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1.0 out of 5 stars Regret - even spent actual money on it., 21 Jun 2014
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This review is from: QuizClashTM PREMIUM (App)
I downloaded this a good 12 hours ago and my first (random) opponent has yet to answer a question. Apparently, if I quit, I lose ratings points. I'm assuming this means that, as with other player ranking systems (Yahoo games springs instantly to mind) the lower my rating, the worse my chances of getting someone who actually wants to play.

So I took the hit, thinking maybe I was just unlucky and after the initial no-show opponent, things would pick up a little.

They didn't.

My next opponent is starting the game off. They are yet to answer a question. I can't wait to finally get my chance to google all the answers as, I'm sure, everyone else must be doing.

Don't get this game if you like actually answering questions - you'll never get to do that.

SUPERMARIOBROS: Super Mario White Yoshi Egg Plush 8"
SUPERMARIOBROS: Super Mario White Yoshi Egg Plush 8"
Offered by Fairy Store UK
Price: 11.62

5.0 out of 5 stars A Delight for Any Yoshi Fan, 16 May 2014
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My son was thrilled with this present as he's collecting Mario plushies and had been hoping for a green Yoshi egg for some time. Just make sure that your Yoshi is large enough to lay it - the thing is huge! :)

Pickomino Game
Pickomino Game
Offered by RdeJeux95
Price: 11.60

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent game!, 26 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Pickomino Game (Toy)
This game is brilliant! I bought it for my 7-year-old son who has autism and other learning needs to help him count and practice taking turns and it works well for that. But it's also just a really nice game to handle and used - high quality pieces, sturdy box, quirky die, the whole bit.

The only problem is that the instructions were in French, but there are websites that will provide you with the rules in English if you search for them, and also a Youtube tutorial on how to play the game, too.

Games last approximately 30 minutes, and once you've learned how to play it becomes quickly addictive and easy to understand. Plus, with very little setting out or tidying up and all coming in such a small box, it's ideal for backpacks as a stand-by to keep kids (and friends) happy while stuck in train stations!

Really, really like this game; can't recommend it highly enough.

York Active 110 Exercise Cycle
York Active 110 Exercise Cycle

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy, does what it's meant to. Good for taller people., 26 Mar 2013
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I've never used an exercise before and I'm not a cyclist, but I needed a compact machine to use at home so, after seeking advice from healthier friends, this was my choice. Mainly, to be honest, because it seemed the best choice for someone who is very tall (6').

Assembly went okay, though I gave up trying to attach the bottle holder. However, there was no specific instruction on how to secure the seat. For any cyclist I'm guessing this would be second-nature, but it took me but 2 hours of frustrating sodding around to work it out (instructions at the end, just in case anyone else is stuck).

As for the seat, I've read several reviews that state that the seat is uncomfortable or unpleasant, but it's my understanding that any bicycle seat will be unpleasant for those not used to one. It took about two weeks (ouch!) to get used to it, and it's still uncomfortable, but not painful like it was at the start. However, as I said, that's not specific to this machine, but to anything that has that sort of seat if you're not used to sitting on one. Grin and bear it, I'm afraid.

The features on the electronic display seem fussy but functional. I find having the timer right next to the speed irritating as I end up watching the clock instead of glancing at my pace and carrying on, and the display function seems to scroll through all of the ratings no matter what you want to be concentrating on to get through the time. It would be useful if you could set a minimum speed and have it beep at you whenever you dropped below - perhaps that's just my inexperience with this sort of thing talking, though. I still haven't figured out what the "recovery" function is for, beyond making me ache for an extra 60 seconds!

My main bugbear is the placement of the sensors for the pulse monitor. If the panels were a little higher or surrounded the entire grip it would be easier, but I have to have to have the seat high and all the way back to be able to fit on it with extended legs, and the handlebars cannot be adjusted to fit a taller person - you just tip them forward, which pulls the sensors at an ever more difficult angle. Once I've managed to twisted my wrists to fit such a bizarre placement while still cycling, the sensor takes quite a long time to get an accurate reading (more than 2 minutes). This can get quite uncomfortable, so I tend to t use the sensors at all.

However, this is all secondary to the purpose of the thing, I suppose: it's a bike that lets you exercise at home. It will fit tall people, and the resistance dial does make a discernible difference to how hard you have to work per click (as opposed to 1-5 being super-easy; 6-10 being impossible as with some resistance dials). The seat is a seat - I have no experience with bikes, but I'm told any seat would be as unpleasant as this one was to start with, so don't go choosing your bike based upon that alone.

For a tall beginner, I'd recommend it. Though for those who aren't familiar with bicycle maintenance, you have to place the seat on the rough-gripped column and then tighten the little nuts either side of the hole the column fits into on the underside of the seat (they're quite hard to get to when the seat is on the machine) until you can't move it any more. Make sure you do your final tightenings after testing the seat out first, as it will click forward and backward suddenly if not fully secured, but you can't adjust this angle afterwards. For a bike that has how to get the nuts and bolts out of the packaging in its instructions, it's a little surprising this more important - and less obvious - information wasn't also supplied.
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