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Aussie Shower Gel Body Wash No Rush 250 ml - Pack of 6
Aussie Shower Gel Body Wash No Rush 250 ml - Pack of 6
Price: £17.94

5.0 out of 5 stars Hop into the bath or shower with your new best mate, 6 Feb. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Unless you have six bathrooms in your house this set of half a dozen bottles should keep you going for a fair few months, depending of course on how often you shower/bath. Take some to the gym, on away trips, to the pool.

The product is lavender coloured, light purple or lilac, which ever sounds less woosie. It is thickly viscous, sticking to you for long enough to work up a proper lather and do it's task of soothing away your troubles and leaving you in a a better mood. The jojoba seed oil is the magic ingredient, it comes from Australia especially to your bathroom courtesy of Aussie No Rush. The scent has layers of coconut, citrus, it's almost good enough to eat but don't try that at home. It works well with one of those scrunchy scrubbing balls you may have lying around the shower.

It's great to have been introduced to this delicious new addition to the Aussie range. I have tried washing my hair with it and that feels fine too.

I like all the shampoos, conditioners and leave in hair products made by Aussie and am always impressed by how long they last and the definite improvements to condition and style they provide.

Cheesecloth Unbleached Filter Butter Muslin Quality for Strainer and Bags (6 Square Yards)
Cheesecloth Unbleached Filter Butter Muslin Quality for Strainer and Bags (6 Square Yards)
Offered by Grabbits
Price: £17.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Reintroduced to the kitchen and home - good to see it again, 6 Feb. 2015
It's interesting how properly retro, historic products are coming back to the kitchen with the multitude of sellers using amazon to put their wares into the public space. Cheesecloth has been in use for centuries, in dairies and kitchens such as we see in Downton Abbey and Mrs. Beeton's cook books. Items from our grandmother's kitchens are now being recognised and re launched for today's less throwaway society.

It has even been made into blouses, well in the 60's, I remember embroidered smocks being made from cheesecloth. Even now it is dyed and made into scarves.

This pack of six square yards is a generous supply, which can be cut into any shape or size, from enough to make your own tea bags to a larger area to scrunch up and clean your shiny mirrors and glass with.

A high quality product, this unbleached 100% cotton pack is completely bleach and chemical free. Whatever you do don't wash it with any detergent or scented soap, which would taint it and make it unsuitable for food use - it only needs pure hot water to sterilise and renew it. The feel of the fabric will completely change once it has been through a wash, it will crumple and crease to soft, multi surfaced cloth.

I use mine for straining fruit to make jellies, a smaller amount for wiping screens and glass (no lint comes away), packing up a bouquet garni for casseroles and soups, making cottage cheese and for wrapping around poultry, after soaking in butter, to keep it moist while roasting. You may see references to a 'pudding cloth' in old recipes, this is what is meant, using one to encase the suet or Christmas Pudding will keep the pud together and easy to remove from the basin.

Because this is a natural cloth it is eminently green, can be used countless times. It will serve you (or Mrs Patmore) very well for years.

I was sent this for an honest review which I am happy to give it.

Revlon Highlighting Palette - 7.5 g, Bronze
Revlon Highlighting Palette - 7.5 g, Bronze
Price: £7.38

4.0 out of 5 stars Bring your face to life, 6 Feb. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
More of a handbag accessory than a bathroom shelf standby, this slim and tidy compact bronzer has a little oblong mirror in the lid and one of those small soft brushes that fit into the base. You flip open the set with your thumb from the bottom and access the powder in block form.

Mine is 012, 'Bronzilla' shade which suits most complexions, just adding that 'sunkissed' glow. This one does not have any graduation of shade, just an all over dark tan effect.

A few brisk swipes magically transforms you into a healthy wide awake face, ready to face the day. I once asked a film director how they make people look dead on tv and he quickly replied - no make up!

A handy, conveniently small sized box that will be a life saver when you're feeling less than just home from a sunny holiday...

Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow and Sparkle - 2.8 g, Metropolitan
Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow and Sparkle - 2.8 g, Metropolitan
Offered by L4RGE
Price: £6.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Liven up in day time and sparkle like the stars at night, 5 Feb. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The slim, lightweight flip top compact is a little tricky to open until you get the hang of it. You have to use a thumbnail to push up the lid. It doesn't have a mirror, if that matters to you. There are two little sponge top applicators in an interior section, for the various colours.

The primer goes on easily and doesn't inflame sensitive skin, for me anyway. The colours can be discreet for everyday and sparkly for the evening, they look really really good on my brunette daughter in law.

What's in the box is very special and eye enhancing. Compliments are already flying.

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight
Price: £3.48

4.0 out of 5 stars Two can play at this game, 4 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Sleep Tight (Kindle Edition)
We read this for book club this morning and it was a change from the kind of books we usually chose. Often stories have only one major event, this is teeming with them. Very exciting, nail biting, page turning stuff. It would make a brilliant tv series.

Of course you have to go with the flow to get the most out of it and I was happy to join in the race to save a mother and her children from a terrible end. Having detective Tom as the centre was a stabilising influence, like Nelson he can think ahead enough to know when to leave something out, turn a blind eye.

I am glad that he is to be the constant in Rachel Abbott's books, having met him in Only the Innocent - her first book.

So 'Creepy guy' Robert is determined to keep his wife Olivia to himself. He goes to extraordinary lengths to control and observe her at all times. However when awoken from her grieving for her first lover and her parents the mouse can roar, the worm turns and we are off.

Great plotting, execution in this multi layered adventure.

Igenix Industrial Drum Heater, 3000 Watt, Red
Igenix Industrial Drum Heater, 3000 Watt, Red
Price: £59.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's not just a man thing!, 2 Feb. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
In workshops, sheds, conservatories, garages, potting sheds, rooms being decorated; this chubby, tubby, fire engine red, chap will give you a quick burst of real heat or a steady medium/ cooler air flow to dry your paint/glue/woodworking projects, or air your space.

Immediate recognisable as a useful, robust, practical product, we set it going on one of the coldest mornings in our outside shed and were toasty warm in no time. Tried out all the settings and found that the medium heat was great background while we worked. I love that it is light to carry about and doesn't smell like an oil burning space heater or calor gas stove. Of course I must remember to turn it off when it's left.

It is surprisingly quiet in operation, I was wondering if it was even on at first, you'll be able to listen to the radio without any competition from your drum heater.

All round sensible addition to the Igenix range, with a two year guarantee, a simple set of instructions, all in easy to read diagrams and good English, distributed from Ipswich with contact details given, I am absolutely delighted with this timely and much welcomed heater.

The Art of Waiting
The Art of Waiting
by Christopher Jory
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars Revenge is a dish best served cold, 1 Feb. 2015
This review is from: The Art of Waiting (Hardcover)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Shakespearean in his themes, Christopher Jory tells his tale of two cities with impressive range and pin sharp geography. If you already know St. Petersburg and Venice you are in for a treat, and for those of us for whom the numerous place names are flat on the page, I guarantee they will come alive and sparkle, enticing you to travel those streets and canals.

At first the hoped for twining together of unjustly treated Aldo, the Venetian boy and Katerina, the feisty Russian girl, appears as a collection of tidy short stories, neat building blocks, with hints of what is to come. A wild child, Katerina, is a catalyst for good, confounding expectations and offering hope, for which there is no word in the Russian dictionary. Aldo has a dreadful crime to take his pound of flesh for one day, dreams of retribution burn in his heart as strong as love. I was also reminded of Homer's Odysseus and his journey home to Penelope, as Aldo encounters so many distractions and challenges, getting back from the Gulag. Such struggles, disappointments and readjustments. There are other members of this cast who may be more important than they seem.

Christopher Jory writes with a quaint courtliness about the act of love, drawing a delicate curtain over it. He has no such qualms about violence, depravation and utter misery. Showing us WWII from the angle of an Italian conscript casts a light on a less travelled road. How could a man survive such terrible experiences on the Russian front, where so many good lives were lost and wasted.

Poetic passages of dense description, so well caught they are award winning in their own right, pop up in small, exquisite essays of nature, place, and mood. I could hear the sounds of Venice under my window and smell the peasant cooking in the Casa Luca. The cold of a Russian winter chilled my bones, the taste of freshly caught then smoked trout was in my mouth. Nothing is straightforward, there are puzzles that may not be solved, such clever writing, twisting this way and the other...

The author worries in his acknowledgements that he spent so many years at this work, spending time he could have passed with his family. I would say he was right to get this book written, and it will eventually give him back that time in spades, as success will surely follow.

Hot Wheels Builder Starter Set
Hot Wheels Builder Starter Set
Price: £20.99

1.0 out of 5 stars A Bridge too Far for this Granny, 31 Jan. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I had already spent a whole afternoon trying to make sense of this aggravating kit. I chose it for my littlest grandsons ages 3 and 5 to play with when they come around. I had to hide it away as I couldn't possibly present it to them. A box of forty plastic pieces all different and complex, so difficult to fathom out, it would take a child of a much greater age to be able to even try to fit them together I felt. The instructions are no good. Later I had a PhD, a computer magnate, and a consultant communications engineer all trying to help, with no more success. One guest, a retired head teacher, remembered buying hot wheels sets for her older grandson and their also being completely confounded by the construction.

Also only one car comes in the pack when you need several to make the game work and I had ordered more to get it 'up to speed'. My grandsons pushed them happily around the Thomas The Tank Engine track while everyone else floundered around with the new box of bits.

Hot Wheels must think we all live in huge empty houses if they imagine we can set up and store these constructions - as I can see that once made they would be shaky and liable to upset a child by not being as secure as they should; all this in order to flat pack them into a cardboard box, for ease of shipping I suspect. I can only say don't buy this for a present without a few hours set aside and more skill than we had, for prepping it!

RESEED Ginkgo and Sabal fortifying Shampoo for Women 250 ml
RESEED Ginkgo and Sabal fortifying Shampoo for Women 250 ml
Price: £24.03

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fortifying for the over forties?..., 31 Jan. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
ReSeed, recede? A less than enticing name for a product aimed at women with thinning hair. It made me think of those transplants that look like dolls hair on their bald heads. Or lawns, with dead patches.

The white bottle is basic, straightforward, medicinal looking - a clinical impression, reinforced by the leaflet, which resembles something that comes wrapped around your Dr's prescription. And this leaflet with teeny printing takes some sorting out. Our `Ginko and Sabal ` fortifying shampoo recipe is just one of various remedies from this company, including food supplements (what's wrong with wine gums, their gelatine content helps hair and nails...) for thinning hair. So for now, you only need to take in the info for this one.

I was happy try it on my medium thickness hair, especially as it smells so nice. Light yet attractively `healthily' scented, lemony perhaps. I guess this is why they produce this for women, maybe the men's one is more macho? All you have to do is to take a generous amount of shampoo (you need reminding not to be sparing, perhaps, as the cost is pretty 'hair raising' on its own, and you might be considering eeking it out). Massage it into your scalp. Leave it for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly. I don't use conditioner anyway as we are fortunate to have very soft water here.

There is a noticeable sensation of zinginess, rather like when you use a tea tree product. A fresh, clean feeling. There is plenty of lather, which together with the massaging has a refreshing effect. My hair was tangle free and easy to dry, rubbing with a towel would have been enough. Now is bounces and shines, is full without being fluffy and I am very pleased with the result. After six washes I can categorically state that my hair is fuller, brighter and more manageable - Really!

On the box it boasts that over 80% of users felt there was a substantial improvement in their hair condition.

I like that it is made in the UK, has a use by date, and makes reasonable promises that I believe, if it is used regularly, are likely to come true.

Igenix Stainless Steel Catering Urn, 15 Litre, 1650 Watt
Igenix Stainless Steel Catering Urn, 15 Litre, 1650 Watt
Price: £68.98

5.0 out of 5 stars For weddings and a funeral?, 29 Jan. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Once mostly used for WI meetings, in Salvation Army kitchens, by trolley pushing tea ladies in offices and even at Royal Garden Parties, the `tea urn' sounds nostalgically retro, vintage, last century.

However this mirror bright urn costs the same as a quality kettle and looks smart enough to be at home anywhere. Now that china teacups, crust off sandwiches and pretty cup cakes are all the rage, tea parties are truly back in style. The tea urn can enjoy a revival. It can come to a wedding, adding the comfortable relaxing joy of a cuppa when the champagne runs out. Anytime you find yourself boiling two or three regular kettles for a number of guests, turn to the `tea urn' again. I have seen one used for Mulled Wine, a delightful idea...

The Igenix has a shiny stainless steel body and a concealed element. Light enough to be easily moved around when empty, as safe as possible when filled and in use, with clip shut lid and drip free tap. It won't boil dry as there is an automatic cut off which can be reset when it cools down. When the water inside has boiled, the red light changes to orange so that you can set it to keep the water warm at 100 degrees C. Always take fresh water to the urn.

For a reasonable outlay you can be prepared for larger numbers. It's not even 'that big' at 15 litres. I know you don't want to think about funerals, but honestly I can this being really useful at such an occasion. Large family gatherings, camping too, with the right hook up, as long as you very careful to watch it, stand it on a stable surface and take every sensible precaution; this everyday yesteryear product still has a lot to offer.

Everything stops for tea!

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