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Big And Small - We're Big And Small! [DVD]
Big And Small - We're Big And Small! [DVD]
Dvd ~ Todd Doldersum
Offered by The Happy Zombie
Price: 7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars BIG & small = Perfect Combination., 12 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A brief synopsis of what the eight stories and extras are about.

1. Something Is Missing:
Big is large and purple with a big heart and lives in a house near a pond. Small is 'small' and orange, with a zest for absolutely everything. He 'visits' Big and there's a lovely, 'If You Want To Have Fun' song.

2. A Door For Small:
Big whitnesess the extordinary lengths Small goes to in order to reach the front door knob. He tries to help his friend with some DIY. Indcluded is, 'The Friend', song.

3. Fish Wish:
Big builds a boat at the pond. Small decides he absolutely must have a fish of his very own and sings, 'When You Wish For A Fish'. Bigs helpfulness backfires somewhat.

4. There's A Space For Small:
Big tries to tidy the mess by inventing a,'Mess Hider'. The pair meet Ruby, a mouse who stands her ground. She lives behind the skirting board and 'lets rip' with, 'Give Me One Good Reason, I Should Say Yes To This Mess!'.

5. A Piece Of Cake:
Big invents a sun catcher but is missing a vital part. He is so sad he sings a, 'Sad' song. Small attempts to cheer him up and bakes him a cake.

6. The Worm In Big's Apple:
Small decides he wants an apple from their apple tree but can't reach. He sings, 'Why's The World So So Big?'. Big picks some apples and Small finds himself coming to the rescue. The pair find a new friend, Twiba the worm.

7. The Case Of The Missing Dinosaur:
Small is terrified of Big's toy dinosaur but doesn't want to admit it. The dinosaur goes missing, Big sings, 'Has Anyone Seen My 'Saur'. Small learns it's ok to be frightened of something and Big is very respectful of Small's fear.

8. Stormy Weather:
Small finds out what a thunder storm is and they sing a 'Storm', song. The pair admit to being scared of the thunder storm because it's loud. Ruby explains loud itself shouldn't mean scary and explains why.

Extra Scenes are micro stories:

Clouds ~ Big and Small look at clouds seeing things in their shapes, then go inside because a storm is approaching.
Noises ~ The pair take it in turns making different sounds and guess what they are.
Hats ~ Small tries on hats to find one suitable for a picnic.

'We're Big and Small!' Is their first DVD, approx 88 minuets. Picture and sound quality is brilliant. They are a loveable pair and Small is every bit a child. There are morals along the way too. The whole disc we find is enjoyable and recognise the beat to a couple of the songs! Superb purchase!

Learning Resources Lowercase Lacing Alphabet
Learning Resources Lowercase Lacing Alphabet
Offered by MMP Living
Price: 14.97

5.0 out of 5 stars --a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t--, 9 May 2011
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Product details, measurements and ideas...

Quality plastic letters 260 lower case, beautifully rounded and hugely tactile in a mixture of 10 bright colours: Pink, Purple, Red, Black, Jade, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange and White. We feel they are a good size for our 4yr old daughter but the holes could do with being a millimeter or two larger. Height varies between approx: j 30mmm to c 18mm. Width varies between approx: w 29mm to i 4mm. The letter thickness is approx 4mm. Hole Diameter approx 2mm.

Quality 65cm long laces X 3 each Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. They are a thick round woven design making a snug fit when pulled through the holes. It's good the laces aren't too thin so the letters remain spaced out if you want them to be, for ease of reading. Pushing the 3cm long plastic ends through the holes is a bit of a sqeeze but managable. They could do with being 1cm longer as threading the 3.5cm hole span W and M is impossible unaided; there is not enough of the plastic end sticking out to pinch and pull through.

My little one enjoys threading (appart from M's and W's!) name, mummy, daddy etc choosing from a small set of letters with us. Making three letter words is hugely enjoyable, especially satisfying wearing completed words as a neclace!

We also use this set to: help make simple sentences laying the letters on the floor/table without threading, letter and colour sorting/matching, lay a few letters in a line and call a letter out to be found, match objects to their letter sounds, match a letter to something in the room beginning with it's sound, set the alphabet in a line and sing the alphabet song, put a letter inside a bag for touch and feel letter naming or two/three for matching; great for really thinking about the shape. They make rather sweet letter cakes for toys, a super alphabet shop and amazing alphabet soup in the cafe. Also paper clips can be threaded through the holes for a letter fishing game, with a magnet on the end of one of the laces. Super used as cake decorations too! The clear plastic tub with a green lid is most useful, it should last some time keeping the contents safe when not in use.

A superb buy and multi functional learning aide offering many possibilities. There are Upper Case Letters and Number versions too!

Key Words: Flash cards
Key Words: Flash cards
by Ladybird
Edition: Cards
Price: 4.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Key To Unlock Reading., 7 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Key Words: Flash cards (Cards)
Content synopsis, ideas and words used:

Enclosed advice card outlines how best to use, listing all 100 Key Words; in the order in which they should be introduced. Taken from this card:

" You can begin by selecting words important to your child, making your own cards if necessary. These could include your child's name, the name of their pet or 'mummy'. Explain what the words say and talk about the letters and sounds. Can your child recognise the words as you hold up the cards? Can he or she pick them out from a small group of other flash cards?"

"You can also use the cards to make short sentences together: I am big/little. It is old/new. We have one/two. You can see Peter and Jane doing this in book 4C".

All lower case in their groups according to the first word in each pair...

a/can, and/came, he/could, I/come, in/do, is/did, it/first, of/down, that/get, the/from, to/him, was/have.

All/not, are/his, as/one, at/on, be/so, but/said, for/we, had/they, with/has, you/go.

About/here, an/her, back/into, been/if, before/like, big/just, by/look, call/little, made/went, make/well, me/what, more/were, much/where, must/when, my/who, new/which, no/will, now/your, off/some, old/she, only/them, or/their, other/there, our/then, out/two, over/this, right/want, see/up.

Card Height 10cm Length 15.5cm. Flexible thin card with laminated wipeable finish and rounded edges.

An example of letter size 'l' height 32mm, 'm' height 23mm width 30mm. Letters vary within these sizes, I hope this gives you an idea. Thickness of letters 3mm and jet black. Card backgrounds are brilliant white.

I purchased two packs to give greater scope for sentence building. The second pack also allows for games such as 'snap' and 'go fishing/memory to be played (blu tacking a piece of paper over the sides not needed). Also a group of cards can be laid out and one duplicate card at a time given to be matched. We use these with the Key Words box set of the first six ladybird books.

These Flash Cards are a superb asset and we shall definitely continue to purchase this reading scheme. It doesn't matter which reading scheme is used at school, we feel the Ladybird system is a sound foundation. Word reinforcement and sentence construction with clear understanding is quickly gained. We most highly recommend these cards and Ladybird.

Farm Animals (Lift-the-flap)
Farm Animals (Lift-the-flap)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Super Resource., 3 Feb 2011
We find this a sturdy book with 20 strong flaps. The gloss cover and silky pages have stunning photo pictures. Superb close ups show minute detail. Clearly labelled with large bold text, one or two words.

Layout in group format; Farm Friends meeting the animals, Farm Families including an only just hatched chick, Favourite Foods they like to eat, Happy Homes where they live, Animal Noises through words, Same Sorts with a question "What makes the same animals different?" and From the Farm showing produce.

Measurements approx: Width 20cm, Height 20cm, Depth 1cm.

A lovely introduction to farm animals for the young pre schooler. Our book triggered lovely discussions and observations. It's also an excellent resource for drawing animals. Super descriptive words are discovered, more so when real things are used with the book like, touch and feel eggs/shell/wool/ feathers etc. A charming reference book and useful purchase, I'm sure will be called upon many times.

This Way, Ruby!
This Way, Ruby!
by Jonathan Emmett
Edition: Board book

5.0 out of 5 stars Wise Ruby!, 3 Feb 2011
This review is from: This Way, Ruby! (Board book)
We think this to be a lovely book with beautiful pastel illustrations by Rebecca Harry. These compliment a wise story of five little ducklings and their adventure by Jonathan Emmett. The colours are a mixture of quite bright and rather muted, including a super thunder storm. The text is clear and well spaced out over the top of the pictures. This is a gentle tale which shows being the quickest isn't always the best way.

Firstly you are introduced to each duckling, the smallest Ruby is the one who takes things a little slower. The other ducklings decide to go off on an adventure, a rather quick paced adventure to their cost. As little Ruby notices things along the way, she saves the day!

Measurements approx: Width 18cm, Height 18cm, Depth just over 1.7cm.
Gloss covers and silky pages are all very robust board.

My little one was given a copy one Easter, something which lasted unlike the eggs! This story is enjoyed both having it read and pretending to read it retelling the story independently. We also enjoy listening to and spotting all the words starting with the same sound/letter, for example; "...four fat frogs that lay lazing on the leaves...". Very happy this is on our bookshelf!

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Easy as ABC!, 1 Feb 2011
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
***** Picture changes: Review for Blue base with Yellow Star ****

Base Unit ~ Sturdy and chunky, ideal for small hands to grasp. Made from quality tough plastic with rounded edges, slight texture yet smooth. Four sealed strong magnetic studs on the reverse. Excellent magnetism on our fridge, metal tray or magnetic board. On the front an easy push green sliding switch OFF, LOW or LOUD also green push button with white music note activates the alphabet song. Easy to locate individual letters into the front indented shape within the star shape, sound triggered if not quite in. Once in correctly and gently pushed, the song for that letter is triggered. Takes 3 X AAA batteries but doesn't devour them. We haven't changed ours for a year now with plenty of use.

Sound ~ Excellent clarity with an English accent and pronunciation. Each letter song gives the formal letter name with their sounds. For example, spelt how it sounds: "Aay, Aay says Aay and Aay says a, every letter makes a sound Aay says Aay and a".

Included are the abstract sounds for example, "Cee,Cee says c and Cee says css' every letter makes a sound Cee says c and css". (css the beginning sound for ceiling). Z is pronounced as English Zed zz sounds.

Alphabet Letters ~ Very well made smooth, shiny finish plastic with strong magnets keeping them securely in place on the base, fridge, tray or magnetic board. Each letter is raised therefore beautifully tactile and lovely to feel and follow the shape with a finger. The letter base top edges are rounded the same as the indented shape on the base unit. This is good for feeling as well as seeing which way up they go. White bases with Letters in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow,(example: vowels Red).

Base approx ~ Width 14cm, Height 12.5cm, Depth thickest just under 4cm.
Letters approx ~ Width 4.5cm, Height 3.5cm, Depth just over 2cm.

This is a resounding success in our house. My little one is enjoying using this so remembering the alphabet song and most of the letter sounds. Because the letter songs are short and catchy, they are easy to remember and join in with, even for growed uppy folk! This has also been extremely useful when we have been away. Everything was kept in a lidded box when not in use. A small metal tray for attaching the letters and base was ideal during use. All components have survived being dropped onto a laminate floor. A well designed teaching aide we find delivers, a sound purchase!

Key Words: Boxset
Key Words: Boxset
by William Murray
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 10.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unlock Reading., 30 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Key Words: Boxset (Hardcover)
Content synopsis and words introduced including variations as follows..

1a Play with us
(Peter, Jane, and, Here, here, is, The, the, dog, likes, like, I, a, shop, in, has, toy, ball, tree). These words are gradually introduced building up to a full sentence per page of up to 11 words. Bold thick text with upper case 'T' 14mm tall.

2a We have fun
(Pat, They, they, are, water, fun, Come, come, comes, It, it, says, say, He, he, Look, look, looks, Have, have, A, fish, want, wants, No, no, You, you, some, This, this, for, Can, can, Jump, jump, jumps, ?, into, are, We, we, to, go, Yes, Can, sweet, sweets, toys, home). Simple short sentence construction building up to 23 words per page. Bold thinner text 'T' 9mm tall.

1b Look at this
(trees, shops, Jane's, Peter's). Simple three word sentence per page building up to two sentences of three or four words per page and single sentences of nine words per page. Bold thick text 'T' 14mm tall.

2b Have a go
Reinforces previous words. Three to nine word sentences. Bold thinner text 'T' 9mm tall.

1c Read and write
Links with 1a and 1b including the opportunity to start writing practice. A single word may need finishing to complete a sentence. Yes/No question sentences need answering. All spaces have a small line for each missing letter. Answers at the back. Bold thinner text 'T' 9mm.

2c I like to write
Links with 2a and 2b with writing practice. Moving on from 1c yet the same format. Some sentences are missing the last one or two words, a box gives clear one and two word choices. Yes/No question sentences need answering. All spaces have a small line for each missing letter. Answers at the back. Bold thinner text 'T' 9mm.

Taken from the inside covers..."Key Words with Peter and Jane uses the most frequently met words in the English language - scientifically researched and world renowned Key Words - as a starting point for learning to read successfully and confidently".
"Series a ~ gradually introduces and repeats new words".
"Series b ~ provides further practice of these same words but in a different context and with different illustrations".
"Series c ~ uses familiar words to teach Phonics in a methodical way, enabling children to read increasingly difficult words. It also provides a link to writing".

Hard backed gloss covers, each book has well spaced, bold clear text. Lovely water colour Illustrations with a 'dated' feel adding to their charm; each clearly illustrate the text so aiding understanding. They lend themselves to super observational and comparison discussions with a simpler less cluttered time. Supplied with a sturdy gloss finish box, red cord handle and Velcro fastening.

(There is a set of Key Word Flash Cards available to use with these books).

A tailor made reading tool we use along side other story books and eventual reading scheme. I see these as an excellent key word and context reinforcement, clearly outlining word placement/meaning. As the text, theme and illustrations don't seem overly 'childish', perhaps an acceptable resource for adults too. My little one really engages with these, superb purchase!

REMO ET-0212-10 Ocean Drum - Fish
REMO ET-0212-10 Ocean Drum - Fish
Price: 57.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ocean Rolling!, 19 Nov 2010
A superbly crafted double sided frame drum, offering literally an ocean of possibilities. Sound emitted has Remo depth of tone and beautiful lasting resonance. A truly professional result.

Clear Head ~ Synthetic Mylar which is extremely durable. This remains unaffected by climatic change so no sound distortion.

Fabric Head ~ Internal side a vibrant Tropical Fish design. The paler reverse of this being the outer head surface which looks to have a durable clear coating.

Wooden frame/sides ~ Substantial 1/4" 8mm thickness. Internal surface a Jet Black matt finish, looks like a wood stain. Outer surface covered with the reversed paler Tropical Fish design fabric. This appears to have a clear durable coating.

Steel Bearings ~ Plentiful, enough to single layer cover about 1/3 of the base. These are securely encased with no chance of escape unless strong force with intent is used.

Mallet ~ ONE supplied. Beautifully smooth untreated wooden handle. The head is padded, covered with a soft jet black fabric. This is secured using black plastic twine wrapped neatly around. Mallet total length 12 1/2" nearly 32cm.

Drum Measurements approx:~ Diameter 12" 30.5cm. Depth just over 2 1/2" 6.5cm.

An example of sound possibilities; the softest wave washing gently over the shore to an intense crashing full blown force 10 stormy sea! This is achieved in a variety of ways some of which are:~

Holding the drum and...
Gently tilting it from side to side.
Rapidly moving the drum side to side, body swaying for extra force.
Shaking up and down head side up or frame edge vertical.
Quickly turning the drum over, one side up then the other.
Swirling the bearings around in a circular motion.
Rolling frame edge along the floor.

Mallet or Hand...
Strike either drum head ranging from gentle contact through to full force.
Striking the middle for a deeper sound through to the edge for a higher tone.
Hold the drum while striking or place on a flat surface.

I've seen these drums played within the school environment; they coped admirably, virtually indestructible. Being light and easy to use, perfect if only minimal motor skills are possible. The slightest touch will send the bearings cascading across the surface creating a most satisfying sound, giving a huge sense of empowerment. Observing my little one in action shows this offers stimulation on many levels encouraging; confidence building, sense of achievement, experimentation, listening skills, copying, imagination, superb gigs and most importantly...shed loads of high powered enjoyment. A sound purchase!

Harry the Dirty Dog Board Book
Harry the Dirty Dog Board Book
by Gene Zion
Edition: Board book
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dogtastic!, 18 Nov 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A delightful concept beautifully writen by Gene Zion, inhanced with classic 1950's painted illustrations by Margaret Bloy Graham. Each page has a plain white background. The bold, black text is simple and well spaced out. The illustrations are detailed yet not cluttered, lending themselves beautifully to observational discussions. Superb for an insight in to the past and comparison with the present. For example there is a lovely picture of a steam train complete with sooty smoke cloud and a lorry delivering coal in the high street.

Harry is a little white dog with black spots. He lives with a family and runs away from home in order to avoid the inevitable 'bath'. While away he has a dogtastic time but has now changed into a black dog with white spots. Upon his return, no one recognises him. He takes matters into his own paws and resorts to an unthinkable drastic measure!

This board book edition is super sturdy. The cover has a lovely gloss finish and the internal pages a lovely silky finish. I have no doubt all would cope with a damp cloth if the need arose.

Measurements approx:~
Height 7 " 19cm
Width 5 14cm
Depth 3/4 " 2cm

My little one enjoys both snuggling up to have this read and exploring the pages quietly alone. This will be an ideal paired reading book and in time solo reading. A superb purchase and lovely addition to our book shelf. We most highly recommend.

Big Bad Bun
Big Bad Bun
by Jeanne Willis
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.99

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Collaboration Perfection!, 17 Nov 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Big Bad Bun (Paperback)
Absolutely superb concept, brilliantly executed by Jeanne Willis and brought to life by the illustrative style of Tony Ross. This is collaboration perfection.

A little Bun AKA Fluff. E. Jumper, has a bad school report which isn't that bad really. In an attempt to lessen the blow to his parents and ultimately the fall out bestowed upon him, he takes matters into his own paws and writes them a letter...

He lets them know he has run away from home and as a result his little life has taken a turn for the worse. He goes on to outline exactly how he and his life have changed. He joined the Hell Bunnies, changed his name to 'Big Bad Bun' and things went downhill from that point on...he is no longer vegetarian, dyed his tail, NEVER washes his whiskers, stays up late, rides a motorbike without a helmet but worst of all...he had his ear pierced...and this is only the beginning!...SO there are far worse things in life than a bad school report, aren't there! The conclusion is delightful and brought a tear to my eye.

Measurements approx:~
Height 11" 28cm
Width 9 24cm
Depth less than " 3mm

Perhaps if for a child, the concept of a school report and why Bun wrote the letter needs to be understood to fully appreciate this story. My little one enjoyed me reading this and looking at the pictures for now. This copy is for a growed uppy person. I shall buy another to keep for when mine is a little older. This would be a perfect gift for someone with school age children, working in education, teenagers, post reception age children or the young at fact almost anyone! I absolutely and completely highly recommend this book.

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