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Kid Galaxy Mega Morphibian Snake
Kid Galaxy Mega Morphibian Snake
Price: £20.34

2.0 out of 5 stars Totally relies on batteries, which are not provided, too much screwing and unscrewing the lids of the plastic components., 30 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
You would be well advised to check out the toy release it from it's cable ties, sort out the batteries and antennae before giving this as a present. Ours was missing the tube for the antenna of the remote controller. Then try it out...

It was very frustrating trying to open the battery compartment, I used the set of small screwdrivers I keep for this sort of thing but it was tricky to open the lid of the toy. Then we put in the three AA batteries properly and carefully but for a while, we couldn't screw the lid back down. It has to be flush if it is to be waterproof of course. Eventually got it back down again.

Anyway, I find these sort of toys often to be a disappointment, they often only seem to last for a few hours and certainly require a recharging outfit to hand, rather than endlessly filling them with new batteries. An oblong box size 9v battery is required for the controller. We put them all in, having driven to the village for fresh batteries in case it was our fault the thing wouldn't go but even with newly purchased ones it wouldn't move an inch, was totally dead.

So, we couldn't get ours to work ever, perhaps we were really unlucky. others appear to have had enormous fun with theirs; so if nothing else please take my advice to check it all throughly before giving it to a small child, Here three children, four, eight and ten all stood around hopefully trying to help but absolutely no go. Grr!

Ultrasport Women's Ski Pants Arlberg - Black, Small
Ultrasport Women's Ski Pants Arlberg - Black, Small
Price: £69.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Every angle covered, 30 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Breathable, windproof and water proof, these are also cosy, cosy warm, light and comfortable. I am a size 12 and they, labelled medium, are a little bit snug but I can wear them. The adjustable waistband and elasticated waist make them generously flexible either side. I am 5'4" and they are about right for height. but you could be several inches taller and they would still be ok.

Today we are told in the news that walking is the best exercise. I have two dogs and we are out and about in all weathers. For me these trousers/pants will be invaluable on windy wet beaches, cliff walks and general winter treks. I am delighted to have them for that reason alone. However should ski ing or snow boarding be offered I am sure they will be excellent apparel.

The zip up hip pockets will ensure security for those small accoutrements required while out. They will also double as hand warmers, the neat uncluttered shape at the back will allows slip sliding away on snow, a tidy body line, and a nicely shaped bottom!

The inner shell for stopping snow is easy to pull over boots and the zip up darts in the sides help too. The hanging hook on the back of the trousers will be useful for storing and drying. There is a bit of noise as your legs rub together but no doubt when out in the elements that swishing will be drowned out.

Nikko Transformers R/C Bumblebee Transforming
Nikko Transformers R/C Bumblebee Transforming
Price: £39.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee..., 29 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
We test drove this Bumblebee with a four year old grandson and his ten year old brother. Much laughter and shouting, jumping about and general enthusiasm. The transformation was enormous fun, almost magical to a little child, the eyes light up both on Bumblebee and the operators.

Surviving plentiful crashes into the coffee table and the chairs, this is sturdily built and relatively simple in its features. Circling, proceeding back and forth in both guises, it is good for hand eye co ordination, control skills and dexterity.

We did consider that Bumblebee could have spoken more than one sentence, in the film he has different radio voices, so it seems a bit restricted to only hear one brief remark "I am Bumblebee'.

The extra weapons add to the enjoyment, really this was a huge success. However Bumblebee only works with 4 AA batteries and a 9 volt one, so using recharge-ables would be sensible.

I think this would be very well received on Christmas Morning as long as the adult takes it out of the box first, snips through the string restraints and unscrews the battery compartment on the remote and fills the AA ones up in the toy. Then the present can work from the word go. You may prefer the games to take place in another room, on a hard floor, just out of earshot though!

Rapesco 2200 Punch Heavy-duty 2-Hole Capacity 150x 80gsm Black Ref PF220AP1
Rapesco 2200 Punch Heavy-duty 2-Hole Capacity 150x 80gsm Black Ref PF220AP1
Price: £64.72

5.0 out of 5 stars As pleased as Punch!, 26 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
We run two businesses from a home office and I was often using a domestic small hand punch to create holes. This was in order to file vat invoices, bank statements (now printed from the bank website), and other information that has to be downloaded and printed. So much for the predicted ‘paperless’ office!

I also make labels for craft items and like everything I do to be neat and tidy.

The smaller hole punches make your hands sore, they bend and baulk at more than a three or four pages. Confetti flies everywhere and the result not regular.

So I was really pleased to have a chance to use this tool, which although quite large, is completely straightforward and simple to use. I am very pleased with the ease of pressing down on the paper, which is kept in place by a guide. The holes are perfectly positioned, trim and crisp.

There is no effort involved, the machine, which is ‘hand-draulic’ does all the work. You could spend a good long time working before you noticed anything tiring about the job.

I think it will last for the rest of my life and longer, being so well made of good quality materials.

Ipow Pastorable Flower Floral Canvas Double Zipper Large Make Up Cosmetic Pen Pencil Stationery Storage Pouch Bag Case, Set of 4
Ipow Pastorable Flower Floral Canvas Double Zipper Large Make Up Cosmetic Pen Pencil Stationery Storage Pouch Bag Case, Set of 4
Offered by soaiy
Price: £6.46

4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty pocket purses, 25 Sep 2014
Four pouch/purse/cosmetic bags, each sewn in a different colourful, patterned 'vintage' style sturdy cloth, they definitely have a contemporary, attractive design.

'Flower garden lifestyle' is a homely brand with an appealing look. These four bags would be well received as small gifts, maybe filled with a little treat or practical present.

The main compartment is lined with a water resistant material, the front pouch inside the the same cloth as the outside and a water resistant backing to the patterned exterior.

I can see one of these as a notes and coins purse to be kept in a handbag or in the car, or used as a makeup bag. Pens, pencils and erasers also fit nicely. A mobile phone could live happily inside too. Both parts have coloured zippers that have a metal pull tag on the end adorned with a smiley baby face, to keep the contents secure.

A delightful idea, and very reasonably priced, this set of four was sent to me by the manufacturer for a fair review which, I was pleased to do.

Leifheit # 72592 Large Lightweight Deluxe Ironing Board for Steam Generator Irons-Air Steam Premium MAXX
Leifheit # 72592 Large Lightweight Deluxe Ironing Board for Steam Generator Irons-Air Steam Premium MAXX
Price: £87.19

4.0 out of 5 stars Laundry? Leave it to Leifheit, 25 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Although this is advertised towards steam generator iron owners it is equally suitable for those using a conventional steam iron. The instructions show such a straightforward steam iron being used. I wouldn't want to balance the heavy base of a steam generator on the end anyway; it might become unstable, and a weight warning of max 25 kg is given. A water filled tank and base can sit on the floor or be positioned on a small table beside you while you work.

The generous size of this ironing board is great to use but you will need plenty of space to set it up. The spiral mast arrangement with a clip for controlling the lead of the iron may be useful to some but for me it is unnecessary, even annoying, so I undid it with a hexagonal key and put it to one side. The board itself is so comfortable you feel you could sleep on it. The high density foam base is an innovation much to be admired as it makes the whole thing so much lighter. The blue aerated cotton cover, most attractively designed, has a thin foam backing which I think that could be a little short lived; I prefer a felt pad. The iron nestles neatly in the cut out section on the metal plate at the end. The board can be adjusted up or down to your perfect height for sitting or standing. The hollow metal legs have protective rubber tips to keep the board steady and avoid scratching the floor. When ironing there are no wobbles.

Directions are by drawings, some confusingly labelled with a X for bad practice, however it doesn't initially tell you how to open the board which you do with the lever that lowers and lifts and by standing on the foot section. The board can be unwieldy in a restricted space but once up and you start your ironing it will be worth it for the quicker results, with so much more room to manoeuvre, no need to keep feeding the clothes and linen over the board. Whole items such as tea towels and childrens' clothes can be accommodated in one swoop.

A five year guarantee should reassure you that they think the differently designed, foam board will last. My first, metal, ironing board was built like a battleship and lasted for thirty years; however I am not so strong as I was so I really appreciate anything manufactured to be lighter in use. In my childhood ironing boards were made of wood by the man of the house, they had pieces of old blanket under a homemade cover from an ancient sheet and swayed about like a ship at sea.. Earlier still, my grandmother ironed on the table, with a folded blanket underneath, spitting on the iron to check its heat when it came away from the fire!

Kid Galaxy Bump N Chuck Rc Bumper Car
Kid Galaxy Bump N Chuck Rc Bumper Car
Price: £28.53

4.0 out of 5 stars All the fun of the fair and the noise too, 23 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These would make a popular choice for a Christmas or birthday gift, however I should warn you that they are packed like the crown jewels - so providing they are not to be posted on I suggest a quiet quarter of an hour spent opening the box etc yourself before `gifting'. One of the cars arrives in a sensible plastic bag, the other is screwed down tight in three places to cardboard packing, by those `terrible wires' that take an age to un-twizzle, including ones that are right around the wheels and difficult to extract. The radio controllers are in bags. It is perfectly possible to repack the freed and batteried up toys without the recipient noticing anything amiss.

And yes, as to the batteries, they are AAA, and are not supplied. The radio controllers take 2 each, the cars (Bump 'n Chuck) take 3 each, so doing the sums that comes to ten a time - without being able to see which ones have given out. So a recharger that fits AAA rechargeable batteries would seem a sensible investment. Of course the batteries have to be placed in the toys with a Phillips screwdriver to hand. The clear instructions are in English and French.

An age of six plus is given but a smaller child could play under supervision. The little men are the choking hazard but they are quite stumpy and solid. These drivers pop out of the cars easily, even as you handle them, so a bit of frustration there. They work best on a hard floor; when motoring, the power fans are quite impressive. Driving in all directions is fun, they can be manoeuvred by their controller who will develop some skill the more they play. No problem with bumping, they can take it. A certain amount of hand/eye coordination prowess will be established. Do beware of frightening Great Grannies or nervous dogs though, as the cars make quite a racket when they are hit and the driver ejected, ending with a spooky, loud demonic cackle.

As long as you are prepared to refuel these cars I don't see why they shouldn't give a lot of pleasure. An adult will need to oversee their care and hopefully they will go on for a good while before they are left at the bottom of the toy box.

Clarks Gilded Opal Womens Casual Shoes
Clarks Gilded Opal Womens Casual Shoes
Price: £34.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Smart but tight on the heel, 23 Sep 2014
Although I like the look of these shoes and they were just what I thought I wanted for the autumn days, I was disappointed in them. They really rub on the heel, raising blisters after a shopping trip which I could barely endure.

Maybe they can only be worn with socks, I was barefoot in them, I will try again but meanwhile would warn that they are best tried on in a store.

Pintoy Wooden Trike
Pintoy Wooden Trike
Price: £46.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Appealing, attractive, and, fantastic, not plastic!, 23 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Pintoy Wooden Trike (Baby Product)
In bright, cheerful primary colours and traditional wood, this is a toy that could be vintage; recognisable over previous generations.

Stable and sturdy, it is constructed in minutes from the flat pack. All you need is in the box. It is quite small so most suitable from when the child has balance and strength to ride on it safely. The wheels are smooth running with neat rubber tyres for a comfy ride. Indoors or out it can give confidence and extra ability to explore and encourage independence.

We bought it for a grandson's first birthday, he and his three year old brother both love it and use it indoors.

Greenpan Venice 24 cm Ceramic Non-Stick Open Frypan, Grey Aluminium
Greenpan Venice 24 cm Ceramic Non-Stick Open Frypan, Grey Aluminium
Price: £25.00

5.0 out of 5 stars No need to fry on high, 23 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Best results come from frying on a low to medium heat setting; this will prolong the life of the non stick coating and avoid the danger of burning food. Oil and butter are suggested as best to use. Do not use extra virgin olive oil, as apart from being a waste it can damage the coating.

What a relief after years of cheap, light, supermarket frying pans to have one that stays steady on the hob and doesn't rock about. Good news too, the hollow stainless handle stays cool during cooking, which is vital. It is even oven safe but then a cloth will be required to remove it.

Being ceramic means no more suspicious black flakes coming away, this is a healthy option fry pan, one that will last. Apparently even after the coating begins to fade, the pan can go on, as an enamelled cast iron pan. No nasty PEOA/Cadmium or Lead are used in the manufacture. Being 24cm it is not huge, appropriate for a couple's supper rather than a party of hungry hunters.

I bought the glass lid to complement the pan as I like to cover a fry pan to cut down splashes and save fuel. Fluffy omelettes, sauté-ed potatoes, slow fried sausages, fritters, bacon and eggs, stir frys, pancakes, all slide off this pan like silk, cooked to perfection. I love it.

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