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Dark World : Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew˙
Dark World : Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew˙
by Kelly Crigger
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £18.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Warm Beefy Prescence, 29 Jan. 2012
I bought this book because it's author Zak Bagan's DJ'd at my wife and I's wedding back in '97 and I'm never one to forget a name or a face. I must admit I am a stranger to his show so I was surprised when my darling wife pointed to the cover of this book when we were both browsing at our local Barnes & Noble. My wife said to me 'look honey that's Zak, you know, the one who did our wedding, you know 'DJ Boombox Bagans: Weddings, Christenings & Bar Mitzvah's, you got him out of the Yellow Pages'.

Needless to say later we wished we purchased it there but alas amazon was to the rescue and we had it on our doormat the next day! That night we both settled in early and read a couple of chapters each to one another. I have to say it was absolutely fascinating to hear DJ Boombox Bagan's take on the paranormal as well as his own deeply held world views. Who'd have known the Stussy wearing chode that DJ'd at our wedding would have so much to say? He was there after all playing all the classics to get the more mature 40 something woman on the dance floor. Zak being a curtained chode head back in the late 90s knew exactly what he was doing getting those women on the floor and lapped it all up. Towards the end of the night I saw him tail off, apparently following one of the drunk female guests into the bathroom while he left Jefferson Starships 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us' spinning. At the end of the night when I was thanking him for a good night's Djing, he turned to me saying 'Woah you're aunt Sheila is one wild chick! She was bouncing away on me in that bathroom like she was possessed! She even stuck her thumb up my cornhole! WILD!' I looked at Zach's fat orange chode head absolutely horrified because my dear aunt Sheila, on my fathers side, had passed away 5 years ago in a terrible gardening accident. I said to him 'Zak, she's DEAD!'. From that all Zak could muster was a 'WOAH!'.

Anyway I digress, Bagan's book was an entertaining bedtime read for my wife and I as we recounted moments from our wedding disco in between snippets of Bagan's endlessly enthralling take on the paranormal world. One to check out for sure!
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A New Flame
A New Flame
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Enchanting!, 25 Jun. 2011
This review is from: A New Flame (Audio CD)
Historically the oppression of any population, as tragic and unjust as it is, has always been a fertile ground for art to flourish. Just look at the blues for example with classic acts such as Blueshammer, and Mick Hucknall's 'Simply Red' is no exception. His entire oeuvre is seeped in a soulful reflection on the persecution of his people and the discrimination he has suffered. The playfully titled 'New Flame', encapsulating this unique social and cultural backdrop is the quintessential 'Simply Red' LP that belongs in any music lovers collection.

The titular track on this LP is Mick at his most soulful and lyrical. It's a beautiful loving ode to the sprouting of his third or fourth ginger pube, thinly veiled as a song about the arrival of a new love. Mick's smooth satin voice wrought with the torment concerning the colour of his pubes vis-à-vis the intolerant cultural trappings for gingers in Manchester in the 70s opens this masterpiece, with the lines 'I was bowled out, sold down the river'. Mick's pain is tangible and deeply effecting yet somewhere he finds strength and beauty in the new pube that has sprouted from his scrotum, therefore himself. This achingly beautiful epiphany rolls out from his soulful voice, as if it glides along the satin sheets that must adorn this ginger lothario's boudoir, with the simple 'a new flame has come, and nothing she can do, can do we wrong'. Indeed Mick, there is nothing that single red hair or flame, as you so lyrically put it, on your sack can do, to do you wrong. It's not going to call you 'fire crotch', or 'carrot top', it's simply who you are.

The rest of the album is as sublime as the piece I focus on but this song speaks to me as fellow ginger who also found the first three ginger hairs on my balls troubling when I was just a teenager in the 70s. I never had the brains or souls to create art like Mick did, I joined the Ginger Panther's and took up arms against the snake that feeds of the blood of the ginger people, that is the gingerist British establishment. I saw political violence as the answer and not love until I heard this record in 1989. Thank you Mick, you saved me.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Seminal account of the ill fated Brian Harvey recording session, 16 April 2011
Wow just wow. This book is going to go down in rock n roll writing history along side 'Almost Famous' by Seymour Hoffman. It's an unflinchingly 72 page account of one the most infamous recording sessions in music history that produced a song that defined a generation. Rock n roll author and at the time aide to Lucas Grabeel, Jamie Badger doesn't shy away from any of the excesses that were indulged (yes hardcore baked potato banging and bestiality), the retardation on display or the creative differences that were expressed often psychotically (Grabeel holding Brian Harvey in a tortuous 1hour and 45min nipple twister ouch!), it tells them all in unabashed and raw prose that leave the reader gasping for a drink or water, yet unable to put the book down. It's a searing account that no fan of Lucas Grabeel, Brian Harvey, music, rock n roll, or culture can pass up on.

John C Reilly in a Rolling Stone interview called it 'a triumph'. Vice magazine called it 'it's fear & loathing for the ipod generation that will leave you so deeply affected you wont be able to watch Cassavetes for a week'.

Do I need to say anymore?

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Music history frozen in one iconic image on my wall, 23 Feb. 2011
There have been many iconic rock and roll photographs that have defined a generation. If you're here thinking about buying this print I don't need to tell you them, because you've obviously got grand taste and knowledge by just arriving here. If you are here because you searched 'seminal moments in British music' and you're trying to make your loft look cool with this hanging on your wall? I'm not going to tell you about this artist. However, I guess you will find the information elsewhere and I could not go through this review without mentioning Brian Harvey's contribution to music and culture, so here goes it. Brian Harvey was the frontman of the U.K.'s foremost dance/rap/soul group East 17. This print that I have is my most treasured piece of music history memorabilia, if you will. It is the iconic photograph of Brian Harvey's last performance with East 17 on Top of the Pops before he told an 8 year old girl called Angelica, via the medium of radio waves, to get off her face and do 12 e's. This day was one of the days that truly rocked the music world, but the aftershock to follow has East 17 split was more devastating. Brian Harvey descended into pain and turmoil as he fell from the top of the music industry into a self destructive spiral of baked potato binges that made them 12 e's look paltry in comparison. It all culminated following two suicide bids and 47 baked potatoes when the man elevated him self from the zenith of human achievement to god like status as he drove over his own head and survived! Yes the man is a myth, a legend, and after all a man. So this photo is the tipping point, if you will. The seminal moment before music history took a cruel and dramatic twist yet one that saw Brian Harvey transform from man into god. It's this moment frozen in time that makes this photo truly iconic and effecting. It makes me weep with the sheer power of it.

Thank you so much for making this photo print available to buy. We all can own a little piece of god now. Also I was very impressed with the quality of the print and the shipping time. Arrived in a speed akin to that of East 17 meteoric rise to the top of the charts. I'm thinking about buying the jigsaw for my other half, she will love it I am sure!
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No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars A jigsaw puzzle that rewards you with a striking image..., 23 Jan. 2011
...oh the little boy who stole the worlds heart in Footballers Wives, and well for me with some extended sexy time with my girl on my birthday!

It was my birthday earlier in the month and it started much like any other day for us at Turner Towers: we got up, emptied our bowels, poured white lightening on our coco pops then collapsed on the sofa to enjoy some Footballers Wives. My honey turned to me and said 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! IVE GOT A PRESENT FOR YOU!'. So I ripped off the wrapping paper and found a box filled with little pieces, of what seemed to be a puzzle, if you will. I looked to my love confused and said 'WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY?' and explained to me 'this is a challenge that will reward you doubly. You must fit the pieces together like you're Nicholas Cage in National Treasure 1 & 2 and you your self will be rewarded with a National Treasure 1 & 2'.

Excited, I pushed aside my Krunko Pops and I got to work right away! I LOVE PUZZLES! The quality of the puzzle is very good. It's on sturdy, good cardboard and wiped clean with a few spillages of said Krunko Pops and Puke. Also I must add it's one of the hardest puzzles I've ever done. I started this puzzle at 10:13am and by 4 in the afternoon I had discovered National Treasure 1 - THAT IS OUR PETER ASH!!!! The little boy who lives in all of our hearts, filling us with wonder, mirth, and gnomish fun! It was a life altering experience seeing this impish yet majestic image staring back up at me. i had to take a moment to compose myself, during which time my girl had gotten off the sofa and congratulated on me on solving the National Treasure. 'But', she said 'there's a missing piece', 'the crowning glory that will link National Treasure 1 to National Treasure 2 (which is the greater treasure)...come find it honey!....'

I'll leave it there because it gets a little, how do we say? A little bluer if you will but that missing piece, the gnomes nose was hidden in National Treasure 2, and involved sexy time!

Anyway, this is a great puzzle to have in any home. It's infinitely rewarding because every time you complete it you have Darius Fry's amazing image to gaze upon. On the FW message boards I did know of one fan who framed the puzzle after completing it. However, my girlfriend of I believe that just ruins the hours and hours of fun you can with this puzzle.

Footballer's Wives Board Game
Footballer's Wives Board Game
Offered by PLAYGAMES
Price: £12.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for a rainy day!, 23 Jan. 2011
My girlfriend and I, As big fans of board games and ITVs classic tacky trash fest '99 of awesome never thought we'd encounter something that combines both our greatest loves. So imagine our joy, delight and surprise when we saw this for sale on amazon? It was phenomenal! We ordered it on Monday evening and had to wait three agonising days for it to arrive. Those days were amongst the longest in our lives. Then in a cruel twist of fate we we both had to work the day Amazon predicted it to arrive. We didn't know what to do? Shall we call in sick? Ring around for friends and family to await the delivery? We decided on the former. We both rang in sick with a particularly bad case of dingleberries.

So it was set - thhe greatest day of our lives! We waited, waited and waited for the postman to arrive and the guy finally did at 12:10pm! We were like kids at Christmas as we manically unwrapped this beautiful game, that was very well packaged (thanks amazon!). It didn't take long to set up on our dining table at all and within 5mins we were off into the glamorous and stylish world of Footballers Wives! The game between my girl and i was a riveting duel of the wits, that lasted to the bitter end when my girl capitalising on an incorrect answer by myself, answered 'junkyard mongrel' to the question 'of what breed of dog fur is Gary Ryan's fine weave constructed of?'. I fell at the final hurdle with the question 'How many pubes does Darius Fry have in Season 2?'. I said '4' but the correct answer was 'none'. Apologies for the spoilers! Wow what a game!

We agreed to a rematch the following evening but we thought we'd spice it up by dressing up as our favourite characters - Jason and Tanya! This is the board game that never gets old and with a little imagination too you can really make it something of an evening. We have even invited our family and colleagues from work to join us a few times, but as of yet, they've all sadly declined.

If you love board games or Footballers Wives this is a must!
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Peter Andre Conditional Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray
Peter Andre Conditional Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars THE SEX PANTHER OF THE NEW MILLENIUM, 2 Jan. 2011
Peter Andre, adored by women and admired by men the world over is a man, a myth, a legend, a father, a son, a step father, a singer, a songwriter, and a Peter. Now this man has released a fragrance for the common man to wear that will no doubt go some way in his search to find the inner Andre. I'm such a common man and I can say upon spraying Peter's bottled essence on my skin, I felt my entire aura take on a different form. I immediately felt a change within. I decided to put this to the test though just after tee shirt time before I hit karma. The results were outstanding! I weaved through the club like moses parted the red sea, I had the power! It's almost like there was an invisible force field projecting from me that made people part and circle me yet with a undeniably magnetic pull. Then the thought hit me. I'm just like peter Andre in the club. People all starstruck as they stare but are afraid to approach me because of my awesomness. If anything I believe Peter's fragrance is too powerful. It captured his essence too accurately. I'm going to start watering it down. I'm thinking one drop for every 50ml of water should strike the perfect balance between sheer awesomeness and approachability. I'll keep you all posted with my findings!

Rock of Love: Season 1 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Rock of Love: Season 1 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The journey for a love connection, 18 Dec. 2010
Every so often comes a TV show, film, or song that defines a generation and I have a feeling that the passing of time will bestow this accolade upon Rock of Love. For those unfamiliar with the show (where the hell have you been!?) it takes the undeniably charismatic, cool, and alluring rock god / singer songwriter of Poison, Brett Micheal's and places him in a house with twenty women(allegedly)made in his own image. That is, twenty contestants that are built like line backers with broke weaves, and bad face lifts all competing for this beautiful man's affection. At times it's harrowing viewing as we see what love can make people do such as spitting, cursing, fighting, pushing people in pools, ripping out weaves, and placeing puke and dortio infused kisses on the object of your desire. Fortunately Brett Michael's imbues this with humanity and thought as he raps to us the viewer and the contestants, of the trails and tribulations of love. It also show's the beautiful side with Brett's wooing and courtship of his potential suitors, that makes one wish one was young again. Rock of Love takes one a journey of love that we can all identify with and it is that ultimately makes it the future classic it will no doubt be.

Good Girl, The [2003] [DVD]
Good Girl, The [2003] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jennifer Aniston
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.88

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1.0 out of 5 stars Unrealistic pap!, 7 Dec. 2010
This review is from: Good Girl, The [2003] [DVD] (DVD)
2003s 'The Good Girl' was a prequel of sorts to the cult smash of 2001 'Donnie Dorko'. Taking place in an alternative parallel reality to Donnie Dorko, we find Donnie working at Walmart. Here between struggling with teenage angst and lobotomized parents, that just don't understand him, he falls for the belle of the store. her incendiary love sets of a chain of events that will change their lives FOREVER! This might sound like an earth shattering film that questions ones take on your everyday menial existence, but it has one fatal flaw which undoes all of the tightly woven intricacies of the alternative reality plot and its social commentary. That fatal flaw is casting the wonderful and magnetic John C Reilly has the husband the 'good girl' cheats on. COWME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That man has the pure raw striking sex appeal of a gorilla! He's the king of the jungle, the stud of the muffin, and the cream de la creme of hunks. It sheer ridiculousness to suggest that she'd be undongamtized by C Reilly factor at the scent of Donnie Dorko. Pffft!

Nicholas Cage Pop Art Painting (100% Original Painting. Not a Print!) Acrylic Paint On Large Deep Canvas; 4-Colour Black/White/Grey/Blue
Nicholas Cage Pop Art Painting (100% Original Painting. Not a Print!) Acrylic Paint On Large Deep Canvas; 4-Colour Black/White/Grey/Blue

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A SPLENDID MASTERPIECE!, 7 Dec. 2010
Where does one start with this exquisite piece of art? Do we start at the subject, which is exquisite? The artist? The technique? True masterworks leave you contemplating this as one tries to organise ones thoughts when scribbling down a humble, loving critique. Yet I'm going to endeavor here. Let me start with the subject - Mr Nicholas Cage. The subject is magnificent and beautiful. If you are unfortunate enough not to know who this man is, he is an incomparable iconic figure of cinema history. Star of cinematic tour de forces as CON AIR, THE ROCK, NATIONAL TREASURE 1, NATIONAL TREASURE 2, GONE IN 60 SECONDS, GHOST RIDER, 8MM and THE ROCK. No other actor has left audiences captured and enraptured like this man. He is in a class of his own. The artist picks up where Warhol left off and dare I say, Warhol must be very jealous indeed that the accident of birth didn't place him in the same milieu as Nicholas Cage. Yet the artists surpasses Warhol's tawdry works and reinvents them as ART. The artist masterfully captures Cage's phallic caricature features with this wonderfully selected shot. ITS SHEER MAJESTRY! Needless to say this is the centerpiece of my loft apartment, adorning the master wall and welcoming all those that enter with an almost religious experience. Thank you Amazon for making this available and thank you Nicholas Cage, without you none of this would be possible.

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