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Vancouver (Lonely Planet City Guides)
Vancouver (Lonely Planet City Guides)
by John Lee
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Great informative read!, 1 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I loved this book. Lonely Planet never fail to deliver when putting together a city guide. There is so much information in the book you can't help but know you're going to have a good time. The maps are informative along with all the recommendations for excursions, where to stay, what to see and much much more. I will always stick with Lonely Planet now for tour guides.

Public Relations for Authors Take Hold of Your Own Promotions
Public Relations for Authors Take Hold of Your Own Promotions
Price: £1.26

4.0 out of 5 stars A great little read to help authors promote their book, 1 May 2014
Babs Hightower became a publicity director in December 2012 for Entangled Publishing.

This mini read deals with authors who may have published a book but don't know how to get the word out.

The book is a step by step guide of what a publicist could and should do for you.

There are some great tips in this book too. One relates to bloggers who've hosted you on a blog stop. Stop by and say "Thanks for having me". Believe me, being a blogger, this does not happy very often.

The book talks you through getting reviews for your book too. It is a really informative guide, going through radio publicity; book stores and much more, with lots of examples for you to follow. There are examples on how media kits could look and what to include in a media kit; how books are publicized and what questions you should ask of a potential PR person.

This is a very well written short book, and a must for everyone looking to promote their own book. The guidelines are clearly written and well laid out. If you are just starting up you can't do without it; it's a must. If you're a seasoned author it may just give you a few more ideas.

Captain Phillips
Captain Phillips
Offered by Lovefilm UK Limited
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Hanks at his best, 28 April 2014
This review is from: Captain Phillips (Blu-ray)
This was a great movie with Tom Hanks at his acting best. Best supporting actor Oscar was also well deserved.
Cinematography was good too.
Shows how vulnerable these merchant ships are to pirates in African waters.
Great acting throughout and a movie I would definitely watch again.

Kiss a Girl in the Rain (Take a Chance, Book 1)
Kiss a Girl in the Rain (Take a Chance, Book 1)
Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you wrote a bucket list at age of 12, would YOU have fulfilled them by now?, 20 April 2014
The book introduces you to wealthy Evan Chance. He has it all; money; good job; girlfriend and more. To an outsider he literally does have it all.

He then loses a friend who he more than admired, but respected and loved.

He reassesses life and decides to take on a bucket list he made as a young boy. He dusts down his motorbike and starts on number 1 on his list; to travel across America on the motorbike!

This was a really well written book, and there was so much content in a book that only had 196 pages. I found myself really liking Evan Chance. I won't say what happens next for fear of spoiling the story. I couldn't put this book down and actually read it in two sittings. I'm usually more of a thriller reader but was intrigued by the synopsis on Goodreads.

There are some great people in this book, along with a loveable scruffy dog, who plays a major part in the book. If you want a light hearted, feel good story then this ones for you. It also gets you thinking "If you'd made a bucket list at the age of 12, what would you have put on it with your 12 year old thinking, and would you have completed it by now?

I can't wait to see what the author has to offer next. I loved the characters and it would be nice to see another book featuring them too.

Darkness Knows Me (The Olivia Gates and Will Green Crime Series Book 1)
Darkness Knows Me (The Olivia Gates and Will Green Crime Series Book 1)
Price: £2.05

4.0 out of 5 stars A great debut novel introducing us to Olivia Gates & Will Green, 15 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was a great debut thriller from Chrinda Jones. I loved how the characters Olivia and Will worked together and I found similarities to the Wire in the Blood series by Val McDermid.

The Simmering relationship sometimes overpowered the story line of the serial killer which is the only reason I dropped the book by 1 *, however I thoroughly enjoyed the story nonetheless. The book was full of suspense and intrigue.

The author had obviously done her research well, which made the book flow well too.

It was certainly a promising start to what I think will be a great book series and I cant wait to read the authors next novel "Angels sing to rest"

Cold Mourning: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery
Cold Mourning: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery
Price: £3.29

5.0 out of 5 stars Full of twists and turns & interesting characters, 15 April 2014
I had never heard of this author before, but the synopsis drew me in.

The novel is mainly centred around Kaila Stonechild, who is from a "First Nations reserve" and leaves Ottawa where she was a Police Officer in Ontario, in a specialised Unit.

Some of her new colleagues treat her with a little scepticism. She needs to be in Ottawa and away from her home town. She's given the task of helping to solve a murder of a local businessman.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were so many suspects in this murder but not once did the author confuse you with the amount of characters. The book was very descriptive which helped immerse you into the story.

The author manages to include another story into the main story and initially it makes you wonder where the author is going with the inital story, but it eventually all falls into place.

I was hooked. Just when I thought I'd solved the case, the author threw something else into the equation. The book is very well written and I'm looking forward to another installment of the detective duo, Stonechild and Rouseau.

Grand Cru Heist (The Winemaker Detective Series Book 2)
Grand Cru Heist (The Winemaker Detective Series Book 2)
Price: £5.10

3.0 out of 5 stars Cozy mystery - More wine discussion than mystery, 15 April 2014
The synopsis for the book really intrigued me. A mystery novel with an amateur sleuth, set in the beautiful French countryside. I love a cosy mystery.

I've read a few cosy mystery's lately and was looking forward to this one set in France. The book started off with lots of promise for me. Benjamin Cooker, a famous wine critic, was badly beaten and car-jacked in Paris, with his treasured note book taken too. However, sadly for me, as I read more, the book lacked substance, and didn't really grip me. Yes there was a murder mystery but it didn't really feature until about a third of the way through the book, and hardly any focus was made on it. More focus seemed to be made on the main characters journey and his love of a beautiful car which belonged to a fellow travel and wine connoisseur. Also too much focus was made on different wines and not being a wine drinker they didn't mean anything to me and I found myself skimming sentences.

For a mystery book, it was a light hearted and quick read and did have a plot line, but for me I would have liked more pages on the book and more dialogue in relation to the actual plot with more police involvement, and a lot less discussion of various different wines which to me seemed to go on too long.

There are other books written by the authors and I would give them a try in the hope that they would have a bit more substance.

Price: £4.32

4.0 out of 5 stars Great mystery novel, 15 April 2014
This review is from: Redemption (Kindle Edition)
Samantha Charles has written a great mystery novel here. I was instantly drawn into Lindy's life and really warmed to her strong, no nonsense character.

It was a well written story line, which was fast paced and full of twists and turns. The author really brought the characters to life, and I have a thing with my books where I want the characters well described so I can picture them in my head, which I managed to do with these. I loved how she described small town life in this town full of intrigue and secrets. Just when you thought you knew where the book was going, Samantha Charles threw something else at you which took you down another path.

There were a couple of things in the book that didn't seem to have been finalised when the book came to an end and without giving any spoilers away, this relates to her Husband and Father in Law. However this did not detract from my enjoyment of the book and I will certainly read more from this author.

4 OUT OF 5

Upholding Law and Disorder: Police Tales from the Front Line
Upholding Law and Disorder: Police Tales from the Front Line
Price: £1.53

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4.0 out of 5 stars A true life tale of life on the front line, 13 Mar 2014
Working as I do for my local police force in the UK, I am sadly addicted to these books about tales of life in the Police Force. I think it's some bizarre thing about whether other Police Forces experience the same as we do in our force. Obviously when you read the books you do not know what Police Force the author works for, and you look for some sort of link as to whether they work for your own force. The trouble is of all the books I've read, they could all work for the same force as me. So either we have lots of published authors, or it's the same story nationwide with the types of people our Officers come across on a daily basis.

I loved the way the author had written this book had written this book as it would make the reader wonder if this was actually fact or fiction. Sometimes the story was a bit laboured but I think that's maybe because I've heard it all before, but someone not working for the police may find it more interesting. Although the author says it's fiction, I'm sure that some of the characters were based on his "customers", as we have many that are very similar, so he is obviously speaking from experience. Good all round read if not a bit lengthy in parts.

This book was given to me by the author for my honest review

The First Phone Call From Heaven
The First Phone Call From Heaven
Price: £4.68

4.0 out of 5 stars An intriguing read although not as inspirational as his other books, 13 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was interested in reading this more through intrigue due to all they hype, than anything else. I was on holiday in the US and attended a book signing by the author Mitch Albom, in his home State of Michigan. The queue went on for ever and ever. This was a very popular book signing!

I had read a Mitch Albom book a long time ago, so thought it about time I read another. Some of my family members in the US, of all generations, are lifelong fans and all bought a copy of this book, so when I got home I did the same.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in a higher power or not. This is not a book which is meant to sway you in one way or another. It is however, a book which really makes you think about the human psyche and how we are all in someway, fearful of letting go of someone or something in our life.

When someone in a small town on Lake Michigan receives a phone call from her Sister, it causes somewhat of a shock. They are not estranged or anything but her Sister is actually dead! Her Sister says she is calling her from Heaven.

There are some great quotes in this book. "You have to start over. That's what they say. But life is not a board game and losing a loved one is never really "starting over". More like continuing without". How true is that.

This book is extremely well written and very intriguing . There are some strong characters in the book, who are all happy to share their experiences. Some are believers, some are sceptics, but they all have the same thing in common. A phone call from Heaven.

I wouldn't say I found the book inspirational like some readers have, and like the other book of Mitch Alboms I read, but it really did make me wish I could receive a phone call from Heaven.

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