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Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
Offered by ecargo
Price: 56.38

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Solid, reliable mouse with some small niggles., 6 Mar 2014
Got this mouse for Christmas in order to donate my existing Logitech G700 (non-S) to my wife as I had found the G700 to be a thoroughly reliable and comfortable mouse.

The Pro's:
1. Extremely comfortable grip with excellent robust build quality, solid, non-creaky feel, good texturing on the sides
2. Good button layout, allowing fast and responsive access to main buttons, wheel and auxiliary buttons.
3. Extremely responsive in use, does not suffer from wireless "lag".
4. Uses a standard AA rechargeable battery, comes supplied with a top-quality Sanyo Eneloop battery.
5. Can be used as a wired USB mouse if necessary in order to charge the battery.
6. fairly surface agnostic, have successfully used the mouse on a range of surfaces but my preference is actually a good quality black cloth Steelseries QCK mousemat.

The Con's:
1. Some form of wireless interference with existing G700 mouse means that my wife is unable to use the old G700 in wireless mode when I am using the G700s wirelessly - have been unable to resolve this issue with a variety of internet recommended solutions. It's not a deal breaker and to be fair most people will not have more than one of these in the same household.
2. This thing eats batteries for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I have to replace the battery 2 or even 3 times over the course of a day of heavy gaming... by day I do mean 12-18+ hours though.
3. Using the G700s in wired mode is not overly pleasant - the wire is quite rigid as mouse wires go and it can impact on your movement/tracking ability.
4. Setting up the additional buttons for custom functionality can be a serious pain - by default they are defined for mouse related functions such as on-the-fly DPI changing and checking the battery charge level... I am loathe to use them for other functions so you end up with not as many buttons as you think you are going to have if you want to retain the ability to alter some mouse settings quickly.

In summary:
I liked the G700 enough to buy the G700s even though I could have had any mouse I wanted, at any price. It is still one of the most comfortable and well made mice around, even considering its flaws I would be reluctant to use a different mouse - and I have experience with several other high-end mice.
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Philips AquaTouch AT896 Wet and Dry Shaver
Philips AquaTouch AT896 Wet and Dry Shaver
Offered by Annova (UK) Ltd
Price: 61.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal Father's Day present., 7 Jun 2013
Brief background: I've been shaving for twenty years. I have naturally dark, coarse hair with a tendency to in-grow. Shaving difficulties are compounded by the fact that i have very sensitive skin. Have tried dozens of brands of razors over the years along with dozens of shaving foams, gels, lotions, washing, cleansing, exfoliating and aftercare rituals. I have also tried several brands and models of electric shaver, with an emphasis on philips and braun, none of which were very effective. In summary, I am NOT the average man, I am at the awkward end of the shaving spectrum

I recently decided to try an electric shaver again due to my new job's requirement for a smart personal appearance precluding my now normal habit of shaving once in the late evening then not shaving for 2-3 days. My face has been looking like a warzone for the last few weeks from almost daily shaving. The motivation to buy an AT 896 was purely motivated by two factors: a) the package blurb indicating that it could be used as a wet shaver with foam or gel for a more comfortable, closer shave and b) the fact that it was marked down 50% in Tesco from 99.99 to 49.99 combined with several vouchers that I had, meaning I paid only 25 for the product. No research was performed prior to purchase.

The marketing material would indicate that key points of this product are:
-close comfortable wet shaving with foam.
-fast charge time of one hour due to lithium ion battery.
-pop up trimmer.
-easy cleaning by rinsing under tap.

To clarify some of these points and importantly some ambiguity from some of the other reviewers I believe that there has been a previous iteration of this shaver that required an 8 hour charge and that used HQ6 blade heads. To be clear, the latest available model which I have a) charges in one hour and b) has the (superior?) HQ8 blade heads.

So, on to the product: supplied in recyclable packaging - cardboard, some small plastic bags, the product is not over packaged but is well protected. Included are the shaver, a protective cap, a cleaning brush, a charging lead. I am disappointed that no shaving adaptor plug is included but I have not marked the product down for this as it is not common practice.

The shaver itself is lighter than my previous philishaves, while retaining a robust, quality feel. Looks wise the choice of colouring, curves and blend of materials provide a modern, stylish aesthetic. As previously mentioned, the shaver took an hour to charge.

The experience: the way I read the marketing material was that the shaver is optimised for wet use, ie this is a wet shaver that can be used dry, not a dry shaver that can be used wet, which explains other reviewers experience that the wet shave is superior - this is philips's intention. So, I lathered up... In a word: wow. The product provides a superior shave. Extremely comfortable. No blood to be seen. I don't normally feel like I've had a shave unless I've lost a pint of blood. First shave was to remove 18 hour stubble. The shave is extremely close. I would compare it to the quality of shave I would get if I were to allow my stubble to grow for a week, while following a daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising regime, then shaving after a loooooong hot shower with a brand new blade, I.e. Putting myself in tip top condition for a shave. It's good. In fact, I could not normally get this close a shave without shaving against the grain, which I only do for special occasions. I achieved these rather astonishing results in five minutes.

Each subsequent shave has been as good. I've been shaving most days, every shave has been as good. I let my stubble grow for three days just to see what it would be like. Just as good. Took a couple of minutes longer but I expect that to be honest.

Battery life does seem to hover around the 45 minute mark if I add it up, so that's on the money, with the one hour charge this is no problem. Probably a weeks worth of shaving?

So would I recommend it? Yes, wholeheartedly.

In summary:
- quality feel, good looks.
- comfortable, close shave.
- fast charge.
- will save a fortune on razor blades as my normal monthly spend on those is around 20

- no uk mains plug adaptor supplied, but to be fair this costs 2.
- no included case, but it is compatible with my previous Philips case
I don't feel the cons warrant any loss of stars.
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Powerex MH-C9000 WizardOne battery charger
Powerex MH-C9000 WizardOne battery charger
Offered by Nevada
Price: 49.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best AA/AAA NiMH charger/analyser that money can buy., 23 Jan 2013
My apologies for such an exceptionally long product review but I feel this device warrants the attention due to the stand-out nature of what it offers in comparison to other products of this type. While I have significant experience of electronic goods and a vaguely technical background prior to my current employment in healthcare I am by no means an expert in the science and physics of electronics and electricity so please give that consideration when reading.

I had originally planned to purchase this product from amazon but due to some comments that suggested that customers were shipped a charger with a european plug I decided to purchase the charger from a bricks and mortar Maplin store in a local town as I was able to open the box and verify the contents before purchase. I could have then purchased via Amazon and saved 2 but I felt it was morally more appropriate to purchase from Maplin due to their assistance prior to the purchase.

My decision to purchase this particular charger was down to it's excellent reputation among the community on candlepowerforums - an internet forum for discussion of all aspects of flashlights/batteries/chargers that has particularly in-depth commentary due to a large majority of the users using flashlights in hard-use and mission-critical scenarios such as military, law enforcement, medicine and other emergency services.

Supplied in a small cardboard box, colour printed with product information and specification, box contents are:
-the charger, wrapped in bubblewrap
-UK Mains plug with my product with approximately 2 metre power lead
-fold out, double sided, english-only information/instruction poster.

The charger itself is larger than the average 4 bay AA wall socket charger (what I call the type of charger that has an integrated plug and "hangs" off the wall). I haven't been able to quickly locate some dimensions on the internet and without going upstairs to physically measure it I would say off the top of my head that the charger is approximately 1.5 to 2 inches tall, 6 inches wide and about 8-9 inches long. Build quality is exceptionally sturdy and beyond what you normally get in a battery charger. In case it's unclear from the product photos/other descriptions the charger lays flat on a surface, not vertically like a wall charger. there is a pull out metal stand on the back to tilt the charger at an angle and when unused and laid flat there are four small rubber feet to prevent the charger sliding around on a surface. the charger is also quite weighty, adding to the quality feel and preventing movement on a surface.

The included power lead is detachable from the charger and has a good length cable to aid in suitable positioning. a 12v cigarette lighter lead for vehicle charging is available as an optional accessory (5 where I have seen it available).

Two particular features are worthy of mention in regards to the physical build of the charger;
-the battery bays are well spaced, with well-fitting battery connection terminals providing EXCEPTIONALLY easy battery insertion and removal even for those with poor dexterity or large hands.

-The large and clear white-backlit LCD display provides a wealth of information in an easy to digest format and really makes the product stand out from chargers that merely have a couple of red/green LED's to indicate charging status etc. the display cycles automatically through each in-use bay and displays clearly information you may or may not want to know about the battery selected, its status and the charging process. You can manually display information about a particular battery by cycling through each bay with a "slot" button.

The instructions. my charger came with a fold-out poster, double sided, english-language only. The instructions and information are particularly well written - not a poor translation. They were clearly written by someone for whom english is their first language. without being exhaustive the instructions include operating and safety information, recommendations / tips for settings and a clear "how-to" section for each feature of the charger, also a statement for each mode that indicates why/when you would want to use each mode. frankly the instructions are comprehensive but easy to follow. after using the charger 2-3 times I no longer needed to refer to the instructions at all and realised that operation of the charger is actually very intuitive due to the "walkthrough" nature and the clearly marked buttons.

In use;
the charger has 4 independent bays. each bay accepts a single AA or AAA battery. You do not have to insert batteries all at the same time. You might have 2 bays in use doing a break-in cycle on a pair of AA's and might be 20 hours into the process when you decide to fast charge another pair of AA's for use in an xbox controller - you can do this.

For the lay-man what differentiates this from normal battery chargers is that you can insert any combination of batteries in the charger, ie. 1 AAA and 3 AA's or just one lone battery. any combination is possible, in any bay and charging can commence at any time. this is particularly relevant when you contemplate battery-best-practice e.g. I have a torch that uses 3 AA batteries, I can charge all three at once as a set. at the same time I could charge 1 AAA battery for an alarm clock if I so wished.

to use: you insert a battery in a slot (any empty slot). The screen will light up and you then use the up and down arrow buttons to select which of five modes you wish to use (charge, discharge, cycle, break-in, refresh and analyse). Press the enter button. again use the up/down/enter buttons to select any necessary parameters such as charging rate or entering the capacity of the battery (different parameters are necessary in different modes). Sounds complicated? It isn't. the instructions, as mentioned explain exactly what each mode does, what each parameter means, when to use it. for each battery the process takes mere seconds. repeat the above process for each additional battery. remember that each bay is independent. you could be breaking in a battery in one bay, while charging two others and discharging a third.

That is all there is to it to be honest.

Timescales. depending on recommendations for a particular battery you could charge a set of AA batteries in as little as an hour. to contrast a full break in cycle can take as much as 39-45 hours. This isn't a negative comment, it's just the mathematics of what the product is doing (applying a charge to a battery at a slow, controlled rate, differing depending on what you tell it the capacity of the battery is, allowing a 2 hour rest period, discharging the battery at a controlled rate, another rest period, another charge period).

So far I have used the refresh and analyse, break-in, and charge modes on over thirty different batteries. the results are staggering. to give you an example; a pair of eneloop batteries that had been charged and used over a hundred times over a couple of years in sanyo's supplied eneloop charger that I was using prior to the purchase of this product, 2000 mah batteries. the analysis mode indicated that each battery was now holding only 1200 mah. a 39 hour break-in run resulted in each battery now holding just over 2000 mah each again.

In summary; this charger is absolutely top quality, offers powerful features in an easy to use format and basically will breathe new life into your batteries. the build quality and features more than justify the cost, which to be honest is not actually excessive. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who was in the market for a battery charger for anything from light occasional use to constant 24.7 use.

White Replacement Shower Curtain Hooks And Gliders Pack Of 24
White Replacement Shower Curtain Hooks And Gliders Pack Of 24
Offered by PlumbTap
Price: 6.14

5.0 out of 5 stars Inexpensive and effective alternative replacement to croydex glide hooks, 23 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Hunted everywhere for some glide hooks for our shower curtain after our daughter slipped in the shower and pulled the shower curtain down, snapping all the hooks. The correct croydex glide hooks , including postage cost eight times as much as these for 12 whereas this package contains 24. They are almost identical in size with the difference measured in fractions of a millimetre and for the price I now have two complete sets of hooks.

Arrived two days after ordering while quoted 5. Posted in a nice tiny Jiffy bag that will fit through any letterbox so no waiting in for parcel delivery. Can't fault it. Effective product at a reasonable price with excellent speed of delivery and sensible packaging.

Canon IXUS 125 HS Digital Camera - Silver (16.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD
Canon IXUS 125 HS Digital Camera - Silver (16.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD
Offered by Direct savings
Price: 189.99

53 of 61 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning little camera, 24 Dec 2012
Picked this camera up as a Christmas present for my Fiance at the last minute in John Lewis - same price as Amazon but includes a 4 GB high-speed SD Card, Canon black leather case with fabric rainbow ribbon detail and matching rainbow lanyard.

My Fiance expressed a desire to have a new digital camera recently but she is not fond of spending large sums of money on technology products and initially I had been "told" to simply get her the same camera as we had recently bought for her daughter for her birthday (Nikon L26). While the L26 is a perfectly decent little snapper which I would have had no real problems with buying for my Fiance I thought I'd hold out a little while and see what else was around. I've been using digital cameras for about 15 years now and have owned various models from Fujifilms at the very inception of digital cameras, through super compacts like the original Sony T1, and my last purchase for myself, a Canon EOS 350D... I know my way around a digital camera and consider myself something of a pro-enthusiast level user.

In browsing the varied range in John Lewis I was particularly taken with this Canon's compact dimensions, good looks and sturdy build quality (metal body). The included case, strap and memory card were a deal clincher.

Due to work commitments my family is celebrating Christmas Day today (Christmas Eve) so my Fiance has now received and started using the camera, I thought I'd share some observations;
The leather case available in the starter pack I purchased is made specifically for the camera and offers a tailored fit, with a fabric lining to prevent scratches. The lanyard is durable and instills confidence in its use to prevent drops while also keeping the camera ready-to-hand.

Aesthetically, the camera is very pleasing to the eye, with a quality build, fit and finish. The camera is compact enough to fit in a shirt pocket or a tight pair of jeans, My Fiance actually intends to carry the camera around in her handbag so the compact leather case will offer it suitable protection from scuffs and scrapes from keys and suchlike.

The LCD display has a nice clarity and is more than adequate for framing shots in the absence of an optical viewfinder. The button layout is sensible and uncomplicated, with buttons having a positive action and being a sensible size despite the compact nature of the camera.

Images are excellent quality with good colour rendition. we have not tried video recording yet but are confident of the quality, 1080p recording is available with clips limited to 30 mins each (tax laws, grrr). There is a dedicated video record button, avoiding the necessity of mode switches or menu diving.

The package includes a dedicated battery charger, avoiding the need to charge the battery in the camera via USB. charging time is quite nippy, as supplied the battery was at 50% strength and when charged at home for the first time it went to max. capacity in less than an hour.

All in all, we are thoroughly impressed with this camera and feel it offers a balanced package for a compact camera at a more than reasonable price.
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Alexander's Nursing Practice: Hospital and Home - The Adult
Alexander's Nursing Practice: Hospital and Home - The Adult
Price: 18.53

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4.0 out of 5 stars Key Nursing Textbook, 25 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm currently a 3rd Year Student Nurse (Adult Branch) and I purchased the Kindle edition of "Nursing Practice (4th Ed)" to replace my 3rd edition paperback of "Nursing Practice", which I gave away. The 3rd Ed. was originally purchased for me as a birthday present by my fiance as I had been notified I'd been accepted onto the degree course about two weeks before my birthday and she felt it would be a good book to have as she had used her copy throughout her degree (she had given her copy away to a friend who had just started the degree).

Long story short, This book is on the reading list for the second and third years of the Nursing degree at my university but I have used it in every year so far, in fact, I think I have referenced something or other out of it for; A reflective account on clinical practice, a behavioral science essay, first year nursing exam, final nursing exam, four poster presentations (including one poster that is being published for a Nurse Mentoring conference), a law essay, and a research critique presentation. In summary, pretty much all of my academic work so far. I can absolutely guarantee that I will be using it for my two remaining pieces of academic work; 4,000 word combined science essay and 10,000 word dissertation.

The content of the book is broken down into reasonable length chapters that you can assimilate in a few hours each. Page-setting, diagrams and illustration are effective - it's easy to read, doesn't feel like a jumble of information. I've never read the book cover to cover, usually just dipping in and out, reading a chapter here or there, whatever is applicable for what I am working on at the time. Sometimes I read a chapter purely for information, with no onus of academic work to be done - most recent example being the chapter on Trauma (I'm on Emergency Department placement at the moment) - and it's through doing this that you find the book has a genuinely pleasant style of writing that is easy on the reader. The content of the sections I have read is for the most part, very well informed, accurate, and well referenced - I have not as yet encountered any glaring errors.

As intimated above, I started reading the book before I even got on the Nursing degree (no experience of any kind of healthcare environment prior to starting), have progressed through two years of the degree and am now on the final straights... the book has done me well through it all. Definitely recommend it for any Student Nurse but I will go so far as to say that I still think it's going to be relevant as a qualified Nurse too, I happen to know a few qualified Nurses who use this book for information when they come across something they perhaps don't know as much as they would like to about.

I use a new iPad to view this Kindle edition and naturally this alters the page formatting from the paper edition of the book, it's not usually a big deal - in terms of reading the book it makes no actual difference, however I would identify that certainly with the new iPad and probably on most desktops, the minimum text size is too big - the new iPad could definitely handle the book's original page formatting because of its resolution, so could most high resolution PC monitors. I can't say that this is a failing of the book however, I put this down to the kindle application for iPad and PC/Mac.

I would have given this edition 5 stars BUT - Amazon have not put the proper page numbering on the kindle edition - making this edition a nightmare to reference - it has 73736 locations. For this reason I have deducted 1 star. Please don't let this stop you from buying the book ;) I've never met anyone who regretted buying it, it's an excellent text, highly applicable to its intended audience, at a reasonable price.

Numatic HET200 Hetty Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner,Turboflo, 1200W
Numatic HET200 Hetty Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner,Turboflo, 1200W
Price: 99.00

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best vacuum cleaner we've ever had, 18 Feb 2012
In the last three and a half years we have gone through *five* vacuum cleaners at home. We have a not particularly big three bedroom home, with a household comprising of two adults, two teenagers, two cats, two dogs, and until recently, a hamster. We both work long hours so mess will build up quickly when we don't have time to keep on top of it - dogs are forever finding something to chew and leave in shreds all over the house - usually toilet roll and teenagers aren't generally renowned for cleaning up after themselves. when i moved in we had an upright dyson cleaner - which was effective in places - the laminate flooring in the large living room generally didn't have problems - but stairs were a nightmare as was the upstairs landing, both of which had deep pile carpets - maneuverability in the small bedrooms was non existent. The dyson eventually died and before we could replace it ourselves we were given an almost new (couple of weeks) Miele cat and dog by my parents (my mum found it too heavy for her) - sorted out the accessibility problems associated with the dyson, but burned out within six months. next was a vax turbo cylinder compact.... ineffective and poor build quality resulted in several breakages when it tumbled down the stairs. cost dictated the replacement be as cheap as possible and we ended up getting another vax on offer from tesco's at about 50 - lasted a couple of months before it too broke. finally we got a no-name tesco branded compact hoover for 45 - which from day one was incredibly non effective but was incredibly light... despite being stripped down completely for cleaning several times it gave up the ghost after the motor burned out.

Decided to get a hetty as we had some previous experience from using them in the workplace etc - nothing extensive - turns out it's the best vacuum cleaner we've ever had - incredibly powerful, rugged, not too heavy (though noticable) and spare parts are just sooo cheap if you need them! hands down beats all the others and to be honest we don't now think we could go back to anything else- we had been considering saving 300 for a dyson - it's definitely not worth the effort!

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack (PC/Mac DVD)
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack (PC/Mac DVD)
Offered by Mayflower Stores
Price: 0.85

5.0 out of 5 stars A lot more than a game., 11 Sep 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I started playing world of warcraft around 18 months ago as I really like role-playing games and my fiance's son had recently started playing it (young teens). A few months later my fiance started playing too. I'm very impressed with world of warcraft as a whole - the playing experience is smooth even on a low spec windows 7 laptop - and the graphics are downright gorgeous on my medium spec macbook pro. the sound is immersive and the game supports itunes running in the background without any problems if you prefer to listen to your own music.

World of warcraft has brought other benefits with it - we have made many friends online playing and my fiance's son's reading ability has improved dramatically - he does no leisure reading of any kind, yet due to the requirement to read quest descriptions and through in game conversation his english reading and comprehension has increased enough to have him boosted two sets in school - an achievement in anyone's book.

The game itself is never boring - You choose from two factions and make a character, each faction has 6 available races, each with their own advantages and disadvantages and special perks unique to that race. You then choose a character class - ten available in total - availability of a specific class depends on your race and faction, with no one race having all classes available, though some classes, such as the Death Knight, are available as any class and faction. You can create up to 10 characters per realm and can create characters on up to 5 realms for a total of 50 available characters per account.

Later in the game characters are further customised by learning professions, for example mining and blacksmithing allows you to mine and smelt your own metals and then turn the raw products into powerful magical armour and weapons. There are 10 primary professions available, of which you may work with two at any one time (you can dump one and start another if you don't like it). There are also several secondary professions - such as cooking and fishing that while not essential provide you a tangible benefit, for example creating food that boosts your character's statistics for a period of time or giving you rare in game pets or mounts (archeology). As your character levels up (to a current cap of level 85) your character gains new abilities like extra spells, or healing & resurrection abilities). In addition each class specialises into one of three talent trees, for example a Paladin (a sort of knight) can choose to be a 'tank' - a class that can take tons of damage, a healer, or melee dps - a class that can dish out tons of damage at close range.

Professions are the basis of an economy - you can sell most of the stuff you can make directly to an in game vendor for a specific amount of gold, or you can trade with other players or even auction your creations for potentially vast amounts of gold, depending on the rarity and the amount of work involved in the crafting.

The game itself is one massive sandbox, as you play, you can explore a vast world, talk and interact with thousands of other players, complete quests, explore dungeons and win rare powerful loot, raid - complex, hard dungeons with up to 40 players necessary, take part in battles against the enemy faction or fight in gladitorial arenas, you can while away hours fishing peacefully at a mountain lake, or as my fiance is fond of doing; sit in a bush in the middle of stormwind city and watch the world go by.

The cataclysm expansion adds a new race for each faction, the archeology profession, 5 new zones with around 700 new quests, an increase to the level cap (85, up from 80), new dungeons, new raids, new battlefields. 5 extra levels doesn't sound like much, but depending on your playing style it could take you months to get to 85 from 80 - in the time i've had cataclysm i've only gotten two characters to 85 and i've played most days for the last ten months.

For a world of warcraft player, cataclysm is a must-buy purchase, for those who have never played, now is the time to start - it's a fantastic game and i've never yet met anyone who regretted playing it.

Sanyo Eneloop AA / Mignon (HR-3UTGA) 40 Pack Batteries in 10 "Mertrado" safe-boxes - ADVANTAGE SET
Sanyo Eneloop AA / Mignon (HR-3UTGA) 40 Pack Batteries in 10 "Mertrado" safe-boxes - ADVANTAGE SET

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best rechargeables I've ever used, 11 Sep 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've used rechargeable AA batteries on and off for more than 20 years - starting with nickel cadmium batteries in the 80's, mostly uniross branded, and then over the last few years various sorts of energizer and duracell rechargeables. For the last couple of years I'd given up on rechargeables entirely due to the fact that I was charging batteries, storing them (within manufacturer specifications in a drawer for a week or two and by the time I'd come to use them they would be dead. regularly had other problems with low temperatures and the most unusual problem was loss of batteries - the kids couldn't differentiate visually between disposable batteries and rechargeables - so ended up throwing them in the bin when their toys stopped working...

I've had no problem with long term battery storage with my eneloops - in fact a friend who reviews tactical flashlights & associated gear for police and other emergency services has recently concluded a three year experiment finding that the manufacturers statement that these batteries will still have 75% of their full capacity after being stored for three years is a little bit of an underestimate - he purchased 200 AA eneloops a bit over three years ago (generation 1 eneloops, mine are generation 2) he broke his sample into 5 batches, storing each batch within their plastic cases in; an airing cupboard, on a windowsill, in his bedside drawer, in his car boot and in his freezer. The idea being that two batches would experience above average heat, (the airing cupboard, the windowsill), two would experience above average cold (car boot, freezer) and one batch would be stored as per manufacturer recommendations (the bedside drawer). He tested every battery in each batch's remaining capacity every six months for three years using a battery tester accurate to +/- 1% of the battery's capacity and found only 14 batteries out of 200 were less than 75% - all were above 70%, all these batteries were from the airing cupboard batch. all the rest of the batteries had a remaining charge of between 75 and 91% at the end of the experiment.

the unusual white covering on the batteries has stopped my kids throwing batteries out when their stuff does - they can easily tell the battery is different, i.e. a rechargeable just by looking at it.

All in all, I'm very happy with them, they hold a charge amazingly well and are a very high capacity when fully charged - Xbox 360 controllers which normally last me around 30 hours on a brand new pair of duracell M3's last me 35-40 hours on a pair of these. I'm now in the process of replacing every AA and AAA battery in the house with eneloops as the old batteries die (it's going to be a never ending task, I count that not accounting for hot spares I will need 108 AA's and 35 AAA's :(

I suppose all I can really say is I don't think You would be disappointed with them, fantastic performance, reasonable price, buy them!

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