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Heart Of The Billionaire (The Billionaire's Obsession, Book 2)
Heart Of The Billionaire (The Billionaire's Obsession, Book 2)
Price: £2.63

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3.0 out of 5 stars Hero redeemed himself, 12 Sept. 2014
Warning/Spoilers alert******************

I was going into this book with no expectations and I was surprised how much I liked it in the end!

There was one scenario that I am always "very cautious" to read..[possible cheating...we are told there was some ugly past between both characters in the previous book, but we only find out in this book... Maddie catches the hero in a heated embrace kissing another woman that turned out to be his co-worker on a undercover case that could threaten Maddie and so he had to find a way to push her away and he did that's for sure! (hide spoiler)] I had to admit my initial reaction to the supposed heroes motivations that led to that scene was somewhat difficult to digest...YES we have been given reasons to justify it, but it did not help to feel comfortable and had a hard time continuing reading it especially feeling the excruciating pain Maggie had to endure on a daily basis was not a fan thing to read. Eventually my strong feeling of justice has won me over and I desperately wanted Maggie to be compensated for the wrongs that has been committed upon her and I was wondering how the author is going to achieve that?

She did puled it of just enough to change my original discomfort into a comfort zone...I believe Sam was suffering as much as Maggie it was not just Maggie that struggled aftermath but him also paid a price for what he believed was a "right thing to do" at the time....Its always a welcome thing when my hero is all caveman, possessive and protective, insistent and persistent....he went after what he wanted and that was the right path to redemption! I don't like passive and indecisive heroes that cannot make up their minds on what they really wanted and are not strong enough to go after their loved ones, but here the hero really shined through with his determination to win over the woman he loves and it was believable enough to make me want to like him and the book after all!

Beautiful Chances (The Beautiful Series Book 1)
Beautiful Chances (The Beautiful Series Book 1)
Price: £1.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Good, but I wanted more..., 11 Sept. 2014
The book started beautifully.....

The H/h met at the beach and formed an instant connection that transformed into a very intense love, however what I did not liked was the "pace" of the actual romance development...yes it had the right ingredients and the hero was hell over heels with the heroine, in my opinion it went far too fast and I was missing the build up! I wanted to "witness" their love when it was flourishing and I never got that chance...just 5 days after knowing each other they went to bed? I was disappointed at that.

The further I went the boring it become... Nothing else was happening and the constant descriptions on the heroine writing career and how she liked it after a while it got old.

I kind of expected more from the love scenes..more passion would have been better

On the good side..I really liked the writing style..I was "shown" instead of "told" and its not easy to find an author with that kind of ability....the writing was easy to read and flown beautifully

I did not liked the fact the heroine could not open up to anyone about her tragic past even her best friend Luke she could not open up and BAM! the hero comes and after 5 days she confesses everything to him? a complete stranger, but she knows her friend Luke for a very long time and could not confess to him? I just lost interest in this book!

Wreck You (Wrecked Book 1)
Wreck You (Wrecked Book 1)
Price: £2.14

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1.0 out of 5 stars Both Hero & Heroine were not likable, 11 Sept. 2014

The whole plot just ruined the book for me and I was royally done with it!

First and foremost both of the Hero and heroine behaved immaturely and being dishonest to one another....the part about the hero asking the heroine why she did not confront him about the waitress that apparently slept with him and I was like WTH??? SHE DID ASKED HIM if something was going on between them at the time when she had seen her for the first time...

And what his answer was? HE WAS LYING!!! He said there was I am sorry but that is a big lie and he dared asking her WHY SHE DID NOT SAY ANYTHING???? Then he explained himself by saying that he did not admitted by sleeping with her because it was a long time a go! and I was like What a lot of rubbish!!!

The right answer would be to admit to her that yes they slept together one time and that would be enough to show his character growth, instead is set a bad tone on the hero.

Secondly, I was disgusted with the heroine allowing another man having sex with her and pretending it was the hero? they did it bare and I was grossed all the STD's were flashing in my head and it was not a nice feeling! I mean how come she would allow to come near her "a man" that is a filthy manwhore screwing everything through the whole town and beyond and being cool about it..even doing it in the open for the heroine to see claiming to love her....yeah gezz.. what a way to show how much he loves her by screwing everyone....

Just NO! I couldn't pass that!

Price: £2.91

5.0 out of 5 stars Heartbrokenlove story, but with a "hidden message", 11 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Reader be aware this is not your typical "romance story"

Its harsh, raw and unapologetic and it will break your heart! I hated this book but equally admired the authors guts to go there...where few authors did! That is the reason I am giving it a 5 stars...for the emotions the author inflicted on me..dare to say forced on me, provoked me and shocked me! This book is though makes you examine your own life, motivations and priorities and where you stand from moral perspectives!

This author has the ability to craft her story in a realistic portrayal..."showing you" the events like "you are there" everything is so real and emotionally striking.... You feel what the characters are going through...their pain and despair...some moments were so raw I had to stop reading to gather my messed up emotions and reminded myself that this is fiction, nevertheless, it was very real!

I hated the hero and what he did to his family...abandoning his wife and his three children and I had a hard time sympathising with him...yes I understood the concept of the motivations.. "greed for money and selfishness and how that poisoned the hero to the extend of selling himself for luxury at the expense of his own family...leaving them for another woman that had money and could fulfil his desire for rich and easy life! Yes he wanted them to have security and by providing for them financially he thought it will be enough to make them happy! But the fact remains that for loving, caring father, he become a selfish, immoral, narrow-minded human being abandoning his own flesh and blood without so much as a glance, not seeing or speaking to them ever since. His loving wife was shattered and so his children and no matter how different his reasoning were, I couldn't find in me forgiveness for his cruel actions.

There were moments where I could feel his love for his family, when he was hiding their pictures in the attic and looking at them when alone and praying for them to have security....he did not loved the OW and no mater how much richer he had become he couldn't shake his love for his wife and children..the luxury fulfilled him, but at what price? It makes you think about how money can change a person from loving/devoting husband and father to selfish, and cruel one.

The scene where he "finally" went after his wife to see his lost son...was very hard to take...the power of emotions the author infused in this particular scene was heart breaking...

He's finally come home. Oh, god , I love you now more than ever, she thought . His face was still beautiful to her. She could not wait to feel his touch, to live life with him again. To love him forever. She moved toward him. Robert reached out for her and Katherine felt her arm lift, but as she advanced, a figure lunged in front of her and as if in a distant dream she heard yelling. "NO! NO! NO! Don't you touch her! You stay away! Don't you dare come near us! You left us!" It was Thomas. His face red and sweaty as he screamed at his father. "You stay away!" He pounded his chest, anger consuming his flesh, his face redder than freshly drawn blood. "I'm supposed to be your son. You're supposed to love us! Me, Albert, and William. But you left us! You were OUR father and you left us." He leaned forward screaming louder into his father's face. "You left us! I hate you! I hate you! We all hate you!"

In the end, it was "him" that the children wanted the most, not "his money" and he thought he could replace his absence, by providing them financial security.
After that horrible scene....the hero did something that made me so sad...I wish the author could have spear him....I did felt sorry for him in the end.

Finding Autumn: A Falling for Autumn Novella
Finding Autumn: A Falling for Autumn Novella
Price: £0.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Stereotypical "man-whore hero is just not enough for me....., 11 Sept. 2014
Possible spoilers************************

At the beginning the hero had constant sex with his hook-ups whilst "heroine was already present in his life" I know they were not a couple, but the reader was confronted with "him" being infatuated with her in a romantic way, having feelings towards her no matter how confusing for him they may be... he already developed an romantic interest for her and I was uncomfortable reading about him sleeping around whilst being friends with the heroine. It may not bother other readers, but it bothered me and if felt one occasion he turned up at the heroines doorstep "after his partying and drinking and being intimate with another girl...This is not romantic...A guy who have sex as a substitute to forget the heroine is not my "hero material"... Yes we all have flows and the author is doing a pretty job by putting him in a "more" acceptable and comfortable light, but all I am picturing is "him having sex with all those girls and then seeing heroine at the same time just makes me feel sick"

At one occasion the hero was so wasted after heavy drinking...he had no knowledge of the events that led him to have sex with a girl...there was no regard to STD or accidental pregnancy and that casual attitude toward sex just gave me a wrong impression of the hero's lifestyle and it was not something I would want from a boyfriend material!

I guess my expectations for a "romance" is a bit higher than "what this book is portraying"
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Lost in You
Lost in You
Price: £3.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Just terrible, 11 Sept. 2014
This review is from: Lost in You (Kindle Edition)

Guy meets girl
they fall in love
They brake up
Guy suddenly hates heroine and has hots for his female friend
Guy have sex with the friend
Guy not even once though about the other girl whilst performing sex with the friend and after,
Guy has relationship with the friend...not wanting to see the other girl ever again
Guy has other relationships
Guy meets the other girl again
Guy "suddenly" got epiphany and think he was in love with the heroine the entire time for 4 years whilst apart

I could not believe in his "suppose love" for the heroine...he slept with his best friend shortly after heroine left him and NOT EVEN ONCE he though of her whilst having sex with his friend! and did not intended to see her his sudden change of heart was forced and insincere! Yeah he was dating girls looking like the heroine..but I did not see it that way..I only so him hating her and VERY WILLINGLY sleeping with his friend having no though at all of the heroine....The sex scenes with his friend were explicit and added absolutely nothing to the plot...their interactions took a lot of the book that should be "left" for the actual romance with him and heroine..and the very last part when they eventually reconciled it was like "left overs" this damage just killed the romance and what was the whole purpose of this book? I felt like I was reading the romance of him and his friend instead the heroine!

The Warning Sign
The Warning Sign
Price: £2.15

4.0 out of 5 stars A very unlikely ending, but how very satisfying, 11 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Warning Sign (Kindle Edition)

This is a romance suspense offering a different kind of ending that really made this book for me!

The most rewarding thing in this book was....the heroine did not come back to her pig disgusting ex of a husband! Instead of fighting for their marriage... He strayed elsewhere betraying her with another woman and only because "the other woman" appeared different from what he though her to be he ended their affair, but not "because for the love of his wife" and that he wanted her back!

Yes he realized that he made a mistake, but what he did to his wife was something that couldn't be taken back and when he tried to win his wife back I did not wanted her to go back to him...she already met a gorgeous man worthy her love and trust, but I was anxious because there was a moment of uncertainty as "who" the wife would choose....I rooted for them to be together and I wanted the husband just sod of....he made his own bed, hence, there was one emotional scene of the husband being totally humbled and it kind of redeemed him a little in my eyes!

The ending is what it should be a deserving for the heroine that was badly wronged, but rewarded with new love!

In This Moment
In This Moment
Price: £1.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not my dream Hero, 11 Sept. 2014
This review is from: In This Moment (Kindle Edition)

Sorry but no matter how much the author glossed over the fact that " he slept with someone else" it looked wrong and I felt a sense of betrayal!

He already had feelings for her and so as at that stage for him just casually have sex with some random girl sharing all that intimacy to forget about the heroine was a betrayal on the reader and the heroin's account..and that was exactly her first response as soon as she found out...Just after two days "of that sexual escapade" they met again and miraculously "getting together" they got very intimate and I just could not shake the feeling of dirtiness and wrongness on the heroes part..JUST TWO DAYS AFTER SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE ELSE? That was hard for me to digest and that set the tone for the reader as to his indifference and lack of commitment towards the heroine...

If the author really wanted the reader to believe in Cole's affirmation, he should have been "created" in a more convincing light as a hero with flows but nevertheless being worthy of the heroine. I don't see a man who already has given a sense of indefinite commitment to a woman whom he developed feeling for and then in the moment of weakness allowing that weakness in the form of having casual sex with a stranger "as a man owning to the feelings he had for the heroine and the respect for her. It is ok to him to share in the most intimate moment with a stranger but not ok making an effort to strengthen his commitment towards a woman whom he has feelings for..or is he? The hero felt it was not right to have sex with someone, yet he allow it and after that the reader would expect an immediate reflection of remorse or guilt, but there was very little in the way of remorse...I was disappointed with the heroine's reaction to the revelation of his sexual escapade and she should go through the motions of keeping him at arms' length but she caved back to him just after hour of knowing and it was too quick, to soon and too easy. I would respond differently and allow him to work on the relationship and what it "really" define in his eyes as his actions proven to be against "them being together" and "being faithful to one another"

Blame It on Texas (Hotter in Texas Book 2)
Blame It on Texas (Hotter in Texas Book 2)
Price: £2.62

3.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing and easy read, 11 Sept. 2014
I have to say that this book was very touches the subject of "casual hook up" with the maturity that I did not expected from this book...

The hero actually confronted his "intentions" towards the heroine and started to questioning his own motives and whether they were honorable enough to make him comfortable with himself! Let me tell you he wasn't and I immediately warm up to him! Yes he wanted to pursue the heroine in to the intimate direction but on the other hand his "consciousness" did not allow him to take full advantage of the heroine knowing that he had nothing else to offer! Heroine on the other hand did not fall for his charm and he had to work hard to develop some kind of mutual trust that would allow them both to feel comfortable enough to take that step in to intimacy...I really like the direction this book was taking. You know its not all about sleeping around with strangers not knowing even their names.. but the thing with "reasoning" and not making stupid decisions but thinking about consequences was refreshing to read!

Absolution (Suspense Series Book 5)
Absolution (Suspense Series Book 5)
Price: £1.91

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2.0 out of 5 stars Plot device ruined the romance for me, 11 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Hmmmmm....Sorry the thing that he left her for 20 years and during that period not wanting to reconcile with her and "their son" is hard to accept for me...He was apparently protecting her from danger due to his governmental "profession"... BUT WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT HIS FAMILY OR HIS JOB??? And the fact that as a result of that heroine was forced to move on and have a relationship with someone else...even though she still loved him...I don't like that plot device where Hero/heroine are intimately involved with others instead just ruins the primarily ingredients for a romance to thrive!

Sorry it just didn't work for me!

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