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Shaving Shack Brush Travel Tube
Shaving Shack Brush Travel Tube
Offered by Shaving Shack
Price: £5.09

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK, a bit big. More suitable for storage than travel., 20 July 2012
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A very simple product and it does exactly what it says, but I feel I should point out a few things.

1) It's quite large, to be fair, the dimensions are clearly stated on the description so I would encourage you to look at a ruler first.
2) Because of it's size there will be a decent amount of clearance above all but the largest brush allowing it to move up and down, I'd be concerned about damaging the brush while travelling.
3) £5 +p&p seems a bit pricey for a plastic tube.

I would say for regular travel, you'd want a collapsible/packable dedicated travel brush.

This product is far more suited for storing shaving brushes at home than travelling with them.

An idea for the manufacturer, if it could be altered to double as a shaving stand it would be a far more useful product.

Apple KeyBoard, Trackpad MagicWand Silver, Twelve South
Apple KeyBoard, Trackpad MagicWand Silver, Twelve South
Price: £20.82

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2.0 out of 5 stars Overpriced. Not fully functional, 7 Dec 2011
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The product itself is deserving of 3 stars, 4 if it worked properly but it looses 1 for lack of testing and 1 for it's ridiculous price.

First things first, the magic wand is OK. It's not rubbish but neither is it great. The annoying thing is it could be a really neat bit of kit but is let down by a lack of testing on twelvesouth's part, a ridiculous price and miserly attitude to extra's.

The biggest complaint you'll see on here is that it stops the click function on the the touchpad. Why? Attaching the Magic Wand to the keyboard and touchpad lifts the back up slightly increasing the angle at which the front meets the desk. Completely unnoticeable, except that the two devices are now supported on their front edge and NOT the little rubber feet on the bottom. Not a big deal for the keyboard, but completely eliminating the click ability on the touch pad. Twlevesouth would have noticed this if they'd attempted to use to product even once, more likely they did notice and didn't care.
This can easily be solved by sticking a little rubber pad to each of the 4 feet like these:
but twelvesouth haven't bothered because they'd rather keep the 2p that would have cost them.

Secondly, when you pick up the assembled keyboard and pad occasionally the separator bar can fall out, easily solved with sticky tape. But why not provide a single sticky pad with the product to solve the problem? Because it would cost an extra penny is, I believe, the answer.

Finally the price. At most this is worth £10 and thats if they (easily) solve the problems mentioned above. an RRP of £30 is obscene, £17 is not much better. Once theres a cheap knock-off available it will force twelvesouth to lower there price to something approaching sensible. Until then it's supply and demand, they are the only company making a product like this that I've seen so they can charge what they like.
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Mini DisplayPort + TOSLINK Digital Audio to HDMI (v1.3b) adapter cable by Neet® - ( for Unibody MacBook - Pro - iMac etc. )
Mini DisplayPort + TOSLINK Digital Audio to HDMI (v1.3b) adapter cable by Neet® - ( for Unibody MacBook - Pro - iMac etc. )
Offered by Neet Cables
Price: £69.95

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent with 1 Small Flaw., 27 July 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The product works and works well. It makes mirroring my screen to the large flatscreen on the wall simple. I haven't had any issues with having to turn things on and off. As for settings, simply allow your mac to detect displays and it should pick everything up it needs from your screen.

Be aware that if you have a monitor with one of those slightly odd 1920x1050 resolutions (as I previously did), if you are mirroring your display the computer has to output in one resolution that can be displayed on both screens, so you wont quite get a full screen image on a 1080p TV. This is nothing to do with the adapter, but it's worth being aware of, ideally both screens should be the same resolution.

The 1 flaw I have found was that I would get a split second white flash/flicker every few minutes on the Bravia TV connected to the adapter. I almost sent the adapter back believing it to be faulty. A bit of detective work led me to HDMI communication feature of the TV. This is the clever feature that lets connected devices behave like an all-in-one system. For example, if I turn on my PS3, it turns the TV on automatically. Likewise pausing a DVD and turning off the TV will automatically turn off the playstation. The problem comes from the TV trying to communicate with the adapter and confusing it for a split second, leading to the interference I was seeing. Solved simply by turning HDMI communication off when using it as a display.

It looses a star for that small inconvenience.

Blagdon Electronic Blanket Weed Controller
Blagdon Electronic Blanket Weed Controller
Price: £34.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Ineffective. Pointless. Useless., 5 July 2011
Helped my Dad overhual his pond 2 years ago. Drained it, scooped out all the gunk and genrally gave it a good clean. Filled it back up with clean water, installed the pump and filter system and one of these weed control units. Blanket weed is now rampant, the pond isn't that big, this unit is obviously just a plastic box with some lights on it.

Plantronics Audio desktop Headset Switcher Speaker Box
Plantronics Audio desktop Headset Switcher Speaker Box

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellant, the missing link for the bedroom user!, 9 Jun 2011
I have had one of these for a few years now and I have to say it's excellant. I don't use it for a headset, just wireless headphones but at the touch of a button I can switch from speakers to headphones (don't want to wake the neighbours!) without having to faff about with wires, turn speakers or headphones on or off. I just press, job done. The design is such that it will sit flat on the desk with wires coming out the back neatly and it doesn't look boxy and cumbersome. The advantage of having the switch on top of a rounded unit rather than the front of a box means it will work just as well stuck to the wall infront of your desk or discretely stuck to the underside out of sight. Simple but very effective.

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