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AXIS M1014 Network Camera
AXIS M1014 Network Camera
Price: £183.67

5.0 out of 5 stars High Quality IP Camera from Axis, 22 Jan. 2015
The M1014 is wired IP Camera (no Wifi or POE model) features HD 720p resolution at 30 frames per second for crisp, detailed images that are easy to scrutinize. Forget about grainy video that makes it impossible to identify objects and people; this camera offers premium image quality at an affordable price tag. In addition, the M1014 is equipped with edge storage, multiple H.264 streams, video motion detection, and an active tampering alarm. Using the Axis Camera companion its easy to monitor your property round-the-clock from anywhere as long as you have your smartphone.Its easy-to-install setup and was connected to the internet within 15 mins, its also a smartly designed network camera.

Aukey Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver Wireless Music Streaming Adapter Dongle with Hands Free Calling Built-in Mic and 3.5 mm Stereo Output for Car Music Sound System, Home Stereo, Compact Speakers, Headphones, Headsets, Earphones, Earbuds & More 3.5mm AUX Media Devices, Features A2DP Technology (BR-C1) (white)
Aukey Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver Wireless Music Streaming Adapter Dongle with Hands Free Calling Built-in Mic and 3.5 mm Stereo Output for Car Music Sound System, Home Stereo, Compact Speakers, Headphones, Headsets, Earphones, Earbuds & More 3.5mm AUX Media Devices, Features A2DP Technology (BR-C1) (white)
Offered by AukeyDirect
Price: £39.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Very tidy piece of kit - recommended, 16 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this device specifically to add Bluetooth connectivity to my 3 year old Bose SounDock and connected it via the Line input jack at the back of the Dock. This is a tiny device, well packaged and comes with USB, RCA and stereo to stereo line in cables. The instructions were very in depth but I didn't read them until after I had connected my iPhone it was a that simple to add a device. I have been looking at various 30-pin Bluetooth docks that charge or sit in the dock cradle but this is superior as it can be used with any existing HiFi, in Car Stereo via the Aux port or stand alone speakers. It has a lithium battery and a clear indicator when it is charged so it can be used as a portable unit as well. I plan to use it outdoors for BBQ's and when on trips or holidays. The BC-1 uses Bluetooth 3.0 standard that consumes more energy than Bluetooth 4 but is perfectly adequate for this purpose, as data speed and security is not required for Audio to my SoundDock. The sound quality is as good as a docked iPod or iPhone and remained connected up to 10 meters away. I haven't used the built-in microphone yet but the instructions say that music is paused when receiving a call, so that function looks useful for Skype conference calls etc.. at some point in the future

I have used various other Bluetooth speakers and connectors for triple the cost of the Aukey and all have been less than satisfactory. Overall this is a high quality item for this price point i.e less than £15

HP CM749A OfficeJet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)
HP CM749A OfficeJet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)
Offered by TODO! TODO!
Price: £159.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-AIO (N911a/CM749A) review, 13 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
We had a death in the family, our HP photo smart printer finally kicked the bucket after 8 years of use, overall the printer was reliable but lacked a lot of features that my family have been constantly bugging me for e.g Scan, Copy, double sided and "why can't I print from my mobile devices". Printing is a total nightmare in our house, my kids insist on printing everything in (blue) colour and want to print from their laptops and mobile phones and my wife wants to print wirelessly from her laptop and iPad while watching TV. As a result I spend most of my time either feeding paper or replacing ink cartridges or installing drivers for every operating system you can think of. As the man of the house everything IT falls into the same category as "DIY" so when they (users) can't print it's my fault, if the problem isn't resolved in under 5 min's, guess what .. it's my fault the kids can't do their homework or the food shopping won't be ordered from Sainsbury's etc.. nag - nag.
So to prevent WW3 breaking out every other night I decided to look at what printers where available to do the following. Print from any Apple device, iPad - iPhone, iPod, any laptop or PC (XP,W7,Mac) in the house. Also the ability to copy and scan to a folder on the network (Mac or PC) ability to print in colour in duplex, print from anywhere from anything even over the web away from the home, not cost a fortune, must have independent ink cartridges not those rip off 3-1 cartridges. Hold enough paper to last at least a month and switch off into low power mode when it's not in use to save electricity.
The old printer was connected to the main PC via USB and was a pain to set up for the users so I started looking for networked printers with the "AIR" print function. I quickly settled on the HP 8600 Pro and HP 8600 Pro Plus as possible contenders. The Plus is about £50 - £60 more and has a few additional extras like a 250 sheet paper tray, auto double sided copying and larger user display. The Pro will hold 150 sheets so much more than the old printer. You can buy the optional 250 sheet tray as part# CN548A for between £38 - £45 later if needed. So if you need paper capacity of 400 sheets or need a separate tray for letter heeded paper then the "Plus" is for you. There is also a Plus Premium bundle that includes 75 sheets of HP premium paper and the XL-951 larger capacity ink cartridges (up to 1500 pages) but costs about £ 40 - £ 50 more than the Plus. The standard colour 950 cartridges are good for up to 700 pages, but will vary depending on the type of printing you are doing. it's also worth mentioning the standard 950 Black has a yield of 1100 and the XL 2500. Beware the XL950 kit doesn't always include the Black cart.
I opted for the HP 8600 Pro model and it was on offer so had £30 cash back and free 3 year warranty with HP. As printers are throw away these day's HP tend to swap out your ink jet printer with a refurbished model not a brand new one.
The printer arrived swiftly from Amazon and the box had plenty of instructions and a CD with all the software and drivers for Windows and Mac required to set up. I would say the documentation was excellent although a bit complicated for the average person to comprehend. I switched off the built in WiFi and disabled the web Firewall and set it up as a wired Ethernet connection with a static IP address so I could talk to it from the myriad of devices running in our house.
The printer has performed faultlessly, not a single paper jam after 900 pages and has been running constantly since September 2012. The embedded web server is really useful as it shows you all kinds of information like page count or exactly how much ink is remaining in the reservoir. I sneakily set everyone to use draft quality to save ink and it's working. The "Draft" setting uses 66% less ink than "Best" so I guess some of the reviewers on here are using the "Normal" as default.
This is an amazing printer for the money, suited more at the Home office or Micro office, if you want high yield Office printing then look at spending a lot more £££ on a laser printer. So far I am really pleased with the 8600 as an all in one master of none it is the best printer going and since installing I have a happy house with no more nagging. Thanks HP and Amazon.
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elago S4 Slim Fit Case for iPhone 4 with Logo Protection Film (SF Black)
elago S4 Slim Fit Case for iPhone 4 with Logo Protection Film (SF Black)

5.0 out of 5 stars iPhone 4S slim case, 21 Dec. 2011
I'm always on the quest for the perfect phone case that will protect my phone from the occasional drop in the car park, while also keeping with the style of the iPhone 4. On my iPhone 3Gs I had the iNcipio case (very similar to this one) and loved it.

It didn't come up to the glass, but then again I wasn't as concerned with screen damage on the 3Gs due to the metal bezel running around the phone. The iPhone 4 provides no such edge protection except a thin piece of plastic before you get to the glass.

- lack of front glass protection, and top and bottom protection (not to mention lack of stock photos to provide potential customers this info).
- sorry excuse for the logo protection (a piece of packing tape looks much better).

- If you're not worried about front protection or feel that your skin or screen guard will protect you, then this is a great slim phone. It adds very little additional width.
- No flash splash back

Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black
Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black

5.0 out of 5 stars Incipio Feather case for iPhone 3GS Black, 16 Dec. 2011
I have been using this for over 2 years with an iPhone 3G (or in my case a 3GS), have dropped the thing several times and have chipped a corner off the lower corner with no damage to the phone. Previuosly tried leather flip, Gel, Tough Polycarbonate and an expensive Otter Box. this is by far the best for my office needs.

In general this case will:

- Protect its back and screen (using the included screen protector) against scratches and scrapes
- The incipio is a tight fit and will improve your grip on the phone
- Hide its fingerprint-prone glossy back (obvious, but worth mentioning)
- Do all of these things without turning it into a Duane de duke of dorkdom phone

If these are the features you're looking for in an iPhone 3G/3GS case (as they were for me), stop looking at other cases and order this one now. You won't be disappointed.

However, if you need a case that provides protection against extreme drops, crushing, submersion, radiation, etc. look elsewhere (like the Otterbox Defender) Duane Eddy.

GEAR4 IceBox Pro for iPod nano 3G - Black
GEAR4 IceBox Pro for iPod nano 3G - Black
Offered by gl UK
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Black Ice box pro for ipod nano 3g is superb, 17 Jan. 2009
I've been looking for a decent case to protect my ipod, having tried one of those Gel type cases which are great at catching crud and offer little or no protection. Also tried an expensive leather fold up thing which was a pain to use and had a storage area for the ear phones, my fear was that the ear buds would crack the screen when in my shirt pocket. The Gear4 icebox pro is perfect combination of protection and usability. It protects the screen from scratches and grease, the jog wheel is also covered and works a treat. The cover is made from heat treated aluminium but unlike the other reviewer I had no sharp edges at all. The lanyard is sturdy but a bit fiddly to thread through the back of the unit. My only wish is that it had a plastic or rubber port cover to prevent clag build up and make it a bit more beach proof. Great choice of colours (Silver, Black + pink) and fantastic value at £7.99 and have ordered another for the missus.

Remote Charging Stand (Wii)
Remote Charging Stand (Wii)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Wii Stand and charger by 4 Gamers, 27 Dec. 2007
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
I got this free with a bundle from Virgin/Zavvi. RRP is £15 so £8 is a bargain. We are happy with it so far and both remotes are still working. It comes with 2 back plates which retro fit the original's and have two metal pins exposed to pass current when you dock it in the stand. Using 950mah Ni-Mh AAA batteries works for about 6-7 hours. 2 x Ni-Mh AAA's are the same voltage AA's though AA's are 2000 mah so last 12 - 18 hours. It matches the Wii plastic really well and is very stable, so far neither the kids, cat or dog have knocked it over. The blue neon lights are a bit tacky but the button at the back switches it off. There is a slider on the base to charge either the `motes OR a pair of AA Ni-Mh cells which is weird as the back plates can only take AAA!!!
Downside** No body has mentioned yet, when you replace the batteries into the back plate they disconnect from the remote, so need to be re synced. I drilled a small hole in both 'motes so I could push the RED sync button. You also lose any Mii profiles saved on the 'mote.
Can't complain too much as it was free but it is worth £10 - 15 any day. Time will tell if it eats the `motes, suspect this is down to poor batteries or using Ni-Cad's.
Big Question. The original Wii Remotes have holes and space for charging pins, so perhaps Nintendo will release something more robust (take Ni-Cad or NiMh or Li-ion) in the future

Linksys by Cisco NSLU2 Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives
Linksys by Cisco NSLU2 Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives

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5.0 out of 5 stars Go green with the Slug and save the planet and £578, 13 Dec. 2007
This was a mini project to automate the home and save the planet and some power as we seem to have countless PC's, displays, laptops on through out the house burning power night and day. I have estimated a saving of 600w p/hr/p/day. £0.11p per kwh x 24 x 365 = £1.58 per day total = £578 per year. Amazing so by spending £54 I save £578 per year, well that's what I told SWMBO.

Proceeded with caution after the reviews seen here.... Remember the SLUG has not been tested or invented to do this advanced stuff, so if you are a Windows GUI man then maybe buy something else, you won't have to think too long about or expect to delve into the dark world of CLI. Yes it is a bit of a "black art" to get it to do what's NOT on the Tin, but WOW, the fact that you can is greeeaaat!

Running full media extensions for video and music streaming to my Roku Sounbridge Radio + HD1000, file and print, FTP, VoiP/Fax to home printer scanner and wireless security images replicating from FTP in house to FTP online.
Kit used in setup Linkysys WAG54GS wireless Gateway to Hifi via Wifi + IP Cam
Linksys WAP54G in bridge mode for additional security
Netgear 8 port 10/100 POE switch (Wap is attached to switch so only devices patched in can use the WiFi)
Axis IP camera's (picked up cheap on eBay) 1 x POE, 1 x wireless
Linksys VoiP (Vonage) phone extender
Linksys Network Storage Extender
2 x 60GB SDD HDD (expensive but will reduce in price) solid state disks consume 55% less power
2 x Sata passive USB HDD 2.5" caddy
2.0gb Sandisk USB drive

Can't wait for the Linksys Srorage Gbit Ready USB Bundle "SGRUB" with Pre N wiFi.

Dazzle Video Creator (Platinum Edition) (2006) (PC)
Dazzle Video Creator (Platinum Edition) (2006) (PC)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dazzled by the simplicity of ths product, 30 Nov. 2007
I was hesitant when buying this as I normally edit videos via an internal PCI device, but this has a USB cable and surprised me to be very fast and reliable. I also bring it to work or switch it to my laptop if needed.
Vista, vista, vista well what do you expect with such a new flavour, I expect once the first service pack is released it will do. The bumph say's it does work with Windows Vista and it does although NOT as smoothly as Windows XP/SP2. I have a dual boot machine Vista v XP and the bundled software feels slicker running on XP. Again remember Vista is the young pretender here and a Beta patch is required where as Sir XP has been kicking around since 2002.
Overall I rate this product as kick ass piece of kit, as I have ripped 300 hours of Camcorder footage (Hi-8) to perfect digital with very little loss in quality. Be warned you will also need a HUGE hard drive for any serious projects.

Linksys by Cisco WAG54GS Wireless-G ADSL Modem Router with SpeedBooster
Linksys by Cisco WAG54GS Wireless-G ADSL Modem Router with SpeedBooster

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5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific kit, Slim, fast, very configureable, 29 Nov. 2006
As with any of the new generation WiFi "All in One" devices it has lots of features, ADSL+2 modem, SPI firewall, 100mbps 4 port hub, router, DHCP server, VPN pass through, DMZ, WiFi 802.11b&g - WAP, 125mbps speed boost etc, probably too many for the average Joe. The basic setup is simple via web browser using the "common" GPL shared software code (GPL code is used on many Freeview boxes) so it may need the odd bounce here and there if your mains is prone to surges or spikes . The latest firmware (Hard coded software) is revision V1.00.09C which resolves a lot of the issues in the reviews here. Mine was supplied with V1.00.06 which I flashed immediately. I have had no issues since swapping this for my Belkin 125g which never lived up to the hype. The Linksys has one less antennae than the Belkin yet the coverage is superior and my ISP speed (BT) has increased from 4888Mbps to 5448mbps. I have combined this with an existing Linksys WAP54G wireless access point as a bridged network which was incompatible with the Belkin although the Linksys manual says it is only possible with a WRT54G it is working faultlessly from anywhere in the house as long as I broadcast the SSID and state its MAC address. It is also compatible with my Linksys PAP2 VoiP phone adapter which converts a normal BT landline handset to Voip rather buying the over priced Skype style phones or a BT hub package. Pros - Excellent manual and stat up CD. It has an On & OFF switch which is rare these days. Can be used as a Wireless Bridge or Repeater non documented feature!. Cons - I don't like the pointless Wifi "connect" button which will reset your WifI security. If you fix it to the wall the Cable entry is on the side rather than underneath, thereis no vertical desk mount unlike the PAP2
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