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H. A. C. St John "Heath St John." (London, England.)

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Brown Scapular Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Brown Scapular Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

5.0 out of 5 stars Please believe., 19 April 2016
Please believe. It works. God knows you believe. It's not just decoration, as the wearing of The Cross has become. Alleluia.

BargainUniverse® 'I'm not a paper cup' - Ceramic Travel Mug with Silicone Grip - BLUE
BargainUniverse® 'I'm not a paper cup' - Ceramic Travel Mug with Silicone Grip - BLUE
Offered by KingPower Tech
Price: £5.55

1.0 out of 5 stars Achieves Adequacy. Thick-Skinned People should Enjoy It More. ( Third Up-Date : Buyers of Other Vessels should be Annoyed Less ), 14 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Attractive, serviceable, and with a convenient, colour-matched lid and hand band, but the last being not much thicker than the flow of tea from a teapot, thus, upon filling with boiling water, judicious hand-swapping whilst using the horizontally-ribbed grip, is necessary. Large enough for a builder's thirst, and for casual office time-wasting, but the pink 'I'm not a Paper Cup' I once had, had a much thicker grip, and, therefore, was more entitled to the ostentatious self-publicity of this motto on the side.Neither drip-proof nor double-walled, but an attractive, ordinary, large vessel, with a blue hat, offering a centre hole for the included straw, preventing cooling by a few minutes only . Worth buying, but dissapointment shall be avoided by lowering expectations.
I've just lowered the rating to two , from three, stars after a few week's usage ; the ribbed-gripper has become looser, and now conveniently stores any fallen moisture behind it before it sees your tie as a conviniently placed trampoline , upon which to make a last attempt at freedom. The thin gripper's helped me to accustom myself to heat pain, upon the contents slightest movement, and that may help you prepare in the garden, should you be so inclined, if you encounter a rose thorn or a forgotten rusty nail.
The diary of soillages continues : have now discovered that the inevitable condensation created within the lid's gap, however carefully it's curled back, drips everywhere ; this may encourage unintended, increased table-wiping, but designers shouldn't take credit for the determined perseveranee of a forgiving, clean user.
This diary's final conclusion is that ' I'm not a Paper Cup' is one that could learn a lot from it's libeled, humbler forebare : you can also recycle that ! kind, too.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Imposing. Well printed., 6 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very well printed, imposing, and amusing. Quite unintentionally, I bought this from a German company, ( as I try to buy from U.K.companies ) , who despatched it very quickly, and it arrived in perfect condition; satisfyingly, it had already been exported to them, from a company in Leicester, England ! : Daft Ada, welcome home.

The Best Of
The Best Of

5.0 out of 5 stars Happy , Stiring Sounds , and Unsuspected Culltural Significance ., 6 April 2016
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This review is from: The Best Of (Audio CD)
Such happy, loving music . Such sounds as could only come from a time which wasn't drenched in self-conscious cynicism, like our own. Detailed liner notes; clean sound quality; swinging and sentimental sounds. A tremendous introduction to the group.
I tried to post the following long information on Wikipedia, about Track 16, 'High Sign'. Twice, by a member of to-day's thought- police, it's been removed, by someone who's made thousands of his own moral-judgement edits. It's admittedly long, but true, and has never been disseminated before; Amazon, in truth's interests, please let it remain. The casual reader may not want to bother.This white Canadian quartet recorded High Sign, and it was released in April '58; written by Stevens and Stone, possibily the same Stevens who wrote the same group's '57 recording ' Don't Say Goodbye', the lead singer, David Somerville, sang these words : " Now make-a High Sign Baby, to show me that you care, raise your hand up a- high Babe, high up in the air, well-a touch your fingers " , the part being finished by a Backing Vocalist, enthusing , " Don't you be no Square ". Although the song contains directional instructions for the uninitiated, unless the writers were to be credited with starting the cultural act of the High Five hand smack, the single's success , at reaching No. 37 in the Billboard charts, suggests that that phenomenon was familiar enough within the social group it was used to be understood , ( despite those who may have been unsure, and just enjoyed the music ), the songwriters approvingly encouraging and condoning the act, thus appealing to the sales market. Nor can the song be disregarded as not part of the High Five history, as the words , " . . . touch-a your fingers. . . ", show that more than just a distinct hailing was being advocated, so cannot be thought of as an Air Five, by those with other cultural sympathies, in our better documented days.The song was released on the Mercury Label, Matrix No. 71291, and, among others, this c.d., Spectrum Label No. 552759-2.
The 1953 film 'The Wild One ', contains a moment of the 1940's style of 'Giving some skin', as sung by The Andrews Sisters, in a film, from 1941; all of these pre-date that famous moment on the American baseball field, on October the 2nd, 1977, when it was supposed to have been invented, and willingly believed in, by those whose underhanded cultural purposes , or addiction to sport, would ask you to accept.
Sorry this is so long, but the truth is important to me. You should enjoy the c.d very much indeed.

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection - Volume 10 [DVD]
The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection - Volume 10 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Betty Driver
Price: £7.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars All Very Enjoyable : Raymond Huntley Uncredited, Please Help., 23 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
All I should like to say about these great films, which I greatly recommend for their great values of wit, heart, charm, and inspirational examples of character, is something which I have found quite impossible, despite my very best, altruistic efforts ,to have included on the Internet Movie Database : unless I HAVE been successful, but just impatient, should anybody want to check, before the few of us who care are gone, and the knowledge is lost forever, please could I make it known that Raymond Huntley is uncredited in this film, as one of the all-male singing trio, accompanying Betty Driver, near the end. This film , as I write, is not on his official Filmography. If somebody later should like to see if I have been just impatient for the credit to be added to the Internet Movie Database, or, should like to try for themselves, I should be very grateful. At least I've made it known, here.Thank you.

Tawny Pipit [DVD]
Tawny Pipit [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bernard Miles
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Film, but this 'Review' has another Purpose., 25 Jun. 2013
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This review is from: Tawny Pipit [DVD] (DVD)
Time against me, so , I'll simply say, please do try this film, as you should enjoy it very much; great character study and location footage of an English countryside quiet, still, after the R.A.F. planes have passed by, despite all the wartime activity occasionally seen overhead.
Now to this review's real purpose.
I just wanted to let it be known, should it be lost to history, that Bernard Miles released an e. p ., which to those who are too young to know, was an Extended Play small record, in 1961, which is very rare, and could very well be forgotten about; to justify mentioning it here, they are country monologues, and might be enjoyed as an comedic accompaniment to a film SET in the countryside; it's very rare, and, after looking on this site, it's possible that one song on it has not been re-released, though about that I may be mistaken. It was called, simply , ' Bernard Miles', issued on the Decca Label, and claims to have the following recordings on : At the Rose and Crown; Still Going Strong; As I was Driving; and, The Titlark Song. All have 'Miles' , as the song credit, and, the catalogue no., is : DFE 6415.; fascinatingly, though, the only copy I've seen doesn't have 'Still Going Strong 'on Side One : were they all like this ? Also, Was Kenneth Williams' Rambling Sid Rumpo NOT the first rambling rustic , as generally supposed ? And, who, if either, was inspired by whom ? A cultural subject worthy of investigation.
I cant really justify wholeheartedly placing this information here, but have no computer at home, am not allowed to edit Wikipedia at work, and, Wikipedia has been vandalized so much, that now, at the library, you have to create an account at home, and then return and log on, which I can't do. Forgive me, but, I didn't want this information to be lost.
The record is very rare. It's being sold on this site, and is dated 1957, but the copy I have is dated 1961; were E.P.'s dated by their manufactured date, or, by their recording date ? Perhaps a better-informed person could say.
Once again, try the film, you should like it very much.

The Larkins - Series 1 [DVD] [1958]
The Larkins - Series 1 [DVD] [1958]
Dvd ~ Shaun O'Riordan
Offered by FREETIME
Price: £7.48

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant : Further Information for Histotorical Purposes., 25 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Sorry, Readers, time against me, but have just time to say how great these shows are ; funny, endearing, and lovable characters; yes, even Ada.
The main purpose of this was just to make known what otherwise might be lost to history. In 1961 there was a 45 , ( a single record, for those who aren't as old as this series, ! ), issued by the PYE label, with David Kossoff singing, or lamenting, his marriage to Ada, called ' Alf's Blues', with 'Please Sell no more Drink to my Father', on the B side. No reference is made on the record to 'The Larkins', as such, for people at the time should have just known; but, I wanted to have it known, for, in all the years I've been buying the reissues, and listening to the recordings on the reissue market, I've never come across it before, and I wanted to give others the chance to search for it, and , to make sure that it was not forgotten. The catalogue No., is : 7N.15385. It's out there, it's funny, too, curious, obscure, and, as a sound-only addition to any reissue in the future, if you can find it, too, very worthy, historically.
Again, I can reccommend the shows.
No more time, do try them.

It Was a Funny Old Life
It Was a Funny Old Life
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.36

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Loving, Lovely Lady. Possibly a Poorly Manufactured C.D., 17 Feb. 2010
This review is from: It Was a Funny Old Life (Audio CD)
Songs full of the lady's charm, talent, wit, and adorable nature, with no trace of a humourist's usual dislike of humanity converted into sham laughter; I think all her work shows a loving observation of mankind's traits and foibles.
Perhaps I was unfortunate, however; my c.d., (from a label known for its incomplete or absent liner notes, un-identified recording dates, and cover versions un-disclosed on their releases' sleaves), had poor sound, on a few tracks.
I'll always recommend recordings of this lady's works, though; they're always works of loving insight. The modern world always seems more disgusting to me, afterwards, though I'm sure Joyce Grenfell would always find something nice to say about it. I think her way of converting you to her point of view was to speak to you, and the slowly distilled superior manners and un-expected knowledge on many subjects persuaded you.
If you've never seen her idly dawdle her character's name, "Gossage", in the dust, upon arriving at the boys' school, in 'The Happiest Days of your Life', before being reprimanded by Margaret Rutherford, please take the first opportunity to relish the look of her scolded expression : priceless.
Do try the c.d.. It's very comforting, and somehow its gently delivered knowledge, disguised as entertainment, should leave you more enlightened about the world.
Heath St John. London.

Donald Sinden Icon Box Set [DVD]
Donald Sinden Icon Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ Donald Sinden
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £29.40

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great, but..., 30 Nov. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
All these films are either funny, charming, or dramatic, but I've recently dicovered that Miranda has been edited by about nine minutes.
Irene Handel's name features on the Credits, and a scene of her's is one of the photo's in the Stills' section, of the Special Features, but her scene's been deleted.
Halliwell's Seventh Edition gives the running time as 90 minutes; on the disc, it's given as 81 minutes.
All the prints are very good indeed.
I bought it for the Adam Faith film. I'll devour anything that comes from that fascinating late-' fifties-early-pre-Beat-' sixties' time: the ' fifties ended in '62; all decades end about two years into the following one.
The Black Tent was charming.
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The God Delusion
The God Delusion
by Richard Dawkins
Edition: Paperback

6 of 39 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Evil's Voice still not Hoarse after Centuries of Practice., 29 Oct. 2009
This review is from: The God Delusion (Paperback)
The contents have been Reviewed 852 times, so I could only offer some personal reflections.
I was tempted to offer five stars to this publication, instead of what it really deserves, which is what I eventually had, in all conscience, to rate it, to attract other believers, as a first-rate example of what to leave at the foot of the High Altar, in order for people to walk over on our way to Holy Communion. Since, though, it's truth that's to be rated here, I shall leave that event to the as yet unknown times of Revelations, when the Great Critic of us all shall pronounce final literary judgement.
What is to be done with authors who cannot see, using the reason they have, if not the faith, that, from nothing, nothing can be created ? That, from nothing, Man has not the power to create the smallest speck of dust from his shoes, I really don't know. Many non-belivers have been saved, I'm sure. How many un-repentant, boastful,scornful, self-loving mockers have been, though, is quite something else.
One of my personal inspirations is the thief on the cross, an example for all of us, as he was meant to be, for all time, I think; but it required an acknowledgement of error, which takes trust in something other than yourself, which is all that is on offer here.
The greatest power that "Delusion" has, is to make the Truth seem un-real; to give the truth it's own reputation, since it seeks, in it's quest for dominance, to shed the shame elewhere.
Lighter fuel.
Heath St John. London.
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