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Kindle Fire HDX 7", HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 3rd)
Kindle Fire HDX 7", HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 3rd)
Price: £169.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars I've had it a few months and it's alright, but I'd only recommend if you've got Amazon Prime., 16 July 2014
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Nice tablets with decent battery life as long as you can live without Youtube, Chromecast (you can sideload these but it's glitchy and you can't login), Gmail, Chrome, Hangouts, Maps, Drive...basically anything to do with Google integration. There are 3rd party apps available but these are generally absolutely rubbish (they usually just link to a browser window) and you usually have to pay for them.

It has an annoying lock screen that you have to swipe through before you get to the PIN entry (the only security feature available).

Almost zero customisation - there are no widgets, no wallpapers and there is only the single home screen on which to fit all your app icons. These can be sorted into named groups which you touch and then this brings up a smaller window with your grouped icons inside, but the whole process of sorting is clunky and after an app has updated it very annoyingly insists on putting a copy back on the home screen outside of the group.

Mine seems to have GPS but what the point of this is (other than for Amazon local offers) I have no idea as the selection of mapping software available is dire.

The Silk browser looks very dated compared to Chrome.

You'll quite often have screen rotation issues with apps e.g. iPlayer can be used with the tablet any way round until a video starts playing, then it has to be in landscape with the power button on the left unless you like watching upside down or sideways. This is an issue a lot of games have too. It's maybe the software writers rather than Amazon that are at fault but it does happen often.

There is a blue tinged around the screen about 5mm wide which is always noticable. It doesn't bother me a lot but it is a bit rubbish.

A less than awesome app store which is often slow to update current apps, there are no refunds even if the app turns out to be utter rubbish which happens a lot and most apps have few or no reviews (I've started going to the Google Play Store to check them out there 1st) and a lot of apps can be available one day then just disappear the next. They do however offer a free app every day, which occasionally are really good and there's the odd super deal like the £20 (or £15 - I can't remember) of credit I recently got for buying GTA: San Andreas for £4. Mind, you can install the Amazon appstore on any android device so you could get those deals without needing a Kindle anyway.

The main issue, by far for me, is Amazon's 'carousel'. It takes up too much room on the screen and it serves little purpose. It's slap bang in the middle and most of the time leaves a massive empty gap above it with nothing but the boring background to show whilst leaving only room for 2 rows of icons / groups below it. This huge, immovable object shows your apps, books, films etc from your most recent used (until the very beginning of time it seems), displayed as massive icons in a rotating carousel which you can flick through and it moves very smoothly and it is responsive. I really, really wish you could get rid of it or at least resize it. It is the worst thing about this tablet. For starters looks wise it can be a mess, a lot of icons aren't hi-res and are really ugly when giant sized. Next, my wife & kids get a lot of Kindle books on my account and these always show up on it (even though they have been purchased on separate machines) which, if I use the carousel, makes it a chore to trawl through looking for my own stuff. You can delete these things from the display Individually but it takes a good 5 seconds for each item. I really don't understand why the big version shows apps at all, I can find them much more easily in the groups and if I use one all the time I could just stick it on the home screen anyway. It's not even much good for finding your movies, TV programs and books that you are interested in either as there is no sorting of any kind. Stuff that I've already watched or read, alongside partially watched ones and stuff that I've only looked at for a brief few seconds as well as all the things that other members of the household have been looking at on different machines all cluttering it up in amongst all the apps that have been used. It's just a mess.

The carousel has a miniature version available when inside an app (just flick the edge of the screen and a row of icons you can scroll through is shown, 4 at a time). This is much more useful implementation as you can use it to flick between things on the fly. This is all you ever need it for.

If you're on Amazon Prime the tablet is great for watching your included films & programs on the move. Just click on the Videos tab and you're straight into the shopfront with all your Prime qualifying stuff easy to find. This is the only reason I've kept this tablet.

Compared to stock Android (my wife and kids have Nexus') the OS isn't great to use, it is clunky to get around, glitchy at times (incorrect battery level, already installed apps plonking their icons on your desktop after they've updated, wifi issues after latest OS update,random bluetooth disconnects) and the giant carousel is just the worst. Kindle reader, Amazon Store and the Amazon App store are available for any Android, so unless you've got Amazon Prime and you want to watch away from home I wouldn't bother with one of these (unless your going to flash a new ROM I suppose).

A couple of little tips if you do buy one:

1 - If you're a regular customer then buy the ad supported version. After a few days contact customer service and tell them how much it's annoying you and they should get rid of the adverts for free and you'll get to see some nice pics on your lock screen instead of an advert.

2- Everyone can turn off the recommendations bar by going to settings> applications> Home Screen and the option to 'Show/Hide recommendations' is there.
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A Billion Jokes (Volume 1)
A Billion Jokes (Volume 1)
Price: £5.39

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bit short., 10 Jun. 2014
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This book is an amusing way to pass a small amount of time. Amazon needed me to put more words, so I made this rhyme.

Fireangel ST-620 Fastest Reacting Thermoptek Smoke Alarm
Fireangel ST-620 Fastest Reacting Thermoptek Smoke Alarm
Offered by Cutlers Home Store
Price: £15.38

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1.0 out of 5 stars What's the point of an alarm that doesn't alarm?, 1 Mar. 2013
Had 2 of these fitted approx 4 months ago by the local fire authority at the top and bottom of our staircase. These replaced our single previous, ancient, square battery type alarm. I packed the old one in a box and then put it in the bedroom cupboard. A few days ago we had a small kitchen fire (aka the missus cooking bacon), I was in the shower and heard a muffled alarm sounding. This was the old alarm which I had failed to remove the battery from. In order to set this off the smoke had gone past both the new detectors, through 2 closed doors and into a closed box. I later tested the 2 new detectors by holding a smoking frying pan under each of them. Neither alarmed but the 2nd one did start making a slight crackling noise which continued till I removed it and chucked it in the bin some hours later. Hopefully my bin won't explode. I'm pretty sure the company would offer to replace them but the point is a product as important as this should not fail so regularly so I won't be asking for anymore from FireAngel, it's not worth the risk. Appalling.
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**NEW VERSION** JXD S5110 4GB 5-Inch Touch Screen Android 4.0.3 ICE SCREAM SANDWICH Game Tablet PC with HDMI Camera (Black) by HD-Design
**NEW VERSION** JXD S5110 4GB 5-Inch Touch Screen Android 4.0.3 ICE SCREAM SANDWICH Game Tablet PC with HDMI Camera (Black) by HD-Design

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4.0 out of 5 stars Neat little gadget, 8 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Delivered from Amazon within 48hrs with UK charger, instructions etc.

Like another reviewer, I was skeptical, but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. It's quite a decent product, nicely packaged and well made with a responsive screen (even though it's capacitive). The pre-installed emulators work well with this, with the exception of the N64 one, which actually runs OK but there aren't enough buttons on the tablet to match up to an N64 controller and as such games can't be played properly, e.g. Mario Kart - you can't use the power ups because there's no button mapped. Maybe you can get round it somehow but I can't be bothered messing about. No such probs with the other emulators though. Oh and Android games run great, I've not found a single issue so far and you can use the D-Pad with them. All other apps I've installed via Google Play work fine too including iPlayer, Kindle, Netflix, Flippad etc.

The camera is pretty rubbish. The one on mine needs an enormous amount of light otherwise you can't make anything out and it doesn't have a flash. The camera interface would possibly be nice, but for some reason it doesn't fit on the screen quite right. It does have some sort of panoramic mode but because the camera is so pants I haven't bothered trying to use it. Maybe an update or custom ROM will improve this bit.

The screen is capacitive but is generally very responsive, behaves just like any other android tablet and displays nicely despite it's small size. The only issue I have is getting to the Android Home / Back / Menu/ Notifications buttons near the edge of the screen, particularly when in landscape as the bezel gets in the way. My 7 year old son can use them fine but if you're much bigger then you'll struggle. You can mostly get round this by using the dedicated plastic buttons on the front or I suppose by using a stylus.

Wifi connection can be a bit "iffy" and the range isn't great but that seems to be the case for most cheap tablets. I read somewhere that this is down to tablets being set to international wifi standards which use channels 1-10, where as in the UK we use channels 1-13. Most home routers auto select the channel they use, so on occasion it'll be outside the tablet's range and that's why they sometimes lose connection and the tablet wifi needs restarting. This might be complete rubbish (I'm pretty sure I've fixed my wifi channel to a particular one). Anyway, this has a dedicated button on the side for wifi so if you do lose connection just flick the switch off/on and that fixes that fairly quickly.

The battery lasts about 3-4 hours of constant use with wifi on which certainly isn't bad for this price. Also, unlike most other tablets / phones I've come across, whilst it's on charge you can still use it without continuing to run the battery down. You can run it completely flat, plug it in and just continue using it like that (something I can't do with my Nexus 7). Maybe it's because it doesn't charge via USB? The charging lead could do with being longer just for this purpose though.

Anyway, quick summary of my opinion: Rubbish for N64 roms (as is?). Rubbish camera. Nice gaming controls for other emulators. Well made but with usual cheap tablet problems. Generally, I'd say it's for kids and would highly recommend it for this purpose over a cheap 7" tablet. As soon as I can afford it I'll buy 2 more for my other kids. Good value at £63.99.
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Mens Black Skate Shoe, Size 9
Mens Black Skate Shoe, Size 9

4.0 out of 5 stars Decent quality shoes., 30 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These are surprisingly good quality. I bought them in black as a spare pair but I'll be wearing them on regular basis. I was expecting supermarket own brand type shoes but the materials are of good quality, they appear very well made, I'd say on a par with my kids' Clarks trainers and the design is quite nice too with no stupid logos - maybe I'm getting old, but why pay extra just for being a walking advert?

The Warlizard Chronicles: Adventures with Vodka, Women, & War
The Warlizard Chronicles: Adventures with Vodka, Women, & War
Price: £2.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dull Stuff, 6 Nov. 2011
I bought this on the strength of the previous 2 reviews, wish I hadn't bothered, I only managed about 3 chapters before I gave up. This book is about certain 'hilarious/outrageous' events that have happened in the authors life, but it's just not that interesting. I was expecting wild, funny, crazy stories, instead they were pretty dull and un-entertaining, it's basically just him bragging, which wouldn't have been a bad thing if it was well written or interesting but it just made me yawn. Possible insomnia cure I suppose.

Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup
Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup
Offered by Box Limited
Price: £41.59

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not actually quick and not particularly practical., 21 July 2011
I've owned this for about a year and not a day goes by that me or the missus doesn't comment on our "instant" kettle (and no we're not really that boring, it's just that this thing is that irritating). First off it's actually no quicker than a standard kettle, possibly a bit slower when you take pouring time into account, if you read the bumph on the box and then do the sums it actually tells you this. Also like many others have stated it fills most mugs right to the v. brim meaning you have to tip a bit out every time, hardly money saving. It's also noisy and the tank ALWAYS seems to need refilling. But it's worst of all when trying making to make more than 2 cups at a time as it's a real chore. Standing there pressing the button over and over whilst it chugs and spits is seriously irritating. I bought a cheap kettle to put on the hob for if we have guests (again, money saving?) . If you live in the Bradford area, mine's going on eBay today for a tenner, I've finally bought a proper kettle. Oh yeah, and it 'sprays' the boiling water/steam out too, meaning that if you're trying to hold something in place beneath the spout because it won't fit on the stupidly small stand, you'll probably get burned.

In summary: Fine if your completely deaf, single and like your tea black.

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