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MHP® 1.5m HDMI Cable Lead 1.4v HD LCD PLASMA TV PS3 SKY Xbox Xbox360 Blu-ray GOLD Male to Male, 3D TV
MHP® 1.5m HDMI Cable Lead 1.4v HD LCD PLASMA TV PS3 SKY Xbox Xbox360 Blu-ray GOLD Male to Male, 3D TV
Offered by MHP Computer Services Ltd ®
Price: £4.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Since when was this a game?, 9 Jan 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This is a 1.5m HDMI cable.... Allthough i'm not sure i can review it now as i was just asked how much fun is this game?........
err it does the job wish i bought a longer one but that was my fault so can't complain.
Played skipping rope with it for a bit, Gave it 5 stars as a game as it still worked afterwards.
Used it to lasso my cat so overall 5 stars...

GOOD CABLE maybe a bit short!

Fable III: Strategy Guide
Fable III: Strategy Guide
by Brady Games
Edition: Hardcover

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3.0 out of 5 stars This is ok sort of., 9 Jan 2011
Ok i'm going to keep this short and normally my reviews are long.
This book is for the collectors, It is in no way needed to complete the game and it might help you get everything you might have missed but i found it easier online.
I only bought this to add to my fable collection and i am happy with it but the guide itself is weak and when you have missed something in the game using this guide you will find it hard to follow.
It's not the best rpg guide i've ever seen not by far but it looks freaking awesome with all the fable stuff i have, so i like it.

All that said, just think do you want to buy this to collect a bit of fable merchandise or do you want a guide, If it's a guide you want i would think twice.
If it's adding to your collection it looks freaking awesome..
Mikey. Love you all like apples

I Shall Wear Midnight: (Discworld Novel 38) (Discworld Novels)
I Shall Wear Midnight: (Discworld Novel 38) (Discworld Novels)
by Terry Pratchett
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars I shall wear nac mac feegles!, 8 Nov 2010
I'm going to keep this short as i've never been a huge fan of the tiffany stories as such but i am a huge fan of the discworld.

This book for me was great, I like the fact that it's been set for younger readers that have got older as now it feels like it fits into the discworld with some of the greats. The story itself is just about as gripping as it gets, I don't want to give anything away and i won't read any other reviews because i would guess they all say "it's really dark for a tiff book!" Well she grew up! so did we while reading about her!, I'm 27 now and i hope to all that is good on this earth that i can keep reading this type of writing from this amazing writer for at least another 27 more years.

If my gran could live into her 80's with alzheimer's and still know what was going on in the snooker and make a good pea and ham soup, I'm sure pratchett can suprise us with a good few books to come!
I myself look forward to reading the next one and the one after that!.

Aquarius USB Multi Hub Expansion Splitter with 4 Port - Black
Aquarius USB Multi Hub Expansion Splitter with 4 Port - Black
Price: £4.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does the job and does it well., 25 Sep 2010
I bought this as i was having to switch between ports far too often so after seeing the price of this i didn't think twice about buying it.

I will start off by saying this is not a powered usb hub, It runs off the power coming from the usb port on your computer and allthough i've not tried it i wouldn't buy this device for connecting hard drives, scanners or anything that requires a bit of extra power. That said though i have only 3 ports on my laptop. I use one for my exteranl hard drive which needs power from the usb port and the same for my i-pod dock as it needs to charge my ipod. This leaves me with one port so i bought this.
I have my Keyboard reciever, 16gb flash drive, optical mouse and belive it or not an xbox 360 controller all plugged into this hub and they all work fine, I thought i was being a little hopefull when i pluged the controller in but to my suprise it worked fine without interupting the other devices.

It's not the most eye pleasing bit of kit but not ugly either, Can't fault it really price is good, Does the job so will just have to see how it holds out in the future, as for now 5 stars all the way.

I have not tried using my hard drive with this yet but to be honest i wouldn't trust plugging anything but a direct usb port for that and i would sugest the same for anyone else, Use it for low power devices and you can't go wrong.

Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard
Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard

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4.0 out of 5 stars Spot on, Just a little noisey.., 23 Sep 2010
I bought this because i run my laptop through a hdmi cable into my tv and wanted to have my laptop tucked away so needed a wirless keyboard, I still prefare to have a cable mouse connected and the one i have is perfect so i just needed a keyboard.
After reading lots of reviews i found this one and it seemed to do everything i needed it to do so i bought it, As allways amazon shipped very quickly.

The keyboard looks great all shiney and black with a red background behind the keys, It does pick up dust quite easily but thats not really a problem for me,
It is also very responsive it's been a couple of years since i last used a wireless one and i allways remember them being a big slow or lose connection every now and then but this one is perfect, I will point out though i don't have it very far from the reciver maybe a meter and a half at most so i can't really say how good the range is but for me it's perfect.
The receciver is tiny and i mean tiny i could see this being a problem around small children who like to put things in mouths but we don't have that problem in this house at the moment, It also could get lost easily, Mine is in my usb multitap where it will remain for it's life most likely.

I have to say i like the function key setup on the keyboard, Being able to throw my laptop into sleep mode quickly is quite cool if your a little lazy and can't be botherd going down to the start menu with your mouse lol, No really you can download a bit of sowfware from the logitech website that allows you to reprogram the function keys so you could set it to open a program, I have it setup to open my steam program where my games are stored.

The box says that the battery life is 3 years * <--- i hate these because it means it most likely won't but i will update when they fianlly do go as i'm a heavy gamer so this keyboard will be used a lot, It does have a handy off switch though which my old one did not have i just had to trust that it switched itself off.
As for connecting other logitech peripherals to it i've not tried this but did see that another review said his did not, I would make sure if you do buy a wireless mouse to go with this that it supports logitechs unifying device because otherwise you will need 2 recievers.

So all is good but i couldn't it all 5 stars, Maybe i'm being a little harsh and picky but i do find this keyboard is quite loud on the old clicks when you hit the keys, I no heavy typer either and for this reason only i had to mark it down.

Anyway i would highly recomend this to anyone looking for just a wireless keyboard without the mouse......Aslong as you don't mind it being a little clicky

If anything does wrong i will be sure to update with a less happy review but for now it's exactly what i was looking for....... ^_^

j8888. Hope this helps any would be Buyers,
.88888888. See ya round
.888888888888888888b. Mike ^_^ ...

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset (Xbox 360)
Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset (Xbox 360)

5.0 out of 5 stars Turtle Beach X1 pretty damn good, 23 Sep 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Ok i bought these for use with my xbox 360 and found them to be great for just that but what i didn't know when i bought them is that i could use them for my PC too, These really are great for the price range.

Only problems i can see people having is they do make a bit of noise and by that i mean people can hear whatever you are listening too if near by, This isn't really a problem and for gaming at night won't wake anybody up but just thought i should note it. Other than that i think they could be quite easily broken but most headsets can be just don't be careless with them.

They do come with quite a few parts too, Easy as anything to setup just don't misplace any of the parts as you will need them all.
Other than that i'm really happy with them.

One cool thing with them as well is how they split all the sound, being able to adjust voice on xbox and sound from the game also being able to have your tv sound on aswell (not sure what point this has really but i'm sure somebody will find one), fantastic sound and amazing bass.. I'm gonna save up and buy some more expensive ones as i can only imagine they get much better.


I'm writing this some time after buying the X1 headset and just making an update on what they have been like over time.

The headphones are still working which for me is pretty amazing as i have a tendency of breaking headphones, I managed to break a set of skull candy skull crushers in 3 months, These headphones have had around the same beating and manage to keep on going like they are new.

I have found a few problems with them not being picked up sometimes on xbox live for some reason but it doesn't seem to be the headphones rarther than the xbox, After a restart of the 360 they seem to work again which is very strange but this doesn't happen often so it's not that big of a deal.

So in the only product review i've ever came back and said something good about the product i'm going to have to say, If i manage to break these things i'm gonna go right ahead and buy some more!.

Logitech Stereo USB Headset 250
Logitech Stereo USB Headset 250

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Price!, 21 July 2007
Ok after having mine for 6 months now a wire has split and with a little messing around i've got them working again but what a pain in the @R$£.. So why did i give them a 5 star rating you may ask????.

Well i have had headphones of all types belive me i destroy them all!. For this kind of price you get a set of headphones that will work for a good while with a well decent sound and a great mic attached. The mic still hasn't failed to disapoint but we'll see with time!....
Even if this headset breaks 6 months down the line at least you didn't pay £50 and have them break on you!

GameTrak Real World Golf 2007 (PS2)
GameTrak Real World Golf 2007 (PS2)
Offered by SourceMediaUK
Price: £2.63

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great fun!, 7 Sep 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This game is adictive and great fun, The set-up is easy enough.

The game is easy enough on the amature setting and can also be very chaleging on the other settings.

There are loads of unlockables and plenty to do in this game.

The reason i marked it down to 4 starts is because the multiplayer is realy anoying with only one gametrack device and you will look a real plonker if anyone walks past the window while you are playing!


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2.0 out of 5 stars Great sound, Bad workmanship, 2 Jun 2006
This review is from: SKULLCANDY CRUSHER (Accessory)
The other review for these headphones hits the nail on the head, Only i think he missed one point, They are very cheaply made.

I have only had mine a few months and they are allready on the blink. Time to find my warenty card.

Scullcandy - Scull Crushers Headphones (White)
Scullcandy - Scull Crushers Headphones (White)

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Great sound, Bad workmanship, 2 Jun 2006
I have to admit the sound quality for these headphones is amzing but thats where the good ends and the bad starts.

I have only had mine a few months and i have never gone outside with these on my head because they are really big!, Now i'm searching for my warenty card as the headphones seem to be losing sound due to a bad connection.

I think if you are after a decent headphone with great bass, spend a little more and don't buy these headphones.

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