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Coming Clean
Coming Clean
Offered by jack_bauer_twentyfour
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Contender for album of the year., 11 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Coming Clean (Audio CD)
It is very rare that an artist produces their freshest and most vital work 25 years into their career, but with "Coming Clean" Gary Lucas has done just that. And not only has he produced the album of his career, he has formed a truly incredible band of legendary musicians wielding staggering power as one, "mindblowing" (Time Out), unit.

Alongside Gary, this latest and ultimate incarnation of Gods And Monsters features the awesome talents of BILLY FICCA (Television), ERNIE BROOKS (The Modern Lovers), JERRY HARRISON (Talking Heads) (producer of the album's title track), JONATHAN KANE (Swans) & JASON CANDLER (Hungry March Band), all playing at their very best to create a sound that can move and shape like no other around.

And whilst that would be enough for most mere mortals, Gary & the Gods have added collaborations with such rock pioneers as DAVID JOHANSEN (New York Dolls) hitting his very best form on the "monstrous, horn-powered, rythm-and-blues workout" (Mojo) "One Man's Meat". The incomparable ALABAMA 3 perform a unique national steel guitar version of their acclaimed Soprano's theme song "Woke Up This Morning" live with Gary, and Ex-Stinky Toy Elli Medeiros also joins the band briefly, sliding like a lynx around Gary's fluid guitar lines on the fantastic "Skin Diving".

Whilst being well known as the protege guitarist of Captain Beefheart's last great Magic Band and songwriting partner/guitarist of Jeff Buckley for the equisite "Grace" album (Mojo #1 album of modern times), Gary has also produced a solo back catalogue as diverse as any in recent musical history. From 1991/2's original recording with Gods and Monsters (featuring a young Buckley as lead vocalist), through live solo undubbed guitar film soundtracks, a wildly successful album of traditional Cantonese Music and collaborations with the likes of DJ Spooky, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, John Cale, Chris Cornell and even a young Vin Diesel when he was no more than a lowly NY rapper.

It is testament to his pure mercurial talent and voracious appetite for the new and unique that no-one could ever pin him down, and yet Gary knew he needed a bold and definite statement to show the world how powerful he had become whilst away from their prying eyes (like the beast that grows in silent below the basement).

Over five years Gary assembled songs that were the best he'd ever written and musicians capable of giving those songs the kicking they needed. The result is an album with enormous scope and ambition. From the uniquely brilliant "Fata Morgana", via. surely the most powerful rendering of Bernard Herrmann's theme from "Psycho" ever heard, through tender and magical acoustic numbers like "Evangeline" and "Follow", the fantastic title track (produced by Jerry Harrison), a live solo guitar (no overdubs!) version of "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk (this version recently voted among The Wire's '100 greatest cover versions of all time' poll), the 21st century binary blues: "Under My Wing", and of course the DAVID JOHANSEN tour-de-force "One Man's Meat", surely his best performance since the days of the Dolls.

All in all, Gary has created an album that will astonish you, excite you but most of all make you want to turn it up and do it all over again.

Stool Pigeon & the Enema... [12" VINYL]
Stool Pigeon & the Enema... [12" VINYL]
Offered by jack_bauer_twentyfour
Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Special Gift From Chief Lambosse., 1 Jun. 2004
Ahhh.. Pipe? check. Slippers? check. Soda? jerk. There are only seven ways to skin a horse, and even fewer to describe this release.
Winners of the "Robert Eggington Scholarship For Musical Excellence" (2002), this band has been tipped for the tip by the toppermost of the poppermost. Helmed by the near legendary Cieran Jeremiah (check out his solo LP, "No Shirt/No Pants") this is a band that thrives on musical excellence and limited social etiquette.
Huge in parts of europe, especially the old eastern block, but largely ignored in their homeland. Those lucky enough to have seen Wurzel Miyage live will have felt 40 minutes older (45 if they played an encore).
But this is not music that eases in like a wine and cheese evening. Jumping from country to funk to punk to euro disco to yodelling to pure pop to post op. pre-post rock and post menstrual yunk (I made that last one up).
A Times review summed them up simply as "21st century geek rock on acid", however they remain one of the finest harmony vocal groups to have released a record on April 12th this year.
There is no telling where this group can go next, and don't bother asking, they simply won't listen.
If rock was a bakery, Wurzel would be the odd looking cream horn at the back of the display cabinet, you're not sure if you want to try it, but by god there's creamy goodness to be had if you'll just be willing to try.
Favourite tunes: all of them, except for some.

Tour De France
Tour De France
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £19.94

7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Return To The Planet Of The Bleeps, 5 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Tour De France (Audio CD)
Ah- It does the heart good to hold this in your hands. Without even hearing it, for some of us, who have been waiting 17 years, it seems a miracle. This is their first 'proper' collection since 1986's "Electric Cafe", not counting the dissapointing remix album and a few other bits and bobs.
So here it is - 12 tracks, 3 new versions of 1983's "Tour De France", a reworking of the original at the end, and 6 proper new tracks sandwhiched in between. Of those 6, 'Vitamin', 'Aero-Dynamik', 'Titanium' and 'Elektro Kardiogram' are worth the wait, shining like newly polished chrome spokes on a newly tarred Autobahn, in a way only the 'Werk can. However, frankly 'La Forme' and 'Regeneration' are horribly weak house drivel (in my humble opinion).
I have heard negativity towards the lack of progreesion they have displayed, but I think it is wrong to judge them on this criteria. Did people really expect a Squarepusher/Aphex type cut n' baste beatfest? These are men who have spent the majority of the last decade cycling and prancing around in lycra shorts.
No, this is exactly what was needed. Not a patch on the golden "Computer World'/"Man Machine" period perhaps, but proof that they still have it and have progressed within reason.
Would you want a reformed Beatles to have made an album of post-punk noodling? Of course not. And one should expect no less from Kraftwerk, because they are the electronic Beatles. The greatest, most influential, group of egg heads ever to sit and twiddle knobs. And just as you would not rely on a review, good or bad, to inform you on the worthiness of a reformed Beatles album (please god that that will never happen) - accordingly YOU MUST GO AND BUY THIS ALBUM IMMEDIATELY.
Kraftwerk deserve it. You deserve it for your patience. And, by god, in a world of Daniel Beddingfields it seems like manna from heaven.
All together now: ""Carbo - Hydrat Protein, ABCD Vitamin."

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