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Nostradamus (6-Disc Box Set) [DVD]
Nostradamus (6-Disc Box Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ The History Channel

17 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nostradamus: 6-Disc Box Set.., 13 Jun. 2011
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Throughout the ages, mankind has held 'end of the world' type prophecies in high regard and inevitably, these predictions have been used by the unscrupulous to exploit the gullible. The major difference with this series is that, whils't heavily influenced by the opinions of America's 'Religious Right', it also attempts to give a serious explanation of these ancient 'prophecies', using the most recent revelations of astro/geological science.

The basic theme is that the most ancient of these prophecies are actually memories/warnings left us by the survivors of a once highly advanced culture which existed on this planet in the very distant past. This ancient culture was all but destroyed by the combined effects of an astrological alignment of our Sun/Moon/Planets with the Black Hole that forms the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. This menacing conjunction results in unusual increases in the natural gravitational/magnetic stresses affecting Planet Earth and re-occurs every 26,000+ years, next occuring on Dec 21'st 2012. Various commentators attempt to explain how ancient societies such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans etc... knew of these scientific facts; the Mayans for example, knew of the black hole which forms the centre of our galaxy hundreds of years before it's 'discovery' in the 1970's! It's also explained how these exceptional stresses MAY cause shifting of the Earth's tectonic plates/magnetic field etc... which would in turn explain the increased seismic/volcanic activity recorded around the world recently. When we realise however, that the 'Super-Volcano' beneath Yellowstone National Park is approx 10,000 times more powerful than Krakatoa, which affected world weather patterns for several years after it erupted in 1883, the possible reality behind the ancient Doomsday predictions become crystal clear. Should tectonic plate disturbances trigger an eruption at Yellowstone (Recently upgraded to activity state Red IE:- Critical!), the sheer volume of ash/dust released would block out the Sun's rays for at least a decade, with the skies not entirely clearing for approx forty years. Worldwide climatic chaos/artificial winter etc... on that scale would shatter our modern civilization and devastate the natural world!

From this scientific viewpoint, the 'religious' prophecies become more easily understandable. The alignment causes earthquakes/volcanic eruptions which then cause the darkness/famine, war/plague etc... prophecied so long ago. Is there any truth in it? As I write this review that question is clearly unanswerable BUT 21'st December 2012 is only eighteen months away so we'll know for certain all to soon. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent this conjunction occuring however, so if it's reality.............
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Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism
Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism
by Stephen Dorril
Edition: Hardcover

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2.0 out of 5 stars Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism, 5 Jun. 2011
In order to understand the Fascist phenomenom which Sir Oswald Mosley represented during the 1920/30's; it is first necessary to understand the historic circumstances into which he and his generation were born.

From the chaos of the Dark Ages, several 'Dynastic Families' had arisen in Europe. Like Rome's Patrician Families before them, these Great Houses had established themselves as hereditary rulers in various European regions which over time, became the nation states we recognise today; which they ruled/led with the assistance of a large and vigorous aristocracy. Although frequently at war with one another, these Great Houses were in fact very closely linked by religion, culture, and blood-ties resulting from centuries of inter-marriage.

With the discovery of the Americas in 1492, these Dynastic rulers immediately realized that compared to Europe's narrow boundries; Asia, Africa and the Americas are both vast and rich, possessing fertile land, massive mineral reserves and other treasures in abundance. Europe's kingdoms were soon raising armies, closely modelled on the Legions of Rome. As the Brutii, Jullii and Scipios had divided Europe between them, so their descendants divided the world. The Hapsburgs and Romanoffs marched East, while the Boubons and Hannoverians looked West across the Atlantic to the Americas, and South round Africa to the lands conquered by the fabled Alexander!

Equipped with the most modern gunpowder weapons, and officered by an aristocracy schooled from birth in the heroic deeds of Achilles, Leonidas, Caesar and Scipio; those European armies with their blackpowder muskets outfought even the hero's of legend! Mere handfuls of Spaniards shattered the stone-age Aztecs, and took South America for King Phillip. The Tsar's troops didn't stop until they reached the Pacific Ocean 6,000miles from Moscow, smashing all opposition on the way; while Great Britain's red coated legions took both the North American continent in the West, and the Indian sub-continent in the East, driving the French from both regions; an action which contributed to the fall of the House of Bourbon.

Therein lay the problem. European civilization had come to rule the world, but her system of government carried within it the same flaw that had destroyed her Roman mentor. The cost, savagery and duration of Napoleon's wars first exposed the deadly potential of that division, entrenched at the apex of the 'European World Order'. The sheer carnage of WWI; compounded by the loss of an entire generation of Europe's young aristocratic officer class, made clear to any who wished to see; that another industrially fuelled fratricidal war in Europe would so weaken even the victors, that Europe's world domination would be irretrevably destroyed.

When Sir Oswald Mosley returned to England in 1918 he, along with huge numbers of those fortunate enough to survive, was determined to prevent that repetition; but as he looked at the sadly inept crop of 'political leaders' the new 'democratic' elections had produced; he also knew these were men of straw compared to the patriotic young heros who had died in their thousands around him, in the killing fields of Flanders.

Ironically; at that time the answer was deceptively simple. To survive, European civilization had to unite rather than fight itself again. The unsurmountable question however, which eventually unleashed the armies in WWII was equally simple:- Around which doctrine/leader should this unification take place?

There were three rival options:-
1. Marxist/Communism. A fiercely totalitarian, egalitarian ideology advocating the massacre of the previous aristocratic leadership, transfer of all property to the state, and the systematic stimulation of revolution worldwide; which would inevitably lead to the rebellion and loss of the Empires on which Europe's industrial/military power rested.
2. Nazism/Fascism. A totalitarian, elitist/Darwinist ideology, advocating militarism, rapid expansion of Europe's population and industrial/military strength, the preservation of private property/empires and expulsion of Europe's highly influencial Jewish minority.
3. Capitalist/Democracy. A pluralistic, materialistic non-totalitarian ideology, in which Europe's industrial production would be used to raise living standards, not in Europe; but throughout the woefully poverty stricken/exploited empires. These would eventually be given self-rule, but continue in reality to be controlled by financial leverage and puppet governments.

Considering the social background from which he came, can anyone really blame Sir Oswald for the choice he made? A choice which the majority of Europe's aristocracy, including the English heir to the throne, strongly approved of at that time. Churchill himself, also an aristocrat; was virtually ostracised by his peers for championing the anti-Nazi Capitalist ideology, advocated mainly by America's highly influential Jewish business community. This is made clear in:- Winston Churchill The Wilderness Years [2005] [DVD].

I purchased this book expecting to gain a deeper understanding of Sir Oswald, his Blackshirt movement, and even perhaps how his personal dislike of 'Der Fuhrer' caused Hitler to cut/end his clandestine funding of the British Union of Fascists. What I got was subtle but systematic character assassination, reminicent of Russian/Stalinist authors writing about Trotsky; with whom Sir Oswald holds a comparably controversial position in British history. It also failed to explain clearly that Churchill's Government had him jailed, largely from fear of the popularity of his anti-war message even in 1940.

English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit, 1850-1980
English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit, 1850-1980
by Martin J. Wiener
Edition: Paperback
Price: £29.09

2 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit, 1850-1980, 23 April 2011
This is a first class book covering a critically important subject. It seems to me however that a major factor influencing the British peoples increasing dissenchantment with the industrial society has been largely ignored. Since the Victorian Era industrialisation concentrated wealth in the hands of a few, this new Capitalist 'elite' has single-mindedly created a high-price/low-wage economy across the Western World. Anything which stood in the way of this 'Free Market' economy has been systematically attacked and destroyed. The result is that although today's world is richer than it has ever been, even in wealthy nations such as America or the UK, almost half the available jobs do not pay enough to house/feed a two child family. This artificial poverty is made worse by the deliberate creation of unemployment by Government sponsored mass/unskilled immigration and the tranfer of labour intensive industries to even lower wage (but also low price) Third World locations. Faced with such a situation, the behaviour this book ridicules actually makes sense.

Like ancient Rome, even the most short-sighted Gov'ts pay welfare to the urban poor, not from generosity but from fear of starvation-fueled civil insurrection if they don't. This welfare is calculated by need and thus frequently excedes the meagre 'wages' available to even the most hard-working but poorly educated. It thus becomes the 'foundation' upon which millions base their lives. The human costs of this deliberate economic deprivation by the State of it's people are massive however:-

1. From the results of widespread contraception/abortion the indigenous white British birthrate is now 1.38 babies per mother, the greatest collapse in population ever recorded.
2. Half of all those children fortunate enough to be born are to single mothers, while half all marrages collapse before any children reach school leaving age; economic pressure being a significant factor in both situations.
3. By the age of forty years 40% of women have undergone treatment for mental illness, largely as a result of attempting (and often failing) to be both homemaker and wage earner in single parent households.
4. Male deaths as a result of alcohol/drug abuse and suicide are at record levels, largely as a result of the lack of self-esteem which comes with repeated 'relationship' failures and welfare dependancy.
5. Youth crime is at record levels, with machine guns being used ever more frequently in what may be the beginnings of civil revolt.

If looked at impartially, the true picture revealed is not of an idle parasitic underclass exploiting the hard work of their fellow citizens. It is of increasingly large numbers of our fellow citizens being deliberately reduced to Third World conditions by the calculated actions of corrupt Governments, acting not on behalf of the people they purport to represent; but for the benefit of a tiny plutocratic Capitalist clique, which cares nothing about tomorrow, but everything about today's short-term profit.

This is the root reason for the "decline of the industrial spirit" this book speaks of; not only in England, but throughout the Western World. We all clearly understand that industrial methods are essential to further human development, but resent the increasing possibility of being condemned to a poverty-stricken underclass even as we labour. Like the old landed Aristocracy, our new Capitalist masters should demonstrate the 'Noblesse Oblige'; IE Use just a fraction of their vast resources to ensure that the citizenry whose labour provides their profits, can enjoy at least a little of the wealth created.
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Time's Up!: An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis
Time's Up!: An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis
by Keith Farnish
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars Times Up! An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis., 19 April 2011
Some two hundred years ago, the Reverend Malthus wrote the first of these 'harbingers of doom' type books. The 'Malthusian Crisis' is named after him, but although there have indeed been numerous famines between his times and our own, civilization did not collapse as he predicted. In fact the British population has increased massively since that time, our biggest problem today being overeating not starvation! Why? Because in any age, those attempting to predict the future can only base their judgements on the social/industrial realities around them and must obviously be unaware of future technological/scientific developments. As steam engines, railways, petrol engines, electricity, aircraft, organic fertilisers, nuclear power etc... did not exist in the good Reverend's times; he was unable to factor them into his calculations. Hence he saw looming disaster when by the standards of his age, the future was amazingly bright.

Today's prophets of doom make this same mistake. Example:- Pres. Obama may feel America no longer has the industrial strength to lead humanity out into the Cosmos; but China, India and Japan all have plans to establish human colonies on the planet Mars within fifty years, regarding that planet just as Europe's buccaneers once regarded 'The New World'; a vast untapped treasure-house awaiting those with the courage to claim and tame it.

The liberal/socialist 'doctrines' now gripping the Western World may well bankrupt us as their Soviet counterparts bankrupted the USSR, but despite egalitarian/welfare legislation, homosexual liberation, punitive taxation, political corruption, abortion, credit crunches etc..... mankind as a species today is still as resourcefull, intelligent and determined as ever. We also have vastly greater opportunities open to us and I firmly believe that in future centuries our children will exploit power sources that we cannot envision today, terra-form Mars, mine the asteroid belt, genetically increase our lifespan and voyage to distant stars; while looking back with amusement on futile, pessimistic 20'th Century attempts at 'prophecy'.

To conclude; these 'back to the bush' ideas may be popular with armchair anarchists and/or survivalist types but as an ex-soldier, my memories of outdoor survival are a little less romantic; mud, blood, mosquitos, blisters, driving rain and howling blizzards, fun as a young man though; and the book does make interesting reading. Reminded me just how fortunate I am to be enjoying retirement in a civilized manner. That said, I'm going to pour a beer, step out onto the veranda and drink it!
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The Nazis: A Warning From History
The Nazis: A Warning From History
by Laurence Rees
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

10 of 18 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The Nazis - A Warning From History, 18 April 2011
This is a well written, highly informative and deeply interesting book. Readers will gain a clear understanding of how badly not only the jews, but all Europe's peoples suffered during the dark days of WWII. As with most of these publications however, there are major ommisions which unbalance the whole way in which we today look back on those tragic events of 70/80 years ago. My major criticism is the repeated implication that the "Nazi quest for Lebensraum" was inherently evil. The truth is that like Napoleon before them and the The EEC/EU after them, Hitler's Nazis intended/hoped to unify Europe, partly in order to prevent future inter-European conflicts and partly to increase Europe's military/diplomatic power. Remembering that in the 1930's Great Britain, France, the USSR, Holland, Belgium, Italy and even Spain were still first class industrial powers controlling huge tracts of Asia, Africa and the Americas, the potential strength of a united Europe at that time was truly world-dominating BUT; those innumerable and sometimes petty nation-states into which the continent was (and still is) split were playing the same divisive role in Europe as the Chinese warlords played in China prior to Mao's unification.

The horrific casualties of WWI had already shown however, that even Europe's weakest 'nation states' were much better armed and far more deeply entrenched in power than even the most powerful Chinese warlord; thus Hitler's Nazis failed abysmally, inflicting immeasurable misery and possibly fatal damage to old Europe's cultural heritage in the process. By contrast, Chairman Mao defeated the reactionary clique who opposed his unification of China and is now remembered by many as the greatest statesman of the 20'th Century, while the united 'Red' China he created has since enjoyed the most rapid economic/industrial and political growth of any nation in recorded history; is now fast overtaking America(The last great power amidst a still disunited West.) and is seemingly destined to become the first Asian super-power in five centuries.

World War Two ended almost seventy years ago and modern Europe would be virtually unrecognisable to the young soldiers who fought both for and against 'Der Fuhrer' so long ago. I suggest that rather than reinforcing the old wartime propaganda of Hitler as a 'Devil Incarnate' who unleashed armies of sadistic fiends intent only on massacre; we should at least try to understand the deeper truth behind the clash of ideologies and diplomatic failures which led to WWII and the wreck of the Western World. In my opinion Lawrence Rees has taken the easier option and produced yet another Politically Correct diatribe 'warning' of the evils of Nazism; but does he really think anyone need's that warning? The problems facing today's Europe may be equally serious, but they are very different indeed to those of almost a century ago.
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The Holocaust: The Yellow Star [DVD]
The Holocaust: The Yellow Star [DVD]
Dvd ~ The Holocaust
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: £9.99

16 of 48 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars The Holocaust - The Yellow Star, 30 Mar. 2011
This programme, along with the series from which it comes, is a well made, informative and highly effective at the emotional level. Viewers will certainly gain a clear understanding of how badly the Jews were treated during WWII. As with most of these Holocaust programmes however, there is a major ommision which unbalances the whole way in which we look back today on those tragic events of some eighty years ago. This ommission is an explaination of how the Allied naval blockade/strategic bombing campaigns inadvertantly contributed to the occurence of these dreadful events.

Victory in the Napoleonic Wars won super-power status for the British Empire, which was underpinned and maintained by a Royal Navy strong enough to dominate the world's oceans/shipping lanes. This shrewd policy became ever more effective during the later Victorian Era as increasing industrialisation both concentrated populations and increased world trade. By using this naval power to sever the international trade of rivals, the British Empire could inflict widespread unemployment, industrial slump and even mass famine on those with whom she was in dispute, and at minimal cost.

BUT following unification in the 1860's, Germany had rapidly developed into an industrial powerhouse, capable of matching or even surpassing the British Empire. Many within Britain's governing class soon regarded Germany as a serious threat and increasingly British power was deployed to prevent/delay further growth by disrupting German trade. Considering this interference intolerable, Germany began a major shipbuilding programme remembered by history as 'The Naval Race' intended to counter Britain's influence but which, if successful would immediately have made the British Isles vunerable to similarly unwelcome German 'influence' simply by default. Thus mutual fear of artificially induced starvation led directly to the Anglo-German conflict of WWI, during which the central objective of the Royal Navy was to blockade/starve Germany into submission by preventing food, industrial supplies or raw materials from reaching either Germany or her allies. By 1918 this objective had been achieved and some 800,000 German civilians (Mostly the old, sick and young.) were dead or dying of starvation; a ghastly situation which brought about the collapse of morale which forced the Germans to sue for peace and ended the war.

At the outbreak of World War Two this British naval blockade was immediately reinstituted and despite the blitzkrieg victories in France, the clock began to tick once more for German occupied Europe. Eventually supply stockpiles would be exausted and Europe would again starve; the very scenario Kaiser Wilhelm had begun the pre-1914 naval race to avoid! This threat of impending famine was a major reason for Hitler's attack on Stalin's USSR, which if successful would have captured for Europe the breadbaskets of eastern Europe and western Russia; effectively removing for generations the greatest fear to dog Europe's political leaders since Europe's then burgeoning population had became dependant on food imports during the Victorian era.

With the failure of Operation Babarossa and the increasing strength of the Allied strategic bombing offensives; famine became a certainty, the only choice left to Europe's Nazi rulers was who would die first. As their navies strangled the European economy and their bomber fleets smashed the European industrial/transportation systems, were Churchill and Roosevelt really not able to guess who the Nazi leadership would ensure were first to suffer the effects? It should also be remembered that on a much smaller scale Hitler's U'boat blockade of Britain was said by Churchill to be the only thing which really frightened him, and came within a few weeks of achieving it's aim.
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Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete Series [DVD] [1971]
Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete Series [DVD] [1971]
Dvd ~ Rachel Gurney
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £27.32

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete Series 1971, 29 Mar. 2011
I was given this series recently as:- "A present for grandad" and was absolutely amazed at just how accurately it depicts the traditional English society amidst which I was born/raised. Produced in the 1970's, Upstairs Downstairs centres on 165 Eaton Place, home to the Bellamy family and their household staff between 1903 and 1929; but facets of the lifestyle so beautifully portrayed continued to be enjoyed by many well into the 1960's and occasionally beyond. The big old house, the huge rooms, high ceilings, imposing front door, servant's entrance behind the garage, even the tradesman's entrance down the side passage to the basement kitchen are all enduring memories of my boyhood home, but it's the complex interaction between the characters that really makes this series come alive; several being amazingly close to people/incidents I remember. Captain James in particular could quite easily have been based on my father!

The class issue is also very well handled, illustrating just how close the different 'classes' actually were in those by-gone days. Its obviously difficult to hide much from those you live under the same roof with, so the natural desire for mutual respect tended to improve everyone's standards, whils't also creating genuinely inclusive communities within which loneliness was unknown and all contributed to the common good in their own way; an environment many would benefit from immensely today. Unlike the Bellamys, my parents had no servants, but innumerable Uncles and their families stayed with us over the years; having 'come home' as the Empire was broken up. One small 'flaw' is that Upstairs Downstairs is set in an age when contraception/abortion was still illegal, so those big old houses were always swarming with children; at least those I knew were.

The butler Hudson could have been modelled on my Uncle Reggie, a tall seemingly stern but deeply understanding ex-Artillery Officer who had served in the Far East; while 'shell shocked' Edward is reminisent of Uncle Joe, a veteran of both Sidi Barrani and El Alamein, who never really got over the experience, living with us until he passed away. He became my father's unofficial batman and was greatly respected by us all. For me personally 'Whither Shall I Wander' was a real 'blast from the past', vividly recalling the day when, returning to barracks kit-bag in hand; I marched down those big front steps for the last time. Like Rose I was also hit by many nostalgic memories.

Another very realistic aspect of this highly entertaining series is how, even as we went about our daily lives, the threat or experience of war had such a deep influence on public attitudes. It's hardly remembered today, but in my youth virtually all the men had fought for their country in WWI/WWII or the wars of Empire. Like her Roman predecessors or her German rivals, the British Empire too had it's warrior caste, so well depicted by 'Captain James' and the treasured world they fought so hard and sacrificed so much for deserves to be remembered. Upstairs Downstairs does exactly that and I recommend it without reservation; a very human glimpse of a now vanished era.
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The Incredible Human Journey [DVD] [2009]
The Incredible Human Journey [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Alice Roberts
Price: £7.00

5 of 21 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars The Incredible Human Journey, 20 Mar. 2011
We are all aware that as deep rooted and once widely accepted ideologies begin to crumble before the advance of science 'determined believers', often being those with a vested interest in the status quo; attempt to prop up those ideologies in various ways. This process can be seen throughout history, one example being the increasing oppression the Inquisition used to buttress the Catholic Church's failing grip on Medieval Europe; another is the social and propaganda pressures applied by the Soviet State on it's citizenry as the march of time demonstrated ever more clearly the failure of Marxist/Communist doctrine.

Since the defeat of Nazism in 1945, the 'liberal/socialist' ideal of racial equality has become the unchallengeable cornerstone of Western thought, underpinning most political programmes and innumerable individual careers. As the world changing revelations of Copernicus, Galileo and Charles Darwin in earlier times illustrate however; scientific discoveries have an annoying habit of discrediting the 'unchallengeable' beliefs/doctrines of previous generations, and the recent discoveries in human genetics made by Scott Williamson, Bruce Lahn, Eric Wang and Benjamin Voight are now doing to 'racial equality' doctrine what Darwin's Theory of Evolution did to Victorian Christianity.

To my mind, Dr Bruce Lahn's announcement on Friday 9'th September 2005 of the discovery of gene varient's ASPM & MCPH 1, which bless their bearers with 'bigger and smarter brains' is the most graphic example of this process. Far from aplauding this advance in scientific knowledge, a horrified media commentator said of this momentous discovery that it's:- "the moment the anti-racists and egalitarians have been dreading!" Why? Because the MCPH 1 gene indisputably originated amongst Europeans 'only' 225 generations (approx 6,000yrs) ago, and although now widespread amongst those of European descent, is still far rarer in non-Europeans and almost totally absent from the sub-Saharan African gene pool. Thus modern scientific research now incontrovertibly links intelligence levels to racial inheritance. You can verify the scientific detail on numerous websites such as Wikipedia, which contains a long and detailed article by Bruce Lahn himself.

The Western scientific/political 'elite' are now facing a crisis just as serious as failing orthodoxies in previous eras faced. Do they emulate the Spanish Inquisition, the Victorian Establishment, the Nazi Gestapo the Bolshevik KGB etc... and ignore/suppress such politically volatile knowledge in the interests of social stability, or do they admit the inaccuracy of their earlier doctrine but use the new knowledge for the benefit of humanity as a whole? One indication of our 'leaders' intentions on this matter seems to be the pressure recently brought to bear on James Watson, co-discoverer of the double helix structure of the DNA molecule in 1953, to 'retire' because he stated publicly that intelligence is genetically determined.

In my opinion, this production is largely a dumbed down politically/socially motivated attempt to prop up an increasingly outdated "We're all the same" ideology rather than admit/accept the existence of significant genetic differences between both individuals and races as revealed by the latest genetic research. Truth will out however, and the first mainstream programme on this still controversial subject in the British media I've seen so far is episode 2:Born Equal? of Andrew Marr's:- Darwin's Dangerous Idea [DVD]. Andrew Marr is a TV 'insider' whose egalitarian liberal/socialist credentials are impeccable; but in this episode he challenges modernday orthodoxy just as Charles Darwin himself did two centuries ago. Beginning with a 15/20min denounciation of Nazi eugenics; the programme introduces Bruce Lahn, explains his discoveries and then moves on to a Nazi concentration camp survivor Rabbi Joseph Eckstein who, having fled Europe for America following his liberation, later established Dor Yeshorim; a "charity dedicated to the erradication of genetic diseases within the Jewish community". In less than thirty years, this sensitively run but highly efficent organisation has all but erradicated Tay Sachs, a ghastly genetic disease which had previously been the curse of Brooklin's Jewish community for generations.

My personal opinion is that rather than launching forlorn attempts to discredit/disparage the scientific truth of genetic difference, we should emulate Rabbi Eckstein's far wiser policy. Accept the fact that there are differences; but use that knowledge to benefit those at present afflicted/disadvantaged by what are mere accidents of birth.
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Mein Kampf: The New Ford Translation
Mein Kampf: The New Ford Translation
by Adolf Hitler
Edition: Paperback
Price: £29.95

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Mein Kampf (The Ford Translation), 3 Mar. 2011
It is now more than sixty years since, to quote Winston Churchill, Nazism was "blasted from the face of the Earth!"; but the words Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf are still powerful enough to stir the passions. Within it's pages, Hitler predicts that the world dominating European civilization into which he had been born was in fact "a world on the brink of disaster."; and lays out a programme which, if implimented; might have saved that now vanished world along with much, if not all; of the political and military power it then held.

Hitler had spent four awful years fighting as a common soldier in the trenches; and loathed the shallow, devisive nationalism which had led to the Great War of 1914-1918, in which he had lost so many good friends and comrades. His answer was racialism, which most at the time saw as a unifying force. All Europe's sons were of the same Aryan/European blood after all. If they could be taught to look upon each other as the brothers they truly were; such fracticidal slaughters might be avoided in the future. And as he looked to the future; Hitler, like the Roman of old; saw the Tiber foaming with much blood.

Compared to the America's, Asia or Africa, the European continent is tiny; more an Asian peninsula than a continent at all; and virtually emptied of the mineral resources/raw materials needed by any modern industrial power. This was well known to Europe's rulers who, during the preceding centuries had used their military dominance to establish Empires throughout the world; the purpose of which was to ensure that Europe's industrial centres continued to receive these essential supplies. But Empire's can only be maintained by military force, which rely on manpower; and the restricted landspace was already impacting on the European birthrate. As the Asian/African people's continued to multiply, it was inevitable that the balance of power would shift. Europe would first lose her colonies, then see her industrial lead disappear; and finally be culturally and genetically swamped by the Third World's ever multiplying millions.

As is explained in these pages, Hitler's answer came in two stages. First unite Europe into Der Grosseraum; from the Atlantic in the West to the Ural Mountains in the East, with the Mediterranean as the southern border. The second stage was to create Festung Europa by fortifying the frontier regions. Within this Aryan/European homeland the Ukrainian grainfields would guarantee the food supply, enabling social policy to encourage an increase in the birthrate through a graded family allowance system. Every newly wed couple would be given a mortgage sized wedding present by the state; with the birth of each child, 25% of this loan would be written off. With a rising population, the balance of power would swing back in Europe's favour. Demographic projections of that time indicated that by 2050 Europeans would make up more than 50% of total world population. The threat to Western world domination posed by Asia's hungry millions would have been neutralized.

We all know the course of 20'th century history. European nationalism did not yield to the racist doctrine of Aryan brotherhood. Despite Hitler's prediction that "We have only to kick in the door, and the whole rotten system will come crashing down!", the Soviet communist system didn't actually collapse until the mid 1980's. In America the capitalists had plans of their own for 'The American Century'; which did not include a powerful united Europe dominating the world. While many of old Europe's imperialist aristocracies actively supported Hitler's plans; the power of International Finance ensured that a confederation of the French and British Empires, the USA and USSR, crushed Nazi Germany within six years, despite the pre-emptive blitzkrieg that knocked France out of the war.

In Europe we are now some fifty years into Hitler's worst nightmare. Europe's military/economic power never recovered from the suicidal civil war of 1939-1945, and the old empires are long gone, as is Soviet Russia. Since the 1950's Europe's population has been actually declining, even as millions of abortions are carried out each year. By contrast, India's burgeoning population has made her into a world power since independence in 1947, now possessing her own space research programme; whilst China's billion strong workforce has already built the industrial powerhouse which will eclipse America as world superpower within twenty years. Following them both are Japan and the Asian Tigers, all of whom have growth rates that dwarf European efforts.

To conclude this review I shall quote Patrick J Buchanan, senior adviser to three American Presidents, twice runner for the Republican nomination and Reform Party candidate in 2000:-
"All about us we can see clearly now that the West is passing away. In a single century, all the great houses of continental Europe have vanished. Not one European nation, save Muslim Albania, has a birthrate that will enable it to survive through the century. As a share of world population, people of European ancestry have been shrinking for three generations. The character of every Western nation is being irremediably altered as each undergoes an unresisted invasion from the Third World. We are slowly disappearing from the Earth. Having lost the will to rule, Western man seems to be losing the will to live...."

Who won World War Two? My grandad used to say that we did....
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They Died With Their Boots On [1941]
They Died With Their Boots On [1941]
Dvd ~ Errol Flynn
Offered by afternoon-matinee
Price: £12.96

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5.0 out of 5 stars They Died With Their Boots On., 3 Mar. 2011
Starring Errol Flynn in the heroic role of Gen. George Armstrong Custer; and released just prior to America's entry into World War Two in 1941; the purpose of this classic film was to encourage war-fever in America's young manhood. With a Boy's Own version of military training, innumerable magnificent cavalry charges, stirring historical commentary punctuated by thunderous cannon blasts, and the band playing 'Garry Owen' this film certainly does that! The depiction of the Little Big Horn battle is pure legend; the US cavalry surrounded, outnumbered and out of ammunition, faces certain death. With sabre in hand, an indominable Gen. Custer, flag flying and full of the courage that built America, fights on to the inevitable end; shrouding both himself and his men with eternal glory!!! Even the cowardly swindler Sharpe comes good in the end, fights bravely and dies with honour.
This film sticks in the throat of the politically correct brigade, who take every opportunity to criticise both it and Gen. Custer; but to my mind, any man who leads his regiment from the front in more than fifty flatout cavalry charges to defend the country he loves deserves full respect.
I wholeheartedly recommend this film; it's a ripping good yarn!!!

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