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Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (Xbox)
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (Xbox)
Offered by Plug N Play Entertainment
Price: 2.09

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars SOCCER games really have EVOLVED, 18 Jun 2005
This is definitely the best soccer game I have ever played. the only soccer games I ever played have been Fifa 98 (the best FIFA), Pro Evolution 2 and FIFA 2003. Now I really like soccer and I like soccer games since in general the matches are always differrent and you can't really finnish the game until you actually get bored of it.
This soccer game is no differrent in that respect. However one thing you have to notice is how surprisingly addictive this game is. The only reason I didn't yet write a review of this is because I didn't get bored of it, guess what? I still play at least 1 match a day and sure as hell won't quit.
I started playing the game at the normal level 3/5 5 hardest, 1 easiest. It was very challenging. Of course I lost my first matches. But I quickly improved, Once I felt I had improved enough I decided to start the Master League, if you aren't familiar with PES this is something like the carreer mode. Basically in my first season I decided to just play without botherring much about my strategy... Ended up having nearly all my games as a draw and ended in the bottom half. So now I checked out the negotiation prospect. Many players which I knew of were simply put too expensive to buy. So I was made to search. I decided to search for young players who were already skilled but could still improve. The result? I found an egyptian called Mido, a great striker and the next season I came second by using good tactics and strong gameplay.
Now I move into the first division where I meet Juventus, Arsenal and the like... i have to play smartly in the negotiation period. Should I buy one great player or several mediocre players? I end up buying 3 mediocre players and finnishing the season in the middle rank. I keep playing and buy better players, including Joe Cole, Toldo, and Pirlo and guess hwta happens by the end of the negotiation period?
GAME OVER... why??? holy !%$& I forgot if we go under 0 credits(money) we lose!
now normally since I rarely get game over I usually quit, even in FPS's I nearly never actually die and when I do I quit the game because I consider myself such a good gamer which I am compared to my friends I seem blessed...
This game is so addictive however that I am made to continue playing this game and start the Master League over. Yes there is the option to save the game on 2 differrent files so that if I get game over I can keep playing on the other file. But that makes me feel like a cheater and gets rid of the thrill factor. I'm not that type of player it's too easy. I want a challenge.
Now I am playing a match a day and still very much excited. So what makes this game so great?
The game still has the same controls. Simply put this game feels slightly quicker and smoother. Both defence and offense are a majestic feat. to learn and very rewarding. Like in a chess game once you aren't concentrating much on the game a drastic result could happen against a good opponent. You have so many choices of offense and defence. Would you rather attack quickly with short passes or go along the side with long crosses, how about long range shots? On defence would you rather pressurize the defence and surround them and steal the ball or would you rather jump into them a player at a time, if one of the players fail take him off the man and use another player to defend him? All of this is all your choice and in your power. Granted differrent choices work better for differrent situations, and learning which situations is another great challenge of this game.
The graphics have gone up to near FIFA standard and you can now see mud and some facial expressions. Commentating however is still quite ridiculous... bad commentary is always better than no commentary though. As far as sound goes on the pitch you won't really hear much unless you have a good TV or a good sound system.
Another great thing about the game is that it is compatible with live. The new patch gets rid of all cheats. And now games are totally fair. The suspense of actually playing against another real person is far more exciting. Also you get to learn moves that you cannot learn from the AI.
The game does lack something in the sounds department and even in the gameplay department however what the game does not lack in is far more important. Of course there will never be a perfect game since technology simply keeps improving. But if you want the closest game to perfection then this game would surely fit very well to the description of near perfect. It is definitely the best soccer game in a long time.

Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)
Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)
Offered by multimedia-online
Price: 14.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Feel the engine rum pump pump, 28 May 2005
This review is from: Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) (Video Game)
I can't really be the most reliable reviewer for this game because firstly, it's the first PS2 game I bought in 2 years and secondly I don't consider myself a racer... infact this is the first racing game I've bought since Mario Kart Double Dash...
But considerring that I am not a fan of racing games., and I haven't really ever liked playing them apart for multiplayer then if I do like a racing game then it should mean that it is in fact a great game!
Verdict of this game: GREAT GAME! So far I've only been playing this in career mode but it is great. I've already got most of the licenses and I won the japan championships. Someone told me it was too hard? stop kidding me it's perfect! You start off by buying a car and winning the beginner events, then you get a car which canb be sold for a decent price, when you sell both the cars you can get a nice 300+ Backup Horse Power used car to start doing some harder courses and get an even nicer car. To win though you'll have to tune your current car up a bit.
The key to this game is infact buying a decent car good enough to win a cup and if you can't win the cup then you should at least be able to tune it up and then win the cup. Once you win the cup they give you a nice car, with this you either have the coice to sell the car to either tune your current car up or buy a totally new car, otherwise you can sell the car you used to win the cup to tune your new car up!
The driving is more realistic than you could ever imagine. Instead of most driving races you do not harshly brake at the last moment and do a sudden turn, instead the best method of winning a race is doing it smoothly, smoothly braking and smoothly turning.
My inexperience with driving games does however have some weaknesses since I won't know what other great driving games are like. But personally I found this game near perfecto

The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus Trilogy)
The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus Trilogy)
by Jonathan Stroud
Edition: Hardcover

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The golems are back, 22 May 2005
The Amulet of Samarkand was a classic and it kept me reading everyday, I actually finnished that book in 3 days. The golem's eye however took me 3 weeks to finnish, maybe because it wasn't during the holidays but I pretty much am sure that the book simply was not as fun a read.
The story starts off with the young boy Nathaniel, three years after the first book, he quickly flew threw the ranks of the ministry and became assistant to the head of internal affairs,his priority is stopping the human renegade magician haters called the resistance, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be going quite as well as it seems when some sudden important buildings are destroyed and a few people killed by something which noone knows about. So now he resummons Bartimaeus and they travel to Prague.
During this time Kitty, that girl who nearly killed Nathaniel in the first book joined with the resistance and have a massive plan. From this point on everything becomes so preditable especially with the name of the book "the golem's eye" I think you can pretty much guess who or what that attacker destroying those buildings was. As for the actions of the resistance once they say what they will do everything to do with them becomes far too predictable.
I can't really tell you too much about the story because if I did it would be a huge spoiler. What I can tell you is that after reading the first quarter of the book, the pace suddenly slows down and becomes rather boring until the final 4 chapters of the book. That means about 300 pages of boredom.
so the first book surely deserved 5/5, this one which is much more predictable, not well written and has a huge gap in the middle which doesn't comebine the beginning and the end wouldn;t deserve more than 3.5/5, this book does however bring in huge potential for the final book of the trilogy.

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Most Dissapointing, 12 Nov 2004
This review is from: Encore (Audio CD)
OK, fine lemme tell everyone first that Eminem used to be my favourite rapper before this album. OK fine he has a few tracks that are actually good but apart from a select few all the tracks are... useless. His attempts at making people laugh and making people think he's funny is not cool, he's killing his standards and losing many fans in this album. Also half of the

We now know the normal way of eminem's marketing, first he sets off a generally humourous track like my band or without me, this time being lose it. Lose it wasn't specially good but it did deserve maybe 65% and 80% for the video, so noone doubted that lose it was not the best track on em's album and they guessed correct, they got Mosh, the great lyric tracked song dissing Bush (good on you all Bush haters). Now then you'll guess that this is as great as the Marshall Mathers LP and the eminem show. W-R-O-N-G, wrong, you get a failure of Eminem.

Like so many other artists he gets in the spot where he is comfortable to not care about what everyone cares, this is the perfect example of buying a CD just for the name.

The good songs are Mosh which I already explained about.
Like toy soldiers is a great track where he talks about his recent beefs with Murder.
Yellow Brick road is also a great track
1 shot 2 shot is a song with D12, one of his better tracks on the album
Puke is the song which really puts Kim his ex-wife in trouble, cuz the lyrics are carefully put and to a tragic effect, I'm sure nobody would want to be her, being called a slut...
Mocking Bird is Eminem's star love song, maybe even better than Hailie's song, it's about how much he love Halie his daughter, and trying to explain why Kim is bad.
Apart from these select songs, the rest of the album is a disgrace, so basically if you only want to listen to around 5 tracks then go ahead and have fun but personally I'd recommend you to just add those songs on a mix-tape and on your i-pod.
Someone said that if you don't like this album then you don't like rap. You know what I say? I say that if you like this album then you don't like real rap, instead you like the rap that only wannabe gangsters go for, no offence to them. Also you might be a person who prefers a different genre in general.

Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox)
Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox)
Offered by Retro Online
Price: 8.25

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great experience... to most, 19 Aug 2004
Lemme be honest with you.
I am 1 of those 20% of people who found nothing exceptional in
this game.
Here are a few things i did like about the game.
1. MOUT, it teaches us everything we need to know about the game and how to win the next levels, it tells us what buttons is used for what etc etc
2. The 2 first missions, why? because after these 2 missions everything becomes like a reflex that you will not lose a soldier, ever
3. Graphics, bad language and realism. OK fine this game is realistic with some of the greatest graphics ever, and i like that like nearly everyone else, also i like the fact that i can finally here people who talk like i normally do with my friends in a game.
The things I don't like...
1. EASY EASY EASY, and 1 more time extremely easy for a man who likes strategy games.
2. After a while this game does get extremely repeptitive
3. I admit that after this game I wanna get into the army, as weird as it sounds... before I never would've considerred it but seeing how much fun I had talking to those people who are like me, i started taking some target practice and now i told my parents that when i 18 (3 more years to go) i wanna get into the army asap. (understand the fun was from watching cutscenes of soldiers talkin not combat afterall chances of me fightin will be minimal)
4. No stealth, even if the enemy are not at an angle to see you, once you see the enemy it suddenly turns it's head and runs for cover... amazing AI with eyes at the back of their head.
5. The enemy will always shoot at you, they have infinite ammo while you don't...
6. It takes around 2 entire hours to finnish a mission with only about 3 save points.
Now lemme tell you that you are not shooting yourself. As you might already know the soldiers shoot by themselves at targets in a target area, luckily for you they are all top soldiers with good aiming.
To survive you have to get cover otherwise you'll die. Get cover behind walls, cars, benches, cargo boxes, and many more, some sorts of cover such as wooden planks will slowly fall apart.
the enemy is quite stupid and will fall for many pranks such as letting alpha team cover while letting bravo pass to run into a place where they can kill the enemy and the enemy will basically forget about bravo team (you command 2 teams alpha and bravo and occasionally charlie).
You can use grenades to kill enemies in desperate circumstances or you can use them as smoke grenades to pass through enemies without being seen.
When you are coverring the fire for the other team you have 2 choices, point fire and suppress fire. Point fire is nearly always enough to somehow distract the enemy, it is the shooting raids you know the fire, reload and cover, fire, reload and cover stuff. Supress fire is shooting all the time until you waste your bullets and is nearly never used. Also you can shoot your own team mates if you suppress fire.
Additional features include recon flights which are basically planes that scout the area for any enemy units. Well sometimes they won't spot the units if they're out of view. Your GPS is used to see the map of where you and your objectives are. It is a very accurate map. You may also call in air strikes vs tanks.
In conclusion I can see why the vast majority of players would like this game. However many strategists such as myself will find this just too easy and reppetitive and time-consuming. what a strategy gamer wants is something challenging and not long to finnish such as warcraft or the total war series. For the many people who don't specially like strategy this will get you into "strategy" and maybe lead you to more strategy based games.
For me i'd give this game 50% but for the overall xbox gamers I'd give it at least 75%

Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Price: 11.99

10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Assassins of the night, 12 July 2004
This review is from: Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) (Video Game)
Tecmo have created a truely amazing game that looks, sounds and feels as good as ever.
If I could explain how good this game is I would say, the platform controls of Prince of Persia, the fighting controls of DOA, Tekken and Soul Calibur put together and those little things which make games great like Halo and KOTOR.
In fights you will be able to do an infinite number of combos. For example, you see 3 enemies coming. You jump on one of their backs slice your dragon sword into his chest, turn around look at the other two opponents and use a power attack in which your attacks will be so quick that your body movement will become a blur. You may always use the environment as an advantage. Jump off a wall and slash your sword, use shooting stars to stall opponents, circle around rooms to lose opponents and more. Other environmental effects will be on the fighting stadium size, if you are in a small room you might prefer to tackle more than 1 enemy at the time and use walls to its full advantage while if you're in a large room you will try and fight one enemy at a time.
The more complex your kill was the more karma you get. Karma will let you unleash your chi. By charging up your chi you may use it to defeat seemingly unbeatable foes. Something a lot like chi is Nimpo magic. You also charge it up but it creates a even more devastating attack than chi. It is extremely rare and expensive to find so you must really only ever use it against guardians.
At the end of each level you'll meet a guardian who is basically a boss. These will prove more than deadly and you will take a long time learning how to defeat these monsters because Tecmo put in enough time to give these bosses millions of combos, to add to that being reppetitive like many fighting games will not help. These monsters can counter any of your moves if you start becoming reppetitive, a great example of how great the AI is.
The game isn't only about fighting though, there also a few points in the game where Prince of Persia platforming comes in. Trust me the gameplay is just as smoothe as the gameplay in Prince of Persia, if you've played Prince of Persia you'll know how it feels to jump off walls to other platforms, if you haven't then you should start discoverring with this game (the fighting is so much more superior to that of Prince)
The music isnt one of the great aspects of the game but the sounds that the happen when swords clash together, when they enter the bodies so smoothly, those tiny steps you make that are so subtle, nearly impossible to hear, the wind and even deep dark quiet are all done so accurately that you will truly be amazed by the sounds effects.
Tecmo are known for more than just the fighting part though. Yep you've guessed it, they are also great at graphics and Ninja Gaiden does not dissapoint. everything from the characters to the environment work perfectly. And of course all the ladies are hot, something common upon tecmo since the Dead Or Alive series started. I even find the camera easy to control, it will automatically slightly twitch sometimes but apart from that it's great.
To me this game has got no flaws but I will tell the rpg gamers that if they like storyline games with more than one route to go then this wont be the perfect game for you. This game's story is based on you avenging your father and dog's death (or was it capture i forgot already...) and there will basically be only 1 route for you to follow.
All in all this is a one of the best if not the best game to date on the xbox yet. Great gameplay, great graphics, great sound and superd fighting makes the lifespan truly long especially if you got Live. This game lived up to the hype and deserves an applause
9.5/10 97%

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Xbox)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Xbox)
Offered by multimedia-online
Price: 19.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Story of a Prince, 14 Mar 2004
When you start the game you're going to notice that the prince is telling a story of what happened in his past. You start off by taking over the maharajah's estate with your father's army. This is a basic tutorial on how to play the basic controls of the game if you couldn't bother to read the manual (I didn't cuz my manual was in dutch, french and german....). You soon learn that your main character is one of the most athletic people on the world who is able to run on walls, swing on poles, jump off walls and more to get to a near impossible to reach ledge, floor or platform.
As soon as you've learnt the basic controls you're going to have to take the dagger of time. As soon as you get it you see a brief cutscene of you unleashing the devastating sands of time and changing everybody apart from you, the vizier who was one of the people persuading you to unleash the sands, farah a mysterious girl who helps you and very few others into "sand demons".
As you expect your mission is to free everybody of the curse which the sands created. Now you use the dagger to rewind, slow down and even fast forward time to help you cure everybody of the curse. You also use the dagger of time to destroy the sand demons. The dagger will come in extremely useful to prevent yourself from death by rewinding time just before being splattered to smithereens when falling down a cliff or by getting your life back in a fight.
The gameplay of this game is excellent for the platform part of the game beating every other platformer including ratchet and clank, tomb raider and zelda whilst the fighting part of the game still offers you quite a wide variety of moves to do and ways to kill the enemies. The thing that will strike you the most about this game is how easy it is to control your character. The player responds immediately to your controller.
The graphics to this game are absolutely stunning. The environment is always beautiful to look at with the hazy and blurry effects instead of making the game look bad make the game look good. The character models also look very nice, they are solid and you can even see the fingers of the hands perfectly.
The sound is what the game needs to make it that much more pleasing to play. You occasionally hear the prince talking to himself giving you hints. And when your prince dies he says 'no that's not how it went.' Depending on what surface you walk on the noise your character makes changes depending on the chunk of wood, woosh of water, clank of metal or stomp of stone.
This game does however have a few bad points just like any others.
1. The camera can occasionally kinda mess up making it harder to get to the next ledge.
2. The fighting doesn't have enough variety and can get very repetitive making it easy to learn the trick on how to defeat the enemy.
3. The game just seems too easy and short, in 3 hours I finished 38% of the game.
However even with those 3 bad points of the game Ubisoft deserve yet again another applause for giving us another great game. Ubisoft are starting to make at least 1 great game per month and looking like big contenders for this years best games developers award. This game is great with hardly any cons and deserves to be in your game collection. Finnish the prince's story and wait for the next Prince of Persia.
9/10 92%

FIFA Football 2004 (Xbox)
FIFA Football 2004 (Xbox)

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4.0 out of 5 stars FIFA = Football In Fun Area, 29 Feb 2004
So, 'Fifa' is back with yet another football game and this certainly is the best football game you could possibly think of buying for the 'xbox'. The big question is, is the gameplay realistic, fun and easier to play in every way? The answer would have to be maybe.
You're going to notice that now it's going to be nearly impossible to run past 6 players and shoot in the middle of the goal box. The defence of the AI has now become so good that it should be nearly impossible to enter the enemy box making most of your shots from just outside the box and hoping the enemy goal keeper not to catch your ever speeding ball. The thing is that in real life, most cases if you shoot from outside the box the goalkeeper should be able to catch it more than easily but in the game the keeper has quite a hard time because he's too slow. You're also going to need a lot of patience and pass the ball around a lot if you want to score which is not too hard for me. In fact I think that this adds a lot to the realism however... I really do think that it should be maybe just a bit easier to run past players or even pass through players.
Ive also noticed that the passing apears too well... perfect, when you pass a ball the receiver does not normally start dribbling with it so quickly or create a perfectly accurate one touch pass...
The new off-the-ball feature I personally find useless. It could be great but to tell you the truth it's nearly impossible to control especially since you're going to be looking at the player who does not have the ball and normally end up being tackled by the enemy who'll create a counter attack. The worst aspect of off-the-ball is that the computer AI tend to know exactly what to do and easily get past your defenders, especially in professional and world-class difficulty which I play because semi-pro is too easy after a week.
The set pieces however work great, Fifa gives you an option of 3 different methods to try scoring unless it's a close freekick or penalty.
As usual Fifa have given us great accuracy in terms of player and team accuracy. EA have also given you up to 10,000 players to choose from and play with. Now we also have some of the lower league clubs as well as the world-class clubs. Career mode is a great new feature in Fifa 2004 which let's you choose any team and compete in that league as well as certain cups. The transfer market is easy to use. You'll earn prestige points for completing objectives which can vary from avoiding relegation to qualifying for Europe depending on which club you choose. Your prestige points will be used for training and have a part in buying players from other teams.You'll also have quite a nice team management system which you can use during matches.
The graphics and sound have yet again improved from last years Fifa and provide you with mud on clothes, swift smooth movement of players and quite accurate character models. The sound will help you enjoy your play with quite good commentating and nice sound affects of the hitting of a football into the net.

Xbox Console
Xbox Console

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5.0 out of 5 stars The "BIG" BOX, 21 Feb 2004
This review is from: Xbox Console (Video Game)
Finally having all 3 of the consoles I can honestly tell you that the Xbox should be your first choice in choosing which game console to buy.
In my opinion the ‘Xbox’ is the best console out. The ‘xbox’ is the most powerful console out at the very moment and therefore is able to create the best games. The ‘big box’ has already created many classics such as ‘Halo’, ‘Project Gotham racing1 and 2’ a ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ as well as imports of some of the greatest games such as ‘GTA: Boxed set’ and ‘Splinter cell’ in the first 2 years since it’s launch. However the things that put this console’s games apart from the other consoles are the upcoming games of 2004. These are just a few of the great games coming to the ‘Xbox’ this season.
1. Halo 2: You’ve all heard about it, it’s the sequel to the best fps in 2002 and will not disappoint previous fans. Halo 2 will also get new audiences to buy the Xbox and nearly definitely sell better than the original Halo.
2. Fable: In this game you choose how you are going to live your life. You can choose to be the hero of the land or the ultimate assassin /criminal. You start off trying to save your family but soon you get entangled into 1 of the most interesting plots you can have in a game. In fable you create your own story and act it out as the star in a movie.
3. Driver 3: With better handling than GTA with more car chases and driving stunts but still mixed with 30% of good “on foot” experience expect this to be an immediate hit following it’s 2 great predecessor’s.
4. BC: An intriguing game, which let’s you use any possible methods to save your tribe from other tribes and dinosaurs. The gameplay will be the key to success with this title.
5. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow: The follow-up to the game that plays like MGS but has arguably better gameplay. Expect even better graphics and more methods of stealth to finnish your missions.

The ‘Xbox’ has the biggest memory system allowing you to save games and music on your xbox without having to buy and change memory cards for every other game. This also makes load times very quick proving that it also has the quickest speed. The graphics can become as strong as the gamecube’s.
My personal favorite thing about the ‘Xbox’ is that we are able to copy music onto the hard drive and then listen to our best songs while playing our favorite game. Another great feature is the ‘Xbox Live’ which makes play over internet better suited for ‘xbox’ than the ‘PS2’ and ‘Gamecube’.
Most of the excuses given to the ‘Xbox’ for being worse than the ‘Ps2’ or ‘Gamecube’ are “it’s so big, bulky and heavy”. It’s not like you’re going to be walking around town with your xbox. Another common complaint is the controllers. Did you know that the ‘Xbox’ have 2 official controllers??? The controller S is the smaller one which is easily adaptable for those ‘gamecube’ and ‘ps2’ players while the original official xbox controller can be used by first timer gamers (I personally find the controller S much easier to get used to).
All in all I would greatly recommend the xbox over any of the other consoles because of its superior and powerful console and the wide variety of games. I would also recommend this to people who are very much into internet gaming on the PC (such as myself).
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GameCube Console - Purple
GameCube Console - Purple

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5.0 out of 5 stars All in the Cube, 19 Aug 2003
The Gamecube is the 2nd best console ( after the PS2 ) in the current console war, only because of the lack of games compared to the Sony PS2. The cube has the best graphics power of all 3 consoles and a decent speed. The Nintendo Gamecube also have more than enough memory for big games which need a lot of graphic power and speed. So you won't have to worry about games being slow.
Many people tend to think that the Cube is only for children under 13, but that's not the case. The Resident Evil series have promised 9 Resident Evil games ONLY TO GAMECUBE. The Cube also had the smash hit Metroid Prime which is very actionny, and they have started a series ( I hope ) of Eternal Darkness, in my opinion as scary as Resident Evil with as good gameplay. The Cube also has great mature games that are going to come out such as Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes.
The other great games, of course are Zelda: The Wind Waker which absolutely stunned me by how good the gameplay was and how the graphics were smooth. After the Cube being out for 1 year 3 months the Cube already has 5 smash hits, and has Mario Kart Double Dash and F Zero GX ( and MGS Twin Snakes )to come before the end of 2003.
As well as those great single player games, the Gamecube also has some great party games such as Mario Party 4 and Super Monkey Ball 2, so if you have some friends around go and play on the Cube. The kid games would be Mario Sunshine, Wario World, Luigi's Mansion and... euuhhh Spyro Enter The dragon that's about all the good ones I could think about. As you can see The Gamecube has as many mature games than the "kiddish" games.
The only bad things that XBOX and PS2 gamers can say about the Gamecube that is right is that the Cube can't play CD's or Watch DVDs.
Anyone who likes Resident Evil, Zelda, Metroid, Mario, or a start of the MGS series coming to the Cube, then go get the NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

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