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All We Have
All We Have
Price: £0.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars A band to watch out for!, 23 April 2012
This review is from: All We Have (MP3 Download)
Of Kings And Captains are a band that just keep getting better and better! Their latest single 'All We Have' is an absolute belter that has that perfect blend of fierce Indie-Rock and Pop sensibilities that deserves a place on any self-respecting club DJ's playlist. At 69p this track is an absolute steal and a must-buy if you like your music to get you bopping around your bedroom and still have remnants of it's catchy-yet-classy hooklines! If you get chance to see OKAC live, I highly recommend that you do! Great stuff, and a band to seriously watch out for!

Joe Bonamassa Collection Play It Like It Is Guitar Tab Book
Joe Bonamassa Collection Play It Like It Is Guitar Tab Book
by Joe Bonamassa
Edition: Paperback
Price: £19.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great...apart from the major tabbing error!, 23 Jan. 2012
Nice to finally get some more Bonamassa tabs out there. After the release of the Blues Deluxe guitar tab book (which was excellent), I was expecting another full album tabbed out. Instead we get a compendium of songs from the Sloe Gin, You & Me and The Ballad Of John Henry albums. Not sure if someone else has put the track list up but I will just in case:

Asking Around For You (You & Me)
Ball Peen Hammer (Sloe Gin)
The Ballad Of John Henry (TBOJH)
Black Night (Sloe Gin)
Bridge To Better Days (You & Me)
Dirt In My Pocket (Sloe Gin)
The Great Flood (TBOJH)
Last Kiss (TBOJH)
Lonesome Road Blues (TBOJH)
One Of These Days (Sloe Gin)
Sloe Gin (Sloe Gin)
So Many Roads (You & Me)

Overall the tabs are great, if a little small at times (maybe I'm just getting old hehe), and a nice collection of songs. Would like to have seen some more of his acoustic numbers tabbed, but that is of course personal preference.

Okay, so the major gripe:

There is a serious tabbing error in So Many Roads. In bar 9 (during the song's intro guitar solo), Joe plays an Fm pentatonic lick over the Fm chord. The book, however, has five notes of the tab in Gm (two frets higher than it should be), yet the music notation remains correct. This is a really poor show from transcribers Paul Pappas & Jeff Jacobson, and from Cherry Lane for overlooking this mistake. The book, we are led to believe, has been approved by Joe Bonamassa himself. I highly doubt he sat and played through the songs to check the tab, so how much involvement he had is anyone's guess.

All this has nothing to do with Amazon of course, who delivered the item within a few days and in perfect condition, as per Amazon's high standards.

Without that error this book would get the full 5 stars. Joe Bonamassa is one of today's top guitar players, and any chance to study his work from a more in-depth and theoretical standpoint is always welcome by me.

Cherry Lane- sort it out!

Guitar Hero: Metallica - Guitar Bundle (Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Guitar Bundle (Xbox 360)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Guitar Hero comes up trumps!, 1 July 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
It seems the Guitar Hero franchise is pumping out game after game in an effort to keep up with Rock Band's snowballing success. The first of four scheduled new GH games since World Tour sees Heavy Rock band Metallica getting the Guitar Hero treatment. After the disappointing Aerosmith game (awesome band, great visuals but way too short), it was going to take something special to wow the fans. And Guitar Hero Metallica 'wows' from the word go. Visually it's amazing with caricature versions of the lads, and stadiums where they have played. It's hard to pick just a selection of songs from Metallica's extensive back catalogue and despite a couple of personal faves being missed out (can't win them all), all the classics are there along side some lesser played but just as good album tracks. Also featured is a bunch of songs from bands that Metallica have played with or have influenced them in some way, notably Motorhead and King Diamond who both have their likenesses in the game.

Gameplay, this is the best game of the series and most of the niggles and creases have been ironed out which makes Metallica a very smooth game indeed. Obviously as with all band-specific music games, it's really going to appeal to Metallica fans first and foremost, completists second.

The included guitar is just a World Tour standard guitar controller and comes with a snap-on Metallica faceplate which, I have to say looks awesome.

I enjoyed this game both as a Metallica fan and as a Guitar Hero fan!

Complete Works
Complete Works
by Plato
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £32.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars All handed on a silver Plate-O, 1 July 2009
This review is from: Complete Works (Hardcover)
For the price this book is outstanding, worth way more if you consider how much each individual work of Plato's would cost. Includes pretty much everything he wrote (or at least what he was accredited), and contains plenty of really useful liner notes for those not too well-up on Greek History or Philosophy. I'm sure plenty of other reviews would be more in depth so I'll keep this one brief. In short, a fantastic read by a genius mind. Highly recommended.

Crack the Skye [Special Edition]
Crack the Skye [Special Edition]
Price: £8.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece, 2 April 2009
There has always been something that set Mastodon apart from the rest of the Metal crowd- much in the same way as Opeth. Some would put that down to the fact that both bands have acquired a 'Prog' label. But it is much more that. It's pure, honest, creative freedom. And with Crack The Skye, Mastodon have created a masterpiece. Simple as that.

When I first heard the Divinations single, I was reminded of moments on their last release Blood Mountain, and I wasn't sure what to expect of the album. But after the first track Oblivion, I felt a tingling in my spine that albums rarely seem to do these days. First thing, the production is top notch. I'd go as far as to say flawless. Then the musicianship. It is beyond belief. I have always had much respect for Troy (Bass/Vocals), Brent (Guitars/Vocals), Bill (Guitars) and Bran (Drums), but this time they have surpassed themselves. While not as showman-like as previous albums, it's their element of control, knowing where and when to shine that really stands them out as some of today's most brilliant musicians. The guitar solos are particularly beautiful- melodic, heart felt and soulful.

But before you Metallers say 'so it's not heavy then', this album IS heavy. Not in the traditional sense of the word but in atmosphere. The heavy use of clean vocals really makes this a very dark album. But instantly catchy, accessible and thought provoking all at once. Without being commercial at all!

The epic The Czar in particular, with it's four part story, ebbs and flows between haunting clean sections and big heavy riff-laden grooves that get your head banging in true Mastodon fashion.

But what really stands out about Crack The Skye is the song craft. The lyrics are fantastic, and every riff, chord, beat and bassline sounds like it was meant to be there. Nothing is out of place at all.

What's interesting is that a lot of the album was written by guitarist Brent Hinds whilst recovering from illness. He was forced to chill out and picked up his acoustic guitar. When the band got together again to start writing, the combination of Brent's epic rock licks and Bill's fierce and fast metal chops have created what will go down as a rock masterpiece! It's becoming a cliché to say 'How can Mastodon top this album?' but with every album they do!

I'm on my umpteenth listen and still haven't got bored one iota! I cannot recommend this album enough!

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