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Brother HL-2250DN Compact Network Mono Laser Printer with Auto Duplex
Brother HL-2250DN Compact Network Mono Laser Printer with Auto Duplex
Offered by sotel-electronics
Price: £140.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to refill with no gear or chips, acceptable quality., 17 July 2013
Acceptable quality mono print, ethernet connection and a duplexer. This printer has an interesting party trick - you can go into the HTML interface by typing the printer's IP address into a browser address bar and there's a setting to instruct the printer to keep printing regardless of the toner level. This means you can refill the toner cartridge for £13 a bottle and just slot it back in and on it goes. No fiddling with gears or replacing chips etc. I get less than half a penny per sheet cost and I've been doing this for two years with the same cartridge - so far 15000 sheets. Only thing I'd change is better linux driver support. It's a pain installing it on 64bit linux systems.
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Alesis M1 Active 320 USB (la paire)
Alesis M1 Active 320 USB (la paire)
Offered by Maplin_Webdeals
Price: £84.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very impressive for the price and size., 19 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought these to use as media speakers in my home office - I don't produce/mix any more so strictly speaking I have no need for perfectly flat response, but having had some experience in this area I'm reluctant to buy commercial speakers. Also I didn't want a separate amplifier as I have no room for one.

Clarity appears very good, response seems very flat, and it has a very tight bass that I associate with decent quality kit without the emphasised bass and treble that I hate in consumer speakers.

My only concern is a very slight hum when turned on with nothing playing. This is almost imperceptible, but as I work in a perfectly silent room it can be annoying on occasion.

Metal Aluminum Silicone Dual Layer Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII i9300(Gray)
Metal Aluminum Silicone Dual Layer Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII i9300(Gray)

4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect, 14 Feb. 2013

1. The inner layer is silicone and the aluminium back extends round the corners and sides of the phone to the glass. I can't afford a Galaxy S3 to drop test, but I would think this is far better than a silicone-only case and better than a case with an aluminium back panel only. My gut tells me having aluminium and silicone around the corners is a particularly good idea.
2. Fit is perfect - it's tricky to get on (always a good sign) and once it's on it's like it was always there. Silicone bumpers extend from the aluminium case in over the edge of the screen by ~3mm and are ~1.5mm high. I don't believe the phone will pop out in a fall or knock, though I haven't tested this. Hard-rubber cases tend to have this problem as they're not flexible enough to extend around the screen more than a fraction of a millimetre and still flex enough to fit, hence the phone can pop out - shouldn't be a problem here.
3. Mobile and wifi signal are not affected by the aluminium back (I thought they would be). I've tested this with time-graphed signal status apps in strong, medium and poor signal areas and whilst I can't say for certain that there's no effect at all (there must be SOME surely) I couldn't detect any even when trying hard to provoke it. The normal signal variation over time due to interference/atmospheric conditions swamped any difference made by taking the case on and off. Having used it for a few days in poor signal areas I can also say that I noticed no difference at all in use.
4. Not too "grippy" like a silicone case, meaning it's easier to get the phone into and out of a pocket!
5. Aluminium back has a deep satin paint, looks very nice.


1. Aluminium back does affect GPS signal reception slightly, but this does not seem to affect lock-time or position accuracy in performance. In the centre of Cardiff (with lots of RF interference) I get 40db signal-noise ratio from each satellite without the case, 30db with the case and no difference in the number of satellites locked. This didn't affect lock time or positioning accuracy even in the city centre and route finding software worked exactly as well with and without the case. It is possible that in areas with more severe interference/reflection or poor GPS signal strength the case might harm GPS performance though.
2. Bulkier than single-layer cases but not a great deal.
3. Aluminium back is very smooth and slippy - easier to slip into a pocket, but also more likely to slide off a sloped surface!


Almost perfect. Having tested three different cases on my S3, this is the one I'm sticking with.

Last night I managed to pull my phone out of my pocket, fumble it, and flick it out of my grasp. It went up to head height before it hit the concrete where it flipped and bounced a couple of times. One corner of the case was severely indented (the phone now only just fits inside) and there are several scratches on the back through the paint and into the metal. Most importantly, the phone was completely untouched. Obviously there's a lot of luck involved - if the phone had landed screen-down then that's that - but I'm very happy with this result and have ordered the same case again.

DGM IPS-2701WPH LCD Monitor
DGM IPS-2701WPH LCD Monitor

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1.0 out of 5 stars Excellent panel, poor speakers, appalling stand. Went pop after 3 months., 9 Feb. 2013
It's hard to fault the visual performance of this monitor. I picked it up for £250 and I'd have a hard time distinguishing it from monitors that cost 2-3 times as much. When it's up and running it's excellent - for office work you can nearly fit three A4 documents full size on screen! If you're like me and work looking at a monitor all day this is great. Just remember that you'll need a PC capable of outputting 2560x1440 resolution and you'll need to connect it with a displayport or DUAL-LINK dvi cable. With a single-link dvi or analogue cable you won't get full resolution - you might as well get a cheaper 27" 1920 monitor rather than run this at low res.

The speakers are extremely poor quality, far worse than a standard TV. If you're using them for the occasional skype conversation then they're ok, otherwise forget it. And if you have a displayport that doesn't pipe out digital audio (like my lenovo laptop) then the analogue audio in doesn't even work.

The stand is the worst I've ever seen on any monitor of any price - you should include a VESA wall or desk-clamp mount in your purchase budget if you get this, it's that bad. It's very wobbly side to side so the monitor jiggles as you type on your desk, and my desk is fairly study! Worse still the monitor doesn't stay in position, it leans slowly forward till it's facing 10 degrees downward. It's supposed to be friction-held at one angle and adjustable but clearly the design isn't up to the weight of this panel. Appalling! To finally add insult to insult, the VESA mount is fouled by the top half of the stand which cannot be removed without dismantling the monitor casing and removing the panel. Fine for someone who's used to taking apart fiddly electronics, bad for anyone else. I would have respected DGM far more if they had simply omitted the stand altogether and made this a VESA-only monitor.

In short this is an excellent panel in a shoddy package, but if like me you use separate speakers and wall-mount the monitor then it's pretty much unbeatable at the price.

EDIT: I'd had this monitor for three and a bit months when POP, smell of smoke... totally dead. Very disappointing. Not only that but the vendor assured me that the salesperson I'd spoken to who'd sold it to was completely wrong when he'd assured me I'd benefit from exactly the same warranty as the non B-grade monitor minus the time between the initial purchase, return and my subsequent purchase. They finally relented and took back the monitor to return it to the manufacturer, then I heard nothing at all for weeks and every time I managed to speak to one rep I was told that the last one didn't know what they were talking about. A letter pointing out their fit-for-purpose obligation under the sale of goods act finally got me a refund and I've opted to upgrade to the Dell.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect. Recommended., 15 Mar. 2011
Overall very good product - good fit, no sag or bow anywhere and certainly not going to come out accidentally. Seems very tough and once on it looks like part of the phone. Doesn't appreciably increase the size of the phone. Enclosed screen protector very good also, hard to fit perfectly like any screen protector but once on right you'd never know it was there. Fits in my windscreen mount without having to take it off! All functions of the phone are available with it on, you'd never have to take it off unless replacing battery/sim/SD. The rubber is thicker over the power and volume buttons to let you press them through it and thicker around the camera lens to protect it.

Only negatives:

Power button a tiny bit too hard to press, volume buttons a tiny bit too easy to press by mistake. Not hard to live with though.
Cut-out for power and headphones a tiny bit rough but otherwise everything looks very professional.
Nice matt finish on the back but the front is shiny black - would have preferred matt all round.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality USB cable for any compatible phone, not just Nokia!, 15 Mar. 2011
I bought three of these for my HTC phone, they work just dandy for power and data. Mouldings are good quality and robust, plus the cable is thick but nicely limp and easy to bend or fold without memory - far nicer quality than generic or even genuine HTC USB leads. Also this is the meter-ish length version, not the ten centimetre one I've seen unscrupulous sellers selling on here without mentioning that they're tiny! Comes with an attached cable tidy for when not in use - handy.

Very speedy delivery too.

Premium In Car Holder Windscreen Suction Mount for HTC Desire HD
Premium In Car Holder Windscreen Suction Mount for HTC Desire HD
Offered by e4deal UK
Price: £4.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars very solid, 23 Feb. 2011
GOod and sturdy. The sucker is big and well supported, the mechanism on the sucker is easy to use one handed and seems to hold on well to the windscreen (the desire HD is a heavy beast). The phone cradle is adjustable and holds onto the phone well - it should also hold onto various other phones well as long as they're not thicker than 20mm or so.

For the price, I was very plesantly surprised.

Nokia 5230 Mobile Phone on Vodafone PAYG
Nokia 5230 Mobile Phone on Vodafone PAYG

2.0 out of 5 stars a good package but with serious flaws, 10 Jan. 2011
I bought this phone to use for work as a phone, mp3 player and satnav. It has built in GPS, free maps for life, takes a 16gb microSD card and has both excellent audio quality and battery life, making it on paper the perfect phone for this role.


The phone cannot use satnav voice guidance and bluetooth phone connectivity at the same time - if the phone is connected to any form of bluetooth audio device then it will route ALL audio, even voice guidance, through the bluetooth rather than through the phone's speaker - even when you're not actually on a call. This is a serious design flaw. If you do not use bluetooth in the car and have no intention of doing so, it may not bother you. If you happen to have a nokia car kit installed then it might work (or another which supports permanent A2DP) then this might work for you. For the vast majority of kits however, and for all factory installed bluetooth interfaces that I'm aware of, you can't use the satnav if you want to take calls and vice versa.

The GPS software itself is seriously flawed. It gives different routes each time (this is not due to traffic updates as I have tried it offline) and often takes long convoluted routes or doubles back on itself. Furthermore it will not tell you to do a u-turn and will route you a long way just to turn 180 degrees via junctions.

I cannot recommend this phone if you have any intention of using the satnav function - buy android instead.

Samsung NB30 10.1 inch Touchscreen LED netbook (Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz, 1Gb, 250Gb, WLAN, Webcam, BT, Win7 Starter)
Samsung NB30 10.1 inch Touchscreen LED netbook (Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz, 1Gb, 250Gb, WLAN, Webcam, BT, Win7 Starter)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good hardware, awful software., 18 Dec. 2010

Very good battery life
Plenty fast enough for a netbook
Touchscreen is very useful if a little ineffective with any operating system available at the moment (android x86 might be great on this when it's released)
Rugged case
Good keyboard
Good storage


Case is a little plasticy
Supplied software is awful - it runs windows 7 starter edition and a truly silly amount of worthless bloatware installed at first startup if you like it or not - system sits and installs guffware for literally two hours on first startup. As a result the system is very sluggish on first use which made me think I'd bought a lemon - this is not the case but you need to remove a lot of rubbish first, in fact I'd recommend a complete reinstall. If you're not computer-savy enough to do this, I'd give this netbook a miss, it's that bad. For speed and ease of use out of the box this is a definite fail.

Windows starter edition is fine if you're happy to use MS and runs plenty fast enough IF you can get rid of the bloatware the pc installs on first startup. Ubuntu 10.10 runs fine in its various flavours though you'll need to add samsung support packs which is easy to do if you're even slightly linux-familiar (i'm no pro). Xubuntu is particularly swift on this PC and is my OS of choice - together with chromium/opera it's very swift. Also it's nice to create a nice big chunky application launcher on the left to use with the touch screen interface.

Out of the box - two stars at best
With xubuntu - five stars

Conclusion - buy with confidence if you're the sort to customise, avoid if you don't know how to do this or wouldn't want to.
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No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect fit!, 23 Jun. 2010
I am impressed with this case. It's a "soft touch plastic" case, made of hard plastic with a rubberised finish like in a high-end car, rather than the more normal silicon "phone condom". It appears to be tough and durable, the clips which hold the two halves together are sturdy and there are plenty of them. The fit is perfect and it clamps the phone together well, eliminating the annoying battery-cover rattle that has plagued this particular phone. Recesses and cutouts for buttons and camera are perfect and unlike silicon phone cases there's no "flappy" bits where cutouts are strung together.

Only downside I can see is that the flanges of the plastic molding are visible on one side, though only slightly. Other than that it looks very OEM. One slight concern is that the soft touch plastic finish might be more susceptible to abrasion than the silicon type cases, but time will tell.

I shaln't review the screen protector as I didn't use it.

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