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Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.60

5.0 out of 5 stars Sevendust: Home, 13 Aug. 2009
This review is from: Home (Audio CD)
This is definitely Sevendust's sophomore album, and certainly the best album of 1999. It still maintains the same dark subject matter from their self-titled album but the sound quality is much clearer which is an improvement. But what really stands out is the amount of experimentation on this album. You begin with the heavy track 'Home', where Clint's and John's guitar work shines and where it carries a very catchy chorus. Next is 'Denial' which is arguably Sevendust's signature song, with a very heavy intro and chorus riff and ever-continuing vocal experimentation. After this is 'Headtrip', which is probably my favourite track on the album. Extremely catchy and yet they have not slowed the pace since 'Denial', the three-vocal parts are impressive.

The instrumental track 'Insecure' then follows (interestingly, this was intended to be the original riff for 'Angel's Son' from Animosity), a good calm listen. Following this is 'Reconnect', which bears keen similarities to tracks from the previous album which is good news for fans of that album. 'Waffle' is up next, which is the real standout track, and probably the most experimental. A slow but seriously bone-crushing guitar riff combined with brilliant melodic singing in the verses and a very catchy pre-chorus and chorus particularly make probably the best single Sevendust have released. The pace almost triples with 'Rumble Fish', probably the heaviest track on the album, which is good to headbang to and once again, the guitar riff and brilliantly effective vocal placements shine here. Following this is 'Licking Cream' (featuring Skunk Anansie singer Skin), who demonstrates breathtaking vocals along with Lajon's ability. Fast-paced and very energetic track.

We are treated to the slow and slightly soothing 'Grasp' next, the picking in this song is very innovative and Lajon's vocals seriously carry so much emotion here. An interesting opening riff in 'Crumbled' with electronic hip-hop influenced styles is followed by awesome guitar switching between Clint and John and double-effective vocals. What really stands out is the almost haunting nature of 'Feel So', the electronic aspect brought back here as well placed after the almost breakdown-like riff which is one of the catchiest things I've heard. Following this is 'Grasshopper', an 8-second clip of Vinnie singing something (quite strangely) and doesn't make any sense. Probably for comedy only. The final track is 'Bender' featuring Chino Moreno from Deftones. Although the vocal combination is nice, I'm not a fan of Chino's singing personally I much prefer Lajon's. Not brilliant but ok.

Best track(s); Waffle, Headtrip, Feel So, Rumble Fish, Denial

Last words; BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!

Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow
Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow
Price: £11.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sevendust: Chapter VII Hope And Sorrow, 13 Aug. 2009
Sevendust make their 2008 return with a brilliant album that stands out from all of their previous work. This album reverts to some of the heavyness from previous albums, but strongly maintains clean / melodic singing from Lajon and Clint. There are a good few distorted moments from Morgan, who's drumming also remains as unmatched, as brutal and as slick as ever. Clint's and John's guitar work however is a little hit and miss, as the riffs that can be heard in tracks bears many similarities to those from Home and Animosity, however with the different vocal patterns dubbed over, these are hard to criticise anyway. It's still Sevendust at their best, I would definitely recommend seeing them live if you haven't already.

1. Inside (9/10)
- Probably the standout track of the album. This is an example of how Sevendust can make something just as good (if not better) than material they released 9 years before this release.

2. Enough (4/10)
- It may be that I'm not a big fan of this song, or it could be that it just doesn't strike me as true Sevendust material. Not their best.

3. Hope (feat. Mark Tremonti) (8/10)
- Exceptional guitar solos from Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti, combined with a slow paced but heavy tone makes for a great listen.

4. Scapegoat (6/10)
- Good work, but probably not one to be remembered.

5. Fear (9/10)
- A superb track, one of the more melodic but fairly quick-paced songs on the album. You can really hear Lajon's emotion in his vocals in this one.

6. The Past (feat. Chris Daughtry) (8/10)
- A more slow-paced and easy-to-listen-to track, nothing truly exceptional music-wise but the vocals from Lajon and Chris are unmatched which boosts this rating by a mile.

7. Prodigal Son (7/10)
- Seems like a mainstream Sevendust song, purely written for rock radio and nothing else. Still a brilliant track though.

8. Lifeless (7.5/10)
- Very underrated track, however almost too similar to 'Fear' which is slightly disappointing.

9. Sorrow (feat. Myles Kennedy) (9/10)
- Probably the second standout track of the album, guitars and drums are fairly simple yet experimental, only the essence of Lajon's and Myles' vocal harmonies are simply breathtaking.

10. Contradiction (6.5/10)
- Not their absolute best, but a good listen nonetheless.

11. Walk Away (7/10)
- Drags on a bit but the guitar and drums stand out particularly well. This is another sort-of revert back to Sevendust's 'Home' days.

Definitely recommend buying this album, if you are a fan of old Sevendust you may or may not be disappointed as it's purely the vocals which stand out the most as a whole, although it does contain the experimental nature from Clint, John and Morgan.

P.S if you see Sevendust live, Vinnie Hornsby (bassist) is such a joker! :D

Wwe: Cyber Sunday 2007 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Wwe: Cyber Sunday 2007 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £18.63

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3.0 out of 5 stars WWE Cyber Sunday 2007, 21 Dec. 2007
Well, having bought this PPV on Sky Box Office simply to watch Chris Jericho's long-awaited return along with hopefully some quality matches - I must say I was rather disappointed with the way it turned out. A lot of people were wanting Y2J to come back at this point and "save" the WWE from being the shambles it already is, and I'm sure many others bought the PPV just to see him return possibly. But no...all we got was a few worthwhile matches, an AWFUL Diva Halloween Costume Contest and some last-minute changes (as per usual).

1. STRETCHER MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Finlay
Nothing too special here, pretty decent encounter. Don't expect anything new from either man, the match was put there to be entertaining and it was above average for what I was expecting. 6/10

2. ECW WORLD TITLE: CM Punk vs The Miz
I don't care what people say, I liked this match. The Miz is often criticized for the way in which he got to be a WWE superstar, but if you put that aside, he actually works a super match with the ECW Champ. If you ask me, Punk does deserve a more credible opponent than Miz but at least Miz was there to be in the match instead of Big Daddy V or John Morrison (hey, I think Morrison is excellent, it's just we've seen him fight CM Punk about seven times already). Disagree with me if you will, but here's the rating: 9/10

3. Mr. Kennedy vs Jeff Hardy
These were the two opponents not selected to face Randy Orton later in the evening. The match; nothing new off Monday Night Raw. Kennedy is so talented and deserves the WWE title more than anybody in the WWE right now; Hardy is still entertaining but don't expect him to be holding the title anytime soon. They did what they had to do and that's work a was not particularly special. Both men have had better matches. 6/10

The first championship match of the night is a fairly dull one. The original stipulation was that MVP would face Matt Hardy in either a Boxing, MMA or Wrestling match - but Matt gets injured the past Friday on Smackdown and cannot compete. At least it gave Kane something to do, but like many other matches - we've seen these two fight so many times before. It just doesn't get any better. 5/10

5. WWE TITLE: Randy Orton (c) vs Shawn Michaels
Can HBK have a bad match? Well, I certainly haven't seen one; this match was given the right amount of time and spots. Nothing more to say really except the fact that Kennedy should have been chosen to face Orton instead. I think that HBK vs Hardy would have been really interesting and Kennedy vs Orton would be very exciting. Anyways, it was still good. 8/10

6. STREET FIGHT: Triple H vs Umaga
Very good stuff here. Match of the night easily. A lot of people were pissed off about the Cage Match not being selected, but tough luck people! Good use of weapons although it seemed to drag on a bit. 9/10

7. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Batista (c) vs Undertaker (Stone Cold as Special Referee)
The renewed rivalry seemed to have taken place far too soon than expected, but Batista needed to feud with somebody until Edge's return. As expected, there were mixed crowd reactions - with the majority surprisingly rooting for Batista. Expect the same from both men, their Wrestlemania encounter is much the same, only this one seemed not as exciting. Enjoyable, but not a classic. 8/10

So, say what you want. But I was highly disappointed with this PPV considering it had the potential to be awesome. Had the writers changed things around a bit it would have been a lot more entertaining. The crowd seemed quite peeved about Jericho not returning - but hey, you can't have everything in life.

WWE - Royal Rumble 2007 [Steel Book Dvd]
WWE - Royal Rumble 2007 [Steel Book Dvd]
Dvd ~ Wwe

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5.0 out of 5 stars WWE Royal Rumble 2007, 23 Jun. 2007
This was a superb Royal Rumble, the card is well set out and it lived up to the 2nd best PPV of 2007 so far. There were only a couple of let downs (the rating is 5 stars, but I think of it as 4 1/2 stars) - but on the whole, it is a brilliant PPV with the Royal Rumble Match of course, being the show-stealer.

1. TAG TEAM MATCH: The Hardy Boyz vs MNM

This was another cracking battle between two of the greatest teams in the WWE. The rivalry is really one to dream of. Nice moves, sweet spots and a breathtaking finish - what more could you want? One of the best moments saw Jeff's patented Whisper in the Wind. It was a great battle, but not on the level of their December to Dismember match. Another thing is that all the superstars (except Joey Mercury) are entered in the Rumble match as well. (9/10)

2. ECW WORLD TITLE: Test vs Bobby Lashley (c)

Disappointing, not worthy of a PPV match. Slow throughout the whole match, and was saved from being the worst match of the year by a couple of good power moves by Lashley. The fans despised this match and the way it turned out; Test just walked away and lost via Countout. What a loser! Lashley gives Test a running powerslam after the match...why does Lashley bother? He kind of sucks now. Lame match, please skip it. (3/10)

3. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Batista (c) vs Mr. Kennedy

This match had little heat, but was very entertaining. Much better than the previous encounter. Kennedy is one of my favourite wrestlers today, and Batista still looks better than ever. Fans really wanted Kennedy to win this match, but sadly he couldn't beat the Animal. This match, for some reason, was expected to be bad, but it's not your usual Smackdown title defense. Better than your might think, but I really enjoyed this match. (8/10)


What a match! Brutal and definitley a turning point in both of these superstars' careers. Started a bit slow, but once it got going, the crowd were really into it. Tables, steel steps, TV monitors, even the ring rope got pulled out of its sockets to be used in the bout! Umaga's best match to date, and truly one of the best matches of 2007. This could have been the show stealer, but some may disagree. In my opinion, 2nd best match of the night. (9.5/10)


The most star-studded Royal Rumble in history is indeed one for the ages. Loads of main-eventers were in the ring at the same time, which was really interesting. Rivalries ended, new ones began and of course, a WrestleMania main event (truly deserved) waiting for the winner. At one point, Sabu got chokeslammed by Kane through a table that he, himself set up! Nice spots, well timed eliminations, and as good as they get. Possibly the best Royal Rumble in history. (10/10)

So, buy the DVD while you can!

WWE - No Way Out 2007 [DVD]
WWE - No Way Out 2007 [DVD]
Dvd ~ WWE
Price: £7.24

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5.0 out of 5 stars WWE No Way Out 2007, 13 Jun. 2007
This review is from: WWE - No Way Out 2007 [DVD] (DVD)
This was a good PPV with a superb main event. Not the best of Smackdown so far (this is the final PPV before making all PPVs tri-branded officially). There were a few let-downs but it doesn't ruin it entirely.

1. 6-MAN TAG MATCH: The Hardys & Chris Benoit vs MNM & M.V.P

This was a superb way to kick off the show! Really sets up the Benoit/M.V.P rivalry and great to see the Hardys and MNM battle for the final time. Awesome moves, although it did get slow in places, and there were a couple of awkward moments. But on the whole, super, definitely worthy of a PPV (maybe even WrestleMania). Great match. (8.5/10)

2. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE OPEN INVITATIONAL: Gregory Helms (c) vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Daivari vs Chavo Guerrero vs Jamie Noble vs Shannon Moore vs Jimmy Wang Yang vs Funaki

Action-packed an all, a neat match to the PPV. Started with Scotty & Daivari (he has improved since leaving Khali), eventually came down to Chavo and Yang. Very entertaining match, but was over very quickly, Funaki didn't last 15 seconds! Finally we get to see a new Cruiserweight Champ crowned. Not one you would watch again and again but still very enjoyable. (6/10)

3. TAG TEAM MATCH: Finlay & Hornswoggle vs The Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman

Wow! I was surprised at this match, I was expecting it to be awful. But it turned out to be very entertaining. Funny moment when Finlay kicks Little Boogey in the head. Very short and funny match, the midgets are a nice add to the WWE roster. Not a five-star match but worth the watch. The wrestling perspective is bad, but the entertainment value is worth every second! Overall; (7/10)

4. Kane vs King Booker

The first singles match of the night is not groundbreaking. Nothing new off Smackdown, no-one cared about this match. I didn't HATE it but it was probably the worst of the night. Kane should be pushed to main events again, Booker is slowing down and that doesn't help this match. The match was saved by some good moves from Kane and the finish was nice! Average match. (5/10)

5. WWE TAG TEAM TITLES: Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs Deuce & Domino

The tag team division is a shambles on Smackdown, who are Deuce & Domino exactly? Well, the match was a nice encounter. Boring throughout the middle, but L&K always turn up the crowd volume at the beginning and at the end with a surprise finish. Not the best of L&K's matches, but still worth checking out. A little disappointing. (6/10)

6. ECW WORLD TITLE: Mr. Kennedy vs Bobby Lashley (c)

The fans didn't like this match at all, but I didn't think it was too bad. Both men have had much better matches in the past, nice spot saw a DDT from Kennedy. But the ending SUCKED!! I think that the match was close to being entirely thrown away with the commentary from JBL. Nice back and forth action between the two superstars, but still not a memorable bout. I would give this match (7/10)

7. TAG TEAM MATCH: Undertaker & Batista vs John Cena & Shawn Michaels

A blazing battle which basically saves the entire mid-card downfall the fans have seen. Although it would have been better as a No DQ match. Tons of back and forth action, awesome moves, betrayals and a surprising finish all combine to make a fantastic tag match. Cena was booed exceedingly heavy, which is good for those who are sick of him. The closing moments are some to savour as the hot crowd were not expecting what happened! Amazing tag team match that could be a match-of-the-year candidate for all I care. I could watch this a million times over. Brilliant. (10/10)

So, overall 49.5/70. Which equates to a good PPV. The downfalls were: the lacking hype of certain matches, the mid-carders putting the crowd to sleep at points and the pathetic ending of the Lashley-Kennedy match. Although it was a great PPV for me, some may disagree. Do what you want, but I would rent this for a week. Probably wouldn't buy it full-time, it is available on Youtube if your interested as well.

WWE - Armageddon 2006 [DVD]
WWE - Armageddon 2006 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by Todays Great Deal
Price: £3.84

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WWE Armageddon 2006, 12 Jun. 2007
This review is from: WWE - Armageddon 2006 [DVD] (DVD)
I bought this DVD having not known any of the matches and I was deeply impressed with the way it was set out. I loved watching this PPV, however, it wasn't an all-time classic because of certain spots which ruined it a little. But definitely worth the buy.


This is the worst of the four Inferno matches that have happened in WWE history but it is still worth the while. I don't know why it was the opener, this as the 5th or 6th match would have given it more build-up I suppose as no-one expected it to be 1st. Kane does a few good power moves and dominates for most of the match. M.V.P is a star for the future indeed but he doesn't prove that here. This was basically Kane's oppurtunity for vengeance after M.V.P beat him in a Street Fight & a Steel Cage match on Smackdown. Not bad, but not great. (6.5/10)

2. WWE TAG TEAM TITLES LADDER MATCH: Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs William Regal & Dave Taylor vs The Hardy Boyz vs MNM

This match was originally supposed to be Taylor & Regal vs Kendrick & London for the titles in a regular tag match, but T.Lo came out and changed the match and competitors. This match was amazing! High-flying moves from L&K and The Hardys, including a senton onto a ladder which basically rips Joey Mercury's nose off! Pretty gross when seen! Fantastic use of ladders in the match, but the only thing I would change would be to include TABLES! TLC matches are genuinely better than regular Ladder Matches but there is no rules which states that tables aren't allowed in regular Ladder matches. Tables excluded is the only thing which drops a point for this match. (9/10)

3. The Boogeyman vs The Miz

Pointless rivalry and no real wrestling here. Just a sloppy brawl and Boogeyman's two moves end the match. The Miz is funny, but why does he have to be a heel? The Boogeyman is still pretty funny, but neither can really wrestle too. JBL is hilarious when he criticises Miz at the start, he wanted Boogeyman to destroy Miz, literally. Bad match, but funny after it finishes! (3/10)

4. UNITED STATES TITLE: Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (c)

This rivalry has gotten personal to this point and what better way to end it than on the final 2006 PPV? Solid encounter, much like their Survivor Series title match. However, this one seemed more action-packed. Good thing that Benoit retained both times as Chavo is my all-time hated wrestler for injuring Rey Mysterio! This was a great match, but it could have been a bit longer for it to really end the rivalry on a high note. (8/10)

5. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Jimmy Wang Yang vs Gregory Helms (c)

This was confusing; the fans adore Yang when he makes his entrance but when the match gets going, they chant "boring!" and don't cheer whenever Yang does a move. JBL's commentating makes up for this match, but despite the irritating chants, I enjoyed this match on the whole. Wasn't too well hyped, which is a disappointment (and not surprising) but Gregory Helms should be pushed to the United States Title by now because he has earned it. I really like Helms and Yang, but this match didn't deliver what I was expecting, still good though. (7/10)

6. LAST RIDE MATCH: Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy

Again, another intense, major rivalry which ended tonight. This showed that Undertaker has still got it and Kennedy is a main-event player for the future! I liked this match, especially Undertaker's 30-foot fall! However, there are no DQs in a Last Ride Match, so weapons would have made it that much better. But a brawl which involves blood is still good enough for me. Undertaker is the best in the business at the moment - this is Kennedy's best match to date. (9/10)

7. TAG TEAM MATCH: King Booker & Finlay vs John Cena & Batista

Eek! Well, it wasn't too bad, but NOT the way to end a PPV. Batista & Cena are a really fantastic team, but it was obvious that they weren't going to stay one. This shouldn't have been the main event (the Last Ride Match should have) and what right does Booker T have on the final match of the final PPV? Too bad this isn't great, but the match is saved from being a total dud by good double-teaming and some nice moves from Batista and Cena. Not pretty, but watch it if you must. Kind of spoils the PPV really, nothing new from RAW or Smackdown. (6/10)

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the DVD, worth every penny.

WWF: Royal Rumble 2001 [DVD] [NTSC]
WWF: Royal Rumble 2001 [DVD] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Wwe

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Royal Rumble ever!!, 25 Feb. 2007
I must say, this Royal Rumble had me on the edge of my seat when I was watching it. Four title matches and the greatest Rumble match in the world which includes: Undertaker, The Rock, Kane, Stone Cold, The Hardyz, RTC, Rikishi and Drew Carey!

1. WWF Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian (c) vs The Dudley Boyz

A fantastic opening match with lots of great spots. I give this match 9/10

2. WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Chris Benoit (c) vs Chris Jericho

One of the best matches of the night. The crowd were really behind Y2J and this proves why these two are future World Champions. 10/10

3. WWF Women's Title: Ivory (c) vs Chyna

Very short match with Chyna dominating Ivory. Eventually Chyna badly hurts her already injured neck and loses the match. 7/10

4. WWF Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs Triple H

A solid match with both men giving it their best. Not the greatest match you'll see as these two have had much better encounters - but still worth watching especially at the end! 8/10

5. 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

This Rumble Match was simply phenomenal! The crowd went absolutely nuts when Drew Carey (yes), The Rock, Undertaker & Stone Cold made their entrances. Too bad Kane didn't win it as he lasted the longest time. But the match had the best of the best! At one point a Hardcore Rumble as well, Kane marks a record of 11 eliminations. Best Rumble ever!!

So, get the DVD you will love it to bits!

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 (Xbox 360)
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 (Xbox 360)

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007, 31 Dec. 2006
This game really pushes WWE games to a new level.

A lot of people say that the PS2 and PSP versions are bad because of long load times and not much character to the game. But the 360 version is exactly the same which doesn't have long loads and much more realistic graphics and with an all new grappling system.

OK, for those who don't like this game:

- If you have the 360 version, you can change the controls so they can sort of match those of a PS2's.

- It doesn't take long to load if you also have a 360 version

Right, onto my review of the game:

Good points:

- Fantastic graphics and gameplay

- Much more variety of superstars

- More layers for CAWs

- Season Mode is much more enjoyable

- More legends and unlockables

- No Spirit Squad

- Fighting in the crowd is simply awesome.

Bad points:

- General Manager mode is not what it used to be

- Same commentary as last year's

- Sort of an outdated roster (Orton is still on SmackDown and so is Nitro)

- No Jeff Hardy from the start

Overall, this game deserves an A-

Rebellion 2001 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Rebellion 2001 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £51.36

5.0 out of 5 stars WWF Rebellion 2001, 30 Dec. 2006
WWF Rebellion 2001

-NOTE- I went to see this PPV live in Manchester and I thought it was simply awesome! Loved the card, and the way some of the matches delivered to a UK crowd was great.

1. Edge def. Christian to retain the Intercontinental Title in a breathtaking opening Steel Cage Match.

2. Scotty 2 Hotty def. The Hurricane in a fair match.

3. Big Show def. DDP in a slow match.

4. The Dudley Boyz def. The APA and The Hardy Boyz to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles in an action-packed match, with the wrong winners.

5. William Regal def. Tajiri in a good match.

6. Chris Jericho def. Kurt Angle to retain the WCW Title in an exciting match.

7. Lita & Torrie Wilson def. Mighty Molly & Stacy Kiebler (Trish Stratus as the special referee) in a funny, but sloppy match.

8. Stone Cold def. The Rock to retain the WWF Title in an amazing match.


Match 1: 10/10

Match 2: 5/10

Match 3: 3/10

Match 4: 8/10

Match 5: 6/10

Match 6: 9/10

Match 7: 5/10

Match 8: 10/10

WWE WrestleMania XX [DVD] [2004]
WWE WrestleMania XX [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Eddie Guerrerro
Offered by aardvark-games
Price: £33.95

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wrestlemania XX, 10 Dec. 2006
Wrestlemania XX - where it all begins...again.

This marked the 20th annual Wrestlemania, and it lived up to one of the greatest events of the past few years. Seven titles on the line, twelve different matches, one spectacular night that no WWE fan will forget.

1. United States Title: Big Show vs John Cena
A solid opening contest. Cena does some cool raps before the match, which really made Show angry. The match was, however, dominated by Show for most of it - but Cena used dirty tactics to win his first ever Wrestlemania and his first ever title. Good contest. 7/10

2. World Tag Team Titles Fatal 4-Way: The Dudley Boys vs Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak vs La Resistance vs Booker T & Rob Van Dam
This was the first of two Fatal 4-Way matches, and this was the better one. Although it never seemed to excite the crowd (except when RVD came into the ring) it was very back and forth and quick-paced. Not groundbreaking, but still extremely enjoyable. Worth checking out. 8/10

3. Christian vs Chris Jericho
A very long, entertaining match this was. The rivalry, though, is too over-the-top and could be made a lot easier to follow. The match, on the other hand, really escalated the feud between Y2J and Christian. The ending is very surprising as well. Solid contest between two veterans, I liked this match. 9/10

4. 2-on-3 Handicap Match: Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair & Randy Orton) vs The Rock & Mick Foley
This was one of my favourite matches on the card and I'm surprised that it was so early on in the card. All five men performed brilliantly in one unique match, but the ending was pretty sad. These superstars are still as good now as they ever were (in Flair's, Rock's and Foley's cases) and Batista and Orton will be awesome in a few months' time. Not the best on the card, but certainly one of them. 9/10

5. Playboy Evening Gown Match: Sable & Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Kiebler & Miss Jackie
This wasn't necessarily wrestling at its finest, but it was entertaining to watch some smoking hot divas go at it "catfight" style. What's better; they did it in their underwear! This was basically a waste of time in Wrestlemania terms but it was a funny match - won't be remembered at all. 3/10

6. Cruiserweight Championship Open: Chavo Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Jamie Noble vs Funaki vs Akio vs Shannon Moore vs Nunzio vs Rey Mysterio
Very fast-paced and entertaining Cruiserweight match. It could have gone on much longer and the eliminations took place all too soon. Funaki lasted for about five seconds and Akio didn't get into the match! For it to have been much more enjoyable, it should have been a Battle Royal. I know it's odd but I love those matches so much. But the match wasn't all that bad, the wrong man won. 6/10

7. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar (Stone Cold as Special Referee)
This was a real disappointment to Wrestlemania. It really spoils the show, especially thinking about how hyped it was and how many people wanted to see these two tear eachother apart. The match took ages to get going, and once it did, they didn't execute more than ten moves altogether. I was expecting much, much more - it's a real shame the match turned out the way it did. 2/10

8. WWE Tag Team Titles Fatal 4-Way: Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs The World's Greatest Tag Team vs The APA vs The Basham Brothers
Not as good as the previous Fatal 4-Way, but still worth watching. It was shorter and less action-packed but was better than some of the matches on the card. Not a bad encounter. 6/10

9. Women's Title: Victoria vs Molly Holly
This match seemed stupid as no-one enjoyed it and it was extremely short. If Molly lost, her head would be shaved. That's exactly what happened; the only painful thing was having to watch it. U.G.L.Y! I didn't really care about this match or its outcome; I just watched it anyway and wasn't impressed. 3/10

10. WWE Title: Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero
A great match! These two perform in a fantastic contest for the Smackdown prize - the WWE Title. This is the 3rd best match of the night and it had a superb and hilarious ending. Angle's face was classic! Watch it because it is simply great. This should have been match no. 11 though. 9.5/10

11. Kane vs Undertaker
This marked the return of the Phenom after being buried alive by Kane in November. Undertaker had a really eerie entrance and he performed like he had never left WWE. Kane never really got a proper advantage - not surprising because this match was made to simply give Undertaker his opportunity for revenge. Not a five-star Undertaker match, but very good overall. 7/10

12. World Heavyweight Title: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit
One word: Awesome! A simply breathtaking match which really shows how great Wrestlemania is. This is indeed one for the ages, one of the best matches I have seen. Benoit finally gets what he has fought so long for, HBK and Triple H gave it their all - but it wasn't enough to prevent Benoit from achieving his dream. Everything you could want in a Wrestlemania main event. Outstanding - you must watch it! 10/10

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