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Ultimate R&B Dance Craze [CD + DVD]
Ultimate R&B Dance Craze [CD + DVD]
Offered by gowingsstoreltd
Price: £2.85

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2.0 out of 5 stars CD not original, dance video just allright, 1 Oct. 2010
I bought this because I have Urban Dance Explosion: The Hottest R&B, Hip Hop & Dancehall Joints [Cd + DVD] and it looked like this was the same idea (with a CD and DVD dance tutorial together). It just doesn't quite measure up though to Urban Dance Explosion though. First of all, if you're thinking about getting this for the CD, don't. It's not actually the original singers. I'll admit, they do do a good job getting singers that sound like the originals and the songs sound almost the same, but still, why buy a CD of just copycat songs - you want to listen to the originals.

So that leaves the DVD. The DVD wasn't really bad, but wasn't really good either. I thought it would be like a dance tutorial, but what it actually is just these five ridiculously good looking women dancing through the first six songs on the CD with no tutorials at all. The routines are relatively basic, so I guess you could pick them up by watching; however, the only part that repeats are the chorus, so you're going to have a hard time following along. The rest of the song (the non chorus bit), you have to rewind/repeat tons of time to ever get because there's no clear pattern of repitition. And half the time you can't follow along anyway because they're "group" moves (that require more than person to do).

Also, the moves are kind of really feminine with booty shakes, grabbing your boobs, belly dancing, etc, so not really appropriate for males.

Finally, the dancers, as hot as they, really aren't that great (I noticed several points where they're not quite syncrhonised). Oh, and the production value is really not impressive (like it's just a blank screen screen behind the dancers with "Ultimate R&B Dance Craze written on it). Honestly, the best part of this DVD is probably the costumes they've got the dancers in, but even those can be a bit slutty at times. So in conclusion, I would recommend passing on this DVD unless you're kind of into this music big time and have a lot of time on your hands to sit there deciphering what I think are pretty uninspiring moves.

Urban Dance Explosion: The Hottest R&B, Hip Hop & Dancehall Joints [Cd + DVD]
Urban Dance Explosion: The Hottest R&B, Hip Hop & Dancehall Joints [Cd + DVD]
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tough, but fun as heck, 15 Sept. 2010
I have Andy Instone's other two exercise DVD's, which I thought were great, and wanted more. This DVD is unlike either of the exercise DVDs in that you learn 6 shorter, but totally full-on, dance routines. The DVD includes the routines plus a warm up and cool down. Each routine is about 10 minutes, which includes an instructional segment (where Andy breaks down all the moves in half time and combines/works them up to full time) followed by a performance section set to the original hip hop music. The dance numbers are to Hypnotize by The Notorious BIG, What About Us by Brandy, Boggie 2Nite by Tweet (my favourite), We Be Burnin' by Sean Paul, Lose Control by Missy Elliott, and Grind with Me by Pretty Ricky.

Let me just say that routines themselves are totally awesome. It's the kind of thing where you could just sit there and watch it and be entertained. Or like something Andy would take to a hip hop dance competition. The dancers are all really good and have style, which helps (whereas in the exercise DVDs, some of the dancers were a bit dorky to be honest). The production value is also tops. The DVD has a great look and feel to it.

The routines aren't long, but they're so dense with complex dance moves, you will not get bored quickly. There's a huge learning curve, but once you nail it, it's the best feeling and heaps of fun.

That said, however, because it's so tough, I would say this isn't the best as an exercise DVD. Once you learn the routines, you do definitely get a workout, but if you're not into the challenge and dance parts of it, I would say Andy's other DVDs would be better for more basic, quick cardio.

Coupled with the CD, I have to say this is the best value dance music/DVD set out there. If you've ever wanted to do a proper hip dance routine, this DVD should be on your list.

*Note on the region - I noticed one reviewer was upset b/c of the region coding. I'm in Australia and I found that it played on one of my DVD players (my nice Panasonic one), but not on my other, cheap LG one. What I did was just used this program called AnyDVD to create a backup without the region locking, so I could play it on the LG (which is probably the first time AnyDVD has been used for non-shady purposes :).

Btw, the exercise-theme dance DVDs by Andy are Phat Moves - Street Dance Moves [DVD] and CD:UK Dance Workout [DVD] (Phat Moves is my favourite of the two)

CD:UK Dance Workout [DVD]
CD:UK Dance Workout [DVD]
Offered by CDWonder
Price: £2.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet hip hop workout, 11 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: CD:UK Dance Workout [DVD] (DVD)
This DVD is fun, high energy and delivers a really full on workout.

What's great about it is there are really two workouts in one -- two different routines. Routine 1 is a kind of dance aerobics-y, easier one, while routine 2 is full-on dance madness. Seriously, it's one of the coolest hip hop/pop routines in a workout video I've seen or done. Andy breaks down the first routine in one section, with a half time breakdown for each move, and there's a performance section where you do the routine four times (rinse, repeat for the second routine). It's good because the routines+performance are about equal length, so you can do like just one routine a day for just a 30 minute workout (e.g. warmup+routine 1+cooldown), or both routines for a full hour workout.

I don't think it's as hard as other people are saying. Yeah, it's not one of those instant gratification things where you get it on the first go, but if it was, it would be to boring, as are many traditional floor or step aerobics DVDs.

My only big gripe with the DVD is that the backdrop is a bit loud. It's kind of got this crazy casino like theme which is just a bit gaudy. The music is generally good (although there are a few weird tracks in there).

All in all, this is a seriously good workout (I used to do step aerobics a lot, and this is more intense - it's also more intense than most hip hop workouts). If you like this one I would also recommend Phat Moves (also by Andy Instone), Hip Hop Workout by Tony Stone (easier), or Rock Your Body by Jamie King (more of a pop feel to it).

A Fame Dance Workout [DVD]
A Fame Dance Workout [DVD]
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £1.78

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4.0 out of 5 stars Challenging at first, but a lot of fun, 11 July 2010
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This review is from: A Fame Dance Workout [DVD] (DVD)
This DVD is a really enjoyable workout DVD with a fun blend of traditional dance and hip hop moves set to Fame-inspired musical rock mix. The presenter, surrounded by his team of vixen dancers, teaches you a routine which has 4 shorter segments, and there is a separate section at the end where you can put them all together.

The music is quite good. Unlike a lot of hip hop videos, it isn't R&B or rap, but kind of an upbeat contemporary instrumental mix, which I kind of like. However, except for the "Freestyle"/performance section, it's not actually Fame music, which his a bit of a disappointment as the DVD is suppose to be "A FAME Workout"

The DVD has really nice "look and feel" to it, set in this traditional-looking dance studio with visually pleasing timber walls and chandeliers. The dancers are all really upbeat and spirited, which helps keep you motivated.

In terms of the actual routine, I would say this DVD is only for people who have some experience with dancing or are up for a good challenge. Unlike a some dance aerobics videos, like Ministry of Sound, you actually learn a complete full-on dance routine. However, I found the moves quite daunting at first, and I do quite a few of these dance inspired workout DVDs. The moves are quite complex and the guy teaches them in 3 to 4-move segments in full time, repeats it two more times, then moves on. You do get another chance to practice it as he repeats the routine from the top. I had to really watch him several times doing it to figure it out. However, that said once you get it, you really do get a workout here and have fun.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable workout DVD with motivating dancers, a nice routine and fun, catchy music. I guess I'm only giving it 4 stars because it's not really appropriate for all levels of experience and the music isn't really FAME music as advertised. That said, I would definitely recommend it as a solid dance workout.

Urban Workout [DVD]
Urban Workout [DVD]
Price: £3.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fun, cool, although maybe a bit easy at parts, 19 Jun. 2010
This review is from: Urban Workout [DVD] (DVD)
I think this DVD is definitely worth getting. The music is hot (actual r&b hits), the dancers are hawt and the moves are pretty cool.

Basically, it's laid out into 4 sections: Warmup, Slo and Low, Mid-Section, and Hard and Heavy. Within each section Shay Shay teaches you move 1, then move 2, then puts 1 +2 together, then teaches move 3, then puts 1+2+3 together, and so on and so forth.

My only problem with the DVD is that this format can be a bit tiring, ESPECIALLY the warmup, slo and low and mid-sections. The moves are kind of basic, especially if you're not that bad at dancing, so it gets old repeating them over and over again. Also, I really don't get my heart rate up much at all in these first three sections.

Hard and heavy is where I think this DVD shines. The music here is seriously pumpin' ("Catchafire" (Whoopsi-Daisy) by tobyMac) and the moves are sufficiently hard to keep me interested and get my heart rate up.

I do this workout maybe once every two weeks. When I do do it, I skip the warm up because basically slo and lo is a warmup for me (n.b. I am kind of in shape so maybe that's why). The rest of the time, I do a few other hip hop inspired workouts, including "Phat Moves" and "Hip Hop Workout" (see my "other reviews" of those). I would get those other two first, but this one is definitely a good part of a hip hop aerobics collection.

Hip Hop Workout 2 [DVD]
Hip Hop Workout 2 [DVD]
Offered by Jasuli
Price: £5.85

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4.0 out of 5 stars If you like hip hop dancing, and are up for a challenge, grab this DVD, 5 Jun. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Hip Hop Workout 2 [DVD] (DVD)
This is a pretty fun, young and fresh workout. I have both this one and Hip Hop Workout, the original. Both DVDs are worth getting in the sense that the moves are really like something taken out of a good music video and Tony Stone has a good personality/is easy to understand. The difference I found was that Hip Hop Workout 2 is a lot harder. I could pick up the routine in the first one in about 2-3 run throughs, but this one took well over 5 sessions to get down. I actually think is a good thing, as you don't get bored as easily.

That said, the moves ARE hard, and there are points where Tony does not really describe them. In fact, he doesn't really do much in terms of full verbal description at all; you really have to just watch him do it (at full speed) a few times times and then fumble around til you get it (however, it's not so hard that you don't get it). That would be my main gripe with the DVD. There are also some weird editing issues where the cueing seems to have gotten cut in a few places.

Overall, though, this workout is fun with a smooth urban feel. It's set in this skate park under a freeway - this is novel and cool, but at times I kind of feel like the dancers are a bit too spread out. The music is a mix of jazz-inspired hip hop rhythms with a bit of Jamaican drums thrown in here and there. The music is somewhat less cluby than the first DVD's - kind of NYC street buskery. I personally prefer the more hard core hip hop R&B/rap kind of music, but if you're into kind of world music and more of a smooth feel, you'll like this.

If you're up for a challenge and enjoy dancing (or think you would), I would definitely recommend this DVD. I'd also highly recommend Phat Moves and the CDUK workout by Andy Instone or, for more a pop feel, Rock Your Body by Jamie King (on North America).

Phat Moves - Street Dance Moves [DVD]
Phat Moves - Street Dance Moves [DVD]
Dvd ~ Phat Moves
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Totally phat DVD, 8 May 2010
I own about eight different hip hop dance inspired workouts DVDs, and I have to say, this is one of my favourites. The dance moves are well taught, with a half time breakdown (I had no probs seeing what what's going on). I find the moves themselves are really cool - like something out of a music video. What really makes it fun though is Andy Instone - he's just really charismatic. He gets the energy up, and has a good sense of humour.

As I think other reviewers mentioned, the moves are kind of complex, a lot harder (and, in my opinion, interesting) than some other dance workouts (e.g. Urban Workout). One thing I noticed, though, was that the first few times I did the video, I didn't really get the heart rate up as I was just fumbling while trying to get the moves. But, after a few gos, I was definitely working up a sweat and getting a decent workout.

In terms of weaker points, the music is just all right - kind of a percussion mix with this occasional zombie-trance synthesizer run thrown in. The first routine ("Phat Moves Level 1") is a fair bit longer than the second routine (while the second routine actually cooler/more fun in my opinion). Also the performance section for Phat Moves Level 1 seems to go on for a while and starts to drag a bit (I think this is either due to the music mixing or just the fact that you do the routine four times).

Overall, I'd say this DVD, and other hip hop style workouts, are the way to go if you want a challenging and interesting/fun to get a workout. I used to do a lot of step or other floor aerobics, but I just found them way too boring after one of two goes. Phat Moves definitely keeps me motivated to keep doing it. The moves are complex enough that you can really do the DVD like 5 times + and still be picking up new stuff and having fun.

I definitely recommend this one, as well as Andy Instone's other dance DVDs, the "CDUK Dance Workout" and "Urban Dance Explosion". The CDUK Dance Workout is really similar to this one, only the music is more high energy and the routine is more fun/impressive to watch and do. Definitely look into that one if you find you like Phat Movies. I'd also recommend Rock Your Body by Jamie King on US, which is also a really awesome dance DVD.

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