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The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting - Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer
The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting - Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer
by Michael Mosley
Edition: Paperback
Price: 2.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not as hard as it sounds, 8 May 2014
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You eat for five days of the week, and then fast for two days, they can be any two days you want, and that's beauty of it, if a social engagement comes up on a fast day then just make the next day your fast day instead, as long as you do two a week it's fine.
It actually makes a lot of sense, in my first two weeks alone I lost 8 pounds!

Price: 7.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great return!, 5 May 2014
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This review is from: Sheezus (Audio CD)
Lily has returned with her third album and it is very, very good! It takes little pieces of what made her so good before but evolves it into this new Lily with more sass, opinions and even some vulnerability.
Her lyrics here are just as clever and narrative as always, her comments on social status, feminism, popular music and love are really insightful.
The genre of the music is a real mixture, pop, RnB, indie, electro, mellow, middle of the road type stuff, overall a great album.
No one should have any doubts about why Lily got so big in the first place, a talented lady with great music!

Kiss Me Once [CD+DVD]
Kiss Me Once [CD+DVD]
Offered by Star Deals De
Price: 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing return, but takes soem growing!, 18 Mar 2014
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This review is from: Kiss Me Once [CD+DVD] (Audio CD)
I will admit, this album didn't hit me straight away, it took a few listens to take everything in and to really appreciate what I was hearing, every track has gotten better and better with each listen, it's a great collection of upbeat/mid-tempo electronic, dance pop anthems, personal favourites of mine are Million Miles, Sexy Love, Sexercise, Feels So Good, Les Sex and Sleeping With the Enemy. A great return from Kylie.

The Complete Studio Albums [1983-2008]
The Complete Studio Albums [1983-2008]
Price: 20.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Legendary, 28 Dec 2013
This is a collection of Madonna's first 11 studio albums, from her debut up until Hard Candy.
This collection really highlights the sheer amount of success Madonna has had throughout her career, from her disco pop beginnings to her folksy, trippy Ray of Light album to her disco/diva dance hits on Confessions.
There is something for everyone here, each album is a whole new style for Madonna, she literally reinvents her style with each album, making for a truly iconic, dynamic and versatile back catalogue.
Lot's of people are pointing out that specific hits such as Vogue are missing, well it isn't rocket science, this is a collection of STUDIO ALBUMS, if you had bothered to do your research you'll see that songs such as Vogue were never included in a studio album, therefore they are missing.
My only con is the packaging, it's compact and easy to store, but I really do not like the cardboard sleeves each album is housed in, no lyric booklets or photo's are included, it's literally the box, with the 11 studio albums in cardboard sleeves.
I realise if it were a box of all the jewel cased albums with original booklets the price would be far more expensive.
But for the music you get here, I rate this an easy five stars.

Britney Jean
Britney Jean
Offered by davehopetrading
Price: 6.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic!, 2 Dec 2013
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This review is from: Britney Jean (Audio CD)
Billed as Britney's most personal album ever, I had reservations about this album, her past hits which had next to no contribution lyrically or production wise from her were fantastic, but I was sceptical about her taking the reins, well, I was wrong, this album is great and has a song for every occasion, and best of all for "real music fans" out there Britney has contributed writing on EVERY track on the album.
This album is also more about the vocals and her distinctive voice which in recent years has been semi-drowned out by vocal effects and layering, and whilst some of that is still present it has been vastly toned down.
On ballads like Perfume or Passenger you can hear her actual voice, and gosh, we all know she hasn't got the strongest voice but she DOES sound beautiful on songs like these two.
The album has a constant theme of loneliness and sadness which some may find off putting, I however find it endearing; she means what she is singing.
There are of course, the usual Britney anthems, fast paced dance songs such as Til It's Gone and Body Ache and of course the amazing Work B*tch will definitely satisfy long time fans of her dance hits, one thing to note is that even on the full on dance tracks she has stepped up her vocals, she now sounds more alive than we've heard her for years and she comes across more passionate.
There are some great collaborations here as well, Tik Tik Boom featuring T.I is a wonderful piece of RnB that showcases Britney's sex appeal, whilst her duet with her sister, Jamie-Lynn, Chillin With You, talks about how comfortable they are together, with hints of Country and Trap this is quite a creative collab and I'd love to hear more.
The duet with is well, my only low point, I like the song however has made Britney sound unrecognisable in this song as the autotune is so overwhelming it totally threw me off for a while, Britney sounded like a droid from Star Wars, however the fun instrumental makes up for that in my opinion, only other nag about this song is that is featured far too much, he literally takes the entire last chorus and ad-libs all for himself which shouldn't have happened.
Also, the bonus tracks for the deluxe edition are just flawless, Brightest Morning Star is gorgeous with beautiful gospel vocals featured in the last chorus and Now That I Found You features a bizarre yet catchy mix of Avicii style dance beats with a banjo kind of country feel, it's odd but sounds great at the same time!
Britney has always lead the pack, throwing in new styles and starting the new trends, in 2007 she bought electro-pop to the forefront with Blackout and in 2011 she bought dubstep to pop songs with Femme Fatale, Britney is back and I sincerely hope people give this album a chance because it is her one of her best yet!

Midnight Memories
Midnight Memories
Offered by Star Deals De
Price: 11.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unlike some people I'll talk about the actual album, 28 Nov 2013
This review is from: Midnight Memories (Audio CD)
Very impressed, its got the usual pop/rock bangers with a few pretty ballads thrown in, but it also has some folky type songs, it's the same old 1D but they've improved and elevated their sound, they've evolved, vocals and harmonies are even tighter and stronger than before, good for them!
Lot's of people have criticised the handling of amazon and the selling of the album, ignore those reviews, they're pointless and aren't actually talking about the album, which is very good.
If you have to buy one 1D album then I would definitely recommend this one.

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: 6.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely spectacular!, 14 Nov 2013
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This review is from: ARTPOP [CD+DVD] (Audio CD)
Gaga has done it again, for casual fans I can tell you that this album is more Fame than Born This Way but still has a lot of the messages in some of the songs.
This album is hugely electronic, far more than her other albums, but it suits her so much, the album has such an interesting concept and the songs flow well, there are a lot of experimental tracks like Sex Dreams, G.U.Y and Aura, but also has a lot of fun songs like Applause, Manicure, Fashion and Gypsy.
A great album and a step up from her last album! : )

Living For The Weekend
Living For The Weekend
Price: 7.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Time sure has flown..., 19 Oct 2013
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This review is from: Living For The Weekend (Audio CD)
Time really has flown with this group; it's amazing to think that their debut album was released 5 years ago!
And they have come so, so far in that time.
Babies, husbands, success, failures, they had it all.
But now onto the album itself, honestly it doesn't really stray too far from their last criminally underrated album On Your Radar, it has the same pop/dance feel although this time there is a noticeable urban tinge to it, this is probably because most of the album was crafted in America by American producers mainly by member Mollie's boyfriend in fact who is part of a famous production team called "The Jam".
The album kicks off with three singles, the reggae, urban dance anthem What About Us which gave them their first number one, honestly it took a while to grow on me but now I love it, next comes Disco Love which is a gorgeous, melodic pop song about having fun in different times, from the 70's all the way to the 90's, it's a really fun song, lastly is Gentleman which admittedly didn't set the charts alight, however, it's really amazing, from bonkers lyrics to rapping this song is very quirky.
Next comes the new tracks, first off a beautiful pop/rock/RnB mid-tempo ballad called Leave a Light On, a gorgeous song and it has a real warmth to it, next comes what most fans have been praying will be a single, Not Giving Up, truly All Fired Up part 2, a real dance floor stomper, euphoric beats and an insanely beautiful chorus make this a real album highlight.
Next up is the Darkchild song Lease My Love, a really nice pop/RnB ballad about telling a man that their love isn't something they can toy with, Rochelle really lets loose on this beautiful ballad.
Next up is past single 30 Days, it's a return to the fun dance type songs they did earlier in their career and honestly, it sort of sounds out of place on this album, nevertheless it's still fun and catchy and I like it a lot.
Next up is Anywhere With You, another highlight for me, a great dance track that relates to the girls lives about being away from loved ones, an inspiring song with a really cool chorus.
Then comes Problem With Love, this had to grow on me if I'm honest, the verses are really cool but I find the chorus a little lacking, the production seems a little lacklustre at times but the dubstep breakdown is gorgeous!
Next up is a fantastic ballad called You Don't Have The Right, it's just stunning, beautiful vocals and another highlight, you can really hear the hurt in their voices and it gave me chills.
Next is Don't Let Me Dance Alone, SUCH a fun track, it's about the girls just wanting to have fun and dance without the pressures of a man pestering them for.....erm....other things.
The last track on the standard edition is Somebody Else's Life, for me, another highlight and a perfect way to close the album, really gorgeous vocals and melodies and the chorus is incredibly catchy.

My final thoughts on the album are that I'm starting to see hints of perhaps a more RnB direction for their next? It's definitely influenced them somewhat with this album.
I am very impressed with the vocals on this album, Vanessa has gotten her killer voice back and Una and Rochelle have really stepped up their game, I didn't think they could get any better!
As for Mollie, I love how far she has come vocally, she is absolutely killing it these days!
Now here's my gripe....where oh where is Frankie? She perhaps gets one line every other song, I remember the days of her getting whole verses in songs like Ego and Missing You. What happened? She's virtually non-existent...
I just hope she gets more vocal time on their next album.
But overall I love this album, very impressed.

Price: 14.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars A comeback worth waiting for!, 8 July 2013
This review is from: Ciara (Audio CD)
Ciara isn't playing around! She means business! After her last album Basic Instinct didn't do that well things were looking bad, she parted ways with her label saying that they basically sucked which is very true, fast forward 3 years and she has a new deal with L.A Reid, the man who discovered her and is back on form!
The album is probably one of the best RnB albums I've heard in years, it mixes the genre with crunk, pop, electro, drum and bass as well as hip/hop.

I'll go track by track!

1. I'm Out featuring Nicki Minaj: A great opener, Nicki's rap is fierce and Ciara brings it with her sultry tones on this superb RnB track, Ciara is telling a man she isn't putting up with him anymore, great stuff.
2. Sophomore: This song oozes sexiness, Ciara coo's about how "experienced" she is, a good song and certinaly keeps the momentum up.
3. Body Party: This song is pure sex, no beating around the bush here, the song is gorgeous, amazing melody and production with Ciara's sexy vocals keeping things creative enough for repeated listens, it's no wonder this was a single, it's slow jam at it's finest!
4. Keep On Lookin': This song almost has a reggae feel with the beginning shouting, this is about Ciara telling a guy to look the other way because she aint interested! This track is probably the definition of good filler.
5. Read My Lips: This song is so pretty, creative lyrics and a gorgeous beat, it's a song about Ciara just wanting to take care of her man, this song shows how much her voice has improved.
6. Where You Go featuring Future: This song is beautiful, her voice is just wow, the song is about telling your man not to hold your feelings in, she wants to know how you feel deep inside, it's a cute song and has a great RnB beat in the background thumping away.
7. Super Turnt Up: This song has an almost drum and bass beat, it's about Ciara watching her man be amazing and how much she wants him, it's a really interesting song and even features her rapping!
8. DUI: This song is so interesting, it's about Ciara behind the wheel of a car and not paying attention because all she can think of is her lover, a really catchy chorus and a great beat.
9. Livin' It Up featuring Nicki Minaj: This song HAS to be a single! So catchy, with such an addictive chorus, probably the most pop song on this album, Ciara put's on a faux Caribbean accent for the verses and it really works, great production and very good to dance to.
10. Overdose: This song has an almost 80's feel, Ciara wants you to call her a doctor because she's overdosed on love, an immediately catchy chorus and again, HAS to be a single, it would be a big hit I'm sure, the electro beat is mesmerizing.
11. For those who bought the album on itunes, it comes with an extra track, "Backseat Love", I advise you to download this because it is amazing! It's like an electro/RnB slow jam, it's about Ciara loving her man on the backseat of her car, a very catchy song and I can't believe it got relegated to bonus itunes track!

Overall this was a comeback worth waiting for, Ciara has grown so much, the music is fresh and creative, the production and lyrics are interesting and most importantly her vocals has really improved, she was always able to sing but these days she's taken it to another level!

London With The Lights On (Deluxe)
London With The Lights On (Deluxe)

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2.0 out of 5 stars A disappointment..., 23 Jun 2013
I love girl groups, so you can only imagine my disappointment after listening to Stooshe's debut album, they have so much potential and have such good, strong voices, but the songs are so weak, I can't fully describe it, it's like they are missing a piece of the puzzle, some sort of quality that makes them stand out, some songs sound quite fresh, but then get ruined by constant cringe worthy yelling and shrieking in the background. The songs could be a lot better, also I think there is a lack of variety, they seem to be going for a Motown/pop/RnB type vibe, which comes across, it's just that there is so much of it, it's all very samey, Slip and Black Heart are good songs, but the rest are kinda meh and could be sung by anyone, but I still have hope! If they make a second album I hope they will show more of what they can do, with their unique voices I think they would be able to make a really awesome electronic album.

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