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Doctor Who - Series 5, Volume 2 [DVD]
Doctor Who - Series 5, Volume 2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matt Smith
Price: £5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Still very good stuff, 16 July 2010
See Volume 1 for a review of the whole season.

The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone:

"Blink" is my favourite episode of the whole new series so I awaited this two-parter with impatience, even if I thought it couldn't be as good since the effect of surprise considering the nature of the Weeping Angels wouldn't be there.
Turns out I was right but the episodes weren't bad either.

I liked the beginning very much with the orchestration of her own rescue by River Song.
In these episodes, she's both intriguing and annoying and the mystery of who she really is has yet to be revealed.

The story arch of the cracks in the universe progresses and they are even used to get rid of the Angels. That was a bit Deus ex Machina, IMO, but that's what you get when you put too many Angels in one ep.
Also, I wish they had kept the very original way the Angels killed by displacing people in time. Breaking necks is sooo mundane.
As usual with Moffat, there were some very scary moments.

Memorable scenes:

- River's rescue plan.
- The Weeping Angel literally coming out of the TV screen.
- The Doctor realising that all the statues in the maze are Weeping Angels.

The Vampires of Venice:

One of my favs of this season.
This Doctor seems a bit more aware of the catastrophic consequences travelling with him can have for his companion's love life and tries to patch Amy and Rory up. Of course it all goes downhill from there.

Once again, the Doctor is caught between a rock and a hard place, having to choose between saving the inhabitants of Venice and what remains of the Saturnyne species. And once again, the choice has bitter consequences for him.
I liked Rosanna Calvierri as a villain because at some point, you understand her plight and why she had to do what she did. The Doctor has been in the same situation with Gallifrey and the moment she reminds him of his choice is poignant.

Memorable scenes :

- The Doctor bursting from that cake.
- The Doctor's reaction to the vampires: "This is Christmas".
- Rory telling the Doctor why he's dangerous to his companions. Eerily foreboding.

Doctor Who - Series 5, Volume 1 [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Doctor Who - Series 5, Volume 1 [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Matt Smith
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £5.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mind. Blown. Review of the whole series, 16 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was - and still am - a huge fan of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. I just couldn't picture anyone else in the part. So much so that I feared I wouldn't enjoy the series as much when the lead actor would change.

But the cleverness of "Doctor Who" is that each time the Doctor regenerates, he not only changes body but also personality to some extent so the new actor isn't obliged to literally step in the shoes of the previous one. There's room for creativity. So I didn't expect Matt Smith to play the Doctor the same way David Tennant was, and maybe that's why the transition went very smoothly for me. I very rarely thought back to David's performance when I watched the Fifth Season, I never compared the two.

Matt Smith plays a Doctor more alien than ever. He still has that manic energy, he's completely barmy, he's even more rude, he's blunt, he can be unforgiving, he doesn't suffer fools gladly and tells them, he asks a lot from his companion, he has a very weird sense of fashion (love the outfit! Bow ties are definitely cool) and even weirder food tastes (finger fish and custard, anyone?). He's somewhat clumsy and forgetful, he has a collection of very bad puns and metaphors, he's very full of himself and doesn't try to hide it. In his very young face there still are those eyes though, looking more ancient than ever, where you can see that the compassion, the sadness, the deep loneliness and the ability to marvel at anything new is still there. The contrast between his youthful appearance and his old soul has never been more striking.

And you're able to see, to guess, all of this because Matt Smith is an incredibly good actor. I didn't expect him to be that good considering his young age.

I'm a bit more torn over Amy. Sometimes she's wonderful - as in "The Beast Bellow" - but sometimes she can be a tad irritating, too know-it-all, and I don't think it comes from Karen Gillan's performance. I suspect it may come from the fact that different writers worked on the episodes, and it's like some of them have a slightly different vision of Amelia Pond.
She's even bordering on being a bit Mary-Sueish in this season because the Big Story Arch revolves around her. I'm curious to see how she's going to be written in the next season.

I didn't expect to like Rory as much as I do and I suspect the Doctor didn't either :o)
He's intelligent, braver than he thinks, and the love he feels for Amy is heartwarming.

I have to say I thought the Doctor was going to resume his travels alone in the next season because somehow I couldn't picture Amy and Rory as husband and wife in the Tardis with the Doctor. It was a good surprise to see them staying on the ship, and I think the idea has great potential.

As for River Song... for me she's the kind of character you like to hate. I'm very curious to see where Steven Moffat is going to take her and her relationship with the Doctor in the next season.

Let's not forget the music which I hope will be released shortly on cd. Murray Gold still has it.
LOVE the new spin on the opening titles music!
There's also a beautiful new theme that seems to be Amy's, and another newly arranged Doctor's theme that is also very good. And some episodes had very noticeable music. Can't wait to listen to it all on cd.

The Eleventh Hour

Brilliant and breathless introduction of the Eleventh Doctor and of Amelia Pond, his new companion. It's been a long time since both the Doctor and his companion were all new on screen and it was refreshing.
Good to see the humour is still there. It would be a pity if it all became serious all the time. The flashes of hilarity amid dire situations are one of the reasons I like the series so much.
The storyline of the ep itself isn't extraordinary but one can feel that there's a story arch forming and you get so caught up in the new characters that it's not that important.
Also, there's still that horror movie feel that Moffat is so good at instilling in each episode he writes.

Memorable scenes:
- The Doctor trying to discover his new favourite food in little Amelia's kitchen : just plain hilarious.
- The Doctor finally seeming to fully step into his new skin on the hospital's roof: shivers, baby.

The Beast Below

One of my favs of this season. The storyline is simple when you think about it afterwards but everything unravels so cleverly that you're completely surprised when all is revealed.
I was very moved by the plight of that poor star whale.
We discover that this Doctor, although seeming tougher than the previous one also has cracks in his walls (pun not intended), and is still dealing with his previous self's memories despite what it may have seemed so far.
IMO, this is the adventure where the Doctor and Amy really connect. He realises Amy understands him better than he thought, and Amy becomes aware that her wonderful Raggedy Doctor is flawed.

Memorable scenes:

- Liz 10 finally understanding what's going on, and the choice she had to make over and over again.
- Amy saving the day just by being very observant, as the Doctor taught her.
- The conversation between the Doctor and Amy at the very end. Gotcha.

Victory of the Daleks

Can't say that I like this episode very much. I would have liked a more original story for the rebirth of one of the Doctor's most dangerous arch enemies, although them needing the Doctor because they had devolved too much was a great idea. It wasn't just used as well as it could have been.
Amy kinda irked me. She saves the day - again - and her discovering that Churchill had stolen the Tardis key was a bit over the top IMO, as was her attitude with him.

I'm still bothered with the fact that the Daleks's space ship interior obviously looked like some cold storage chamber of some sort (I learnt after that it was a storage place for cigars). No effort was made to make the place look a bit more like it was really the inside of a space ship, and I don't think it would have cost that much more to do so. The location was a good idea to start with but it seems they didn't want to put more effort into it.
About the new Daleks' look. I personally like it very much. Sure, they sport bright colors now and look a bit like toys. Until they start to talk and you realise that they are more deadly, ruthless and full of hate than ever. Then the contrast with their toy aspect makes them even more chilling.

Memorable scenes:
- Only the Doctor would use a jammy dodger as a fake destruction device.
- The rebirth of the Daleks.

Evermore: 1 (The Immortals)
Evermore: 1 (The Immortals)
by Alyson Noel
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 21 Dec. 2009
Is it because I'm no longer a teen and haven't been for quite a while? I couldn't really get interested in what was happening to the characters. So much so that I'm glad I didn't order the three books at once.

The book summary sounded very promising but the writing style didn't live up to my expectations. It seemed that the book was written by one of the teenagers its adressed to.
I've read and liked the Twilight series (because frankly, who didn't think about Twilight reading Evermore's summary?) in spite of some recurrent writing flaws because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Bella, Edward and the Cullen familly. But Alyson Noel's characters are too two dimensional to my taste. Maybe it gets better in the following books but I'll never know because the first one wasn't good enough to hook me.

Another Side
Another Side
Price: £2.39

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4.0 out of 5 stars A really good discovery!, 11 Aug. 2008
This review is from: Another Side (Audio CD)
I had no idea John Barrowman had 4 albums out. I swear I'm not an alien from Mars, I'm just a human from France.
I've stumbled upon "Another Side" searching for a "Torchwood" soundtrack and the lastest review really made me want to have a listen. I absolutely don't regret buying it!
This man certainly can sing and has a really beautiful voice (associated to a perfect diction which is a real treat for this french woman).
Some of the songs I already knew but some I've discovered, being french. Like for instance "Being Alive" and "Feeling Good" that are two of my favs because they completely suit John's voice and give him the possibility to show the full range of it.

So these two and "Time After Time" (very moving interpretation) and "All By Myself" (Celine Dion, eat your heart out!) are the ones that stand out after several listenings but really, I listen to the whole album with great pleasure.

Contrary to "Your Song" or "You're So Vain" where I feel (but it's just a personnal impression) that the orchestrations are a bit too rich and tend to "bury" John's voice a little, songs like "She's Always a Woman" and "Please Remember Me" (where I've discovered John's low range voice and wow!) for instance have a more low key music (lots of cords and piano in several of the songs, which I really liked) and really enhance John Barrowman's voice.

There's singing technique (you can feel the years of experience in musicals) but there's also lots of emotions coming from the interpretations and the two are seldom found in the same singer.

The only thing I could regret about "Another Side" is that some of the covers are too much like the originals, down to the breathing breaks. But that's not going to prevent me from buying the other 3 albums.

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