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5.0 out of 5 stars Gasoline - pumped full and driving its own way..., 6 Sep 2005
This review is from: Gasoline (Audio CD)
Theory Of A Deadman are just one of those bands. They're great, but you just know that they aren't going to megastars. And, in my opinion, good! Why? Because this band started of to a Southern rock style, almost grungy, and proved their worth with it in their first album, 'Theory Of A Deadman'. And, when most bamds change to fan demand, these guys have to stook to their guns, and have continued to produce these sonically sounded raw rock songs. But, to the album;
'Hating Hollywood' is a classic opener, and demonstrates what this band is about.Just pure, power Southern rock. 'No Way Out', 'Quiver' and 'Better Off' are more of the same, each one sounding similar when you listen to it first time through, but the more you hear it, the more you hear differnce. I know, its weird. 'Hello Lonely' and 'Santa Monica' are the ballad style songs, but both prove this band can be powerful and melodic at the same time. 'Hell Just Ain't The Same' and 'Me And My Girl' just sound like they should come from Outback America, which is the style this band trys to put across, and does so well in these two songs, although they do demonstrate how far Theory can push their boundaries. 'Save The Best For Last' is their best raw rock song on the album, with chruning guitars, rock solid drums and powerful vacls. Great. 'In The Middle' and 'No Surprise' are songs, that are although different, will have you singing and humming all the time, and their catchiness is unrivalled.
So, a good album? Definatly!! This album is varied enough to keep you interested, but has that core feeling to all its songs. Its a powerful, soaring musical masterpiece, and pushes the band to near perection. Buy It!!

The Better Life
The Better Life
Price: £7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Always good; sometimes great, 5 Sep 2005
This review is from: The Better Life (Audio CD)
Missisipi (I think that's right) based band 3 Doors Down may strike you at first to be one of those crappy socalled 'pop-rock' bands along the lines of Busted or McFly. But hold on a minute. Once you scrape the surface of the American quartet, you find something different and unexpected. Sure, the still are a variant of 'pop-rock', but lean heavily towards rock in all respects. Any fan interested in buying this album must have visited the website (and if not, shame on you), and this isn't quite the place for a long and totally pointless history. So, to the songs;
'Kryptonite', 'Loser' and Duck And Run' are all well thoughout and catchy songs, and are some of their best works, in thislisteners opinion. 'Not Enough' is a variant of these, but does simplify the listing skill a lot, and sounds like so many songs out there, as does 'Life On My Own' and 'Better Life'. 'So I need You' and 'Down Poison' are also good, but the lyrics seem utterly predictable, more on poison than need you. 'Be Like That' demonstrates the bands more soulful and calmer element, but thats not to be untermined. 'By My Side' and 'Smack' are just 3 Doors Down doing what they do best - rock! All in all, their best album and a good one to newcomers.

Jade Empire Limited Edition (Xbox)
Jade Empire Limited Edition (Xbox)
Offered by Click4entertainment Limited
Price: £42.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jade Empire - stunning!!, 24 April 2005
Bioware - a company that has given us epic RPG's such as Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate and Star Wars; Knights Of The Old Republic. I am sure you will all agree that these games are classics, and now they have a new, superb game to add to that list; Jade Empire. He are some of the best points that I noticed whilst playing;
- Graphics; Using a second-gen engine, the graphics are unbelieverbly brilliant, and will blow you away.
- Styles; The amount of fighting styles is impressive, with around 30. This allows for not only total character customisation, but some of the best fighting action I have ever seen in a game.
- Transformation-; Using this style, you can transform into a demon, once you have killed them and collected their spirit. This is something totally unseen in other vidoe games, and makes it stand out.
- The story; The story's a cracker, with plot twists and turns true to Bioware. Will keep you engaged and intyerested throughout.
I could go on forever, as this game as nearly no flaws, but you'd get bored, yeh? So, I'll finish by saying; Buy it. Now!

Live At Home [DVD] [2008]
Live At Home [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Nickelback
Price: £16.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nickelback - a stunning DVD!, 19 Dec 2004
This review is from: Live At Home [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
Nickelback are a great rock band, with legions of followers. And I'm sure that those followers will be pleased to get their hands on this fantasic DVD. Not only does it show the amazing band performing brilliantly in concert (which I have not seen better!), it is also awash with extra's. You shall get to: See the band before and after they go on, a trip out around Brussels, and much more. It also has music video's for 'How You Remind Me' and Too Bad'.
But extra's never make up for a concert if its c**p! But do not worry, the concert it stunning, with each band member strutting thweir stuff! More Importantly, it sounds astronimcal, and everything balances out, so their is no problems like 'the drums are too loud' or 'you can't hear the guitars'. It is a great tribute to Nickelback, and along with the extra's, which let you see an insight into the band member's personal lives, makes this DVD a must for any Nickelback fan or rock fan! Buy it! Now!

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