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Saaf Organic Pure Shower Gel
Saaf Organic Pure Shower Gel

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great!, 25 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Organic, Soil Association certified high percentage of organic ingredients (unlike some brands claiming to be organic but then you read they only have about 5%)

Safe to use, no parabens and other cancer causing nasties. Smells great, not strong scented so equally suitable for men and women alike. Non-fussy bottle but looks distinguished and classy so would also make a nice gift.

what's not to like? I dont mind paying a little more for good quality, organic brands because I know they are safe, have been produced ethically without pesticides which ARE killing bees and other pollinators, and they don't damage the environment when they go down the plughole! Choosing organic products isn't so much a choice but an absolute necessity. Hopefully Saaf will flourish and bring out more products for me to try. Thanks!

Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy
Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy
Offered by Vitamin Chaps
Price: £13.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars Dog Loves But not that Tuff, 18 April 2012
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This review is from: Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy (Misc.)
First: I first bought the Elephant Tuffy, rated scale 8 on the Tuff toughness scale (see my other review) . It was my dogs favourite toy (a lurcher) but I've finally had to take it from him, despite sewing it and removing the ears / tusks, he finally managed to chew through its neck.

I then bought Polly pig as it looked more rounded and less likely for my lurcher to find a weak spot which he tends to do with things that have ears / bits he can wear down quickly. Again he loved it and it has lasted several weeks.....yes weeks, not months, not even year! I realise it was rated on the scale of 7, so considering the elephant didnt last on scale 8, I suppose it is my fault for going down in scale rather than up! He chewed right through it's snout this time and it lasted a lot less time than the elephant. I have sewn it up again, but first outing out he had ripped some of the black edging off, so it shall go to piggy heaven now. I should add that my dog is only a year old and we do take toys from him as soon as he starts to chew them. But even under supervision, we cannot always get to him quick enough to remove it before the damage is done. Lurchers are like having a small race horse in the house at time! When he's gotta run, he's gotta run !

However, I am now going to try mega octopus scale number 10 ! we shall see.....I shall post my review of that in a few months... Maybe I am sucker for punishment you say? perhaps I am, but I haven't found anything better yet....

My 3 star rating is for the fact that my dog LOVES Tuffy toys and many of them (not all!) do not have the potentially dangerous squeakers in them which are always a risk and I can never trust leaving my dog alone with a squeaker toy for 2 mins.
They are good quality and weighty, despite my experiences so far..... and I am pleased that the Tuffy makers are at least trying to make a fun durable toy for my dog.

My complaint is mostly the price. Very expensive, too expensive for something that isn't going to last a lifetime in my opinion. I am also quite annoyed that if you shop around on the net you can in fact buy Tuffy toys direct from the USA for a several UK pounds cheaper even adding the cost of shipping! This isn't really acceptable, as I feel UK consumers are being ripped off.

Finally, I would suggest that if you have a large breed or a dog that loves to chew or throw its toy 'prey' around in the air as my lurcher does, then I'd strongly recommend not getting any Tuffy toy less than Scale 8.
For medium and small dogs with less chewing power, you may get away with buying a Scale 7 Tuffy. And small dogs or those with less chewing power, perhaps a scale 6 or less. But if you want something that's going to last, I'd go for the highest scale you can afford, which in theory should work out cheaper in the long run.

Keeping my fingers crossed for mega octopus. If it breaks so quickly I shall send it back this time rather than sewing it. I really hope Tuffy come up with even better designs in the future, because I think they are getting there, although not quite yet!

Airkong Squeaker Football Tennis Balls, Large
Airkong Squeaker Football Tennis Balls, Large
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Lurcher Loves It, 16 Mar. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My lurcher is a strong chewer, he gets through toys like I get through hot dinners.

I was in two minds about buying this based on some of the negative reviews, but I gambled and am glad I did.

My lurcher loves it and races up and down the garden playing fetch games and just amusing himself with its squeak.
So far so good, he hasn't shown any interest in chewing it to death yet.

I think the shape and the size is just right for my size of dog (medium to large), that love fetch games and running about holding it in their mouth.
It may be too big for a small dog to hold, so they might have more of a tendency to chew it perhaps.

The key for our boisterous 1 year old teenager is to rotate his numerous toys so he doesn't get bored.
And first sign of chewing them, we remove them now because that is usually a sign he's bored of playing, and just wants a good old chew. (that's what his nylabones are for!)

It is very disappointing when toys last 2 minutes I know. But I like this toy because it hasn't got 'ears' or dangly bits, which my dog seems to identify as weak spots to chew on.
It is similar material to a tennis ball, but stronger and more robust than a tennis ball. The shape allows good grip for a medium - large sized dog. It also bounces on the ground in an unpredictable manner which adds excitement when chasing it.

It is now quite dirty, but I didn't expect it to stay green very long! As a result of this purchase, I have ordered two similar Kong toys, so just hoping they will be as good.

Tuffy's Emery Elephant Dog Toy
Tuffy's Emery Elephant Dog Toy
Price: £24.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars My Lurchers Favourite BIG Toy, 23 Jan. 2012
This is a BIG toy. Great for my lurcher who is going on greyhound size. At first I was disappointed with this toy as my dog chewed it's tusks and it's tail, so I had to remove them all and stitch it. However,now I've done this and he can't find any little detail to gnaw at, it has remained robust and intact. It is definitely his favourite toy. He loves grabbing its trunk and flinging it about as prey. But what seems to appeal to him most is it's large size as it gives him a challenge. Given the choice of this or a smaller squeaky toy he chooses this every time. I think it's a great buy for those people with large breed dogs or ones with strong jaws and persistent chewers. My lurcher has destroyed countless toys described as tough, but I'm happy this toy has held it's shape and none of the main seam stitching has come undone despite by dogs best efforts at it. It is expensive, but I suppose in this case you do get quality for your money and I'd sooner pay out for one that will last than have to throw away countless cheaper ones.

The improvement to this toy would be to either remove the flimsy tusks and tail altogether, or to make them big features like the trunk is.

5 x Rolls 99012 Dymo / Seiko Compatible Address Labels 36mm x 89mm (260 Labels per Roll) - FREE SHIPPING!
5 x Rolls 99012 Dymo / Seiko Compatible Address Labels 36mm x 89mm (260 Labels per Roll) - FREE SHIPPING!

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1.0 out of 5 stars COUNTERFEIT GOODS That Jam your Printer ! Do NOT BUY, 1 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These labels claim to be ''Dymo'' labels. They are not.

Put in a new roll and they print a maximum of 4 labels at a time, before jamming up your label printer and giving 5 minutes of headache trying to re-set and re-feed it.

I got through 2 whole rolls in less than 4 days, I would say a ratio of 4 good prints to you having to through away 15.

This is largely because the label comes away from the backing and upsets the feed mechanism, jamming it up.

Is it my printer u ask? NO it is not as i have since bought labels from Dymo direct and the problems have gone away......

Shame on Amazon for allowing counterfeit goods to seep through and shame on this awful seller for selling them and ripping customers off. Blacklisted!

Happy Pet Pull My Leg - Horse Dog Toy
Happy Pet Pull My Leg - Horse Dog Toy
Price: £5.49

1.0 out of 5 stars Badly Made, 14 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Described as suitable for dogs small or large. My dog had the stuffing out of it in less than 2 minutes as it is very poorly made, i.e the stitching is loose and I can't imagine it would suit any dog, which is a shame because if it was made better it would be a great toy. My dog loved it before I had to take it off of him. Save your money and get something better made.

The Sims 3: World Adventures - Expansion Pack (PC/Mac DVD)
The Sims 3: World Adventures - Expansion Pack (PC/Mac DVD)
Offered by GameExplorers
Price: £12.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars Dont waste your time and money with amazon & ea, 11 Feb. 2010
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Disc will not download on a Mac because Amazon are STILL selling the wrong disc for UK play - i.e the region code does on this disc is not compatible with your SIMS3 disc so it rejects the installation.

I have been unable to find a work around on the web for changing the region code manually and im not sure that is a good solution anyway!

I have written 4 times to EA games and they simply do not respond even though they issue you an automated response saying they will respond in 24 hours. They DONT! Over two weeks passed and still no response, so I sent them 2 further complaints about their customer service. I then got a reply saying they had deleted my complaints about their service because they were duplicate complaints! so apparently they don't like customers who have the audacity to complain more than once even though they still hadn't replied to the technical request for help ! Then 3 weeks later I got a reply requesting I provide the registration numbers of both games and all my personal details such as date of birth etc. I've given them all this , but hey another week has passed and yet again no response !!

Apart from the appalling service at EA games, why oh why are Amazon STILL selling discs with the wrong region code after every one has complained ???? Its all very well keep dropping the price of it, but that still doesn't make the game work does it ??!!! useless.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 26, 2010 1:44 PM GMT

The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD)
The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £19.78

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1.0 out of 5 stars released without testing it seems, 14 Aug. 2009
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD) (CD-ROM)
I have Windows XP, a Fast PC and up to date drivers, video & sound cards.

This game has crashed repeatedly. There are so many bugs in it, I agree with the other review and all the complaint forums I've since stumbled across! that this game seems to have been rushed to release without proper testing.

It freezes, the screen goes black so you have no choice but to reboot. Don't waste your time creating new sims as you'll play them for 5 minutes before it crashes and you've wasted 20 minutes and lost everything.

The downloader which is supposed to have all the latest patches doesnt seem to have any and automatically stated 'page not found' . When I sent an email for technical help, I got an email back saying details of my query and response were 'as below' , but it was blank! It also said I could log in to retrieve the answer, but when I tried this with my new email + password it wouldn't let me log in and when I requested new password, it identified me with a different user name so couldnt read query & response anyway! I give up.

Waste of time and disappointing as I never had these problems with any previous SIMS games. They've obviously tried to pack in too much too quickly and without ironing out the technical problems.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars unique organic product that smells delicious, 7 April 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a fantastic organic hand wash. It smells absolutely delicious and I've even had house guests comment on its aroma. I am VERY fussy when it comes to organic products, because so often they arrive and you read the ingredients and they contain awful ingredients like palm oil (grown commercially by cutting down rainforests then re-planting vast palm oil plantations and falsely re-branding it it as sustainable like the RSPO does. tell that to critically endangered orangutans and tigers who lost their forests!) This product, as well as being environmentally ethical as far as I can tell (no parabens etc either) is a great hand wash - professionally marketed and beautifully designed. It would make a wonderful gift as it is very well presented also, boxed. The price, which I first thought quite high, is well worth the money and superior in every way to most well known high street brands and will last you a long time. So refreshing to find a high quality organic product, I will definately buy again.

KitchenAid Artisan KSM150BER Stand Mixer Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
KitchenAid Artisan KSM150BER Stand Mixer Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just buy one!, 27 Jun. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Buy it. You won't regret it.

Its beautiful. It's well made. It's VERY easy to clean because its design and manufacture are of highest standard. Its variable speeds are good for anything. Its attachments are great and it beckons you to make something.

The red colour is gorgeous. I suspect whatever colour you choose will be equally as gorgeous though!

Dont think twice ! Sorry for the few people who must have had rejects, not sure why just didnt ask for a replacement if sent a faulty one. For everyone else it seems if we could award more than 5 stars we would....Id give it 10 !!!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 5, 2011 9:24 AM BST

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