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18 'Luxury Selection' Large Christmas Xmas Cards - 18 Designs - Include Envelopes
18 'Luxury Selection' Large Christmas Xmas Cards - 18 Designs - Include Envelopes
Offered by A*BargainProducts
Price: £6.95

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Rejected cards, 21 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I ordered these in an emergency and because of time constraints I had to use expedited delivery and so the total cost at time of ordering was £15.98.

This review reflects the product of £7.99. On delivery I flicked through the cards to see what designs there are. I only needed 3 and though it's good to see a set of cards without a single repeated picture, I only found 3 designs I would actually pick from a rack in a shop - but this is just subjective and my personal taste, so hardly a reflection of the quality of the card set. The Envelopes are better than the usual fare.

However, if you turn over the card you will see how the front of the card does not align with the back. Every card is misaligned. Actually what drew my attention to this was the feel of it in my fingers.

I did not give the cards a 1 star rating, but the 3 star is deserved because I do not like surprises about quality after buying things. Particularly when they are deliberately not mentioned in the description from the seller. Note too the seller has not added a picture of the rear of the cards along with the ones which are uploaded. So I am uploading my own pictures as proof.

The misalignment suggests the seller acquired these cards cheap because the manufacturer probably could not sell them at full price. There was a shop in Watford which sold new items cheaply because of slight defects which caused manufacturers to reject them. In fact we called it the reject shop. These cards remind me of that shop.

The purpose of these reviews is to inform other potential buyers.
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Kitchen Craft 28 cm Clearview Stainless Steel 6-Hole Egg Poacher
Kitchen Craft 28 cm Clearview Stainless Steel 6-Hole Egg Poacher
Price: £26.89

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars I used to love this poacher, 26 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I turn a blind eye to the fact I nearly always burn my fingers when lifting the poached egg from the pan to the plate because I am a man, and we men do not care about burning our fingers. I loved that it can poach 6 eggs at once, 6 eggs being the average amount I cook at once and the reason why I bought this in the first place. The little handle on two cups have detached with normal use and on one of them I have lost the screw. I replaced the screw in the other one. The one with a lost screw has a makeshift screw in its place which prevents the cup laying flush in the pan. It's very disappointing and I have used it once since it looked like this. That was a year ago. I actually forgot I have this pan until I just saw it in my purchase history.

It was used once a week when I bought it and this was for about 2 months. Very disappointed with the handles falling off, especially the one with the lost screw.

Cooking-wise it is fast and the non-stick cups need to be greased with butter like all poaching cups do. It is a great design, it looks good, just make sure the tiny screws attached to the handles are tight. I will glue mine if I ever find a replacement screw for the lost one and then I will probably use it again.

Sony MDRXB40EX Extra Bass Vertical In-ear Silicone Headphones with 13.5mm Driver Unit
Sony MDRXB40EX Extra Bass Vertical In-ear Silicone Headphones with 13.5mm Driver Unit

5.0 out of 5 stars Reproduced Review to include the Verified Amazon Purchase, 26 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I did not realise I had another Amazon account and that it was there that I bought these headphones. Here is the review I wrote under the other account with the Amazon Verified Purchase missing. It will be included on this review because I can see the box below.

I read a lot about Bose and a lot about Sennheiser, two types I have never tried. I own these ones by Sony though and I can attest after daily HEAVY use they are still kicking a year later. Since I got my first Sony Walkman in 1982 I have never owned a pair of headphones half this long.

These have snagged in laptops, down the side of mechanical recliner chairs, I have lost count how many times I have ripped them from ears by leaning on them or dropping my phone. They have been kept in my pocket, laptop bag, and for much of most days in my Galaxy SII which is where they are now. I lost one of the ear buds two days ago after a year ... so I am currently using a medium one and a large one on the other ear. I came here looking for replacement ear buds (note: Not requiring new headphones) and came across these in the listing prompting a late review ... a good one nonetheless since they have been field tested for a fair time.

The plastic upright bit houses the bass improving electronics and adds 400% better support when pressed against the earlobes than similar 'in ear' headphones. The bass improvement has made it pretty much impossible to go back to 'normal' headphones. There's a nice case which they come in with a pocket within it to hold spare buds (where I found my make do sized one). I never use the case because the real estate in my pockets is taken up by my phone and wallet which shows you how durable they are. When I listen to music I have never heard background noise with these headphones. They have outstanding noise reduction properties. I looked at the price just now and I cannot remember paying that much or where I bought them. I have looked through my purchase history here and on Ebay and see no sign of them, but after having had them this long and knowing the quality of them, the durability of them and knowing they are the first thing I grab when leaving the house ... I would definitely pay £60+ when mine need replacing.

Update: I can see now when using this Amazon account that I paid £32.55 ... Like I said, if there is ever the need too, I will gladly and with no hesitation to buy a further set for double the price. As usual they are in my ears now and the exact date I bought them is 26 Jun 2011 from an Amazon company called ChiwawaUK (doesn't seem to exist now). That's 16 months of extreme daily use. In terms of use, I will say this is the top Amazon purchase I have ever made.

LUPO USB 2.5 inch Hard Disk Drive HDD SSD External Caddy Case Enclosure IDE USB 2.0 BLACK
LUPO USB 2.5 inch Hard Disk Drive HDD SSD External Caddy Case Enclosure IDE USB 2.0 BLACK
Offered by LUPO STORE
Price: £5.50

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars *** WARNING *** You need to be aware!!!, 12 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I wanted 3 IDE cases but I received 2 and a SATA case. When ordering, I saw the offer for 3 different colours. Since I was buying 3 anyway I went for that, not realising that they had slipped in a SATA case at the very bottom. Well this is down to me not reading the description properly so let's move on to the cases themselves.

The first one I opened was the SATA caddy and my initial thought was, "Oh God, they've sent me 3 SATA caddys." I checked the invoice and it was on this I noticed the order of 2 IDE and 1 SATA. I discarded the useless SATA caddy and wondered how many others were duped into buying something the SATA cases that they're obviously unable to sell.

In the IDE caddy, which is what this review is about (do you hear me now about the SATA caddy being included with these) I spent 2 hours trying to get the drive recognised by my system. Much of this time was spent hitting Google. There were all kinds of theories ranging from a bug where some older drives are not recognised by Windows 7 to 64Bit not being a reliable way to copy from a 32Bit.

I wrote to GIZMO and asked them for their opinion. They ignored me completely.

The next day, I thought I saw some of the pins exposed slightly in the connector so I pushed the drive in harder, much harder. My arm was trembling from the strain and the exposed pins didn't look like they had moved at all. Anyway I plugged in the USB cable before closing the case to check if it works and PRESTO!!! The drive was found. Right there under Computer I saw Drive G: Then it was gone, then it returned long enough for me to read the contents on the disk, then it was gone again.

With it leaving and returning, I determined this was similar behaviour witnessed with a loose SCART lead behind the TV, so I fold paper and wedged it between the case and the end of the drive. <- READ THIS AGAIN. I plugged in the USB lead again and the drive stayed found. I moved the drive to see if it stays found and it did.

I replaced the other half of the caddy and plugged in the USB and there was nothing. The drive was no found. I was thinking the packed folded paper wasn't enough, but I tried the lead again after removing the lid from the caddy. It was found again.

Obviously the caddy when joined together was shorting out the drive. So I ripped a piece of Tesco carrier bag and placed over the drive before replacing the lid of the caddy. I was losing patience here because I should NOT have to be doing this.

I plugged in the USB lead and still nothing. Maybe I needed to wrap the plastic right round the drive but that would mean also disturbing the folded paper packed at the end, so my patience just left me altogether.

What I do now is keep the caddy fully assembled with the drive inside, but I removed the lid when I need to use it. I KID YOU NOT.

The other reviews are clearly about an older better model, or they're written by relatives, friends or staff of Gizmo. It's easy for people to keep changing their name and writing multiple reviews about a product.

Seriously, dont't think about buying this caddy. I wrote to GIZMO again and gave them two days to explain to me my issues before I submitted this review. I even told them I was writing the review in two days time. They ignored me. Is this surprising? Not to me.

BIPRA USB 2.0 External Caddy/Enclosure For 2.5" Laptop SATA Hard Drive. USB Bus Powered - Black
BIPRA USB 2.0 External Caddy/Enclosure For 2.5" Laptop SATA Hard Drive. USB Bus Powered - Black
Offered by Bipra Limited Number 1 Hard Drive Specialist
Price: £5.90

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not fitting, 6 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Accepts only 22 pin 2.5 SATA Drives. My 2.5 SATA Drive has 47 pins so obviously it doesn't fit. There was no warning about this. The SATA drive I have is 9mm. I was warned that it did not accept the older 12mm SATA drives.

The model number of the drive I tried to use is HTS548040MSAT00 Tis is the standard size of DRIVE so I have given it 1 star. Had the option been available it would 0 stars. I have no idea why at the moment, but Amazon is censoring reviews. I have had two reviews not submitted. This one included. This is a retyped attempt.

Homescapes - 6x - White Duck FEATHER Pillow - Department Store Quality - Anti Dust Mite - Wash at Home Range - Medium / Soft Firmness - 100% Cotton Downproof Cover
Homescapes - 6x - White Duck FEATHER Pillow - Department Store Quality - Anti Dust Mite - Wash at Home Range - Medium / Soft Firmness - 100% Cotton Downproof Cover
Price: £68.97

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Duck Down Pillows, 5 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First time buyer of Duck feather pillows. I bought six so I can use 2 and use the others for guests. I put brand new Satin pillow cases over these pillows and I'm shocked by the awful smell coming from them. I don't know if this normal for Duck Feather pillows. I hope the smell dies down over time. I'm almost gagging and seriously I don't know if I can sleep on them later. Am I supposed to put them in a washing machine before using them. As for the guests using them, this is going to be embarrassing. I can't even think of that. I'm sticking two of them into my washing machine. At this price I can afford to risk it. I'll squirt some aftershave onto these one here, or better still, grab my old pillows from the trash while the two pillows are being washed and dried.

I'm disappointed. I feel the pillows should have had treated feathers stuffed in them. Not feathers which smell like the bed my dog used to have. Yes, that's exactly what the top end of my bed smells like.

lol at the thought of bringing a date home. OMG, the burn.

BSN Syntha-6 Cookies and Cream Powder 2.2kg
BSN Syntha-6 Cookies and Cream Powder 2.2kg

3 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars NOM NOM NOM, 3 Aug. 2011
Have you noticed how there's no review about the effectiveness of this Whey Protein Powder on Amazon? That's because they're all written by employees of the sellers or by the sellers themselves. It's weird seeing all these reviews about the flavours. If you go to the top Body Building websites, the most popular ones - you'll see most have a Top 10 of each Supplement. At the No.1 spot on all of them you'll find BSN Syntha 6. I'm not a seller, I'm not a user, I have researched Whey Proteins exhaustively and everywhere I've been has lead me to this product. It's universally voted for by serious bodybuilders who have obviously tried many brands and who all agree this the best you can get. Annoyingly they all go on about the flavours like here. Pre work out supplement use 'Jack3d', for the Creatine use 'Universal Nutrition Storm' and for Testosterone booster which you'll need if you're 30+ is "60% icariin Horny Goat Weed" (Google it because this last thing is the only one you won't find on Amazon). All the supplements I've mentioned here, the brand names, have cheaper alternatives - but you get what you pay for, particularly in the Body Building world. If you just review the products I've recommended, you'll see that I've made a very detailed study to separate the right Supplements from the rubbish. Now I've written this, you don't need to ... you'll see.
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No Title Available

2.0 out of 5 stars More to buy and no time to buy it. Thanks., 15 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After waiting forever for these tags, I was shocked to find NOTHING for fixing the tags to the gifts. There is no string, no ribbon, nothing at all. I have no cotton or string. I have received a pack of 12 tags for £3.50 ... this = 29p per tag.

COMPLETELY SHOCKING BECAUSE OF THERE BEING NO STRING OF ANY SORT. The company has omitted to mention you have to buy additional things to fasten the tag to a gift. After wasting my money on these and so close to Christmas when I have no time to order others, I can definitely NOT recommend these tags. DO NOT BUY THEM. I am very disappointed and now I have to sellotape the Christmas cards to gifts instead or sellotape these tags picture down on the wrapping paper. This is a complete fiasco.

15 sheet christmas gift wrap assorted designs
15 sheet christmas gift wrap assorted designs
Offered by nonstopbargain
Price: £1.55

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Does the job on a budget, 15 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not the strongest of paper. I had bought 3 packs just in case and this enabled me to double up the sheets which strengthened them. You could use single sheets but expect to be reinforcing the corners with sellotape. I had 4 torn corners in all among 16 wrapped gifts, that was my cue to double up the sheets. Theory -> If doing the doubling up like I did, you are getting 15 sheets of strong paper (when doubled up) for £3 ..... I doubt you'll find 15 sheets of thicker and better quality gift wrap for that price. You would get more like 7 sheets. VERDICT: WORTH BUYING if you're going to double up the sheets, definitely. Received fast and well packaged.

Suitable for general gifts, etc. Not suitable for a gift intended for that special someone.

Sellotape Original Tape 24mm x 66m
Sellotape Original Tape 24mm x 66m
Offered by AbbeyShake
Price: £3.25

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon suggested buying this with the Chrome Dispenser, 15 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It fits only this one ->[...]

Because they look the same and because there isn't much in the price, I didn't realise I was buying a smaller dispenser, this one ->[...]

This is my fault. The Dispenser I have looks great and it will work great when I get sellotape which fits.

Getting back to this sellotape, it is very good, very strong and goes on forever. There's more tape on it than you think. For gift wrapping too it's the perfect width.

I recommend it.

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