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S. Firth (Leeds, UK)

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Into the Darkest Corner
Into the Darkest Corner

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5.0 out of 5 stars Chilling., 6 Aug. 2011
Yes that's a word to describe this book brilliantly, chilling. I bought it on my Kindle for 99p and i wouldn't have minded buying it at full price it's such an amazing book. I won't go into all the details of who is who as you can see that from other reviews before me. I can't even believe that this book has any bad reviews and i rarely tell people to ignore bad reviews but in this case you must.

The book flits from past to present and i thought that could be confusing but it's not, it's brilliant. In the present Catherine is consumed by her OCD, it runs her life and you feel really frustrated for her. As we flit back to her past, it starts out as her been this totally different, confident young woman and gradually we get to see how she has become the woman in the present. And it is gradual too, Lee doesn't start getting really violent until half way through and to read those scenes was so difficult.

It was like it was happening to someone you knew, and you wanted to turn away and turn a blind eye and pretend it wasn't happening, but you couldn't. I always asked myself why women didn't escape abusive partners straight away, and i was asking the same of Catherine, until she said she felt the same way, but it really wasn't that easy. It was hard to see all her friends believe him and turn their backs on her. I pretty much hated them all for that, including Sylvia, even at the end.

Lee, awful, evil, menacing and yet at times even i started to feel sorry for him the way Catherine did. He coud even suck the reader into his evil spell. But mostly i hated him and wanted revenge for everything he did to Catherine and whoever. He's a bad guy that you remember long after you finish reading the book. The writer does a great job of making even you feel scared of this man. I'm surprised i'm not checking the door is locked too.

And then there is Stuart, lovely Stuart. I was really rooting for him and Catherine. I felt safe reading the present with him in it. And when it went to the past i was immiediately on edge! It sounds so ridiculous that a book could do this but it did. Every time Catherine heard a noise i held my breath, was it him coming back to get her? God, i can't recommend this book enough. Just be prepared to not want to go to the loo in the middle of the night after reading it!

Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 [DVD]
Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ellen Pompeo
Price: £10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ohhh Emmmmm Geeeee, 11 Jun. 2011
Got this for my birthday on Wednesday, I've watched it all since then, i LOVE Grey's Anatomy.

This was so great for me because i've not seen any of it on tv like i have previous seasons. Yes it's darker than previous series, but there's also a lot of good stuff too. Derek and Meredith become closer than ever before and she seems less dark and withdrawn than before. Christina still has many Christina moments which i love, and Bailey is on top form as ever, especially when she meets Da Vinci! I love that bit.

I wasn't sure about the new doctor Owen at first, but he has grown on me to become part of the team. I wasn't sure he was good for Christina but i think i could prefer him to Burke in the end.

The thing that really got on my nerves was Denny Duquette. Izzy saw him a lot, and i was thinking who does that, i've never known anyone who saw people that had died, the way she sees Denny, but Grey's in it's infinate wisdom explained things beautifully, and so there was a heartbreaking reason why Denny was there for Izzy. And Izzy is one of my favourite characters, i just wanted to hug her.

Cali is a character that i have really disliked in previous seasons, but i think i liked her a little bit more this time. Only a little bit though! Although i am a bit sick of everyone sleeping with everyone. In the end there will be nobody left. I am reffering to Cali and her women and Mark and Little Grey, aka Lexi. One minute she loves George, the next Mark. One minute Cali likes men, now it's women, or both.

The finale was mind blowingly brilliant! I couldn't believe it when Meredith was talking to the guy who had been run over by the bus and the stuff that happened next. I think Ellen Pompeo who plays Meredith was so amazing in that scene. I really can't wait for season 6, i need it NOW. Seriously.

The Truth About You
The Truth About You
Price: £4.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The truth will out!, 1 Jun. 2011
This was a very spur of the moment buy, i was just browsing Amazon, not looking to buy, when i saw this. Loving other Melissa Hill books i bought it and downloaded it to my Kindle straight away.

I love any story that involves babies so i was looking forward to reading this, and i have to say i bloody loved it. I read it in only a few days which is fast for me. And even though the characters had flaws, they didn't wind me up like some characters can.

Well 2 people wound me up, Deidre and Emer but they weren't main characters so i could read the book in relative calmness! They wound me up because, urgh, they were those mums that think their kids are as important to everyone else as they are to them. I could scream at mothers like them. Their kids are better than everyone else's, and they seem to forget that they had a life before kids, and now everything they talk about involves their kids. It's annoying. And it's rude to their child-less friends. Like poor Jess who really felt the pressure. You just wanted to tell her to dump these bozo's and be bezzie mates with the other main characters in the book, Nina and Ruth and their mate Trish.

Another minor annoyance was how Nina was with her father. Calling him weird just because he was a quiet man who liked his own company. And you find out more about him later in the book, i actually felt sorry for him. I think i found Nina to be the character i least liked reading about, for most of the book she was quite dull really. I much preffered Jess and Ruth.

And while i don't agree with what Jess did, i also understood her argument on the age thing. She was in the winter of her fertile life! But you also understood the argument her husband, Brian, made nobody should have a baby just to fit in with their friends. Especially 'friends' like the vile Deidre and Emer'

I loved the La La Land bits with Ruth aswell, there's so much to love in this book, it's a gem of a read.

by Jill Mansell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars This Kiss, this Kiss., 25 May 2011
This review is from: Kiss (Paperback)
It took me MONTHS to read this book. So long infact that my poor Kindle's battery ran out because i left it while i tried to read this, which i have in paperback. But it's not because i didnt like it, it's because i got a new puppy and had no time to do anything relaxing :P

So, anyway the book! Yes, i did like it. Not a Mansell best but still worth a read if you are a fan of hers, as i am.

The characters are good, although Izzy is the most annoying. I couldn't warm to her. I found her immature, selfish and a bit stupid. I liked her daughter, Katerina though, for the most part she had a good head on her shoulders, for the most part :P

I liked how Gina changed through the book, she was very stuffy to begin with, but the new people in her life changed her for the better, Her husband Andrew was a man whose brains are where most mens are though :/

And i think Sam was supposed to be the hero of the book but i found him quite dull. He didnt grab me as other Mansell men have!

It's not a book to gush about but it is a nice, fluffy read with some serious parts too. Recommended.

The Office - The Christmas Specials [2001] [DVD]
The Office - The Christmas Specials [2001] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ricky Gervais
Offered by wantitcheaper
Price: £3.91

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars All is well that ends well., 20 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As others have said, this is a superb ending to a great comedy. As i said in other reviews, i'm a late-comer to the Office but i love it now. I dont even want to watch the US version because i believe that Ricky and Stephen were right to not drag this out like perhaps the American's have. Even though you would love to know what has happened to these characters now, you also know they were right to end it when they did and just let everyone imagine what the characters we love are up to now.

And this Christmas special really is very special! I particulary loved Davids rendition of "If you don't know me by now" you will laugh so much when you see him in his guyliner and lingering looks at the camera. I dont know how Ricky Gervais managed to keep a straight face when doing that!

I want to gush and tell all my favourite things that happen but i dont want to ruin it for people who havent seen it yet. It's just amazing, and you really have to watch all of the Office from the start to appreciate just how funny and amazing it is. I also really loved the extra features, the behind the scenes bit with the actors talking about their characters with real affection is just so lovely. And the laughs they have, with Martin Freeman who plays Tim not been able to keep a straight face with Ricky adding more comedy to the script is just hilarious. Love it. Get it. You will love it too.

The Office - The Complete Second Series [2001] [DVD]
The Office - The Complete Second Series [2001] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ricky Gervais
Price: £1.75

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the Best!, 20 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm a new fan of the Office, about 9 years too late i know. Watched Series 1 after owning it for years and never bothering, and i was hooked. So i bought this and the Christmas specials soon after. I dont know which is my favourite series to be honest. I love things from both. One of the highlights in this series is Red Nose Day. David Brent doesnt need an excuse to make an ass of himself really, but he tries even harder to be funny on RND, with not so good results.

Another highlight is David giving his inspirational speech to young people. As soon as he gets asked to do this you know he'll make an idiot of himself and once again you will be cringing for him and he doesnt fail! He cant do things without trying to be dramatic or funny, he has to add his own make of eccentricity.

And he's dealing with his jealousy to new boss Neil. He's better looking and more popular and poor David struggles to deal with him.

One of the best characters that doesnt get enough screen time in my eyes is Big Keith! He's kind of a supporitng character, but he's so funny, him and his scotch eggs.

I advise people to watch the first series before this one, then you will be able to understand more of what goes on.

The Office - The Complete First Series [2001] [DVD]
The Office - The Complete First Series [2001] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ricky Gervais
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.17

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Love the Brent Meister General!, 20 Mar. 2011
My sister bought me this years ago as a birthday gift, and i pretended to like it so as not to dissapoint. But i'd never been intrested in watching it, so i stuck it in my DVD rack and forgot about it. Then a couple of weeks ago i finally decided to see what the fuss was about, i popped it into my DVD player, and by the end of all the episodes i was on Amazon ordering Series 2 and the Christmas Specials!

Why did i wait so long i'll never know. I think this is a comedy that you either love or hate because you'll either get it or you wont. I got it and i loved it! There's so many good points that it's hard to start. David Brent is a character that really, you shouldn't like but you kind of do. You feel sorry for him, he's such a try hard. And you know people are looking at him and thinking "you complete twit" and your thinking it too as you watch him make some awful joke and he's waiting an age for everyone to laugh, and it just makes you cringe with awkwardness and actually feel sorry for the guy!

Then there's lovely Tim and receptionist Dawn. They clearly love each other but she's engaged to a bloke in the warehouse. I love Tim's longing looks at her.

And Gareth, the lanky eejit who is in the Territorial Army and goes on about how he'd cope in the jungle if it was like his office. He's so geeky and bordering on becoming another Brent even though he would never think so.

One thing i couldnt forget after i watched this was... "Free love on the free love freeway" A song written by the musical maestro that is David Brent. A dodgy, but catch song he sings on the training day, with Gareth and his backing, er, noises. Honestly, you may think i'm talking rubbish but to understand the Office you have to see it. If only i had watched it years ago!

The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II & III
The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II & III
Offered by Hatherley's
Price: £29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars God save our gracious Queen!, 9 Mar. 2011
A couple of months ago i saw a programme on tv about Live Aid, and everyone raved about Queen's performance. Well as i was only 13 month old at the time of Live Aid, i decided to seek it out on youtube. I've always been a distant Queen fan. Liked their songs, but never went out of my way to buy them. Well, as soon as i saw that amazing performance, i became a much bigger fan! Especially of the amazing Sir Freddie Mercury. So i knew i had to buy their greatest hits.

This is a great, great, great compillation of their best songs. The only song that isnt here which i love is "Love of my life." but everything else i love is here. The 3rd CD is good but i'm not a fan of Elton's version of "The show must go on." Elton is a great singer, but only of his own songs. Sir Freddie did a much better job of that song, and he was very sick when he recorded it.

And i have a new found respect and love for Sir Freddie because just listening to the lyrics to songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Killer Queen just show what an amazing brain this guy had and what a talent he was and such a great loss. He could show today's pathetic wannabes a thing or two.

And in November it will be 20 years since this great man died. But at least i will have these brilliant tunes to listen to and remember him by.

Starting Over
Starting Over
by Sue Moorcroft
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Tess = most annoying character ever!, 23 Feb. 2011
This review is from: Starting Over (Paperback)
I have just finished this book and wow what a slog it was. I had to take a break before i got even half way through because Tess was annoying me so much.

I did the daft thing of ordering 2 SM books before i'd ever read any, based on the good reviews. Maybe if i'd just bought this, i'd be hesitant to buy another, but now i have "All that Mullarkey" to read too.

I have given it 3* because i did love Ratty, and most of the other characters, but it was Tess that really grated on me. I mean, i dont know any woman who would divulge such information about her monthly bleeding to a man she hardly knows. And also, Angel, i dont know any woman who would send a man around to her friends house with sanitary items. It just always seemed that Tess was the weak little damsell and Ratty was always there whenever she was in trouble.

And it's a shame because you have a great character like Ratty, and you want him to find a great woman, and for him to tell Tess to get lost. It could have been a 5* book if it wasnt for bloody Tess and her pathetic, selfish ways. I hope SM's other characters are better.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 17, 2011 9:37 PM GMT

The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack (PC CD)
The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack (PC CD)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £4.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Downtown, where the lights are bright., 10 Jan. 2011
After exhausting my Sims Seasons out and realising i need some fresh decor/clothes etc, i pondered over which expansion to get next. It was a toss up between this one or Pets. I went for Nightlife. To be honest i don't deal much with the Downtown aspect of the game. I tried it, it was ok, but i always prefer to stay on my sims lot. I do love having cars though. There's not loads to choose from but there is lots of different colours so that's good. Lots of new clothes for your sims also, although some of the clothes, especially for the men, are a bit wacky.

A bit dissapointing to have just 2 new hairstyles for your adult male/female sim. One of those can be worn by a teenager, the crazy one for girls that i dont like. But the toddlers have a few different ones. Especially the girls getting to wear cute bandana's.

You get new wall/floor decor too, most of it is really nice actually. New lights, new dining tables and chairs, one or two new windows and doors. So overall you do get lots of nice new things. And if you like your sims to go clubbing, or to go fine dining, or bowling then this game is for you. For me, i just got it for all the nice new stuff i can put in my sims houses.

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