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Pack of 12 Plain White Unbranded Table Tennis balls
Pack of 12 Plain White Unbranded Table Tennis balls
Offered by SWEETY LIFE
Price: £1.36

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1.0 out of 5 stars CHEAP. You get what you pay for, 15 Jan. 2014
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Yes they are cheap, and they definitely feel it. Comparing with 'normal' table tennis balls, they did not bounce well at all, and are extremely weak. One of them broke on the first day of usage.

Would avoid and pay a bit more for a better quality product. Be warned.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Didn't really do much for me, 17 Jun. 2013
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Having used it for a week, it hasn't cured the itching from between my legs. Sure it has helped but not eradicated. I would recommend seeing a GP first before buying this.

Blue Steel Note Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy
Blue Steel Note Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, small, quality, slightly expensive wallet, 17 Jun. 2013
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Saw loads of ads on the net about these wallets, so decided to take the plunge and get one.

- Look exactly as the photos. The blue steel is sexy as, subtle yet obvious enough not be boring black. The pattern inside the note compartment is a really nice touch.
- Is very small and lightweight - exactly what I was looking for, and smaller than you think. I can confirm it does fit UK notes, which is something the website wasn't particularly clear about.
- Build quality - I bought one to last. The stitching is nicely done and generally the thing is very nicely put together. Feels quality in the hand.
- The additional card holder part in the note compartment nicely fits an Oyster card and keeps it out of the way of other cards

- My old wallet had a separate section for putting receipts in, which this doesn't. Would have been nice to have a section for this but would have bulked it out. Small detail, I guess I will just have to get into the habit of emptying out receipts more
- Realistically you have 2, max 3, sections for quick access cards. Not ideal if you have loads of cards that you use frequently. Yes you can put loads of other cards in the storage bit, but it is not ideal for quick access and the mechanism to pull the cards out and put back in again is fiddily. I wouldn't want to wait around at the counter in a store flaffling around with this. Not a massive issue for me though, I only really use my debit card and Nectar card the most, the rest (driving ID etc) can be put in the storage area.
- Slightly expensive for what it is. Sure, it is nice quality but I think it is worth around £30-40.

Overall, would recommend if you are looking for something a lot smaller, lighter and better quality than your average wallet from the high street. If you have loads of stuff in your wallet that you use frequently, then this is probably not for you, but it is a great exercise to get rid of all the unnecessary crap one normally keeps in their wallet.
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Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 2 in 1 Formula 500ml & Cloth
Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 2 in 1 Formula 500ml & Cloth
Offered by Syntec
Price: £7.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars excellent cleaner, 5 July 2012
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Great product. I have an old 1970s leather armchair which I bought from ebay but was dirty and stunk of cigarettes, so bought this based on some of the reviews here. I was slightly skeptical it might work. Having read a load about cleaning leather products on the internet, I initially tried cleaning with just 1 part vinegar and 1 part water, but didn't really cut out the cigarette smoke much. I cleaned the chair twice using this method but to no great avail.

So I tried this product instead, and was amazed at how much grot came off, and amazed that pretty much the entire smell had gone! There is still a slight wiff, but I'm going to give it another go and it should kill it off.

Handy bits to know - the squirter and the bottle of product are not attached on arrival, so it is pretty much guaranteed not to leak when you receive it. Also, it comes with a cloth to buff the leather afterwards. Overall the shine was good, perhaps not outstanding, but certainly made a difference.

There is also loads of product in the bottle, so it won't run out any time soon; great value for money.

Would definitely buy again if needed.

Asrock HTPC Vision 3D 137D - Black
Asrock HTPC Vision 3D 137D - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best HTPC out there, 14 Sept. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I foolish bought the Dell Inspiron Zino 410 HD solely for the purpose of running 1080p movies and other media centre activities, but was solely disspointed with the weak performance (would not run 1080p smoothly despite being told it did, and when doing anything slightly processor intensive, the mouse would lag!), so I returned the unit (excellent Amazon support) and got this instead. Not regretting it all, in fact I am completely satisfied in spending the extra cash on this. Few points worth mentioning which may or may not have been listed already:


- Built like a tank: solid construction and looks superb, just as the photos really. Perfectly matches black Samsung TV.
- Future-proofing: Although I havent got a 3D TV, it is nice to know if I do decide to upgrade, that the HTPC is already compliant to play these types of movies. The unit also comes with a number of USB 3.0 connections, which although I do not have any 3.0 devices, nice to know it caters for this when I do.
- Machine comes with device drivers on disc format which, once installed OS, just pop it in and it does everything for you. I had a slight issue with the graphics drivers, but you can also reinstall individual drivers from the disc, and once I did this had no further problems.
- Disc also comes with ASRock Instant Boot. Once activated in Fast mode, it enables you to boot up Windows 7 in approx 4 seconds! Great for showing off to my MAC friends who bought the Mac Mini solely on the basis of quick load up times. The application seems to modify the Windows Shut down procedure. When you shut down, the software seems to actually restart the OS and then put it is some type of hibernation mode, so when you go to turn on the device again, it literally only takes a matter of seconds to bring Windows up. The light on the ASRock is actually turned off once in this hibernation mode so it must be saving energy, however my external USB light is still on, which leads me to believe it is perhaps not as energy efficient as I first thought. If anyone can shed light on this, please comment!
- Included remote is a welcome addition. One major positive to this is that you can actually power on and off the ASRock remotely from your sofa!! You can get software to configure the buttons if needed using 3rd party software. The remote works out of the box once you install the drivers disc which is handy. And worked without even configuring it when using Boxee software! Perfect. Also worth noting that the power button also works when using Instant Boot software. So, turn the unit on using remote on sofa, and then wait 4 seconds for machine to boot up. Mac friends = speechless.
- Obvious but in case anyone needs clarification (as had problems with Dell): Runs 1080p and other movie formats without a glitch, from my USB 2.0 external drive.
- Unit is very quiet which is important when watching movies
- Unit has separate Optical audio Out which is fully THX TruStudio PRO supported, unlike the Dell.
- Lots of spare USB slots round the back. 5 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0. Round the front there are 2 x USB 3.0.
- Comes with basic 3D glasses yay!


- Package did not come with UK 3 pin power adapter! Came with 2 pin so I had to buy a converter to UK 3 pin. Not sure if this is regular as the one I bought was a refurbished one from Amazon. You might want to check this in case.
- Noisy DVD drive. When installing Windows and drivers, it makes quite a noise. I dont play movies from DVD as they are all on my HDD, but I can imagine it might be slightly annoying. But only slightly. The slot-loaded disc mechanism is very satisfying though!
- Pricey compared to other HTPC units on the market, but then you do pay for quality
- Doesnt come with Operating System, so you have to shell out more money for Windows
- Ditto for mouse and keyboard (at least the Dell one came with budget ones to get you going)

Overall though, very pleased. My friends have the Mac Mini for their HTPC but I would go with the ASRock any day. And worth spending that little bit more money on the ASRock rather than some budget HTPC (such as the Dell) as it future proofs the solution, and guarantees to perform for the task. I feel confident using the ASRock when inviting mates over for a movie, whereas with the Dell I barely wanted to show it off at all, which says something!

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4.0 out of 5 stars good looking if a little expensive hooks, 29 Aug. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased a couple of these to hang some towels up in my bedroom and bathroom. Overall, very pleased with them as they look and feel very solid.

They were a little smaller than I expected but big enough to hold a large towel. The only issue I have is that the product is quite expensive for what it is. Also, after fitting one of them, one of them fell down even though I put it up securely. However, the one that fell down, I did not clean the door before I put it on. The other one I did and it is still holding. So maybe a leason there, although perhaps instructions should have stated this clearer.

Overall I would recommend as long as the proper instructions are followed. Definitely adds a nice touch.

Casio F-91WC-9AEF Digital Watch with Yellow Resin Strap
Casio F-91WC-9AEF Digital Watch with Yellow Resin Strap
Offered by WatchWarehouse
Price: £20.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome little watch, rubbish light, 29 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this watch on the basis that a) I love retro Casio gadgets, and b) wanted something cheap but good looking and functional as I will be going travelling for 3 months and dont want to take my expensive watch. So far I am completely satisfied with the product, mini review below:

- Best part of the watch really.. classic retro Casio looks. Colour co-ordination is perfect; agree it looks a little more matt coloured in real life (less bright) than the photos, but it still looks damn good.

- Pretty much as is really.. very basic but that is all I need. Tells the time, date, has an alarm and stop-clock. And of course being a Casio, it will be as reliable as anything and will wont go wrong any time soon. Amazing good for the price of the watch really.
- A couple of things do need to be mentioned though; the light is utterly rubbish; the sort that only lights up the left-hand side of the watch!! I cant see this being a major issue though as it does light up enough to see when in pitch darkness. It reminds me of the old Casio I had years ago so in a strange way, it is part of the character of the watch! The second thing is that the strap is rather flimsy and not sure how long it will last. On the plus, it looks very water-proof.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this watch. My brother bought the white/grey version and looks equally as awesome, I would probably choose that one as 2nd best looking over the yellow one. Cant get a better watch at this price in my opinion.
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