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LG G3 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 5.5-inch, 16GB)
LG G3 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 5.5-inch, 16GB)
Offered by Connected247
Price: £329.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Phone, 31 July 2014
This phone is absolutely amazing. For someone who has had pretty much all of the other phones, ranging from Android to iOS and Blackberry to Windows I have not been wowed as much as I have with this phone since the iPhone 3G when I first laid eyes on Smart phone technology. Do I recommend this phone to you? Absolutely YES!!

Of course most of what I will say may conflict with you if your preference are different to mine of course but the reason why your reading these reviews is because you have checked off all the boxes for having a large phone etc.

I'll be as short as I can so I'll go into two areas and tell you my experience after I went to CPW to purchase this Sim Free...

After deciding I was going to get the Xperia Z2 I walked in and gave the LG G3 a benefit of the doubt final look before I pulled the plug on Sony's flagship phone. After pulling the device out of it's socket and trying to fit the power cord back in which was pulled out I was amazed at how nice the unibody felt.Trying to get round to the rear to find the power button it was still low in battery so I hopped over take a first look at the Xperia Z2. Having had the Xperia before I sort of knew what it was like but wanted to play on it to refresh my experience. With it, I found lots of lag and yes, I am aware this was a production device, I wiped the Multi Apps clear and had another go of which it lagged some more. By this time I went back over to the LG G3 and it had enough power to let me try it's IO out. WOW!!! The screen was vivid crystal clear and the app designs looked amazing. I was already aware of the Quad HD and didn't think it would show, but whether it is the placebo effect or not I couldn't help but notice the clarity and sharpness of the screen. I had heard by other reviewers that this phone was slightly laggy but I didn't find this at all even for a production device. I enquired about the price and found that it was on offer and came out at £80 cheaper than the Xperia. Now that I was falling for the LG G3 I gave the Xperia one last try and even looked at it's positives, but I always found reason not to like it. After that I decided to go for the LG G3 and having never owned an LG phone before apart from the Nexus 4 and 5 I called over the attendant to get the Silver version.

When I got home I couldn't wait to cut the seal and open the box. This now was the first time I would properly hold the phone in my hand for the first time. What struck me first was how LIGHT this device was. Okay the battery wasn't in yet so I dived into the box to find it, got my Nano Sim into a Micro Sim converter and put the sim and battery in and held it again. I could not believe how light this device still was. I've had the Note 3 and this was a lot lighter. Then the feel. The feel was really nice. It wasn't a glossy plastic like found in the old Sammy Devices but a strange tactile feel to the plastic back much to do with the metallic painted finish. But lets be honest, if you were to get a premium device you would only have to cover it up in a plastic cover anyway right? And plastic means, lighter. The curve on the phone was nicely arched. The whole feel made a 5.5 feel like a 5.0 in the hand with it's tapped edges. Looking for the buttons I remembered the buttons are now placed on the back. I guess I will come to this later but even this feels nice to be honest. So I booted it up peeled off the advertising screen shield and took a look at it's LG animation take effect. Then for the dreaded set up followed by the accounts set up's (Don't worry this is always the case with all Smart Phones if you are new to the game.) When the set up was all done I had to take in the display. I am not making an exaggeration but I REALLY did look and looked again. I am not even talking about pixels here. I am talking about the nice icon designs, the choice of colour and the way the screen just pops out at you. I've seen amazing screens in phones and some have even said this seems washed out without the Amoled, but I don't like cartoony Amoledy screens and this was proof we don't need it. (Sorry if your an Amoledanite.) I started to set up where I wanted the apps and what widgets I wanted after Google Kindly set up my apps and then had a wiz around the phone. I could NOT believe with this phone you could customise the...
Size of the Keyboard
Size of the App Draw Icons
Size of the Multitasking Screen
Change where you want the App Draw Icon
And Themes of the Icons...
To have this ability you would have to download ADWX or something like that to gain customisation and even then those Apps are overkill and lack design and style. This is simple and easy to use. Having played around with the buttons on the back I was easily pleased at how easy, simple and intuitive these buttons were. It kept the sides clean whilst preventing you from stretching out to find that far away button on the top or switching your phone off with the irritating large button on the side of most phones. Another way of turning your phone on is the all new security feature called 'KNOCK' As the name gives away you simply make a 3-6 tap or erm 'Knock' Pass and it comes on. Less than a second I'm in. No irritating buttons to look out for. And it works every time. Not like Nokia's Lumia 1020 that you had to 'Knock' as if your knocking someones front door and it doesn't work. It worked here every time. Even with soft knocks. Then to turn off you just knock twice and that's it. THANK YOU LG FOR COMING UP WITH THESE TWO GREAT FEATURES. Finally the keyboard was amazing. I mostly if not always download 'Swftkey.' Because the manufacturers keyboards are so dam awful that I have to replace it. Not here. You can resize it. It learns where you lay your fingers and it actually looks nice. Finally!!

I don't normally write a review but I was so impressed I had to write one. I can't believe how well made this phone is, the looks and features are surely so outstanding that this phone will be around for a while. And I hope so too, because LG deserve it.

TOP 6 Blow away features of this phone are...
1. Placed Buttons on the back.
3. Design
4. Keyboard
5. Customisable Features
6. Screen Clarity

Don't hesitate like I did....Get this phone
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Sony DJ Style Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Sony DJ Style Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Price: £24.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice feel, OK sound, 9 Sep 2013
I've always liked Sony in comparison to the Beats or Skull Candy and these are no exception. I did feel that for the price they were a little muffled been as you can get the higher value ones for a slightly cheaper price. They do really add a lot of portability to them and look really nice. The colour accents show a nice design. The only downside is the lead that is permanently attached so you will need to be careful when packing these, and this is made worse by Sony not providing a pouch or bag. But let that not put you off as these are really nice and stylish.

Pros - Comfortable
Decent sound (But not the greatest.)
Cons - Lead attached (As long as your carefully this will be Okay.
- No bag

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT 64Gb Tablet
Microsoft Surface with Windows RT 64Gb Tablet

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5.0 out of 5 stars Such an amazing product, 3 May 2013
I don't usually write many reviews, but I thought that I would definitely write one for Microsoft's Surface RT.

Let me first start by telling you that I wasn't sure at all if I wanted one. I saw the launch event and then started watching peoples unboxing videos and then I started to get bad impressions about it after. I really wanting to get one and after what was said about them put me off. let me go through why I think this has been such a good buy for me in the end, after deciding to take my chance getting one. Warranted, what I think may not represent everyone else's needs and tastes but I hope it will put a few things into perspective for you :)

1. Lack of Apps...
I could see that there was a huge amount of people decrying this amazing piece of art because of the lack of Apps available on the App Store. Now having been an iPad user over these years myself, I knew this was going to be a problem. And having used a Windows phone I knew this would be definitely a make or break point for me. Let me put something into perspective here. Firstly - and again this is not everyone's point of view - but Apps are great for phones. Ever since Apple started the App Store on iOS it has been a big hit, why? Because your phone these days are pocket devices that we need to get to things or find things out really fast and simple, or communicate of course, without having to use the World Wide Web. We need to have Apps on phones, this is a must and Windows don't in my opinion have the amount of Apps we need to keep us going, or most of us might I add. This is why I still love Android and iOS more. But as for Tablets or Computers? We might need the odd one here or there but it's not the end of the world because most of the time going to web is a much better experience. Windows 8 with Internet Explorer is in my opinion a much better experience as it lays out more content and you can edit things much more easier than most tablets, but obviously much better than a phone. So who cares if I don't have a native YouTube or Facebook App right now because I love using it on the web rather than on an App. OK there may be slight advantages to using an App version, but really there isn't many. Then...For the ones that are there, they are pretty good and make good use of the extra peripherals native to Windows such as a mouse or even the X-Box controller. Playing games now is like using a PC, even though RT is not exactly the full version. Then, what made me decide that this was not a bad thing after all was that over a small amount of time, the App store has grown so fast. Yes it's a long way off, but to be honest most App's on Android is a just blown up mobile App or both Android and the App Store is full of junk. Android is the worst, because you have things such as customizing apps and themes and customization apps within App's. So is it really that far ahead? I am an Android lover but I still have to be honest that one thing is for sure, SOOO much is being made about App's or lack of, might I add, that it would put us off buying the Surface RT for no reason. Apps? Great for phones, an OK addition to Tablets! To be fair Apple kind of make this worse by boasting on its App store. But we are missing the point of the real advantage a tablet was made for. So in the end this was not a bad thing for me getting a Surface.

2. Display...
Again, at the time of being a Fan boy as such, I grew to love Apple's use of Retina Display. And after all who wouldn't? Since then other companies have also integrated HD displays in their phones and tablet. After being spoilt over the last few years with this, it is hard to accept anything less, and I do find it hard to not have a device without a HD screen. So again, purchasing a Surface was going to be hard, especially since it only has 148 PPI!! But I had however, read and watched a lot of reviews that explained how, when using a lap top we don't expect it to be HD unless you are rich and own a MacBook Pro with Retina. It really is fine to not have a HD display. And I have found out now that since owning one of these, it really is, not that bad a all. In fact, there is better contrast in colours, such as the blacks are more real and the colours are more vibrant than what we would expect from the iPad. Also, when rendering the internet, Retina or HD screens has a nasty way of making small boxes or text large and then actually rendering them more pixelated. One guy on YouTube explained this better than I did, and what I saw proved that as good as HD screens are, especially when reading, it has a long way to go before we take real advantage of them. Having said that on my phone, things like Apps looks great on my Samsung S4, however, there are certain icons that need to be re-drawn out or whatever you do to make them look HD. After using my Surface for the first time I must admit the screen looks absolutely amazing. I am really pleased with it.

3. Storage...
This was not a make or break thing for me. Again this is more of a personal thing. But for me, unless you are App happy or you love content so much, and you must have ALL your songs on your tablet or phone then the 15GB of already used storage due to the content already on here will not really get you down, why? Firstly, it's RT, if that has put you off already, then why are you even looking at these reviews? RT is basically Windows 8 minus the option to add software and programs. Hence, you won't need to use up so much space. This was designed so it can use the a less powerful chipset, so people like me who don't want a PC or laptop can do light things without the need to pay over the odds for something I don't need. If you want the full version and you are willing to pay the extra then wait for the Surface Pro to come out. There is an optional 64GB minus the 15GB of course and even then, you can add an SD card adding another 64GB on top. I have the 32GB which of course in the end gives me 15GB but I am more than happy with that for what I need.

4. Horse Power...
I am not going to talk technical here because I only skim the surface of what people already know. I do know that this has a decent amount of umph about it and I know that people decry this for it's lack of chipset. This can be more noticeable in things like multitasking. In my Sammy S4 I have a 1.9 GHz processor 2GB Ram Quad core Processor. That to me is what I need for my Android phone. But being open to a Windows Phone in the past, I can see how Windows runs so smooth on it's Operating System. It's very nice. OK I do notice some lag, but that is only if you like to have plenty of things running in the back, again you are probably going to be better off getting a laptop if this is what you are looking to do. What is given here is sufficient enough for running three or four things in the background and Windows has a good way and better way of how things run in the background, surprisingly better than iOS and Android. Plus, all the bad reviews - and I know they come from those who had this from day one - suggest lag between things such as games. Let me tell that Microsoft sent out updates and those updates makes things a whole lot better. As always, coming from buttery Apple like iOS devices, I wasn't sure I was going to like the odd lag or dropped frames, and although I know this isn't 100% It isn't bad at all. Internet Explorer is amazing to use, very fast and buttery smooth and the user interface is also zippy.

5. Keyboard...
I am typing out this review on the touch cover that came with my Surface RT (Extra Price.) Let me tell you, because I wanted the keyboard with it - that this had to be right for me. I've heard mixed reviews on this, and this was going to have to be a chance taken. It's like this, in my opinion...When I first had it I was amazed at how it fitted easily with the Surface RT and how it protected the screen. And the typing was nice, and it was easy to use and get used to within 5 minuets (at least for me.) However, I will point this out. It is very strange to use. I sometimes don't know if I need to apply more or less pressure. So far I think I am using too much pressure because I am naturally thinking in my head that I am using something that is flat and has no tactile to it and that I need to press harder, when in fact I don't need to use as much as I am using. I think that when I first used it, it was to check it out and that was OK, and now I am using it to write this review, I am starting to get a back ach because I think I am not used to this change. I really do hope I get used to this. Then the more confident I type out the worse it is because I keep pressing more wrong keys, again this is all about practice, and things don't work right away. Then then the Space bar is hard to click because I using my right thumb and I find myself not hitting it hard enough that I miss using it. I think that I will need to come back to this and re-write it to see if that get's any better. Otherwise the feel is nice and the overall experience isn't that bad at all, there is also another type of Keyboard as a case cover too if you want to get that, although I've heard this isn't great either.

OK, I've heard so many people say, 'What is the point in having both keyboard or tablet'. Well I am want to have the ability to have the keyboard and use the USB to add a mouse so I can navigate better when I am doing more serious things. Then I want to use it like a tablet for light internet searching, light games and reading in bed. I also want to add a gaming controller to do some serious gaming.

In my opinion other tablets have failed at this. Yes you can add Bluetooth keyboards and jail break or root your tablets and add adaptors and play games with other devices but this is a no brainer, easy to plug in and use right away without voiding your warrantee or opening your device to malicious bugs. OK, we all want tablets to...Read only or, lightly use or whatever, but the Surface RT opens up new possibilities and gives you a more mature way to use a tablet.

When I unboxed my Surface, I found that it was clean looking, and no I am not talking about (clean as in cleanliness.) Was not that heavy as some was suggesting but also more comfortable than I thought. It's kickstand is very useful. OK other stands are not bad, but I don't want to add another thing to my bag, if that's what I would do. And yes some cases do well to offer a stand too, but this is right out of the box. Cover case looks and feels premium too. Overall the design is great.

I have never been so happy with my Surface than I have with other tablets. The Transformer Infinity had a dock but it was hard to balance, and it's performance suffered under it's HD screen. The iPad doesn't give you a USB, and as well as the Surface allowing you the ability to do this, it also opens up a barrage of extra peripherals to add to it. If you want a tablet to read get an e-reader, if you want to run software, get a Pro version or a Laptop. So who's it for really??? It's for someone who WANT'S a TABLET! Someone who want's to touch the screen to do all you need it to do, i.e. Calendars, contacts, emailing surfing. Someone who doesn't want to have to pay out for consoles with the really good graphics, so that they can use a controller and be happy with fairly good games from the store. Someone who isn't into too much reading but likes to now and then. Someone who wants to listen to music openly or personally. Someone who want to do a lot of typing but not too much, and by the way the keyboard is getting better, or should I say I am getting better at using it already. Create documents maybe for recreational or work related purposes. And just to mess around on. I am all of the above and I really do not believe that I am not in the minority when I say that :)

Microsoft Office
People Hub
A good weather App
Ability to add and utilise files
Designed to not break (although I am not endorsing you to throw it out of your window ;)
Nice feel to it.
Windows 8 Charm bar and easy access to your other running programs.
Split windows, made more useful on the extra long viewing angles.
HDMI out so you can show pictures, go on the web as well as play games etc..
Access to SkyDrive of course :)
Possibly looking professional and cool at the same time ;)

I would say, I am glad I went for this really. There was times I thought, no I don't think I will like this. Oh, how wrong I was. I would say, if a few things are holding you back, then don't let it, I am glad I went for it now :)

I hope this helped and thanks for reading :)
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