and multiple stimpacks there's no way you can progress past these time consuming battles that are just about luck and knowing where the mutants are in advance. There is no way to avoid these fights and the "stealth" system is useless- as there is no fair way of knowing an enemies line of sight AND due to said linear sections of the game there is nowhere to hide.

The third thing you'll find tedious is talking to "wastelanders". Part of the game requires a quest element of using multiple choice dialogue from a susbtitle box (your own character is mute though). Different lines give off different personality traits- you can be passive and be a walkover doing errands, you can be mutual and use non-partial negotiation (if you have chosen a speech perk) or you can just shoot everyone and take whatever key, item or threaten them with violence to get the information.
But to be honest it is so slow I found myself skipping the voice dialogue and getting a gist of whatever they were saying. Usually if a character does (on the very rare ocassion) give important information its added to your inventory as a brief summary anyways.

Fourth- is the game design itself. Whilst the game claims to be scince fiction don't be expecting the Terminator or Deus Ex as it is closer to science fantasy. With the large Green Orcs (sorry Super Mutants) spouting insults to humans carrying barbaric weapons being the sworn enemy of the the Space Marine in power armour (sorry Brotherhood of steel in Power Armour) it feels more like Warhammer 3000-Space Marine. Thanks but no thanks!
Also there are traces of 1950 "retro futuristic" culture. Robots look like those from 1950s sci-fi films like Lost in Space. Also most technology does have a redundant primitve feel- destroyed cars are those American ones from the 1950s.
Overall the game feels more like a medieval game than one set in the future which was off putting. I'm not fan of this retro futuristic style.

In conclusion- whilst I appreciated the effort that went into this large game I found the story to be unengaging- the characters boring, the missions repetitive and long winded. The RPG elements require hours of gameplay and so much talking just get anywhere. Plus most people end up completing the linear "main quest" due to lack of adequate instructions on how to barter, play people off against one another. In the end its just easy to shoot characters and complete the game all the same- as opposed to doing errands which often involve shooting other people anyway.

My advice would be to stick to proper science fiction games like Crysis, Deus Ex* (*the original game, Half Life 2 or ALIENS VS PREDATOR.

Fallout 3 is just boring.

Apple iPod nano 8GB - Graphite - 6th Generation (Launched Sept 2010)
Apple iPod nano 8GB - Graphite - 6th Generation (Launched Sept 2010)
Offered by High Tech Choice

8 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars No nano was stirring; not even a mouse. (I can't hear you!), 29 Dec 2011
Well after my 30GB Video Playback IPOD of 5 years finally gave up the ghost and my battery died and wouldn't recharge properly I decided it was high time to replace my beloved IPOD.
I ran the full diagnostics check and reset the IPODs factory settings, it came back fine. After reading a FAQ from an independent electronics help website I determined the battery needed replacing (after Apple refused to give me any help to replace my Battery) but trust me such refurbishment companies do exist.

Anyways after recieving some Christmas money and being an avid Gym fan I made the mistake and bought the new IPOD 6th Generation Nano Junk.
The sales person claimed the Nano would have the same sound and volume quality as my previous IPOD- long story short it doesn't!

I have various tastes in all types of music from Nu Metal, to Drum and Bass, to Dance, Urban, Rage Aginst the Machine, Rap, Dubstep etc and love to crank it up on my old IPOD as do most people.

But with the new Nano the first thing you notice how quiet it is. I'm not joking I only got HALF the volume of my former IPOD. The sound balance is terrible- whereas before I got the full feel of every drum beat, every guitar lick, every basebeat, every bass progressionon my old IPOD- but on the Nano.....not here!
There is zero Bass you can't alter the sound/volume/Bass settings.

And after Gym testing my Nano I can say it fails and is NOT suitable for the Gym. Because of said lack of Volume; I had the awful Gym audio listing of Lady Gaga doing a "duet" with Linkin Park on my IPOD (and the volume in the Gym wasn't loud either).
Also the controls are way too fiddly. I found handling the touch screen with sweaty hands meant I would skip tracks, or it was unresponsive.

In summary this IPOD Nano is overpriced junk. Even if it were to retail at 60 I'd still feel short changed considering you can get a no frills MP3 player equal size and the same sound quality for under 30 or less if you went to a budget electrics shop.

Me personally I will either refurbish my old IPOD or switch to Sony MP3 Players with their far superior sound quality.
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Aliens Vs. Predator Omnibus Volume 2: v. 2
Aliens Vs. Predator Omnibus Volume 2: v. 2
by Various
Edition: Paperback
Price: 17.09

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2.0 out of 5 stars You might want to skip this one, 13 Nov 2011
My review of ALIENS VS PREDATOR Vol 2- collection.

I have always been a big fan of ALIENS VS PREDATOR franchise ever since the original run of the 1990 Dark Horse Comics- mash up of Dark Horse's most famous 20th Century Fox creations- ALIENS and PREDATOR.

For those who don't own these may I recommend either "ALIENS VS PREDATOR by Randy Stradley" for the original Dark Horse Graphic Novel collection or ALIENS VS PREDATOR Omnibus Vol 1* (which also contains the original Dark Horse ALIENS VS PREDATOR Comic collection AND the follow up series AVP-WAR).

So I decided to buy Aliens Vs Predator Vol 2 mainly because it contained the rare 12 part comic series- Deadliest of the Species- a 300 page comic adventure, that despite some fine looking artwork on the covers; you DON'T see a half naked machiko holding severed Predator heads, bad ass brunettes with Pulse Rifles or ALIEN Queens holding cryo chambers :-(
This is a problem with a lot of Aliens Comics they contain fantastic looking covers, character design, action scenarios and but rarely does the internal pages reflect this.

Anyways the majority of Volume 2's 369 pages, is taken up by the 12 part comic series called Deadliest of the Species- which ran from July 1993 to August 1995 (300 pages).

The bizarre plot follows the plight of a Genetically Engineered, voluptuous, high society woman who lives above an Xenomorph infested futuristic Earth. Whilst the lower classes that live on the planet surface are slaughtered by ALIENS- the rich wealthy elite live in "satellites" high up in Earth's atmosphere immune from the infestation. This trophy wife (despite the safety of her lifestyle) has dreams of being hunted by PREDATORS.
And here lies the problem with Deadliest of the Species- just when you think something cool is about to happen- its all just a dream.
This stop/start, dream/reality approach just gets tiring. Characters constantly talk to themselves about the metaphorical meaning of existence, aliens, survival, the balance of life in the universe- blah, blah, blah- we've heard it all before.
If I were to say anything- good the internal artwork, character design is well detailed and coloured at times.

But the story was so un-engaging- the whole dream sequence set I felt like I was being cheated out of decent ALIENS VS PREDATOR battles. Why not have a basic set up- with ALIENS fighting PREDATORS? Why am I concerned about the plight of a bored Trophy Wife?
And I'm not alone- a lot of AVP fans have said the same in online forums- that's it a hard comic to get into. So I'll suggest a spare weekend when you have the time- as its not something you can pick up and put down easily.

Anyways the other stories in this collection are the short stories Booty/Hellbent/Pursuit/Lefty's Revenge/Chained to Life and Death/Xenogenesis

My advice would to buy ALIENS VS PREDATOR Vol 1- (a collection of the original 1990 AVP Comic and follow up WAR).
And you may want to check out the brand new 2011 series collection, ALIENS VS PREDATOR- THREE WORLD WAR (or AVP- Three World War for short).
It has gotten good online reviews and the internal artwork looks awesome.

I'd save Vol 2 for last (if you're a completest) but don't say I didn't warn you regarding Deadliest of the Species.
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