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How the Immune System Works
How the Immune System Works
Price: 16.68

5.0 out of 5 stars Invaluable., 28 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is simply one of the best medical textbooks that I have ever read. Clear diagrams coupled with highly readable text make this whole subject easily understandable and engaging.

MY-Link V668 Dual Sim Stand Touch Screen Mobile Phone
MY-Link V668 Dual Sim Stand Touch Screen Mobile Phone

3.0 out of 5 stars V668 Cheap Dual Sim mobile which works with some limitations, 9 Jan 2008
I bought one of these hoping to be able to run two numbers, one for incoming calls the other for outgoing calls. The phone shown in the image has what looks like a windows mobile 5 screen. But don't be taken by the picture, it doesn't say anywhere in the text description that the phone runs windows and indeed the phone you will get will have some other operating system which, although it does work perfectly well is definitely not windows based.

The second problem comes with choice of networks. As stated the phone is unlocked so it will accept ANY sim. However it does not seem to have the correct protocols to operate on certain UK networks - which isn't a problem if you want to use Orange or Vodaphone - but could be if you need complete network compatibility. IT DOES NOT WORK with T-mobile, Virgin or O2. Overall if you want a cheap mobile it's worth the price. But don't expect a Rolls Royce because what you will get is more like a cheap Ford.

E-300 + EZ-14-45 + EZ-40-150
E-300 + EZ-14-45 + EZ-40-150

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bargain priced Digital SLR, 6 Aug 2006
I bought one of these from another online retailer (sorry amazon but they weren't in stock at the time). At the price it is either this, an entry level Nikon or a pentax ist*DL. The other two are both bigger and have lower digital resolutions. So guess which I chose?

Now I know digital resolution is not everything. There is a question of optics, of image sensor accuity atc, but lets face it the lens is made by Olympus and the sensor by Kodak - both leaders in the field, so it should be OK. Well it is after a bit of downloading...

You can read elsewhere about the many shortcomings of the Olympus software that the camera ships with. Many reviewers have slated this camera because of them, but I think that just makes it a bargain because it has depressed the price. What the reviewers don't tell you is that if you download the firmware upgrade to V1.4 the almost all of the problems disappear and what you are left with is a superb digital camera which takes stunning photos but at firesale prices!

What is good - The viewfinder metering and autofocus is easy and intuative. It comes with so many exposure modes that I will never be able to try them all. The lenses are (as you would expect from olympus) superb.

Third party lenses by Sigma and Tamron are beginning to appear.

what is bad - The lack of an on-screen preview is a silly oversight (this is rectified in the next model the E330... but at the expense of lower digital resolution - sometimes you can't win it seems) The other slight anoyance is tendancy of the lens hood to mask the flash coverage in wide angle spread causing a slight vignette effect.

Other than that it's a genuine bargain. Get one while you can.

Panasonic DMR E50EBS DVD Recorder
Panasonic DMR E50EBS DVD Recorder

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5.0 out of 5 stars DMR-E50 Excellent DVD recorder, 24 Mar 2004
This is an excellent cheap DVD recorder. It works well with DVD-R disks (I have used maxell, bulk-paq and princo branded disks with very good results.) Plus the almost infinite re-usability of DVD-RAM makes them almost unbeatable for timeshifting.
Yes I know you cant play DVD-RAM back in a normal DVD player - but unlike DVD-RW they don't wear our after only a few hundred uses... and if you want to timeshift (watch and wipe) then you probably don't need to be able to play them back elsewhere anyway. If you need compatability just use a DVD-R instead....
Anyway back to DVD-RAM... the point is that because of the way they work this machine can managed the rather neat trick of playing back and recording at the same time - just like a sky plus box only without the need for an expensive subscription. so you can use it to pause live TV as well !! all for a bargain basement price ! The only thing missing is an integrated Digital (freeview) tuner. How about it for the next model Panasonic?

Panasonic NV-GS70B Camcorder Dv 3ccd/1.7 Megapixel 2.5" Lcd
Panasonic NV-GS70B Camcorder Dv 3ccd/1.7 Megapixel 2.5" Lcd

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5.0 out of 5 stars NV-GS70B A little marvel, 24 Mar 2004
Once I got over the shock of the tiny size, I was quite simply blown away by the features and quality crammed into this little marvel. I am a freelance VideoTape editor and, although camera work is not my main skill I am used to working with professional cameramen. So I am a fairly demanding user.
I love using this camera. It makes my rather amateur effors look good on screen, and even if not aimed at a pro user, it produces quality pictures which are easily good enough to use in low budget professional work. If you can afford it then by all means look at the Sony PD100's or the higher spec panasonic models - but if you want excellent results on a budget coupled with ultra-portability and excellent battery life then this one is for you. Highly reccomended

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